VIDEO: Sherlock Holmes and the Baker Street Irregulars (2007)

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BONUS! Sofie’s commentary track for the video you just watched:

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Join Sherlock Holmes (portrayed by Sofie Liv) and Dr. John Watson (portrayed by Sursum Ursa) once again as they take on Sherlock Holmes and the Baker Street Irregulars, the two-part BBC mini series from 2007 with Jonathan Pryce in the title role, Anna Chancellor as a less than ideal Irene Adler, and the Irregulars, a ragtag group of street kids who do all the work while Holmes gets all the credit. Meanwhile, our Watson ends up having to do most of the reviewing herself as our Holmes gets lost on the streets of London.

Sofie would also like to apologize for coming up with an absolutely terrible idea for how to film this episode that caused major audio issues, so she’s provided an audio commentary for those who can’t stand the noise.

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  • Calum Syers

    Good job.

    The audio wasn’t too obtrusive, except in the opening shot. Generally I had no problem hearing you over the traffic. 

    I’ve loved Jonathan Pryce since I first saw “Brazil”, but he does have a tendency to take safe film and TV choices. What I’m saying is that while he’s good actor, in the last ten-fifteen he does tend to pick roles that lack risk.

    • Sofie Liv

      Heh, that’s where having a cutting sharp voice than can be heard through walls, crowds and traffic actually comes in handy for ones in my life.

      I to love Jonathan Pryce, and yeah he hasn’t done that many edgy things lately, but you know.. come on, the man is in his older years now, he is allowed to just relax and do what-ever.
      plus he fits those nicer parts so well! he was lovely as Elisabeth’s father in Pirates of the Caribbean, those sort of parts does suit him.  And he is perfect in Brazil! which I started thinking about after having finished the review.. him in Brazil and Martin Freeman in Sherlock actually have that same quality about them, they are the nice grounded every-day person in a absurd world and can manifest that beautifully. Which tells me that Pryce could have been an excellent Watson if he had an exotic enough Holmes.

      And it’s not like he hasn’t done interesting stuff to, I ones found a recording of “Cabaret.” where he actually played the MC.. if you ever saw the movie you know why that’s actually a kind of creepy part D:

  • maarvarq

    I didn’t realise this was going to be a regular feature, but Sofie is cute as always as Holmes, and Jill is somehow more adorable than ever whilst cross-dressed, so yeah, more please.

    • Sofie Liv

      It’s all her eyes rolling.. she is pretty good at that isn’t she? 

      Well, it’s a ones in a while thing I think… it’s all about trying to see what we can do with this concept, I do want to challenge it, and I think I sort of did in this review.. so.. it’s all about where we can go next, from where I am standing the possibilities are indeed many.

  • It may have been stifling in London (I should know, I was down there that weekend but it’s gone back to regular crap, rainy British weather now) but you don’t look terrible. Even without the make-up and usual scarf-bowler attire, you’re beautiful either way. It is Baker’s law!
    This series looks as though it didn’t take advantage of either Holmes or Watson which is a waste considering the title of the damn thing. Maybe it could have been better if it was just it’s own spin-off about the Baker Street Irregulars and have it not feel as though Holmes and Watson were shoe-horned in, but then it would probably veer on Scooby Doo territory, what with a bunch of kids solving mysteries and all. You say some of your ideas eventually turn out to be bad ones, there’s one of mine that crashed soon after take-off!
    Oh well, still nice to see you and Jill working together again and if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to buy all the Battenberg cake I can get!

    • Sofie Liv

      aww thanks.

       I think it was meant to become a spin-off, it’s a two part mini-series, but as I stated in the review, it weren’t picked up for further episodes. So.. that’s kind of it.

      Well, I get a hell of a lot ideas and try to go through with at least some of them, so of cause some of them ends up crashing and burning, that is what happens.
      But each and single project there ended like that was still fun to make AND taught me some-thing about what I was doing, often I could even get a really nifty trick out of it I can use in other unrelated projects.

      So, it happens, don’t feel sad for me, just acknowledge that is reality, that happens to all of us whom wishes to do new stuff, some-times it works and some-times it doesn’t, we should accept that and then admire the attempt instead when it doesn’t work out. I know I do, I admire any-body whom tries to do some-thing different 🙂

      And thanks, It’s nice working with Jill again!

