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In this installment of Requested Reviews… Sofie is seriously wondering why she ever decided to do requested reviews!  Because this time, it’s the absolutely indescribable dystopian sci-fi adventure, or something, Zardoz, starring Sean Connery as a brutal who falls from a giant floating head into the land of immortals where he proceeds to… do stuff.

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  • Zorha

    Wasn’t Mendo also slated to review this one? Or have I not been paying attention? *Looks down* SHINY!

    • Sofie Liv

       Some-body requested this movie at my donation drive… I should strangle the bastard for putting me through it. I mean wauw, sitting at home, all alone, watching this for the first time. Immediatly I went on skype to complain to Mendo. “WHAT THE HELL DID I JUST WATCH!?!?!?!”

      • TheScottCSmith

        If you ever have another fund raiser, I’ll suggest an easier movie for you…how about “Solaris?” (the 1972 version)

        • Sofie Liv

           never heard of it.. and well, if I have another fund-raiser, that would be the time for you to make a request, that is not know how-ever, now I need to finish all of these requests! I am, half-way through I think.

          • TheScottCSmith

            That was more in jest…the original 1972 “Solairs” is supposed to be a classic in science fiction cinema, but it also clocks in at 167 minutes, so it might be a tall order to watch it all.

          • FullofQuestions1

            I thought about reviewing Solaris for The Movie Skewer, but any review I do of that movie would be 10-20 minutes of me sleeping.

            I grew up with Soviet films, and they’re not exactly fast paced, but Solaris is something else entirely! Tarovsky seems to enjoy the directing technique of “If I leave the camera on this one image long enough, people will assume that there’s a deeper meaning to it.”

            I understand why many people see it as a classic- it’s aesthetically pretty, a lot of famous actors are in it, and it was pretty ahead of its time in many ways. But seriously, it is one of the most boring movies I’ve ever seen!

          • Sofie Liv

             If you go for it I promise to watch.. just be warned, some movies are just that more difficult to review.

          • Russell Brin (Facebook sux)

            I had a really hard time sitting through 2001: A Space Odyssey, and that’s supposed to be a classic as well.  I know I’d never make it through Gettsyburg, that’s 262 minutes long.  The longest movie I currently own on DVD is 226 minutes long, New Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, a remake of the classic by Ang Lee (I have a mini-shrine set up for it, it’s the perfect movie in my eyes).  So yeah some long movies don’t feel all that long (Lord of the Rings) while some seem like they are never going to end (Pearl Harbor).

          • FullofQuestions1

            I had less trouble with 2001, and long movies aren’t that hard for me to sit through (writing reviews on the other hand *cough cough* Shutter Island- you’ll see it eventually, I’ve decided to work on a different review in the meantime). 
            I’m from Russia, the place where the classic holiday movie is three hours long and one of the best children’s movies is three-and-a-half hours long (for those who will actually recognize these titles, I’m talking about The Irony of Fate and Prechlyuchenya Elektronika respectively).

            What I have an issue with in Solaris is the lack of justification for the length. I have the same issue with it that I had with Star Trek: The Motion Picture- the amount of time it uses up to show pretty shots makes it extremely slow-moving. I’d call it padding, but I think Solaris would be a sufficient length even if they took out all of what I might as well call still shots (seriously, it sometimes seems like a photographer was trying to show a slide show of his work but forgot to record the audio of his explanations).

          • The_Stig

            I had no idea you were Russian.

          • FullofQuestions1

            I was born in Moscow, but I’ve lived in the U.S. since I was two. I still speak and read Russian though and may do a list of my favorite Soviet movies at one point (in Vlog form).

            So yeah, I don’t have an accent. My real name is very obviously Russian, and I’ll start using it in a few months, once college admissions people don’t have reasons to Google me. By the way, college apps are the reason I won’t be updating as frequently for the next three months or so. Once I get into my senior slide, I can start posting a lot!

          • The_Stig

            No problem! I just think it’s interesting, that’s all!

