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Blood Splattered Cinema
Hosted by: Horror Guru
The Horror Guru reviews the bloodiest, wildest, and weirdest horror that cinema has to offer!
Cartoon Palooza
Hosted by: Joey Tedesco
A satirical review show where a guy from Jersey watches and criticizes cartoons, including everything from comic books to animated movies. Whatever it is, Joey will either tell you to run out and see it... or fughetabouit!
The Cheap-Arse Film Review
Hosted by: Liam Barrett
It's the Cheap-Arse Film Review, where a young(ish) man finds out if it's possible to live the life of a cinephile super-nerd on the strictest budget possible. Inspired by growing up in the wilds of Essex, England (that's only partially a joke, by the way) and the current harsh economic times, Liam only reviews DVD that can be purchased for £1.00p or less!
The Count Jackula Show
Hosted by: Count Jackula
There are vampires, and there are men from outer space, but there is only one vampire from outer space! Join Count Jackula from the Planet Drakula as he explains the ins and outs of horror, from the mythic to the modern. Blood, off-color humor, and an obsession with Elvira are in store for you!
The DVD Shelf
Hosted by: David Rose
Life is short, so skip the bad movies and let your host David Rose reveal, review, and recommend the ones you should have on your own DVD shelf. The DVD Shelf is a film-lover's safe haven to bask in the warm glow of cult favorites, over-looked cinematic gems, rediscovered classics, and downright fun flicks on both DVD and Blu-ray.
The Examined Life (of Gaming)
Hosted by: Roland Thompson
Just when video games were getting good, the late '90s and early '00s came along. The Examined Life (of Gaming) dares to delve into the good, the bad, and the value-priced games of this dark period, and sometimes we find something worth playing!
The Film Renegado
Hosted by: Film Renegado
Coming to you from south of the border, it's the Film Renegado! A civil engineer with a cinephile complex, the Film Renegado uses movies made in Mexico or by Mexican directors to share bits from his country's culture, past and present. You will both learn and be entertained! How cool is that?
Friday Night Fright Flicks
Hosted by: Count Jackula & Horror Guru
Welcome, fright knights, to Friday Night Fright Flicks! Join your hosts Count Jackula and the Horror Guru as they stumble their way through current horror releases, letting you know which ones are worth the price of admission.
Good Bad Flicks
Hosted by: Cecil Trachenburg
Good Bad Flicks is a show not only dedicated to rare movies, but also forgotten classics and misunderstood box office bombs. Your host Cecil takes you through each movie, discussing the promotional materials, and taking a look at what went on behind the scenes. With a healthy dose of Irish sarcasm, he throws a few jabs at even his most cherished favorites.
The Graphic Novel Picture Show
Hosted by: Sybil Pandemic
Your host Solkir presents The Graphic Novel Picture Show, a retrospective of the history of comic book movies!
Joshua the Anarchist
Hosted by: Joshua Bell
Charged with the crime of liking Batman & Robin, Joshua the Anarchist has been declared insane and committed to Arkham Asylum. Locked away in a padded cell, he'll endure movie after movie as doctors attempt to "treat" him. He may not have gone in a madman, but he soon will be.
Movie Dorkness
Hosted by: Sofie Liv
It's the show formerly known as Red Suitcase Adventues! Join Sofie Liv, a nice Dane (who may not be as negative as everyone else!) as she dissects pop culture phenomena to explore both the good and bad in popular films.
The Movie Skewer
Hosted by: Team Agony Booth
From the makers of the Agony Booth™ comes The Movie Skewer, where terrible movies are roasted over an open flame for your enjoyment. Watch the very first online review/recap series that’s too much for one host to handle!
Mr. Mendo's Hack Attack
Hosted by: Michael A. Novelli
Need a healthy dose of cynicism from a guy whose face you can barely see? Then Mr. Mendo’s your man! Whether a movie suffers from Hype Backlash, Intellectual Dishonesty, or is just Complete Shit, Mr. Mendo is there. Mr. Mendo wasn‘t raised in this country, so he takes nothing for granted: if something ain‘t right, he’ll nose it out. So join him as he takes on Oscar winners and legendary flops alike in front of a blanket suspended between his couch and recliner!
PGSM Summaries
Hosted by: Nycea
Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon (PGSM for short) is a hilarious live-action retelling of the Sailor Moon story. On this show, your host Nycea summarizes and riffs on this gloriously bad series—one episode at a time.
Reel vs. Reel
Hosted by: Animated Heroine
Animation isn't just for kids; it's also for adults who never learned how to grow up. In Reel vs. Reel, the Animated Heroine looks at two similar animated films to see which one comes out on top and why. Her love for good animated films is only matched by her cynicism towards the bad ones.
Stuff You Like
Hosted by: Sursum Ursa
Stuff You Like is an original show where redhead Sursum Ursa waxes enthusiastic about movies, TV shows, and anything else that comes to mind! Expect singing, snarky subtitles, random pictures she finds on the internet, and lots of fangirling!
Terror Obscura
Hosted by: Fear Fan
Terror Obscura is a show dedicated to exploring the best and worst horror films ever made. While some shows are content to just mock bad films, this one isn't afraid to take even the most sacred of cows to the slaughterhouse. If you like horror, humor, or if you're just looking to find some titles you might want to rent, Terror Obscura is the show for you!
Tom's Retrophilia
Hosted by: Thomas Stockel
Is he a connoisseur of vintage media, or just a bitter old man trapped in the past?  Either way, tune in and watch Tom take a look at the movies and television shows from a time when he was actually in the target audience!
The Unusual Suspect
Hosted by: Unusual Suspect
The Unusual Suspect reviews popular movies, and tears 'em apart! They may be good, but no movie is perfect, and there's always things you may have overlooked and hadn't thought about. So join the Suspect as he exploits and ridicules the films you know and love. Just don't kill him for it!
What We Had to Watch
Hosted by: Il Neige
Il Neige is a smart-ass with a love-hate relationship with movies from the new millennium. Sure, reviews can be fun or cathartic, but there's also the risk of the occasional Twi-hard invasion or fireball to the face! ...That's how these things usually go, right? So join Il Neige as he braves the cinematic dangers that lie just beyond the fourth wall to critique the best and worst of 21st century filmmaking!
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latest text articles
  Posted June 29, 2015 by Dr. Winston O'Boogie
Never Say Never Again (1983): the lost recap (part 3)
Text Article | Movie Recap

