Zoom: Academy for Superheroes (2006) (part 7 of 8)

Cut to a helicopter in the desert. Inside, General Lambchops says their only hope lies with Marsha and Zoom training the kids. Dr. Grant says they can’t seriously consider gamma radiation, because “Concussion becoming evil was a horrible result!” Thanks for reminding us, but actually that wasn’t a horrible result, so much as it was lazy, illogical writing.

They’re at the site where Concussion will emerge, and Grant hands over special gadget binoculars that allow the General to see the dimensional rift. General Lampion declares, “He’s even more powerful than I thought! You better have a plan that works this time, bird-brain!” Give me a second. I just want to put “pointless insults” on my list of “Things That Make This Movie Horrible”. Oh, look, it’s already on there. What do you know.

Caption contributed by The Fili

“Hey, a cherry flavored anomaly! Everybody loves those!”

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The Fili

Hi, my name is Matthias, I am a student of English and German, and may one day even get to teach these (if my university ever works out how to run a B.A. system). I live in a medium-sized German town few have ever heard of, and have only recently discovered the joys of suffering through horrible movies, describing them in every little... okay, let's forget about the joy and make that therapeutic effect.

Multi-Part Article: Zoom: Academy for Superheroes (2006)

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