          • Thomas Stockel

             Now I am going to have to disagree with you where Star Trek, TMP is concerned.  First of all, the sequence where you first see Enterprise was a big deal. This was the first time you got to see her on the big screen and they wanted to play up the majesty.  To me the entire sequence of Kirk seeing her up close for the first time in months, refitted, is awesome.

            As for the stuff that happens in V’Ger?  I think Wise was trying to play up the alien nature of the interior, provide a sense of wonder as the immense environment Enterprise found herself in.

            I think it is an under rated film and it is my second favorite among the ‘Trek franchise (behind Wrath of Khan, of course.).

          • Thomas Stockel

             I saw Gettysburg in the theater but fortunately there was an intermission.  It is a good movie, although they do leave out a key sequence of the battle: JEB Stuart vs. Custer.  Lee sent Stewart to swing around to attack the Union from the rear while Pickett and the other regiments attacked from the front, but generals Custer and Gregg blunted Stewart and drove him off.  Leaving that out of the movie was bullshit…Although I guess I can understand that a massive cavalry battle would have probably cost another million dollars and would have added another fifteen minutes an already long movie…

          • Sofie Liv


            That’s kind of asking me to sit through a stanley kubric movie.. yeah.. 

      •  I’m the one who requested it!  Thank you so much for getting through it!  I hope your sanity stood the test intact. 

        • Sofie Liv

           Damn you.. you know, it’s legal to request good movies -_-;

      •  By the way, since I get to see what you look like in your videos I guess it’s only fair you get to see what I look like.  At least now you’ll have a face to go with your death threats:

        • Sofie Liv

           I can’t use that! you look all smiley and happy on that picture! I’ll just feel guilty while strangling you, that’s no good!

          That’s a due-over mate, make one where you look like a nasty, depressive person that’s so very easy to hate!

          • I took this today; maybe it will help.  It’s a look of not so much depression as ennui, bored with all life has to offer yet unable to end it.  Like the immortals from Zardoz!

          • Sofie Liv

             Great! now to find a way to get to the US without actually using any money.

    • Sofie Liv

       Well, maybe he will at some point, this was a requested review I got doing my donation drive, so I had to try and review it.. and I did..

      I should find whom-ever requested this thing and strangle him! I mean, wauw… to put sweet dear me through that? shess, thanks -_-;

  • Brian O’Connell

    I tried watching it on drugs. No, they don’t help, no. Drugs, a gallon of lager, a pound of weed, no.

    • Sofie Liv

       Really? I thought this movie would be amazing if you are on weed!
      I swear, it was the best movie night ever when I saw Twin Peaks while being on weed! …. slipped a bit to much didn’t i?

  • Brian O’Connell

    I think the whole movie was an excuse to have naked/half naked people in a pseudo sci fi movie. That’s it.

    • Sofie Liv

       Njah, there certainly is more behind it, there certainly are many big ideas presented.
      Question just is if it isn’t to many big ideas cramped into a to small space, and served without any self irony nor humour what so ever, it comes off as that more bizarre.

    • Sofie Liv

       Njah, there definetely were bigger ideas behind this movie, and bigger ideas the director wanted to get out with.

      The question just remains, if it weren’t to many big ideas cramped into far to little space, delivered with not nearly the skill they would require. The guy whom directed this clearly is not Stanley Kubrick.
      Also, the movie doesn’t own a drop of self irony nor humour, which just makes it even more bizarre to sit through.. I mean gesh, but I can say for certain that I am never going to forget it!

  • TheScottCSmith

    Did you ever get your weed, Sofie? It’s probably more readily available where you’re at than where I am.  In Roger Ebert’s review of “Zardov” he says that director John Boorman added the disembodied head beginning as a way to better explain the plot…would it have been a better movie without it, do you think?

