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If you were a Sailor Scout, what would your name and power be? You have until June 6th to answer!! Chibi Bunny’s store is here: http://www.artfire.com/ext/shop/studio/ChibiBunny

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  • $36060516

    I would be Sailor Dotcom and my power would be the ability to freeze time in the real world while I’m on the internet, so I don’t lose any more of my precious biological lifespan while chatting on Facebook, reading the Wikipedia entry on hot dog varieties around the world, and watching Blip videos!

  • CaptainCalvinCat

    I’d be Sailor Traceless – ability to shapeshift.

    New Roman][size=5][u]Out Of Character Info[/u][/size][/font]

    [b]Name:[/b] Cal

    [b]Age:[/b] Old

    [b]Rp Experience:[/b] nearly 8 years

    [font=Times New Roman][size=5][u]Character Info[/u][/size][/font]

    [b]Face Off:[/b] Michael Wheatherly

    (a 100×100 avatar of your character)

    [b]Name:[/b] Calvin Nathan Cat

    [b]Age:[/b] 35

    [size=5][font=times new roman][u]Appearance:[/u][/font][/size] Cal stands
    6 foot and 1,75 inches tall, weighs 248 lbs and is a normal – average – body
    type. He is not fat, but not that slim, that he has to worry about his figure
    in general.

    ice-blue eyes, which are sparkling with amusement, you can allways see, when
    his sarcastic personality comes forward – in his eyes there is the truth to
    find. When he is sarcastic, the amuse spark is glittering brighter. When he is
    seriously, the glowing is faint, allmost indetectable – except when you know,
    where to look, you will find it nonetheless. Traces of hate or anger can be
    rather seldom be found in those eyes, most of the time, they are friendly and –
    like said – amused.

    He looks friendly, but a bit clumsy, not exactly like the type, you would
    trust, that he fights the good fight. But look closer, and you’ll see, that he
    is muscular.

    His voice is also very noticable. His way of talking can be seen as very complicated,
    in a more scholastic style of talking. But when he talks, and it is something,
    he is passionate about – saving innocent, righting the wrong, saving women –
    you can actually hear his emotion in the voice, feel the passion. It is the
    same thing, when he is sad – when his saddened voice is talking, you might
    actually hang your head and cry along with him – his smiling is infactious as
    his laughter.

    [size=5][font=times new roman][u]Personality:[/u][/font][/size] Funny, babbly, friendly – those are the words, that come up, when Calvin
    Nathan Cat is to be described. That he also has an ego and a temper, that is
    little known – but when you know him good, you might have noticed, that his
    overall, friendly, constant smiling face, with those amused sparkling ice blue
    eyes, can be sometimes something of a façade. He is also very caring, can be
    insensitive, but is mostly the sensetive kind of guy.

    His biggest flaw in his character is the so called “Cat-Factor”. This “factor”
    means, that he is really accident prone and it might be, that he is hypnotized
    or put under drugs – sometimes he might just be hit with a tool or a wooden

    Pointing a gun at a guy? No problem. But at a woman? Hell, no. He is a
    gentleman and doesn’t like lying, hurting or menacing women. Even when he is
    being menaced by a woman, holding a gun point blank, he tries and talks with

    In general you might say, that Cal is really often in sickbay or hospital.
    It might be, that he was dared to jump into mud – naked – or provoced a guy,
    which has the height and musclepower of the incredible Hulk squared – or that
    he threw himself at a woman, who was being shot at – that is the summary of the

    You might also think, that he is really arrogant, but
    that is not entirely true. He has a ceratin affetive way of talking, moving and
    so on, but he is not really arrogant.

    You might
    also think, that he is really arrogant, but that is not entirely true. He has a
    ceratin affective way of talking, moving and so on, but he is not really
    arrogant. If in the medieval england there could have been the
    personal-assesment-structure of “Jo-Hari-Window” – that segments the persons
    appearance before others in 4 segments, called a (what I know of me), b (what I
    want the others to know of me), c (what everyone else knows of me, but me) and
    d (what no one knows of me), the segment b would say, that he wants to appear
    confident, not to be fooled with and yet sympathically, but segment c) would
    say, that he can be arrogant. SO, he wants to appear and portrait himself in
    some other way, he actually can be.

