Batman & Robin (1997) (part 12 of 13)

We cut to the Gotham Observatory, now completely frozen over. Freeze “hilariously” says, “Let’s kick some ICE!” and begins manipulating what looks like a Microsoft Sidewinder joystick. He uses it to aim the telescope-cum-Giant Ice Cannon at the nearest skyscraper and blast away, freezing it solid.

He then starts to sweep the Cannon around the city and freeze everything in sight, including a train on its tracks, everyone on the street, and even an obnoxiously product-placed Taco Bell. Strangely enough, this makes the food they serve there a little warmer. For no reason, we then get a close-up shot of some guy frozen in a phone booth. A phone booth? When was the last time you saw one of these? Even the original Superman mocked the idea, and that was back in 1978.

Then we see a bulldog about to take a leak on a fire hydrant, when suddenly a blue light flashes and the dog gets literally frozen in midstream. Um, this is supposed to be funny, right? Then we see police cars speeding through the streets of Gotham, and up in the observatory, Freeze spots them approaching through his extraordinarily powerful magnifying lens which allows him to see individual cars on the street from 900 feet up.

Caption contributed by Albert

Where was Schumacher going with this?

He blasts away, freezing the police. Now, a few seconds ago, we saw the Ice Cannon literally stop a train in its tracks, but this time the cop cars continue to slide forward until they crash through a miscellaneous store front. This causes the store to instantly explode into flames [??]. Freeze is delighted by this and continues blasting away.

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We then pan down to the street and see three Bat Vehicles speeding down the ice. First, there’s Batman in a customized version of the Batmobile that I’ll call the Bat Zamboni. Then there’s Robin in some kind of cross between a jet ski and a hovercraft. Finally, there’s Batgirl, now wearing a pointy-eared cowl for some reason and riding a Batcycle.

Astoundingly, they’re all wearing different costumes now. The ones they had on before were solid black, but these have miscellaneous silver trimming. Granted, it’s definitely more interesting than solid black, but A) what’s the point? B) when did they find the time to change into these? and C) why would they? We never find out.

Batman looks at a big clock face somewhere and sees that it happens to be eleven minutes to midnight. He tells the others through his Bat Radio that they have “less than eleven minutes to thaw the city!” Suddenly, the Freezemobile crashes through some cars and heads right for our “heroes”.

Inside the Freezemobile, a hockey-masked goon arbitrarily pushes buttons. This causes the spikes on the front to suddenly turn into missiles and head for the Bat Trio. There’s lots of fireworks as our heroes dodge the missiles by… Well, to tell you the truth, they don’t really do anything besides keep driving in a straight line. This is not really what you would call “exciting”.

For no apparent reason, Batgirl (oddly looking much more svelte in this shot, by the way) goes flipping off her motorcycle. Robin then uses his deft driving skills to maneuver his Whatever Mobile to be right below where the wires are lowering her down. He then pulls up next to her Batcycle, which somehow is still continuing on without her [?], and Batgirl jumps back on it. Again, is there a point to any of this?

Batman pulls up in front of the Freezemobile, and as missiles sail past him, Hockey Mask Thug aims the Ice Cannon right at him. Batman says to his Bat Zamboni, “Shield,” but you know he probably almost slipped up and said, “OnStar.” This causes a Bat-shaped flap to rise up from somewhere and somehow deflect the freezing ray. Don’t ask for a better explanation than that, because I really can’t give you one.

Unsurprisingly, this shield then reflects the freezing beam right back on the Freezemobile. We then get a pointless shot of Hockey Mask Thug jumping out of the frozen vehicle and escaping to safety. Why? Who knows. I guess we’re not supposed to see Batman deliberately kill somebody or something. I mean, it’s not like he killed the Joker in cold blood in the first movie or anything.

The heroes continue on their way to the observatory, and Freeze sees them approach in his crystal ball. Okay, it’s really a magnifying lens, but given what he can see with it, it might as well be a crystal ball. Freeze tells Bane to get rid of Robin and Batgirl, “but leave me the Bat!”

