Zardoz (1974) (part 1 of 15)

The Cast of Characters:
Sean Connery as ZedZed (Sean Connery). An Exterminator in the year 2293. Kills for his god, a giant stone head named Zardoz. Eventually learns the truth about Zardoz when he discovers a commune called a “Vortex” populated by immortals called, cleverly enough, “Eternals”.
Sara Kestelman as May May (Sara Kestelman). The Eternal who finds Zed and runs some vague Whatever Experiments on him. Discovers the deep, dark secret about Zed that, despite making absolutely no sense at all, threatens to destroy life in the Vortex and all the Eternals.
Charlotte Rampling as Consuella Consuella (Charlotte Rampling). Another Eternal with a British schoolmarm thing going on. At first, she’s determined to end May’s experiments and drive Zed out of the Vortex. Eventually, however, she falls in love with him and together they have a kid with a bad bowl cut.
John Alderton as Friend Friend (John Alderton). An Eternal who seems about as bored with life in the Vortex as everyone in the audience. Appropriately enough, he becomes Zed’s “friend”, and for that he’s labeled a “renegade” and sent to a rest home.
Sally Anne Newton as Avalow AKA Topless Chick Avalow AKA Topless Chick (Sally Anne Newton). Yet another Eternal. The quintessential stoner chick, Avalow sings a lot, scores plenty of weed for Zed, spouts nonsensical platitudes, and walks around topless most of the time. And no, I’m not complaining one bit.
Niall Buggy as Arthur Frayn Arthur Frayn (Niall Buggy). The guy behind the guy; the Eternal who’s been posing as Zardoz and pretending to be Zed’s god. The Eternals are aghast at what Frayn has been doing outside the Vortex, and when Zed discovers the truth, he shoots Frayn dead. Because payback’s a mother.
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Multi-Part Article: Zardoz (1974)

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