Zardoz (1974) (part 5 of 15)

Cut to a little later in the statuary. We see a picture frame, and projected inside the frame is a series of images of progressively newer Ford automobiles, starting with Model-Ts and working forward. Idle yells at his mood ring for only showing him cars from one manufacturer.

Meanwhile, Z is moving around paintings, one of which is a Van Gogh self portrait. Suddenly, Z sticks his finger through one of the eyes in the painting [!!]. And, we have one million… two hundred dollars… three dollars and fifty cents. Going, going, gone!

Zardoz (1974) (part 5 of 15)

Finally, an affordable Van Gogh for the working man!

Idle’s ring comments that going cross-manufacturer on the cars could be a “much more complex program” and asks if it should “seek Vortex consent”. For no apparent reason, Idle screams “YES!!!!!!” at the top of his lungs. GOOOOOOOOOL!!!

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Multi-Part Article: Zardoz (1974)

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