This next moment is so dumb I literally have to force myself to describe it. Our three heroes, now on foot, stop at the base of the observatory and shoot their Bat Ropes up and somehow hook onto the Gotham Observatory sign, which is 900 feet up in the air. Yes, that’s right. All three of them are actually carrying ropes in their belts that are 900 feet long [!!!].

They use the Bat Ropes to pull themselves up to the observatory. Come to think of it, this probably gets the movie over a lot quicker than if they had to find an elevator or something. So, actually, I’m fine with it now. They don’t see Freeze, so Robin says there’s “no sign of the snowman!” and Batgirl suggests that “maybe he melted.” No, Alicia, that’s just your career.

“No,” Batman says, “He’s just hibernating.” [?] Batman, I think you lost the thread of “snowman” puns that they were tossing off. Work on that. For another dumb moment, they all shoot their Bat Ropes up to the ceiling of the observatory, and this is all filmed in a really grandiose fashion, with close-ups on every move and every Bat Rope as if it’s the first time we’re seeing them do it as opposed to the second time it’s happened in the space of two minutes.

Batman pulls some mini Bat Heaters off his belt and puts them near the two scientists. They start thawing out, and then Batman gratuitously uses his Bat Rope to hoist himself over to the catwalk where Robin and Batgirl are. Does anybody just walk in Gotham anymore?

They look at the controls of the telescope and realize they’ve only got a few minutes before it’s too late to thaw out the rest of the city. Batman floats the dubious proposition that sunlight could thaw out the city, but Batgirl points out that it’s midnight, you cretin, and we ain’t at the damn North Pole.

“But,” Robin says, “It’s morning in the Congo!” [??] Say what? With the help of an instructional computer graphic, Batman and Robin explain to Batgirl that they can use the Deus Ex Machina Satellites to reflect sunlight around the globe to Gotham. Batgirl is suddenly an expert on how to target satellites (she’s the computer science major, remember?) and she says she’ll get right on it.

There’s a problem, however. According to her, the Plot Devices are frozen. Actually, she says “targeting mirrors”, but I have no idea what those are. Anyway, if they’re frozen, this mean that the “thawing beam won’t work!” Batman tells the two of them to thaw out the Plot Devices while he realigns the Deus Ex Machina Satellites.

Robin and Batgirl climb out to the end of the telescope and start shooting their Bat Lasers at some Whooziwhatsits. Batman, meanwhile, types on the weirdest computer keyboard I’ve ever seen. The letters are in a totally whacked out sequence, and it’s definitely not a Dvorak. If anyone out there has ever seen a keyboard with a top row of “UWCARNYDLO”, I’d love to know what it’s called.

On the computer display, CGI wireframe models of satellites blink on and off. Then we cut to orbit [!!] and see a Deus Ex Machina Satellite fire a thruster and move into position. Christ, did they have money to waste on this movie or what? Meanwhile, Robin and Batgirl continue their monkey work, and a digital clock somewhere (maybe it’s in the Congo) reminds us that midnight is quickly approaching.

Batman looks through the magnifying glass, and suddenly Dr. Freeze’s face pops up behind it. “Tonight’s forecast!” he says. “A freeeeeze is coming!” Although, with the magnifying power this thing has already displayed, we should only be able to see the bacteria on his tongue right now.

Caption contributed by Albert

Wait, I think I see a blackhead.

Freeze throws Batman, sending him flying off in that wire-fu kind of way. Batman lands on the telescope, and in the process kindly knocks Robin and Batgirl off and sends the two plummeting to hopefully grisly deaths. Freeze uses his Sidewinder to try to shake Batman off while he disables the satellite realignment.

