VIDEO: Zelda: Web Series of Netflix

Excuuuuuuuuse me? Netflix may or may not be making our geekiest dreams come true. Let’s celebrate with blind speculation!

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  • I would like a totally silent protagonist. Just have an actor that can do the sort of acting with *sighs* and eyes.

    I wonder what the series structure will be like. Will they do a “dungeon an episode”? That each instance will just be him solving puzzles and fighting monsters with higher and higher stakes till he is fighting a 18ft tall pig man on top of a collapsing castle suspended over lava.

  • Skylar Zenas Mullins

    I wouldn’t be surprised if this article rumor is probably an intentional leak by ether netflix, Nintendo, or both to kinda test the waters and see what fan reaction and public reaction will be.

    personally I’m not that interested in a live action zelda myself. it’s probably good for the franchise if the show turns out to be good but I know it’s not going to be as good as the games even in terms of story. plus I don’t really put the same emphasis on live action being the penultimate accomplishment of a story. I would much rather see a zelda anime series. it would just fit better with the style and story’s of the games.

    • Anony M.

      Agreed. Anime would be a superior medium for this kind of show.

  • Anony M.

    Needs a soundtrack done by Lindsay Sterling, imho. Minus the silly dancing though.

  • Gallen_Dugall

    Sad are the days when a grown man cannot run around in the warmth of noon sunlight shouting, laughing, and swinging a length of sharpened metal in the air without people feeling the need to get all up into his business.