    He wants to
    save the innocent, the helpless and the powerless – or at least, try to make a

    he uses catch-phrases from known characters out of television, like “Let’s get
    dangerous” (Darkwing Duck), “Oh boy” (Sam Beckett [Quantum Leap]) “Geronimo”
    (11.th Doctor [Doctor Who]), but he tends to break out in his own language,
    which is german – better: the dialect of the ruhr-area – so, he can also say
    “Wat” (okay, that is what – no problem there), “dat” (that), “Wat is ambach?”
    (What is the matter?) or “Ach du kriss die Motten” (“Oh dear!”, “Oh Shit” –
    general term of astonishment or fear.)

    He has a
    fear of all hymenopteras with a stinger, that includes wasps, bees, hornets –
    bumblebees are quite cute, so he has no problem with them – gnats, he doesn’t
    like, but has no fear in general. But he also suffers from a mild form of

    His role models are his parents – a comedian and an author (a female one),
    because they gave him the ability to speak in a more distinguished way (even he
    uses wat, dat, and other colloquial expressions from home), but his dad, the
    comedian, was a role model in a certain way. He used to say: “No matter, who is
    in front of you – you [i] can [/i] wise-crack about him, any time. The only
    thing, you have to care for is the following – allways have an escape plan.”

    He is keen of reading. Furthermore he loves to have good conversations with
    nice people, but his biggest hobby is, and propably will be forever: Writing. His mother instructed him to write
    nice paragraphs and so he tried to cultivate that. Well, he tried, he is not
    really good at it, but he used to say “Für den Hausgebrauch reicht es” – that
    is “For me it suffices.” in English.

    [size=5][font=times new roman][u]History:[/u][/font][/size]

    [i] A
    normal beginning [/i]

    was born on 18th of octobre in a german city called Hamburg.

    His parents
    – a well known authoress of crime- and comedy novels and a small time comedian,
    taught him justice, comedy, timing and curiousness. His brothers taught him how
    to be a big mouth – well, that caused him a lot of trouble, but his elder
    brother also taught him, how to try to sweet talk his way out of the trouble, a
    thing that never worked really well.

    secondary-school, he found himself interested in journalism, so he tried to
    work harder, to earn himself at least the possibility, to study this subject on
    an university.

    But, hence
    he didn`t came up with the necessary qualifications, he tried to get to the
    news paper in another way – and he succeeded in doing an internship. On that
    way, he found his way to come to a well known german newspaper, and after that
    he tried again, to study serious journalism. Again, it didn’t work that well,
    so he had to cook up another possibility.

    He wrote a
    letter of application to the Harvard-university. Of course they didn’t take
    him, but a friendly secretary told him, that there was a little known small
    university, he could try to write this letter of application to. He tried and

    After his
    time on the university, he tried to get to some well known newspapers – but
    failed. Instead he came to a newspaper, that was specialized on two



    That means en clair:

    writing bad articles
    and reviews on artists, social events and political events of great
    socio-political relevance

    writing bad articles
    about “the things, no one else writes articles about” meaning: things like
    UFO-sightings and so on

    It was clear, that this newspaper was
    extremely well sold, although it was a completely laughing stock.

    [b] sudden
    changes [/b]

    One day, Cal was sent to the Bad
    Wolf Facility in Metropolis. His assignment was: attending to a press

    On his way
    to that press conference, he had this accident.

    It was not
    really an accident, if was a planned, well calculated human trial – on the
    wrong person.

    See, Cal knocked himself out,
    by not watching his steps, so he hit his head on a pipe, while he was watching
    a cute laboratory-assistant. So, he was being taken to the infirmary, where a
    doctor, who wanted just to end a stressfull day, had just received a sample of
    the new “T-R-A 8472”-vaccine, which was supposed to create supersoldiers.

    soldier, who was supposed to try it out, was not available, hence he got caught
    by a normal flu, the syringe was lying around unused. The doctor just wanted to
    end his stressfull day and told the female doctor, who was taking over the
    infirmary for night shift, that the syringe with the anti-headache-stuff would
    be lying there. What no-one took into consideration, was that the
    anti-headache-stuff was not lying there. The only syringe, that was there, was
    the syringe with the supersoldierstuff.

