Zoom: Academy for Superheroes (2006) (part 3 of 8)

Meanwhile, Jack comes to, and his POV shot is a close-up of Dr. Grant. Gah! Grant says, “Welcome back to Area 52!” 52, eh? So, the aliens finally kicked the government out? Hey, it’s their own fault for moving in with an alien race they only discovered a few decades ago. I tried to tell them it was nothing serious with those aliens—they just needed a place to crash. And yes, I’ll show myself out for that one.

Caption contributed by The Fili

“Actually, you died and ended up in Movie Hell. The film you’ll be watching for your first 1,000 years is Under the Rainbow.”

Grant tells Jack that he can either help or go directly to prison. Umm… what for? Don’t bother to ask; no one else does. Then Jack is offered $500,000 for his help. Wait, you mean the fate of the world isn’t even worth one… meeel-yun dollars anymore?

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The Fili

Hi, my name is Matthias, I am a student of English and German, and may one day even get to teach these (if my university ever works out how to run a B.A. system). I live in a medium-sized German town few have ever heard of, and have only recently discovered the joys of suffering through horrible movies, describing them in every little... okay, let's forget about the joy and make that therapeutic effect.

Multi-Part Article: Zoom: Academy for Superheroes (2006)

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