“Was this another scene specifically written so as to avoid a potential lawsuit? Does Eon hold the copyright on interesting gadgets?”

  Posted June 25, 2015 by Jonathan Campbell
Interstellar (2014): a recap (part 2)
Text Article | Movie Recap

“The second act is a prolonged science lesson with some first-year philosophy thrown in for good measure, albeit a visually stunning lesson with some good action pieces and special effects.”

  Posted June 23, 2015 by Dr. Winston O'Boogie
Never Say Never Again (1983): the lost recap (part 2)
Text Article | Movie Recap

“As always: James Bond, the world’s most famous secret agent.”

  Posted June 18, 2015 by Jonathan Campbell
Interstellar (2014): a recap (part 1)
Text Article | Movie Recap

“Despite the epic length, most of the cast will turn out to have existed to explore ideas or play second fiddle to the father/daughter relationship.”

  Posted June 17, 2015 by Dr. Winston O'Boogie
Never Say Never Again (1983): the lost recap (part 1)
Text Article | Movie Recap

“It’s a bit like if Christopher Nolan made Batman Begins and decided to cast Adam West.”

  Posted June 16, 2015 by Steven Birkner
How modern Trek ruined the Prime Directive
Text Article

“One wonders why Starfleet’s mission statement wouldn’t be more along the lines of ‘to boldly stay home, mind our own business, and read a good book.’”