      • It was a shame it didn’t work as well as it could have done had the right actors and crew been involved.

        I don’t think that the idea to do the review out on the Streets of London was a bad idea. It was good in theory and you used locations well, it’s just a shame about the sound. The mid-20 degrees temperatures couldn’t have helped either. Nice for a day out, but not shooting in that Sherlock costume.

        Yeah, my idea for the radio comedy script I had was an idea that didn’t turn out as well because I’m not proficient in script-writing and some of the jokes weren’t as funny as they sounded in both my and my writing partner’s head. I appreciate your ideas though. 🙂

        It shows that you both like interacting and working off each other. Not only is it character driven, but it’s also a good cross-over as well.

        • Sofie Liv

          The reality is we are all born as babies knowing jack shit and having to learn absolutely every-thing.
          Which means even in adult life, there is NOTHING you can you have not been taught by some-one at some point.
          Writing is also a skill, all who stars doing it knows jack shit when they begin, so of cause the first several attempts will be shitty. I’ve written shitty stuff, and I am gonna write shitty stuff again, all though in my head it’s gonna be genius! I’m also going to make bad jokes. We honestly shouldn’t be so afraid of failing, it’s keeping one back more than it’s pushing you forward.
          My hopes just is that most of what I write is good and most of what I do is good, and that’s it.

          So if it was your first attempt at writing a sit-com, ever, it would be a miracle if it was not bad. If you want it just try again, but it seems to me you don’t really, so, if it isn’t what you want why wast time on it? become good at what you want.

          Yay, again, looking forward to see where this leads next 🙂

          • And even then, we still don’t have it all figured out yet there are many out there, a lot of them you can find online oddly enough, who think they do and can’t admit that they’re wrong when they have been proven to be.
            I’ll stick to my path and leave comedy writing to those who have the chops and drive to do it, like yourself. 🙂

  • I’m so glad female holmes and watson are back:) Rule 63 is awesome!:D

    • Sofie Liv

      Well…  I hope we can sort of make up for the fact that female versions often is as interesting.

      Also… we are so gender confused in these videos.. we keep on referring to each other as. “He.” all thought very are obviously two “She’s.” 

      I mean, whom could we ever fool? we are both far to pretty to be “he’s”

  • Mr Shankly

    I imagine in London it’s common for tourist to walk around
    dressed like Sherlock Holmes. It’s a shame Sofie wasn’t wearing the deerstalker
    when she met Mark Gatiss.

    • Sofie Liv

      I didn’t really spot any other person walking around with a deerstalker, not even in Bakerstreet and not even at the con.

      And I personally am happy that I didn’t wear that thing while meeting Mark Gatiss, it was bad enough that I was fangirling uncontrollable X)

      Sigh if you look at the video you can see I am wearing half costume, I am wearing the same black trousers as  I use with the costume and the tank top that goes under the shirt (cause white shirts are see-through and I don’t like walking around without some-thing under it.) Which means yes, I had been out filming for holmes that very same day. Cool coincidence huh? 

  • i wonder who would be the female prof. moriarty, if these videos ever required one.

    • MephLord

      That answer involves a lot of questions doesn’t it?

      • Sofie Liv

        Who says every single character has to go through a gender bender?

        They actually don’t, it’s all a matter about whom is available and who wants to do it, plus if some-one body all-ready is a big Holmes fan and wants to be included, that counts as more for me than what gender they just happen to have.
        As I stated in the audio track, it wasn’t even originally me and Jill who would take on the parts, it was my male fried and comedian I originally wanted to play Holmes while I would take on the part of Watson, but unfortunately he couldn’t speak English so he had to pull out.
        At that time Jill all-ready was involved and genuinely asked if we could still do it, were it not for her involvement and questioning, I am not sure it would have been made at all after my friend pulled out.  And that’s when I decided the two of us would just take on the parts like this. And a even funnier thing is that Jill wasn’t even a part of the Agony booth yet as we first talked about this, we had only met at the TGWTG forum.

        So you see, every-thing are coincidences, but some-times it feels like there is a higher meaning, and whom is going to play Moriarty? that is some-thing we will look at when the time comes, it doesn’t even have to be a video producers, it could be a friends as you know.. having two characters in the same shot could turn out being a good thing when you have an arch nemesis story going on.

