VIDEO: Cartoon Palooza’s 2nd Annual Oscar Prediction Thing: Best Animated Feature 2013

It’s that time of year again to see Hollywood’s pretty dresses and overrated—er, prestigious accolades! Just like last year, Joey looks at three of the five Oscar nominees for Best Feature: ParaNorman, Wreck-It Ralph, and Frankenweenie, and predicts which one will be the big winner on Sunday night.

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  • So folks, what do you think? Any thoughts or disagreements with my choices?

  • Marozeph

    Well, looks like the Academy really likes Pixar. Brave winning kinda surprised me, considering the rather underwhelming (especially for a Pixar movie) critical reception. Maybe ParaNorman and Frankenweenie weren’t crowd-pleasing enough, while Wreck-It Ralph was too crowd-pleasing?

    • I think it has to do with familiarity at this point. I believe more academy members were biased toward choosing the movie from the company that’s already critically acclaimed versus actually watching the film. I gave the academy the benefit of the doubt since Rango won that there might be a change towards how animation is viewed. However through the lackluster intro given by Paul Rudd and Melissa McCarthy and the fact that they pretty much censor the VFX winner’s acceptance speech… I think i’m going to pass from doing this again since it seems more like hollywood ego-stroking. Maybe… five years and i’ll go back to watching the Academy Awards. For now… i’m forgetting about it!

      • Marozeph

        Rango kinda got lucky – since Pixar didn’t get nominated, all bets were off. Their dominance is kinda crushing, if i counted correctly, they were nominated 9 times and won 7 times. Although this might be the first time quite a lot of people would disagree with them winning.

        • On the plus side, everything before Cars 2 (yes, I did enjoy the first movie for what it was) was pretty solid. However I think there’s going to be a change once “Monsters U” comes out depending on whether it’s actually good or not.