Robin and Batgirl are now standing in front of a green screen and flailing around, oops, I mean “falling to the ground”. Robin aims his Robin Rope and hooks into an icicle somewhere. He then somehow finds a way to simultaneously fall and yet get enough tension on his Robin Rope to swing over to Batgirl. Whatever. Trust me, I’m as tired of pointing out implausibilities as you are of reading about them.

He grabs her and says, “I got you!” Unfortunately, the icicle breaks, and they continue on their three-hour plunge. Robin screams, but Batgirl just sort of moans in that same annoyed way as when the two of them were hanging from his ankle 600 feet above the pavement. Can you tell how so not interested Alicia Silverstone is in being here?

She fires off her own Bat Rope to connect with something more solid, then breathlessly says, “No… I got you!” Meanwhile, Batman is hanging onto the telescope as Freeze tries to shake him off. Freeze spots the thawed scientists, so he decides to swing around his massive death ray that can kill millions of people for the sole purpose of doing away with two scientists.

Caption contributed by Albert

“You’ve got me? Who’s got you?”

The Smug Asian Scientist sees this and screams out that “It’s one of those days!” Yeah, we’ll make sure to put that on your epitaph, you dope. The telescope crashes through their catwalk, and they grab onto the telescope for dear life. This makes Freeze very happy for unknown reasons.

Batman shoots a Bat Rope and hooks into something, somehow managing to fly off the telescope and come all the way around to kick Freeze in the chest. Batman plays with his joystick and re-aims the telescope, and we hear the two scientists on the telescope scream as they’re lifted up.

Meanwhile, Robin and Batgirl land on an ice shelf that’s apparently in the Fortress of Solitude. Suddenly, they hear a roar and find Bane is right behind them [?!?!]. I repeat, ?!?! Really, I’m about to pop a blood vessel here. How in the hell did Bane know exactly where they would land?

Meanwhile, the most awkward fistfight in movie history is going on at the controls of the telescope, with Batman and Freeze trying to take swings at each other while barely moving in their big, clunky suits. They take turns alternatively enabling and disabling the satellite targeting, which for some reason prompts Smug Asian Scientist to yell, “Dirty fighter! Dirty fighter!” Huh?

Back to Robin and Batgirl, who are both pinned up against a wall by Bane. They finally take care of Bane once and for all by both kicking the tube out of his head, causing radiator fluid to spurt out everywhere. Bane then collapses and “comically” morphs back down to a scrawny guy.

Okay, why didn’t anybody kick this tube out before? When did Robin get the epiphany? This basically means that Bane was as easy to defeat as a household vacuum cleaner. Really menacing villain you got there, guys. Batgirl sees Bane change and smiles with an “ooh grody!” look on her face.

We cut back to the two scientists on the telescope as they yell out “Yay, Batman!” Right now, they’re definitely the only ones yelling that. And thanks for distracting him, you morons. Batman and Freeze continue to pound on each other until Batman puts a Bat Heater on Freeze’s chest and tells him that “The heat is on!” He then knocks Freeze senseless with a roundhouse punch [?]. Um, what was the reason for the heater, again?

Freeze falls off the platform, crashing into the Jewel-Encrusted Donut. This sends his Tiffany barbell doohickey flying off, where it crashes into some random machinery. Batman then fiddles with the computer until the display informs him that the “Sequence [is] locked”. And the juice is loose. Up in space, we see a beam of sunlight reflect off a Dues Ex Machina Satellite and shine on Gotham City.

The sunlight hits the observatory and is reflected inside by the Plot Devices. We see Freeze lying on the ground, still alive, but suddenly he’s Dracula and can’t take all the sunlight. Meanwhile, the light streaming in has now turned the telescope from a Giant Ice Cannon to a Giant Cannon of Sunshine and Love.

An orange beam shoots out and starts thawing out the city and making people happy. Batman looks down at Freeze and tells him he’s finished, but Freeze has another ace up his sleeve. Or, should I say, another ICE up his sleeve! See, I can do it too!