        • MephLord

          I was actually implying fullofquestions would make a good Moriarty with her name and eloquent style.  Mendo could be Irene Adler (talk about how weird that would be?).  I think it would be a great collaborative effort if everyone cared enough to do it.

          • Sofie Liv

             FullofQuestions is going to be in on this in some way at some point. trust me on that one, she will be in it.

            But… Some-times you do need to look at the type of people and realise what they would be good choices at.
            As I am convinced FullofQuestions were actually a woollen kitten in her last life.. I cannot make myself turn her into Moriarty when I think she can be better as some-one else and we can find some-one else whom would be better as Moriarty.

            If she suddenly comes to me and down-right begs to be Moriarty, there’s no way I could turn her down, this is about trying stuff for all of us and see what we can do. But she didn’t, she merely wanted to be a part of the project, I asked what part she herself would want the most, she said it doesn’t matter, so either I or Jill will figure some-thing out in due time, it will happen, but I don’t believe it will be Moriarty, and thankfully there are other parts we can look at an fill out. I also want her to be recurring so we’ll see.

            Actually I thought about casting Mr. Mendo as Mrs. Hudson…. you know as a joke.
            We could make a male Addler, it could be done.. I just don’t think it should be mendo.. :/

  • Id love to see you guys review the old Jeremy Brett tv show someday. Many fans seem to think of that as the defintive version of Conan Doyles world:) 

    • Sofie Liv

      We’ll see, it’s all neither here nor there, any-thing could happen. 

  • MephLord

    Sofie I’d love to see you do a review of the Thor movie, not so much as an historical or mythological perspective (because we all know they really don’t fit the Norse gods in traditional mythos all that well, although some comments on how different they are can be pretty interesting) but as the story as a whole.  I also had a debate on another board about the Destroyer and felt it was poorly done in Thor (my big grief with the movie) and felt he should’ve been saved for Avengers, with the Fenrir Wolf being the sub-villain that Loki brought in to test Thor and the Warriors Three.  Destroyer just seemed to fit in more with the Chitauri’s look as well of technological power and he could easily have been portrayed as being a legit destroyer to make Hulk, Iron Man and Thor have issues defeating.  I’d like to hear your thoughts on this and a video review if possible. 🙂

    • Jill Bearup

      I have absolutely no background in Avengers comic continuity. I just really liked Iron Man the movie, and then I went and watched the Avengers and I was all, ‘WOWAMAZINGWOOO!’

      So for my birthday I got Thor and Iron Man and Iron Man 2 and Captain America on DVD. All of which I loved, or at least quite liked in places.

      So obviously I’m not your woman for Thor-comic-movie comparison. Mythology, maybe, but comics, nope. (I am planning on doing a Thor review at some point, but there’ll be precious little if any comic discussion, because I know better than to talk about things I know nothing about on the Internet!)

      • Sofie Liv

        Heh, neither do I know that much of the Thor comic book mythologi, I just saw the movie as a whole. And again, I liked it, it was solid, I got what it was about. Coming in with the worst fore-exspectings. I was litterately ready to nit-pick and hate the heck out of it, but it was so solid that I couldn’t, proves to me how.. again solid, it is.
        I mean sure, I could give you some nit-picks, but they are still just that, nit-picks.. and I was a bit busy developing a crush on Chris Hemsworth…

        • MephLord

          Since I know Valkyrie won’t get her own solo movie, would you like to see her get an appearance in Thor 2 and play a pivotal role?  I can’t see them introducing my favorite demon, Surtur, but I can see them involving the Enchantress and the Executioner and maybe Malekith (have to keep Sif, Baldur and the Warriors Three busy somehow). 

          I think it would make a lot of sense to have Valkyrie be a tie-in character for a set of movies that slowly brings in Thanos rather than have him appear right away.  There have been some posts online about Odin having the Infinity Gauntlet stored away, and with Thanos’ obsession of “courting death” it seems like a good subplot to link the movies together. 

          I also found this:

          That’s pretty darn interesting to think about.

          This movie does something any good movie should do; it makes you want more and to see what else is in store.

          • Jill Bearup

            I read that article! And I loved it, because…yeah, makes perfect sense. It’s clever and it’s cunning and it’s very Joss Whedon, in a good way.

