VIDEO: You’re Beautiful “Episode 6”

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The members of ANJELL struggle to cope with Go Mi Nam’s aunt, and Yoo He Yi unleashes her secret weapon!

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TV Show: You're Beautiful

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  • I would have thought that as a nun, she wouldn’t have been allowed to indulge in worldy ‘feminine’ things anyhow.

  • jjramsey

    So the Nice Guy(TM) following Go Mi Nam is wearing a fedora? That seems strangely appropriate.

    • CaptainCalvinCat

      Don’t forget the glasses. Koreas answer to Clark Kent?

    • Magdalen

      I was SO ready to make that joke. But *technically* it’s a tribly.

  • JD

    Sooo she stopped pretending to be a guy?

    what a terrible reason to start dating someone. “well every one thinks were dating already”

  • Moppet

    Oh it’s like the old black & white serials with the sound dubbed in. Neat. I think his lack of an ability to come out and be honest about how he feels was sort of the point, and why she isn’t interested in the later series. I was wholly with her on that, and thinking the entire time if he’d just been honest up front things would likely have gone differently. Whatever Tae Kyung’s faults, being honest about how he feels, even a little too honest, was never one of them. Honesty means worlds to me, and most people.

    Well it was true in both parts, it was a cheap hair pin, as the price tag suggested, but was also more expensive because he was impatient and overpaid for it. Eh.

    The aunt was one of the best things about this episode, anything that makes Tae Kyung make that face is brilliant.

    Poor Jeremy though. Not his characterization, his hair. It started out so good, but went down hill with every iteration. At least he has one of the best scenes in the show later.

    The shoe scene was both parts funny, and defining of his character when he, after, couldn’t sit back and let her get swarmed.

  • Maxine of Arc

    Shin-woo is veering really hard into Nice Guy territory.

    Thanks for talking about the hat, because I was so about to go there. It’s sort of interesting to see other cultures co-opting pieces of ours. But that’s the one they picked??

    Gemma sings soprano! And not boy soprano either. How on earth is she supposed to do a solo thing without anybody twigging to She Is A Girl?

    Jeremy, I”m willing to cut a little slack since he’s experiencing a massive sexual identity crisis. A LITTLE.

    Meanwhile, your hair looks awesome.

    • Magdalen

      …what? My hair? T-thank you but it’s just up in a massive hair clip.

      • Maxine of Arc

        It’s so shiny and bouncy! *_*

        Gemma actually has a little advantage over the guys. All she has to do is take OFF her disguise and as long as nobody spots her going in or out of the house, she has the freedom to roam the city at will without being bothered by fans.

  • Liz

    So Genma is randomly wearing a confederate soldiers hat with the flag and everything on……..okay then…..

  • Jay_Bay

    But she wears the Confederate hat so nicely. Just cut out the Dixie flag and she’s good to go.