  Posted June 11, 2015 by Staff Writer
Rick Baker retires, and CGI wins
Text Article

“CGI allows you to do anything you can imagine in your wildest fever dream, which begins to stretch the limits of believability to the breaking point.”

  Posted June 9, 2015 by Dr. Winston O'Boogie
Star Trek (TAS) “The Magicks of Megas-Tu”
Text Article | TV Recap

“Five seconds in, and this script and science have already officially parted ways.”

  Posted June 5, 2015 by Dr. Winston O'Boogie
RiffTrax Live! Sharknado (2014)
Text Article | Movie Review

“At one point during the riffing, one of the guys remarks that the movie looks like it was edited in a Vitamix, and that’s pretty accurate.”

  Posted June 4, 2015 by Chelsey McQuitty
Oz the Great and Powerful (2013)
Text Article | Movie Review

“I wish they’d spent as much time working on the storyline as the visuals, but it is what it is.”

  Posted June 2, 2015 by Michael A. Novelli
Why Charlize Theron should have played Mad Max
Text Article

“A post-apocalyptic version of (let’s face it) the Wacky Racers doesn’t feel like something that people have any kind of racial hang-ups about, so why would people mind if a woman took over?”

  Posted May 29, 2015 by Dr. Winston O'Boogie
The leaked Supergirl pilot: a detailed look
Text Article | TV Recap

“It’s great to see at least some aspects of the Superman mythos onscreen not weighted down by angst or failed attempts at achieving Christopher Nolan and/or Frank Miller levels of grimness.”

  Posted May 27, 2015 by Ivan K
A Million Ways (for jokes) to Die in the West (2014)
Text Article | Movie Review

“It’s like someone saw Ted and decided what it was really missing was a ton of fart and shit jokes.”

  Posted May 26, 2015 by Steve Birkett
Transformers: Age of Extinction (2014)
Text Article | Movie Review

“Bay simply ramps up the pace and explosion count from prior entries and layers on the Dinobots like so much icing on a shit cake.”

  Posted May 21, 2015 by Jonathan Campbell
Mad Max: Fury Road (2015): A manly movie with badass women
Text Article | Movie Review

“Even people who otherwise have issues with the feminist movement pretty much universally agree that this is a freakin’ brilliant action movie and you should see it and see it again.”

  Posted May 20, 2015 by Chelsey McQuitty
The Maze Runner (2014)
Text Article | Movie Review

“The movie gives us answers to exactly none of these questions. And here I thought the ending of Lost was a gyp.”

  Posted May 18, 2015 by Rob Kirchgassner
5 reasons the TNG movies weren’t that good
Text Article

“The four TNG movies had some good ideas, but those were sadly overshadowed by the studio’s desire to turn TNG into something it wasn’t.”

  Posted May 15, 2015 by Liam Barrett
DC’s Convergence re-relaunch: The bottom 5
Text Article

“Here are the five books I think DC is going to struggle with. Quite a few of them I actually want to see succeed, but even I’ll admit they have an uphill battle ahead of them.”

  Posted May 14, 2015 by Dr. Winston O'Boogie
Star Trek: Enterprise “In a Mirror, Darkly, Part II”
Text Article | TV Recap

“It would appear Mirror Universe episodes really need at least a couple of the regular universe characters to cross over, to counterbalance all the cartoonish evil on display.”

  Posted May 12, 2015 by Chelsey McQuitty
God’s Not Dead (2014)
Text Article | Movie Review

“The moral of the story appears to be clear: God may not be dead, but if you’re not a Christian, you soon will be, and He’ll make sure you have the most horrible, painful death possible.”

latest videos
  Posted June 27, 2015 by Sofie Liv
Pan’s Labyrinth (2006)
Video | Movie Dorkness #107

By special request, Sofie reviews something she's actually kind of looked forward to.

Watch now...
  Posted June 27, 2015 by Sursum Ursa
Bad Science (2008)
Video | Stuff You Like #77

Ursa reviews a pop science book on epidemiology and evidence-based medicine that's fun, accessible, hilarious... and occasionally really scary.