    • Sofie Liv

       I would say the giant floating head fits well with the weirdness of the movie and sets the tone quiet nicely…..

      the tone of utter bizzareness, quit honestly, it’s a good thing the floating head is in there, it gives just the right amount of “Wtf!” so you don’t fall a sleep before it gets really freaking weird.

  • Poor Sofie. I can’t think of a worse movie to have her review. Come on, people, Sofie wants Muppets and ponies and Hulk, not this… thing.

    • TheScottCSmith

      We’d have to get her the right version of the Hulk, though…Ang Lee’s or Louis Leterrier? Or back to the 70s/80s with Bill Bixby?

      • Sofie Liv

         I love the Bill Bixby Hulk!
        I can totally play “A lonely man.” on the piano :3

        • TheScottCSmith

          Amazing that up until this very moment I had no idea what the title was to that piece of music…

          • Sofie Liv

             oh, it’s a beautiful piece though.

  • MichaelANovelli

    Funny, I seem to recall that our conversation had me explaining that this film was about conflicts between different interpretations of communism.  Then again, just about everything else I say is about sex in one way or another, so I can see why you’d be confused.  :-)

    • Sofie Liv

       You should do a cross-over with the porn critic some-time.

      Our conversation really reached a lot of obscure corners to be honest, I don’t remember all of it, and well, you and count Jackula gave two very different takes on the movie, which were different take than mine.. all in all, we went deep man.

      • MichaelANovelli

        Yes, and it was nice.  I liked that…

  • Thomas Stockel

    I have never seen this movie all the way through, only bits and pieces.  I just…I dunno, I guess I like my movies to be a bit more…straightforward?

    I think the only nice thing I can say about the movie is I like the costumes…in that the costume designer was trying to come up with outfits worn by two cultures completely devoid of our own.  Connery looks goofy, yes, but so do dudes wearing white wigs in the 1700s or those stupid food wide white collars a hundred years earlier than that.  And in a society with no sex it makes sense for the men and women to be wearing androgynous (I…cannot believe I spelled that word right without spell check.) outfits.

    But yeah, that’s the only good thing I got to say about this film.

    Good stuff, Sophie.  The first thirty seconds made me laugh out loud. :)

    • Sofie Liv

       Well, it’s an exsperience to sit through, gotta tell you that, the weirdness just escalates through-out the movie, into one big glorious climax of WTF!

      I think the nicest thing I can say about it is that it’s not a soul-less movie, the creator clearly put a lot into it, and wanted to make this, you can feel a lot of efford went into this and no one were slacking off.
      It’s just a shame all of that energy was miss-placed.

      Glad I could make you laugh!

  • DavidWilmotLow

    Id like to see all the agony booth reviewers singing “We Are The World” together. I would find that amzuing, for some reason, lol:)

  • The first I heard about this movie was in Phoenix Nights when two doormen are having a conversation about Sean Connery always wearing wigs in his films. One names a few films like The Hunt for Red October and Highlander and then one of them says:

    “What were that mad one where he got his cock out?”

    “Zardoz, wig.”

    From that bit of dialogue and from that get-up in the movie, I think you’d need all the LSD, MDMA or MDF (sorry) or whatever to make this movie mind-blowing. After watching Oancitizen’s vid and your vid, I think a ‘roll your own’ uranium rod is gonna have to do it!

    • Sofie Liv

       Why am I not suprised OanCitizen tried to analyze this? my hat is off to the dude.

      just remember to take the right re-procautions before going in.

  • Dennis Fischer

    You were correct with your first impulse–ZARDOZ is crap.  Really beautifully photographed crap, with one terrific montage scored to Beethoven, but crap nonetheless.  It does borrow heavily from science fiction literature in garbled fashion, so sadly, it doesn’t really have a new or fresh idea in it.  Boorman has made some terrific movies–POINT BLANK, EXCALIBUR, DELIVERANCE, HOPE & GLORY all immediately come to mind, but this movie is pure self-indulgence that Connery only accepted because no one else was offering him anything other than Bond type roles, which he wanted to get away from.

