Question: What do I think of the XBOXone and will I buy one?

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  • The only people who might benefit from buying an XBox One are those who don’t own a smart TV and are not much into gaming, otherwise there just isn’t much going for it.

  • Necroglobule

    Don’t worry, Mags. Nobody likes the XBox One. Microsoft should be thanked for handing the console wars of this generation to Sony and Nintendo. I too am getting a PS4, but Microsoft made that decision for me.

  • Hitchmeister

    First, I agree, of the two just announced consoles the PS4 does seem much more appealing than the Xbox One. But, the PS4 is not really any more backwards compatible than the Xbox One. It will not play any PSX, PS2 or PS3 games off the disc. Some games from previous systems may be available on the Playstation Network, but those would be PS4 versions of older games. Also a significant portion of the PS3 library may be available for streaming play using the Gakai system, but we don’t really have a lot of details on how that will work.

    The PS4 is cheaper by virtue of not selling you hardware which you may not want (the Kinect), and if you do like that sort of thing the PSEye is cheaper than the difference in price of the two consoles.

    Sony is also being very welcoming and inclusive for indy developers on PSN. Microsoft seems to be trying to eliminate or minimize the presence of indy game on the XBL Marketplace for the Xbox One. Indy games tend to be cheaper and more interesting to gamers looking for something beyond the AAA bro shooter genre.