Watch now...
  Posted June 27, 2015 by Cecil Trachenburg
Jurassic Park III (2001)
Video | Good Bad Flicks #129

With Jurassic World breaking records at the box office, lets take a look at the most divisive entry in the series.

Watch now...
  Posted June 27, 2015 by Sofie Liv
  Posted June 27, 2015 by Michael A. Novelli
Scooby-Doo! in Arabian Nights (1994)
Video | Mr. Mendo's Hack Attack #74

During MAGFest, Mikey and Mr. Mendo watched the made-for-TV movie Scooby-Doo! in Arabian Nights and then decided to do an unscripted review of it.

Watch now...
  Posted June 22, 2015 by Cecil Trachenburg
Never Back Down (2008)
Video | Good Bad Flicks #128

One of the better of the newer wave of fight movies.

Watch now...
  Posted June 22, 2015 by Sursum Ursa
Hot Fuzz (2007)
Video | Stuff You Like #76

Ursa's discusses her favorite film in the Cornetto trilogy, why Nicholas Angel is so great, and alternate reads on character sexuality.

Watch now...
  Posted June 20, 2015 by Joey Tedesco
Shrek (2001)
Video | Cartoon Palooza #99

Time to get Shreked! ...In the least obnoxious way possible. Here's the film that started a crazy set of trends. See what Joey's thoughts are!

Watch now...
  Posted June 20, 2015 by Thomas Stockel
The mystery programs of Peter Davison
Video | Tom's Retrophilia #15

Thomas discusses the mystery TV programs of the Fifth Doctor, Peter Davison, including Campion and The Last Detective.

Watch now...
  Posted June 20, 2015 by Sofie Liv
Positive female characters in games (Part 2): Viewer suggestions
Video | Movie Dorkness #105

Last time, Sofie talked about some of the dearly beloved women she grew up with. This time, she's talking about the women you guys brought up the most.

Watch now...
  Posted June 15, 2015 by Cecil Trachenburg
Leviathan (1989)
Video | Good Bad Flicks #127

A deeper look into the 1989 underwater film.

Watch now...
  Posted June 13, 2015 by Michael A. Novelli
Scrub Me Mama with a Boogie Beat (1941)
Video | Mr. Mendo's Hack Attack #73

After a long absence, Mendo returns with a brief review of the first ever music video, and all its unspeakable racism! It’s not great, to be honest.

Watch now...
  Posted June 8, 2015 by Cecil Trachenburg
  Posted June 1, 2015 by Cecil Trachenburg
Mad Max (1979)
Video | Good Bad Flicks #125

A look at the hugely influential Oz-ploitation film Mad Max.

Watch now...
  Posted May 28, 2015 by Sursum Ursa
Star Wars Episode III: revenge of the script
Video | Stuff You Like #75

In this two-part episode, Ursa takes a crack at Revenge of the Sith and the joys of people taking action while advancing the plot through dialogue.

Watch now...
  Posted May 28, 2015 by Sofie Liv
Ronia the Robber’s Daughter
Video | Movie Dorkness #104

Sofie reviews the new Studio Ghibli anime Ronia the Robber's Daughter, based on the book by Swedish author Astrid Lindgren, which makes her happy to see something from her childhood appearing again and being treated with so much respect.

Watch now...
  Posted May 25, 2015 by Cecil Trachenburg
  Posted May 23, 2015 by Thomas Stockel
Gamera: Guardian of the Universe (1995)
Video | Tom's Retrophilia #14

Thomas celebrates World Turtle Day (yes, that's a real thing) with a recap of the movie Gamera: Guardian of the Universe.

Watch now...
  Posted May 22, 2015 by Sofie Liv
  Posted May 20, 2015 by Cecil Trachenburg
All the Boys Love Mandy Lane (2006)
Video | Good Bad Flicks #123

A look at the excellent horror film All the Boys Love Mandy Lane.

Watch now...
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