    Here’s what Arthur Frayn says at the start of the film: “I am Arthur Frayn, and I am Zardoz. I have lived three hundred years, and I long to die. But death is no longer possible. I am immortal. I present now my story, full of mystery and intrigue – rich in irony, and most satirical. It is set deep in a possible future, so none of these events have yet occurred, but they *may.* Be warned, lest you end as I. In this tale, I am a fake god by occupation – and a magician, by inclination. Merlin is my hero! I am the puppet master. I manipulate many of the characters and events you will see. But I am invented, too, for your entertainment – and amusement. And you, poor creatures, who conjured you out of the clay? Is God in show business too?”

    What this is meant to do is set up the basic theme of the film–The Immortals, having achieved immortality, are bored with existence and long for the gift of death, which Connery’s Zed (notable as the ultimate letter of the alphabet) brings them. This is not a profound or exciting idea in and of itself.

    One quick English note.  We have the words unexplainable and inexplicable to convey concepts or situations that are impossible to put into words. We don’t have inexplainable, or didn’t until 1923 when someone couldn’t think of the correct term “inexplicable.”

    • Sofie Liv

       Well, it’s not devoid of ideas either!
      It really point blank explores a lot of big ideas and morales, discussed them, call the place of the immortals out as a twisted sick place, an ideal and a good idea, gone really really wrong.

      I could not bring myself to say this movie got nothing to offer, then I would be lying, but neither could I bring myself to say this movie was brilliant or any-thing like that, cause clearly it’s flawed, but it’s difficult to pin point when or where it went wrong…

      Oh, well, that happens with my languet ones in a while.. thanks for the update.

  • John Wilson

    I glance at the screen and I first thought it was about xtro 

    • Sofie Liv

       but it was worse…

      or well, I don’t know, I’ve never seen xtro

      • John Wilson

        You might like it. Maybe.

  • It’s obvious the director had an interesting idea when he made the movie but he failed in the execution.  I found it interesting at first when you had no idea how the world had
    ended up that way with Connery sneaking aboard the giant, floating,
    penis-hating, gun-dispensing Zardoz head.

    But it slowly starts
    to unravel bit by bit with the dialogue making less sense as the movie
    progressed and the characters acting more and more irrationally.  By the
    end, everyone seems to have gone stark raving mad. And you could tell
    the money was running out with some of the special effects looking very
    bad.  Finally, the movie hits rock bottom:

    Ok, not really.  In fact, Connery marrying that man would have made more
    sense than the real ending.  But that picture pretty much sums up the
    insanity and incoherence of the ending. 

    • Sofie Liv

       oh well, it succesfully managed to start off as utterly bizzare and then slowly escalating into becoming genuinly more and more bizarre as we move on, almost, but only almost, archieving the Reqium for a dream hypno effect.

  • Bob (the other one)

    I think you really hit the nail on the head as to why this movie is so infuriating.  Plenty of bad movies are just plain bad, with nothing about them worth further analysis and no sign of how they could have been improved.  “Manos: The Hands of Fate”?  Pure crap, no ideas at all, move along, nothing to see here…  But “Zardoz” does actually raise (or at least point towards) interesting ideas.  Can a society of humans function purely as logical, rational creatures, or do we need our so-called “lower” sexual (and maybe even our violent) tendencies to truly express our human nature?  Would immortal humans inevitably become bored with their lives, or is death necessary in order to give meaning to life?  Worthwhile questions, and you could certainly imagine a good movie dealing with them.  Unfortunately, “Zardoz” is not that movie.  You end up (or at least I ended up) angry at the filmmakers for squandering their opportunity to deal with the interesting ideas they raise.

     Now, if somehow “Zardoz” wasn’t nearly bat-shit crazy and symbolism-packed enough for you, may I recommend Alejandro Jodorowsy’s “Holy Mountain”?  Example:  There is a scene early in the movie where a bunch of frogs and lizards are dressed up as Aztecs and Spanish conquistadors, and forced to re-enact the conquest of the Aztec empire.  This scene does not make the Top 20 list of weird stuff that happens in that movie.  But I think you have already suffered too much for us viewers.