            I would love a Black Widow movie, if it didn’t suck. Maybe if they can’t pull one off apiece, a Black Widow + Hawkeye movie? Where we get to see what really happened in Budapest?

            But I’d be happy with no BW movie because…SO MUCH SCOPE FOR ERROR.

            I’m looking at you Electra. And you Catwoman. And…yeah. All the things you said, Russell!

          • Sofie Liv

             Yeah the reason Super-heroine movies failed and every-body in the executive part of Hollywood thinks it’s a bad idea is because they all failed.

            But here’s the thing, they did no fail because Super-heroines are a bad idea. They failed because THEY ARE SUCKY MOVIES!

            Every single one of them! Supergirl, Electra, Catwoman, Tomb-raider you name it!

            Had one of them been exceptionally good, like a prober superhero movie, chances are it wouldn’t have failed, but they are not, they are bad movies!

            If there is one thing we seriously need, it’s a really good solid Wonderwoman movie!
            Where the hell is that movie all-ready? Why doesn’t she have one? How come Catwoman and Electra have their own movies but not wonderwoman? It just doesn’t make any sense.
            Catwoman and Electra aren’t even main characters in their own comic, they are both secondary characters, so what the hell?

            Then again, Warner Brothers owns the rights to all DC heroes, and safe Batman (where they wisely just let Nolan do his own business without interfering.) they really suck at this!
            And since Marvel and Disney has all-ready proven they can handle super-hero movies, I would actually feel comfortable with them putting out a little “Black-widow/Hawk eye” movie.

          • CDiehl

            The reason there isn’t a Wonder Woman movie is because nobody who has the money to make it thinks it’ll make any money, because of the movies you mentioned. Also, they just plain don’t want to make one, or they would have taken the risk by now. Seriously, even if the impossible happened, and a studio was convinced a Wonder Woman movie would not only make a profit, but make Avengers-level money its opening weekend, they would still say “no”, just because they don’t want to make it.

          • Sofie Liv

            I wouldn’t be so sure.

            Warner Brothers currently hold the rights to all DC super-heroes, has done so for a while, and they have proven themselves unwilling to give just a few of those rights up or share them. so if we are to blame any-one, it’s them and only them. 

            But! the one guy whom has been trying to pitch a “Womderwoman.” movie to them a couple of times now over the years, they even bought his damn script. (that’s right Warner Brothers did buy a wonder-woman script years ago.)
            His name is Josh Whedon, and he just made… urh, what was it called again. Oh yeah, he just made the bloody Avengers movie! highest grossing comic book movie so far and second highest grossing movie ever. That ought to change Warner Brothers priorities.

            AND! a little thing called. “Hunger games.” also happened last year, proving that a female action heroine actually can make a huge profit.

            And especially for Warner brothers, it’s all about profit right now.
            So… will they soon be ready for a go on Wonderwoman?

            I dunno. One can only hope.

          • MephLord

            I know the perfect way to setup the Black Widow movie.  Remember that opening interrogation scene…well, why not follow up that storyline since it didn’t really get finished? 

      • MephLord

        All of which bears the question: Why can’t they do a proper Hulk movie, since he was so awesome in Avengers?  And another important question, can Black Widow hold her own movie and not have it be insulting like Elektra, Supergirl (back in the 80s) or ugh Catwoman?  I think if any actress can pull it off it is Scarlett Johanssen she really impressed me in Avengers. 

        • Sofie Liv

          Hulk is actually a pretty difficult character to make a story about.
          Honest to god they tried in “incredible Hulk.” it had every-thing I would expect from the comic books and still managed to keep it simple. So why don’t people like it???

          I don’t.. I don’t know, and I don’t know what they could have done differently.
          The Bill Bixby tely show is an amazing accomplishment where every-thing just fit together, but I can’t help but think that ones was just as much luck as it was hard work and heart. Also if you look at each individual episodes you will realise they are usually much more about the guest characters than Banner or Hulk themselves, and that’s because just Banner/Hulk… can’t carry a show :/

          It’s one of those characters whom is so dang awesome when showing up for limited amounts of time, and you are lead to believe there’s so much going on with this dude, you want to spend more time with him. But ones he is handed a movie on his own, he can’t carry it.

          I wouldn’t want Scarlett Johanson to play Catwoman (rather her than Anne Hathway, but.. sigh I have yet to see her so it’s to early to complain.)