He pushes a button on his arm and the mood crystals Bane was laying down earlier start blowing up real good. Freeze falls off the Jewel-Encrusted Donut and hits the ground, which sends him into extreme pain. We then see the telescope start to sink through the floor, and Freeze tells Batman to “Freeze in hell!” as everything collapses around them.

The telescope then breaks through the observatory wall and starts plummeting down. Batman, not content to just let those two irritating scientists hit the ground along with it, jumps on and follows them down.

Robin (not Quivers) and Batgirl step out on their Fortress of Solitude ice shelf just in time to see the telescope hurtling right at the camera. Batgirl asks what they should do now. “Pray,” Robin says. No, don’t bother. I’ve been doing it for the last ninety minutes, and trust me, it doesn’t work.

Multi-Part Article: Batman & Robin (1997)

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  • in fairness, the Museum of Modern Art in NYC also has a dinosaur skeleton in it, albeit one that is “artistically” arranged.

  • The green liquid VENOM is made from Kryptonite.
    That makes about as much sense as anything in this movie. If not more.

  • Bruce can tell that Alfred is dying because he played a doctor on TV!

  • Fantasy Mission Force

    The tail end of the line is “The goggles do nothing!”, there is no ‘they’ involved, although many, many people do make that mistake…

  • Guest

    Judging by the picture, Batgirl acquired a double chin at a very early age. Not really encouragin!

  • idiot

    This recap took me way too long to read. Personally, I was wondering who exactly told Akiva Goldman about Bane, and whether Goldman thought Bane was the Hulk or something. By the way, the proposed sequel would have featured Harley Quinn (the Joker’s daughter in this version) and the Scarecrow creating a hallucination version of the Joker (Because they had to put him in there somehow, even though he was dead, and they had to find some way to destroy Jack Nicholson’s career). Yeah, be thankful it never happened.

  • Person

    I read somewhere that the one after this one was going to involve Ventriloquist and his dummy, Scarface.
    …Sorry, just thought I’d mention that.

  • John Berndt

    Although the movie sucked I don’t know why the reviewer had such a big problem with the suits. Batman and Robin haven’t used just spandax suits in a long time. Ever since the mid 80s Batvillians have been using automatic weapons not their fists. If they weren’t wearing body armor it would be hard to explain why they are still alive.

  • Eventide81

    First of all, this movie was crap, and it wasn’t until Christopher Nolan took over that the franchise was redeemed. From Tim Burton’s vision of a dark urban atmosphere it turned into Joel Schumacher’s version of a campy Las Vegas. The entire movie is lit by what I can only guess are disco balls. Personally I would have fired the lighting director. I’m sure that Michael Gough asked Schumacher to kill off his character, but he probably kept him alive so that he could continue to program the batcave security system.
    I love how he managed to make not one, but two secret costumes for Barbara without Bruce knowing. And they all had to have two so that they could sell twice as many action figures. Maybe if they stuck to one costume each, they would have had the budget to give the costumes water wings to go with the built in skates.
    I suppose it’s a good thing that they never tried to explain the “science” behind how a crystal/diamond is able to produce cold with the aid of a laser. Laser is an acronym for “Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation” and I fail to see how that can ever produce anything other than light and heat. Aside from a clear diamond resembling ice, it has no similarity to it in the way of temperature or composition.
    As far as Poison Ivy’s demise, I can only surmise that she only brought enough ipecac for one use on the fly trap.
    Incidently, if you google search “UWCARNYDLO” you literally get only one result; This recap. I have never in my life googled something and only turned up one result. That’s got to be Guinness record worthy!

  • Mooster Freebiez

    This movie is what Tv Tropes calls “So Bad It’s Good”. It’s just plain awful, but in a way that makes you laugh at how bad it is, instead of in a way that makes you physically sick.

    • I prefer “So Bad, It’s Hilarious”.  Literally the only reason I watched this more than once is to laugh at how wretched it is.

  • Samam16

    Bane DOESN’T “bearhug” Robin – he actually makes a bad attempt to choke/strangle him.