    P.S.  Please do another crossover soon with Mr. Mendo.  You two have great on-screen chemistry, and I enjoy seeing your different takes on the same film.

    • Sofie Liv

      It not only points towards some interesting ideas, but a lot of them. There could have been made several interesting movies, or well, short stories I maybe think would be a better format, out of this movie alone.

      The ideas are interesting, that the thing we are striving after in our modern world, a utopian society with no illness, aging or death, devoted to only learning and studying culture.. would actually be a sort of ass place to be in.

      The lost of being able to life and enjoy the moment, is a concept lost in a world that never changes.

      Worshipping of a god, you don’t really know where comes from or what his true origin is, how that can blind you into doing senseless thing, just because the supposed “God.” told you to.

      The world must, and well always change, people get born, life, gives birth while living, and then die, that’s the way of things. the only sure thing is that things will keep on changing. What happened 200 years ago today, is some-thing we have but a vague idea of, and like to interpret from time to time, yet it also sat its hand-print on how our world actually work today, we just don’t see it.

      All that and more, questions that are raised in this movie, there is more to it than just being a piece of crap, which is why it was so hard for me to review! I could not flat out say. “Well, that was pointless, stupid piece of crap!” cause, I don’t believe that was the case.
      But neither did I feel like I could go on saying. “Oh god that was amazing!” because.. neither is it that, it can become very confused.. to many ideas crammed on to little space maybe.

      And if you want another cross-over with me and Mendo, well first step would be to get Mendo back on track! he doesn’t have a computer currently so he needs help, help him out now! and make him sit through a shitty movie like this one!

      • Bob (the other one)

        Well, I just donated some cash to Mr. Mendo.  Speaking of which, is it possible to get that link featured more prominently on this site?  I know Mr. Mendo’s got a lot of fans who would be willing to help out, but I didn’t know he was in need of a new computer until you posted this.  

  • John Wilson

    I feel like this whole movie can be summed up in this line from Tears for fears,Head over heels.
    “It’s hard to be a man when there’s a gun in your hand 
    Oh I feel so..”

  • The_Stig

    Should have had Sofie in a red diaper. 


    As for the film itself? There. Are. No. Words. Don’t blame yourself, Sofie. You can’t explain this movie. No one can. You don’t ever WATCH Zardoz. Zardoz happens to you. You don’t know what’s coming next, you have no idea, you can’t stop it, you can’t look away, you have to find out what’s next and NOTHING can prepare you for it. Yet you are compelled to keep watching to see how deep the rabbit hole goes….and you have no idea. You really, really have no idea how deranged this movie is willing to become before the closing credits and before it’s finally over you will know what going insane feels like.

    This movie dares you to watch it. Even the poster and DVD box art taunts you.

    Zardoz is so thoroughly up its own ass that it becomes AWESOME. It is in a word, transcendent.

    • CDiehl

      I’d say “thoroughly up its own ass” is a good description of this movie. I imagine John Boorman saw 2001 and A Clockwork Orange, and decided, if Kubrick could do that, so could he. He probably also decided he’d do him one better, and stuff both movies’ worth of ideas into one, maybe lift bits and pieces from other sources (The Time Machine, 1984). As a result, the finished product is a mile wide and an inch deep. It seems important because it touches on a bunch of Big Ideas (Sex, Violence, Immortality, Religion, Civilization, Brutality), but it doesn’t stay on any one idea long enough to say much about them, just hops onto the next one every few moments.

      • The_Stig

        Thing is, I believe Boorman honestly thought he was making his masterpiece. As if he thought Zardoz was going to be his Citizen Kane. For Boorman he’d have to wait seven years for that, but in 1974 he genuinely believed that Zardoz was going to be the one he’s remembered for.

        He was right about that….but for all the wrong reasons.

