TV Show: The Americans

The Americans: You gotta believe

Which imaginary boyfriend will get Paige’s rose? Will it be Jesus or Karl Marx? Gabriel isn’t making it easy. In their long-awaited meeting, he love bombs her with a Karl Marx quote about sacrifice...

The Americans: Role play

More than any other show, The Americans lives and dies by the adage that the world’s a stage, and we each play a lot of parts. It’s not just the Jennings who move effortlessly...

The Americans: Dissatisfaction

In What’s the Matter with Kansas, episode four of season five, nobody is happy with the status quo, but only one man decides to shake things up. Elizabeth and Philip are visiting their collective parent handler Gabriel....

The Americans: Paigeland

After mercy-executing Elizabeth’s  fav asset, she and Philip meet Gabriel to hand over the virus sample. Gabriel must be thrilled to have yet another deadly pathogen on his hands. What could possibly go wrong this...

The Americans: Meet the Eckharts

Amber Waves, the season five premiere of The Americans opens with the wheat crop in the Soviet Union failing. The Jennings, a Potemkin Village of a family, may be nearing their own implosion. There’s...

The Americans: Bad Love (S4 E6 Recap)

In The Rat, this week’s episode of The Americans, Philip acts on instinct to save Martha from the FBI’s clutches, but is he already too late? Elizabeth tries a new recipe. John-boy Gaad regrets a decision. Henry wonders if they’ll ever get to Epcot.

The Americans: Martha, My Dear (S4 E5 Recap)

Trust no one! Heartbroken Oleg confides in Stan who’s no doubt setting him up. Philip gets Martha in deeper while trying to protect her. Elizabeth continues to draw Yung He into her evil web. And the Jesuits were complete commie tools or maybe they weren’t real Jesuits.

The Americans: Peacemakers (S4 E3 Recap)

This week on The Americans, Elizabeth makes a new friend, but will she drop a pink Cadillac on her? The Jennings plan a family trip, but all bets are off when Gabriel catches that pesky virus that Philip can’t shake. Paige feels betrayed by Pastor Tim.