    So, that
    was it, what the woman injected Cal,
    and after he mouthed an “ouch”, his body started to react – that meant, he did
    a really good immitation of a hulkout – well, without the ripping clothes.

    But the
    female doctor was not stupid, she just knocked him out, by injecting a sedative
    in his bloodstream.

    But – in
    the holding cell, he was put in, he tried to escape, which he actually
    succeeded in, through his mutation. He transformed himself into the
    doctor-in-charge, knocked out the guard and escaped as quickly, as it was

    [i] I am
    NOT stupid! [/i]

    On the next
    day, he wrote a letter of resignation to the newspaper, he was working with. He
    knew – from reading comic books – that it was not good, if people knew about
    certain persons powers, so he tried to avoid telling things that were
    correlated with the “bad wolf incident”. Instead, he travelled through the
    united states, doing a few things here, a few things there, but as he reached a
    nice town called “metropolis” and saw the big, rotating sign of the “daily
    planet”, that was nearly mesmerizing him, he could not resist, but write a
    letter of application to the boss.

    Even, when
    he was assigned, he didn’t talk about the things, that were happening in the

    [b] A hero
    is born [/b]

    In his
    first three days in Metropolis, he became witness of a very unpeaslent scene.
    Three teenagers tried to get into the pants of a 24 year old woman. Being a
    gentleman, Cal
    tried to attack the teenagers, but got beaten up for good. So, he escaped from
    the place, triggered his transformation and morphed himself in a young woman.
    Then he attracted the attention of one of the teenagers, ran away, transformed
    himself into that teenager and knocked the guy down for good, by using a lid of
    a dumpster.

    Then he
    returned to the teenagers, screaming that the police was coming near. Those
    rowdies escaped and Cal
    approached the young woman, who was correcting her outward appearance.

    he said: “Young lady, don’t worry. You are safe now.”

    [size=5][font=times new roman][u]RP Sample:[/u][/font][/size] Listening to Nick, Cal
    nodded and tilted his head: “If you want to invite me to that press-conference,
    you know, where to find me.”

    Saying this, he saw Nick getting away, before he listened, what the woman was
    saying to him – Cal. He was flabbergasted, blinked and looked at her: “My

    Shortly he was a bit confused, but then he understood – or at least the seed of
    understanding was planted.

    So, he looked at Zannah and asked: “You mean – mutants? Or whom exactly?”

    Still, he was confused, his mind spinning, and he hoped, that everything would
    come out clean, but – that was something, he doubted seriously.

    What had happened?

    ‘Boy, you are in trouble’, he thought and looked around. He would not be
    helping as a reporter, the woman had said to him and he believed that, but how
    could he be of help? Of course – his other alias.

    So, he turned around and left. His plan was simple: He would transform himself
    into Traceless, as soon as he was out of sight, then return and try to help, to
    find out what had happened.

    But maybe, she – the woman – was referring to “his kind” and was meaning the

    That would be possible, if he thought of the arresting of that woman and the
    mistrust, Nick brought against the so called ‘megas’.

    As soon, as he was in a safe distance, he activated his handy and dialed the
    number of Wonder Woman – she and her husband were the big ones, she would know,
    what was to do.

    But as he did so, he heard another woman scream, that a mega was doing things,
    saw a can catching fire and soldiers getting at that can, while the woman was
    approaching the car and seconds later, she was seriously kicking butt.

    “Hehe”, Cal
    muttered, “you are good.”

    The woman opened the door, that the other woman, the one, he had seen flying,
    that told him, that everything was in order, was sitting in. But the triumph
    just a couple of seconds , because suddenly there were other guards and told
    her to put up her hands. “Not good.”, he murmured but as he saw, that the woman
    was hit, things were gone to “Okay, I gotta do something about it.”

    Not caring, if Diana was hearing him, he spoke into the telephone: “Okay, Dear
    Di, and Dear Kal, if you are hearing this. The UN-Building exploded and things
    are extremely grim looking. I do not know what exactly happened, but I think
    Nick Fury is pissed at us, the so called Megas. He just had arrested a woman,
    that could fly and now, another woman, a redhead, tried to free her, but is
    getting beaten up. I am going in. If you hear that, Di and Kal – see you on the
    other side.”