  • Marvin_Arnold

    Why Alfred would want to send a CD with detailed secret sensitive information about his employers across the globe to his brother in India (whom he hasn’t seen in decades) is anybody’s guess, I guess…

  • Yqatuba

    Anyone ever figure out what the weird keyboard is called? Ever since I first read this I have wondered also

  • Unknown

    George Clooney has actually said “This killed the franchise.” and offered to refund the ticket of anyone who saw it. Shows what he thought of it.

    • CaptainCalvinCat

      It shows, that he understood, that this movie would be bad. Yes.
      But there are far worse movies out there. Why this one killed the entire franchise, while “grim and gritty batman told by the guy from inception” is so well liked, I’ll never get. I thought, this one was far better, far more amusing – I didn’t have one moment of fun in the nolan-movies, to be honest, they were for me a pain to sit through and endure.

      • Andy

        hmm, i’m not gonna try to change your mind, but i’ll try at least to offer my own explanation.

        Batman’s heroism owes to the tragedy he suffered in his youth, when his parents were gunned down in front of him, and yada-yada. he devoted himself to crimefighting to prevent other people from suffering because of petty criminals like he did, and since crime comes in many forms, he took it upon himself to tackle them all. okay, this doesn’t sound convincing, but what i think is: it’s not that Bats SHOULD be gritty, it’s just part of his nature, because (a) he doesn’t allow himself to forget what happened at Crime Alley that night xty years ago, lest his motivations will be empty, as he’ll forget why he’s crimefighting in the first place; and (b) the very idea of dressing up as a bat is a way to impose himself to criminals by striking fear at them, and if Batman doesn’t take himself seriously, no one will (well, the Joker doesn’t take Batman seriously, but the guy’s friggin’ nuts, so that doesn’t count). and quite honestly, i don’t think flashing a Bat-Credit Card to buy a night with a supervillainess while wearing a rubber full-body costume with nipples counts as “taking oneself seriously”.

        much as i love the Christopher Nolan trilogy, my observations on Batman are purely from my point of view as a comics reader (and fan of the comics’ Batman), and this movie detracts a lot from its source material (not to mention Schumacher’s dubious aesthetic sense).

        • Assumption

          Why even bother? Haven’t you read his comment? No amusement and no fun. He probably missed the one-liners and the credit card. Or maybe some subtle Jim Carey jokes, from the third one. If that is his standard for Batman movies, no wonder the Nolan Movies isn’t entertaining for him.

    • Doink McDoink

      For the record, I called him on this at the Gala Awards last year in Palm Springs. He actually DID refund me.

  • Lunacorva


    • Max


  • Forgiveness

    Yeah, this detailed ragetext, here was well deserved. Ten years later, I must say that I can forgive Joel Schumacher. I got the Batman Movies I always wanted, (Yeah the Nolan ones) so it makes the campiness more endurable from my point of view. The shape of the Robin Logo appeared, after he crashed with his bike into the museum.. come on. It reminds me of Tarantino, making fun of Nazi-propaganda movies in inglorious basterds, when this shooter is carving a perfectly shaped swastika into the floor, while shooting. It is just soo over the top ridiculous.

  • Social Crime Radio

    Superman was mentioned (Sort of) in BF. He says to Robin “The Circus must be halfway to Metropolis by now.” And I think if Bats called up Superman he would respond with a “Really guys? Ice gun, big deal. I have things like Nuclear powered cyborgs and shit.

  • Campy is Cooler

    I seem to remember a scene from the 1960’s Batman where Robin use rubber lips also. Does anyone else remember that.

  • I just don’t get that “baby fat” joke about Alicia Silverstone. She’s the HOTTEST batgirl EVER. Her baby face and curvy body make her perfect fetish fuel.

  • The Barbara butt shot is actually a good thing. You see… chubby girls have beautiful chubby butts… and Alicia’s a very nice one.