Zardoz (1974) (part 9 of 15)

But talking to May turns out to be the trick, because next we find Z-Dawg running back to the Vortex. He calls out May’s name, but for no reason at all finds all the hippies standing around covered with sheets [?]. Wow, so all the Eternals come complete with their own dust covers? Cool! And believe it or not, but we haven’t even gotten to the point where things really stop making sense.

Z-Dawg goes into a room and spots May under her own sheet. And I just gotta say, this is like the weirdest slumber party ever. May raises her arms, and says she’s already well aware that Z-Dawg wants to destroy the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. “You want to destroy us,” she says.

“I want the truth!” Z cries out. All together now: You can’t handle the truth! Bah, I deride your truth-handling abilities! May tells him that he must “give the truth if you wish to receive it.”

Z comes over and says that he’s “ready” to give the truth, so May lifts up her sheet and lets him inside [!]. Hey! It is a slumber party!

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Multi-Part Article: Zardoz (1974)

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