    With that he terminated the connection – if there was one – and transformed his
    body into the one of Nick Fury, getting to those soldiers and yelled in the
    best soldier-tone, he could muster: “Okay, Mister, that is enough! What are you
    thinking, that you are doing?! An officer and gentleman never hits a lady! And
    I doubt, that as an FBI-Agent, you are allowed to do so!”

    With that, he looked at the woman, smiled at her and said: “Please, I apologize
    for my people. And for this man, even if I am not on his team. They are a bit –
    irritated, right at the moment.”

    He outstretched his hand, shook it shortly, looked at her, winked friendly,
    before he smiled at the woman in the car.

    “I guess, you didn`t want to kill those two soldiers, but to get the woman out,
    that my people have arrested, right?”

    Then he looked at the soldier: “Okay, Sergeant, get a frist-aid-kid for that
    woman, our trigger-happy-FBI-Agent shot, then you are letting the woman out,
    and we will forget about…”

    He stopped, as he noticed, that his vision got blurred.

    ‘Oh boy’, Cal
    thought, took a deep breath, ‘ not now, not NOW!’

    But it was too late. His voice changed back, as did his body.

    “Hehe!”, he looked at the soldier, “How are you? Isn`t it a lovely morning in New York?

    • JD

      You have thought a lot about this haven’t you?

      • CaptainCalvinCat

        Actually, I copy pasted from an rpg, I was participating. ^^ just stuck the name “Sailor” to it.

        Oh, I forgot my Sailor Colours, didnt I?
        Okay, that would be blue and red (because I just love this colour) plus Cal (in all the incarnations I wrote about him as Traceless) is wearing (when he is transformed) an altered Fantomas-Mask, which is originally blue, but he altered it, cut of the chin-section and painted it red… so – yeah, blue and red. And black – he would be wearing a black suit. ^^

  • Jay_Bay

    I just wanna say STAR GENTLE UTERUS! at the top of my lungs.

    OH, nothing to do with this, just wanna say that.

  • If you aremajorly into cute stationary, does that mean you also practice calligraphy?

  • Name: Sailor Heliopause

    Power: Turn enemies into chocolate with my “Cream Cocoa Cannon” before being able tp eat them without putting on weight!

    Hairstyle: White Chocolate coloured hair in the style of Miku Hatsume.

    Sailor Colours: Milk Chocolate Brown and Dark Chocolate Brown (Brown is beautiful dammit).

    • CaptainCalvinCat

      Sailor Heliopause sounds extremely awesome. ^^

      • Danke! I chose the name Heliopause cos it’s soo edgy. (pun intended)

        • CaptainCalvinCat

          Oh Bitte. ^^
          *grins* Plus the Idea is absolutely cool. ^^ Reminds me of Boo from Dragonball (and I watched only this story arc partially, because I am no big Dragonballian.)

          • I also now remember Buu with his Candy Beam, so that’s where my idea came from.

  • MephLord

    I guess I’d be the following:

    Sailor Star Dancer (from the Sailor Starlights)

    Power: Upon the transformation I’d become a Vocaloid, a living anime female character similar to Hatsune Miku. Each dance would be accompanied by loud music and would result in several special attacks such as “Spinning Arm Sonic Boom””, “Twirling Tornado Music Burst!”, “Melancholic Sedative Movement Special!” and “Bedazzlement Grace Elegance Chop!” And with background music Sailor Star Dancer gains the abilities “Harlem Shake Super Mix!” that makes everyone dance with her, into complete exhaustion and “Hey Sexy Lady” that results in males not being able to attack her or ignore her, even while operating machinery or doing other tasks.

    Costume: Similar to other Sailor Stars it would be the standard tiaras, hot pants, knee high boots, and low cut-top, but with a twin braid hair with skulls on the elastic bands. As a male he would dress very conservatively in button up shirts, slacks and dress shoes. Never wears a tie.

    Now if only Queen Galaxia was vulnerable to my dances maybe things would be different for my character…