          I would actually like a woman whom is more mature, some-one in her early thirties.. heh, Lara Pulver, she sure got the naughtiness down X)
          Actually… yeah, some-one like Lara Pulver. She’s refined, beautiful, naughty and that’s what Catwoman should be.
          If you showed me her Sherlock scenes, without telling me I was watching Sherlock Holmes and claimed she tried to be Selina Kyle, I would totally buy that, she acts like a Selina Kyle, a lot.

          Supergirl should be played by a complete different type, some-one with a certain innocents to her, in that case I would go with an actress in her mid twenties.

          And you know, it’s not as much a matter if the actress can pull it off as if the god damn writer and director can pull off a female hero :/

          • MephLord

            It is strange that the Bill Bixby show, even after these years still works for its fanbase.  You’d think it would seem dated, but it really did have a good structure.  Maybe the episodic nature of the show worked to its strength.  And Lou Ferrigno did look pretty menacing as the Hulk which also helped to create that emotional attachment of “oh shit, somethings getting smashed!”

            As for Supergirl, I’ve heard that the most popular fan actress to play her is Imogen Poots, who I have to say does have that charming innocence about her to pull it off.  Supergirl’s continuity is a bit convoluted, so having her try to discover her origins would probably be the best way to tell her story, while an organization like Cadmus could be presented as the villains, looking for a way to get a DNA sample to make Power Girl once they see what she can do for themselves.

  • Perhaps the agony booth reviewers could all be a superhero team, like the avengers or something, lol. wonder what super powers thedy all have 🙂

  • Nuclearademan

    Jonathan Pryce as an actor is fine but he’s never really stood out much and he wasn’t really right for Holmes, too nice. Sadly from the promo for Elementary it looks like Jonny Lee Miller’s playing him very similar.

    Great review shame about the audio problems during Sofies bits.

    • Sofie Liv

       It’s ones again about the type you are and how rightly you are casted.
      In Brazil Jonathan Pryce was absolutely perfect in his casting, he was the perfect every-day persona in the middle of a bat shit crazy world, being such a good calm representation of “Ordinary man.” that he ended up standing out a lot, he was just perfect in that part.
      Which funnily enough… reminds me of Martin Freeman, a brilliant Watson in BBC’s “Sherlock.” his ordinary quality just makes Watson, and makes that series Holmes a better character, it’s litterately a case of the two being good in their own separate way, but being better when they stand beside each other, because they are different as night as day highlighting each others qualities.
      Martin Freeman and Jonathan Pryce, in my eyes, shares this quality. Which tells me that Jonathan Pryce would be a far better Watson than a Holmes, provided we can get him a eccentric appearing Holmes for him to play off on.

      Cause again, Jonathan Pryce has never ever done a bad acting job in his entire life. He just shouldn’t have been cast as Sherlock Holmes :/

      • Nuclearademan

        I wouldn’t even have him as Watson to be honest. He’d make a
        good guest star on an episode of Sherlock but from what I’ve seen (and I’ll
        admit I haven’t watched Brazil) he lacks the charisma to play either part. Actors
        like Paul McGann or Tom Cruise suit a role like Holmes a lot better in my

        Martin Freeman is the perfect straight man because he just
        looks and sounds so ordinary in everything he’s in even the Hobbit.   

        • Sofie Liv

          Tom Cruise as Sherlock Holmes??…. no…don’t let that happen.
          I’m sorry but. No, it doesn’t compute in my head!
          Paul McGann I don’t know! I only know him as the eight doctor, and there he never got to breath enough for me to get a real feel of what he can do, he did well with what he had, but what he had wasn’t much.
          Tom Baker actually played Sherlock Holmes ones believe it or not…

          And go watch Brazil, then you’ll know Jonathan Pryce is just as much a perfect straight man as Martin Freeman is.
          But it probably also helps he was younger in Brazil, he was not young-young, but you know. Young.
          … I actually think he was the same age in Brazil as Martin freeman is now, fourtish you know.  Age does make a difference you know, it always does.
          And no, right at this time, I do think Pryce is to old to be either Holmes or Watson and make it interesting. It was a stroke of genius that they decided to make them young in “Sherlock.” (I even think it was a big coincidence they hired a man in his fourtish as Watson, but dangit, he was just right for the part, and mostly you don’t think about it, I can buy he is in his thirties for sure.)

