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Zorro de Mayo comes to a close (two months later) as Sofie Liv joins Renegado to review a cartoon show about a future (all the way in the year 2015!) descendant of Zorro who fights for justice while riding a motorcycle instead of a horse. And did we mention his high-tech gadgets, which include a Z-Pod and a Z-Phone? No, really.

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  • CaptainCalvinCat


    Concerning the review:

    a) Hey, come on, that new Zorro has a Zat-Gun….
    b) You two noticed, that the window, he came through was locked down via those Laserbarrier-Thingies?

    All in all I found the review very entertaining – good job.

    • Jerry Nava

      The mayor locked the main entrance door only, the windows were literally intact :P

      • Sofie Liv

        In other words.. CaptainCalvinCat thought more about that one than the creators of the show did!

      • CaptainCalvinCat

        I’d recommend you’d watch the part from 18:10 to 18:19 again.
        Mayor enters the room and activates the laser-barrier-thingies to block the door. then he crosses the room, and activates the laserbarrier-thingies at the window.

  • danbreunig

    So it’s come to this. Time for one more list of thoughts (haven’t made one for a while).

    -First, great job there, Tai! Your title cards are the playbills to our reviewers’ mini productions.

    -Speaking of the title artwork–I really want to see that Boothers Edition Mortal Kombat now. Or at least the Agony Anarchists fighting whoever anime style.

    -Somehow with all the hero talk I thought Tacoman would show up. Maybe next time?

    -The premise about modernizing (i.e. futurizing) an all-time classic character? That gritty space Looney Tunes thingy comes to mind. I don’t even care enough about it to look up its proper title.

    -Scarlett Defender–YES!! A Red Suitcase character finally makes an encore presentation. Thank you, Scandinavian Performer! And she still never really said what her vendetta was…

    -With each close-up I want to see Renegado’s teeth sparkle with a little cartoon “ping!”

    -About using laser guns–it may not just be a “set in the future” thing. The Sunbow cartoons of the 80s had even regular average folks firing lasers instead of bullets. The idea was by giving everyone laser guns with no actual bullets you can technically call your kids shows “fantasy violence”, thus they’re okay for kids to watch. By that same logic many (particularly GI Joe) would tack on PSAs in the end for the sake of making those kids shows technically educational.

    -Throughout all these Zorro adaptations you’ve reviewed, Gonzales still stands as my favorite character. Not really a “good villain” so much as a unsung hero in a villain’s place. Even in this version he shows the most consistency for an element in the Zorro universe.

    -[Zorro uses laserwhip] Well, at least it’s not one more rip-off of lightsab…
    [Zorro uses Darth Maul’s dual blade saber] …nawww, floppy disks!

    -Great song for this atmosphere for sure, but I still want to hear “Montage”.

    -Film Renegado’s Greatest Hits!

    -This whole series–a future techno version of an all-time classic cultural character–may have fared better as a one-off episode of the space western Bravestarr. Wait, I take that back–as much as enjoy Bravestarr, even they did that very same thing with the two-parter of Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd. Century. And then that premise became its own series, Sherlock Holmes in the *23rd.* Century, produced by completely different studio DIC.

    -Nice little example and twist at the end about the bickering heroic couple trope. And may I say you guys make a cute couple…of internet reviewers on a beach playing with smartphones. I agree with that last tag too.

    -Nice job of rounding out this series, Renegado and Sofie. Although for a Zorro animated series this felt like a real swan song.

    • Jerry Nava

      Thanks! I’m glad you liked the video!

      Sofie and I always look good together 8)

      Now people bring on those fanfics x3

      • danbreunig

        Gladly, Amigo. More videos breed more fanfics and fanarts. I was full of such ideas even before this video >;)

        • Sofie Liv

          Hehe.. it is kind of a reference to the Puss in Boots review isn’t it? Where the Scarlet Defender made her first apperance and cock blocked the renegado real good.

          I just wrote the joke back then, a little nervous about how Jerry would react, he said. “Oki doke!” and just filmed it, and now we are here.

          That’s how you become such good friends and partner in crimes over the enternet, lol X)

          Also.. Those are not smart phones! Those are our 3DS’s … yep, both Jerry and I have a 3DS and… we are also both Pokemon gamers.

          We actually have, in real life, truly, been sitting battling pokemon battles over the enternet with the pokemons from our Pokemon X/Y game.
          You can in fact, attach the 3DS to the enternet, find friends from all over the world by punching in their WIIU code, and then play various of games with them, even though you sit in two different countries, so yeah.. Jerry and I have totally pokemon battled for real, And I was beating his ass!

          And now I got his WIIU code on my DS, so I can always see when he is on the net with the thing, also what game he is playing at the moment, it’s like running around with a little jerry in my pocket :3

          • danbreunig

            [doing a double take] oh yeah, 3DSs. Eh, what would I know, I don’t have either. My brother’s kids have them, so that should have clued me in. They actually gave me my first exposure to Professor Layton. :) Didn’t grow up with Pokemon, though :( So little that I may know only five characters by name.

            “it’s like running around with a little jerry in my pocket :3”
            Sounds like something swashbuckler Scarlett would say, doesn’t it? 0_0

            Yeah, I dig any kind of throwback to Red Su…the older series. Primarily the characters produced within. Boom say hello.

          • Sofie Liv

            Professor Layton?! YAY! that’s my favourite gaming franchise for this particular consol!
            Pokemon is a top tier to though, a very dear nostalgia thing from childhood.

