VIDEO: You’re Beautiful “Episode 4”

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Go Mi Nam’s aunt may shed some light on the whereabouts of her mother, and we get a new character!

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TV Show: You're Beautiful

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  • JD

    He should have swatted that huge bug off her chest. rather then worry about the cell phone. it looked very poisonous

    • Magdalen

      KPop fashion is very… colorful. XD

  • Jay_Bay

    I remember when a lost family member try to come back into my life. I said, “You are not my dad. Just a sperm donor” and kick him out with force. And, dark story behind, it’s THOUGHT TIME!

    I mean hell, if I was in that situation, I would have accidently kicked my savior too. IT’S NORMAL!
    Korea National Fairy = America’s Sweetheart. Their title is better.
    So, in order to make their resident Asshat somewhat likeable, they decide not to go with the ripe with drama “conflicted asshole” trope and instead go with the “selfish bitch” new character to pull aggro on all the hate. This is definitely a teen show.
    Damn, when Asshat thinks your despicable, you might need to re-evaluate your life Yoo.
    Oh thank the Gods it was just a hose. Though it was a Derringer last time.
    Also, gay subtext is gay.
    9, 12, 21!? These ain’t bands, hell I can’t call them supergroups. They are musical mercenaries, music mercs if you prefer.
    Wait, I’m confused… Snickers is not a health food? I brought like 10 boxes of them. WHY DID YOU LIE TO ME, INTERNET!? WHY!?
    Is it just me, or is imaginary Gemma more funny than regular Gemma?
    So…..what is up with that green cicada on Gemma’s shirt? What is that?
    And there’s Asshat with the awkward comforting….hug? I think it’s a hug.

    And another one down the drain. Another 2 weeks everyone, and Happy Canada/Independence/whatever the fuck DAY!

  • Moppet

    It’s true, the long term issue with Shin Woo, in my opinion, has always been that he couldn’t be completely honest with her (until it was too late [spoiler?]). Whatever Tae Kyung’s many, many fault, lack of an ability to tell her how he really feels is not one of them. I’m not sure I’d have made either of them a love interest, but if we’re going to filter it down to someone who is really abrasive, but honest, versus something kind and gentle, but deceitful?

    I’ve always preferred people say what they feel to my face. Still not sure I’d have turned either of them into a romance, but I understand that base sentiment at least.

    I’ll be honest though, Tae Kyung every character flaw under the sun, and all manner of biological shortcomings is actually a good thing in my book. He has talent, and he’s really good at quite a few things, but his flaws? They’re real flaws. The show doesn’t hand wave them. It uses them. I kind of appreciate that, especially when I so often see all the perks and none of the flaws in far too many film/series characters – especially when it comes to romances.

  • JD

    BTW i thought she was the lead singer of this group not the keyboardist ?

    • Magdalen

      It’s never explained. Good thing she can piano, though. XD

      • danbreunig

        So did she pick up keyboards from her convent days or could it be all pre-programing?