        • Sofie Liv

           Oh I have no doubt he saw himself as the next Stanley Kubrick, the next big genius.

          And you know, I actually think this could become one of the greatest comedies ever! how come  no one has spoofed this movie? all you need to do is making sean conneries character into a time-traveler from our time, ending up in this wtf scenario, and genuily be the “What the hell is happening???” person while every-body else plays it straight, and at some point we’ll meet the director whom steps into the movie, claiming he has done a master piece that will fascinate people for decades to come.. that would be an amazing comedy!

          • The_Stig

            But Boorman isn’t exactly a hack though. IMO I do think he’s an excellent director. Deliverance, Beyond Rangoon, and what I think is his personal masterpiece Excalibur are all great films! He’s also got to live with the indignity of also being the director of Zardoz, a film which fails so spectacularly as drama, science fiction, and as an art film that you can’t take your eyes off the screen, nor can you help but love it. You mentioned earlier that it’s bizarre, but it starts bizarre but ends completely insane. It is a Mobius strip committed to celluloid. It starts nowhere and it goes nowhere. 

            And I love this film, Sofie. I really, really do. In all its bizarre, spectacular failure glory.

          • Sofie Liv

             Well, that’s also another thing about this movie.
            it does NOT seem like a hack job! it’s fully realised, it goes fully for it in every detail, clearly there has been put so much time and efford into this from all directions, this is not the product of a slacky production, clearly there were lots of passion evolved.

            And you know, the movie does deserve a little love from time to time, because it did archieve some-thing, which is why it was so god damn hard for me to review!

          • The_Stig

            Exactly. If it had been schlock it would have been just another bad 70’s movie, but there was actual money and effort put into this by A-List talent! I really, really, really, really want to watch this with the Director’s commentary to find out what the hell Boorman was thinking (or snorting) with this one.

            This film defies all explanation.

  • Torgeaux

    Oh wow!  Heavy man!  I did see this first run back in days when miniature wooly mammoths were still roaming Wrangel Island….sorry. I actually went back and paid good money to see it again!  I wasn’t even in an ‘altered state.’  It’s just one of those movies where some poor grande artiste HAD to share his special vision.  Or maybe he was just filming random stuff that he remembered after emerging from a month long fugue state brought on by a weekend drinking binge on ‘squeeze.’  What is always amazing to me is that there were professional, highly talented people who had meetings and discussions about this movie. People were hired to build sets, make costumes and all that stuff like that there.  Then again, in a world that has to take responsibility for a tap dancing Christmas flamingo (Yes, such a thing exists). I guess anything can happen because nobody had the guts to stand up and say, “This is pretty stupid!” and break the spell. Even today I have to make myself watch it.  Maybe it’s all the Puritan ancestors I have demanding I do penance for sins or something like that.  I will tell you this:  Seeing Sean Connery in a red diaper will change your life!

    • Sofie Liv

       It’s a very very fascinating movie, you cannot deny that!
      If for nothing else, the utter bizareness of it is just complete! Oh I have no doubt the director thought he was the new Stanley Kubrick, and he clearly isn’t so.. but it really goes into the category, so strange that it becomes some-thing different than just bad.

  • edharris1178

    You did a better job with this than I would have, Sofie.  I think my threshold for ponderous nonsense ends around the third or fourth endless chat about nothing in particular in Death Proof.

    • Sofie Liv

      … heh..

      Well on the bright side this movie really does fascinate me on some level.

      All though, if you want to know my secret how I was able to sit that.. I’m all-ready mentally ruined!

      My father ones took me to see a theatre show in Berlin, at this underground “Experimental.” theatre called “Volks bühnen.” and in there, we had to see a “Mostly improvised.” and utterly randomn show that went about for three hours! one minute there were disabled people on the stage, then there were genuine opera singers, then there was a donkey, then there was a real life sick girl whom couldn’t move any-thing but her eyes, using this hyper exspensive device where she can use her eyes to spell things, spell. “Ich been nich Krank (I am not ill.)” on a big screen over and over. AND THAT WENT ON FOR THREE HOURS!
      And because it was a theatre and all this happened life right in front of me.. there was no escaping.. it was just me, my family and two other poor sods in the otherwise empty theatre hall, I couldn’t even sneak out among any kind of crowd.