          And yeah, That is Martin Freeman, he to “Hitchikers guide to the Galaxy” what Pryce is to “Brazil.”
          The one ordinary thing in a fucked up world shown to us, and that is why it works.
          If you put a fucked up weird man as a main focus in a fucked up weird world, it wont work, you’ll give your viewers an head-ache.
          But find an actor or actress that can be our solid ground-base and we can experience all of this shit through him or her, we are golden.

          That’s Freeman in Sherlock, Hitchikers guide, the Hobbit and it’s Pryce in Brazil, and they are really good at it!

  • 93MANIAC

    Nice review Sofie I hope that you can do another Sherlock Holmes related review soon and I am curious to know if you are interested in doing a review of Disney’s The Great Mouse Detective from 1986 witch is one of Disney’s best movies from the 1980’s or Young Sherlock Holmes movie from 1985 witch is a must see for any Scerlock Holmes and Harry Potter fan and if you have seen these movie’s witch I am pretty sure you have then can you tell me what you think about em

    • Sofie Liv

       Well, I heard a little birdie singing about a new Holmes video actually being in the workds, all though, you should go ask Sursum Ursa about that more specifically.

      And yes! Yes that could definetely happen, but don’t ask me when, that I just don’t know.

  • The Friend you originally wanted to cast as Sherlock Holmes, because he really wanted to, and loved the character had to decline the role because he had to speak English.  When you say that, you seem surprised that he that he couldn’t speak it.  

    Is fluency in the English language common enough in Denmark for you to assume that?   

    • Sofie Liv

       Yeah it pretty much is, especially among young people.

      I mean, to speak english compleately fluently is of cause sort of a rarity BUT, it’s very strange to run into a person whom does not understand english, especially some-one under the age of 35, and it’s so common that you just assume every-body can speak basic english around here.

      Here’s my reality, English is all around me! We life 5 mio people in Denmark, the only country that speaks Danish, and that’s it!

      So only being 5 mio people, what does that do for our culture? we import a lot of stuff, no life-action movies is ever dubbed, they are subbed.
      Books are released in english way before a Danish version comes along, I hear english in the radio, in the most popular songs, in television, I sing english songs myself all the time, role-playing books aren’t ever translated, signs are written both in english and Danish, when I walk down the street it’s absolutely not uncommon to bump into a foreign visitor whom will try to communicate in English not Danish.

      English is sort of the communication languet here in eroupe where all countries speak each their languet, we sort of have english as the common ground where we can all communicate.

      For us, English is not just an exstra fancy skill you can pick up, it’s an absolut neccesity, and it’s some-thing you started gaining from an early age, all the way back when I first saw Star Wars the phantom menace as an eleven year old with English languet and Danish subtitles.

      So yeah, to find out that he didn’t had that skill baffled me at first. But oh well, he is one of those more eccentric people, and absolut musical genius whom just writes tunes out in one god and plays the piano like a dream, but is behind in the school system, you know the type.

      • The way you explain it, it seems that the import of media from English-speaking countries (US, UK. etc) has contributed a lot towards this trend.  I just thought you studied it for years. 😉

        I have to say, I was always quite impressed with your ability to speak in English, despite it not being your native language (Especially your informal review of Tintin, where you and your sister spoke unscripted).  

        Would you call Denmark to be friendly place for a native English-speaker to visit?

        • Sofie Liv

          Thank you.. you watched my informal review of Tintin? wow.. but yeah, the way I and my sister speak english, which is rather limited, but that is the standard of what the average danish person is able to speak.
          And yes indeed, import has played a big part in this, we do run into the english languet every day here and it does play a big part in our every-day life, even if we don’t speak it daily. And we enternet being a bigger and bigger thing.. well.. as you can see I actually use English daily, I use english so much that my danish has started to suffer from it :/

          Oh yeah, Denmark is an exstremely friendly place for English speakers to visit, not only are most danes perferctly able to speak english, but they also really like to get visitors from other countries and show them around. For us it’s only fun to show off our culture.

          We have also been rather known in England for being an exstrordinary laid back and welcoming people. Which is some-thing I take pride in, the Danish Stereo-type in England is very laid back.