            Hehe… hehehehehe… it is a known fact that I do in fact, have Jerry in my pocket, in and out of character <_<

            dun dun dun duuuuun.

            She's a joy to play, definetely the one character I have the most fun with, it's just a blast for sure!

          • CaptainCalvinCat

            What I can recommend to you for Nintendo DS 3D would be the “NCIS” game – it is veeeeeeeery close to the series, although you don’t get to play as Ziva, Gibbs, McGee or DiNozzo.

          • Sofie Liv

            I never even watched any NCIS, and I don’t intend to start now… it’s just not my thing. So I have very little reason to check any connected games out.

            I do though, have a pretty good collection of DS games, if I might be allowed to say so myself!
            I got some dragon quest games, some different pokemon games, professor Layton of course, Zelda, Mario64, Inzumnia, two different one piece games, just purchased Doctor Lautrec very cheaply on the used marked… which looks suspeciously much like a blatant professor Layton rip off!

            But.. well.. I allready finished all the Layton games, and Layton doesn’t exactly have patent on the point and click formular nor puzzle games so allright, I was curious about it from the moment I saw it on the shelf and well, now I finally found it so cheap I thought sure why not… hehe.. nooot gonna pay full price for what is very obviously such a blatant rip off, but curious regardless.

            First though I am finishing off the original Phoenix Wright; Ace Attorney triology!
            I spend my nine hours back and ford to Belgium playing the first two games and are now in the middle of the third one! I really enjoy them a lot, hehe.. OBJECTION! :3

          • CaptainCalvinCat

            That’s okay, although I’d really recommend the show. Not because it would be so super smart, but because of the little winks, nudges and the stuff that happens on the sideline. I firmly believe, NCIS is a comedy-show, trapped in the body of a crime show. ^^

            And besides from the NCIS-Game on 3ds I stopped playing NES with the N64. ^^ Although those were great games. ^^ Goldeneye, World is not enough, those kind of games. ^^

          • Jerry Nava

            There’s an NCIS game? That’s such a bizarre notion I almost wanna play it

          • Sofie Liv

            Jerry… there’s a “Hells Kitchen.” Game for the DS as well as a “Jonas Brothers game.”

            You really should not be surprised.

          • danbreunig

            If they can rush out an ET video game when Atari was in its prime, and a Monty Python Nintendo game when Nintendo was in its prime, then yeah, logic says if there’s a hit show, there’s a game for it proportional to that show’s reception. Yeah, such things happen. I’m not into NCIS so I’m not sure what the gameplay would involve, but why not try it for the bizarre factor alone?

          • CaptainCalvinCat

            Why would you call it “bizarre”?
            This game contains an RPG-element, a puzzle-solving element, a “using the camera option of your 3DS Element”… I thought it was quite good.

          • Jerry Nava

            Because it’s always been a weird concept to me, even knowing they have been doing games based on TV shows since the game boy days xD

          • danbreunig

            Bizarre as in, how did this show become one out of several to base a game on?
            I guess NCIS is deep and extensive enough to warrant a game, and it sounds interesting based on the options you describe. I’m just not one for NCIS, is all. I’m not a DS player either. I’m not against these…I’m just not that drawn to them.

          • danbreunig

            So, Scarlett and Crimsom–one in the same? My own favorite original character hands down is Boom, as if you couldn’t tell. She’s like a lovable doofus to me more than a one-note joke. Second would be the Diva.

          • Jerry Nava

            I’m portable for everybody’s needs! Especially Sofie it seems.

  • ElTapaHoyos

    Please make a review of “CABEZA DE BUDA” That’s perhaps THE WORST MEXICAN MOVIE EVER… What else can we expect in a movie starring Kuno Becker…?

    • Jerry Nava

      I’ll keep it in mind! I had seen it a couple times at the local Blockbuster but I didn’t find it interesting at the time, guess I was right.

      • Sofie Liv

        Well if you’re lucky, it’s the so bad it’s entertaining kind of movie.

        Truly, the worst kind of movie to sit through, and the worst kind of movie to review is the boring ones!
        Because then you just have nothing! Nothing at all! The insane ones can at least be entertaining, the boring ones are just.. eeehhhh. they are a true pain to work with!

      • ElTapaHoyos

        Great!! But I’m warning you, I hold no responsibility for any Psychological damage it may cause…

        • Jerry Nava

          I’m already scared D:

  • Wizkamridr

    So this is a rip-off of Batman? And Batman is based on Zorro, right? And his nemesis on this cartoon looks like Lex Luthor? What?

    • Sofie Liv

      You could also argue he kind of looks like KingPing

      • Wizkamridr

        Oh yeah. I like Luthor better though.

    • danbreunig

      Who inspires or rips off who? It’s like how Doc Winston himself explained in his recaps how apparently Puma Man ripped off Superman 1, and then later Superman 4 ripped off Puma Man

      • Wizkamridr

        I liked Puma Man for some odd reason. I also liked Super Fuzz.

  • Sofie Liv

    Huh… I need a better microphone for the camera… really bad.

  • Bryan McNamara

    This show obviously had Batman Beyond envy.

    • Jerry Nava

      That’s the first thing I thought of it when I saw it! Except Zorro here doesn’t even have a cool mentor like Bruce.

  • Richard Eriksson Hjelm

    so that exists