      To this day my dad still claims it was a genius piece of theatre…. I am now prepaired for any movies, those at least I can take a break from.

  • Muthsarah

    Oh, Sofie…I hope you don’t take this the wrong way, but your pain never felt so good….

    Zardoz really would be a chore to review for any innocent soul.  I watched it on a dare some years ago; don’t think I’ve been the same since.  Even the air somehow tastes different now….

    Sitting here, part of me wishes you could have been detached and torn it to shreds as a mindless-yet-pretentious nothing flick, another relic of a decade of experimental film better left in the dust bin, but I understand that such a reaction would be against your nature as the site’s happy little elf, and may Odin permit that you remain so forevermore.  Your eyes here spoke more of the human condition than any of the never-age mysticism hinted at in this disaster of a production.

    Nevertheless, your clinical shock at witnessing this inexplicable morality tale was quite delightful.  Nice that you didn’t go for any of the cheap shots, such as Connery’s porn mustache and/or speedo.  He does deserve this one act of forgiveness (but only the one, the woman-slapping thing should be branded on his forehead).

    I do look forward to your next review.  I do want to see if you can recover from this experience as I couldn’t.  I do want to believe that wide-eyed innocence can survive even this….

    • Sofie Liv

       My next review? the… review I am editting together right now?

      Hah! hehe… hehehehe…. I’m crying inside…

      The booths happy little innocent elf… huh.. well if you say so.

  • Ah, John Boorman. One minute he’s making straightforward action movies with Lee Marvin & thrillers about rapist rednecks…the next he’s making batshit insane attempts at surrealism with stuff like this. And Exorcist II, of course.

    • The_Stig

      At least this movie had the Nut o’ Fun.

  • MichaelANovelli

    What’s sad is that this was later adapted into a book that expanded on all the ideas and made a lot more sense.  The book is out of print and the movie is not…

    • Kids today!

      You can probably buy a used copy…

  • I’m actually impressed that the entire review was not, “WTF did I just watch?”

    I agree completely.  I really like this movie.  I first saw it 37 years ago.  I still don’t “get” it.  I tell people they should watch it.  I mean that sincerely.  But I can in no way shape or form justify why.

    • Sofie Liv

       feeling with you X)

  • Delawheredad

    Nice try Sophie. This is a hard movie to figure out.

    Zardoz could ONLY have been produced in the 1970’s . It is the perfect demonstration of what happens when you give your director all the money he wants and your cast and crew all the drugs they want.
     It is unnecessarily convoluted but its basic story is neither original not profound. There is nothing in this movie that you wouldn’t find being discussed in a sophomore philosophy course. Only with flashier packaging.  

    • Sofie Liv

       all in all, the 70s must have been a weird time to be living in… for so many reasons..

      Just to recite my latest stand-up gig I performed two months back.

      “the goverment are so busy telling us to be like they were back in the old days, like our so called parents, to get up early, work hard, get an honest wife or husband, a healthy family, and take responsibility.. here’s the problem though, those people were our parents parents.. our parents were the fucking hippies! a people that fought for the right of no responsibilities, weed and sitting around being stoned around a campfire. And my genneration are the ones left to try and clean up after that mess! So the next time a fifty year old dude asks you to get a life, remind him that he was probably sitting around smoking pot when he was your age! that’s the reality of things!”

      Don’t know why I had to say that, some-times stuff like that needs airing.

      • Bob (the other one)

        Here’s all you really need to know about how weird the 70s were:  There was a TV variety show hosted by the actors from the (bland and stupid) sitcom The Brady Bunch.  Not just the same actors, but performing the same characters, who for some reason were now hosting a variety show.  Which featured production numbers like these:
        But laughing at these clips has me thinking:  How ridiculous will our time look 40 years from now?

  • Jm_james

    So I don’t want to sound like a jerk, which means a probably am going to, but it appears that you are taking requests from everyone who donated money for your new computer. I donated, do I get to make a request?

    • Sofie Liv

       it said in the donation description, that yes you could, every-body whom donated could, and you should have known that if you had read the text presented in the donation drive, right below the donate button.

      The only way you can do it now, is if you kept the pay-pall email with the recit, so you can prove you indeed did donate. If I am not sure, i could end up making a dusin of reviews for people whom didn’t even donated, and my time is limited, also seems unfair to does people whom actually did donate.

      If you kept the recit, and have it in your e-mail some-where, you can attach it to an e-mail and send it to me along-side your request at

      • Jm_james

        Turns out I didn’t save it. Oh well, sucks to be me! So I’ll just throw it out there anyways. Obviously do what you want to do. I know you like fantasy, so I’m going to suggest an underrated movie that should be a classic. John Boorman’s 1981 film Excalibur. In my opinion the best telling of the King Arthur story. 

  • Mike

    Sorry it was you Sophie…Mendo deserved to do the video review of Zardoz, he enjoys being abused like that.

    As for the plot, such as it is…..Zardoz is actually insultingly simple, really.

    In Da Future, after the Atomic Robot Mutant Holocaust, a bunch of immortal dweebs who were the children of Ideal Ethical Scientists (and discovered Immortality!tm) are bored and want to die. So, some of them conspire/plot/smoke some dope to breed a race of atomic supermen…..wait….ok, just supermen…..that are smarter and sneakier then they are so the superdudes can destroy their Immortality Machine, so that they (the Dweebs That Cannot Die) can finally snuff it.

    Also, sex.

    The End.

    Trivia tidbits: The opening montage with Frayne’s head floating around was added in at the insistance of the producers who felt the audience would be confused unless SOMEBODY basically explained what the hell was going on…

    The costumes for the Dweebs…er…Eternals….were inspired by ancient Egypt, being they couldn’t die and all. Also, ancient Egypt was big in the 70’s. See also Original BSG.

    And finally, the only way this review could have been better was if Sophie had done it wearing a thongkini whilst standing on top of a tied-up Mendo (clad in a rubber penguin suit) with Sursam Ursa (dressed in a tuxedo) hosing both of them down with a fire extinguisher.

    So there.


    • Sofie Liv

       and now you are officially smarter than I am.. I didn’t get that far watching this movie, and I am usually the one getting further than most in figuring movies out.

      and you are not going to see me in any-thing that has a thong, not ever.

      • Mike

        ‘and you are not going to see me in any-thing that has a thong, not ever. ‘

        me cries…:(

  • Zee Panda

    Sofie, I’ve seen Zardoz three times and your opening to this video sums up my feelings exactly.

    • Sofie Liv

       it was truly the only way for me to open the video.. i’ve gotten complaints in the past that I leave the camera to long on my reaction.. but this time I felt it was firstly justyfied and secondly, the only for me to illustrate what I felt about this movie.

  • Misinformed

    I’ve just started watching some of your reviews and enjoying them.  Given your land of origin, have you thought of doing a video on Forbrydelsen?  (Not that just because you’re from the same country means you’re interested in or like that show.)  I guess a way into it for your American fans could be by comparing it to the American remake.  I like the Danish version a lot (with English subtitles).  Anyhow, this isn’t a request, just curious if you were interested in that program.

  • chromesthesia

    Wait, reefer is legal there, isn’t it?

  • lillponz

    I sort of felt that way about Existenz. I wanted to like it, but that organic liver-like game control thingy and the chinese restaurant scene (was it chinese food or more liver-game-control things) had me wondering if I had fallen asleep and missed something or if someone had toyed with my brownies. . .