VIDEO: You’re Beautiful “Episode 3”

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Go Mi Nam finds a photograph she thinks may have been sent by her birth mother. And Jeremy is scared of gay vampires.

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TV Show: You're Beautiful

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  • Muthsarah

    These are just getting better. We need more of Jeremy’s cute and flamboyant gay panic. I hope there’s a whole episode from his point-of-view, showing us the kind of series he THINKS he’s in.

    • Jay_Bay

      It is a clash of styles. Very entertaining.

  • Jay_Bay

    Gay vampires……ok, let’s just see. THOUGHT TIME!

    Can I say, I am digging those all white suits. I want one of my very own…though contact directly on my skin will cause it to burst into flames though.
    Does Gemma’s hoodie say Hickey…no Hockey…wait, maybe Hackey…
    For a nun, Gemma has very sticky fingers.
    That music….it was almost LotR worthy. Tae Kyung needed to be on a horse to match up to that.
    That video billboard reminded me; I need a new cellphone soon.
    OK, Oldboy OUT OF NOWHERE. That is a thing that happened. Alrighty then.
    Jeremy’s imagination is better than most daytime soaps. So saucy.
    Oh man, I forgot that Jeremy doesn’t know that Gemma’s a girl. This is making it all the more hilarious.
    Even in his imagination, Gemma is still awkward, even when she tries to do sexy.
    Tae Kyung, that mother fucker. So much rage. Dat boi needs an ass whipping.
    Hehe, Sexism Alarm. Funny….no wai OMG MY EARS!!!
    Yeah, Tae buddy. You do realize she’s a nun right. They have the patience of a…well, saint. She could search the pond forever. You’re not gonna win here.
    Don’t worry Gemma, many people go through their whole lives without learning to swim. It’s perfectly normal….IT’S NORMAL DAMNIT! Oh, sorry.
    Did….did Jeremy pull a gun out on Gemma in the next episode? Dude, I think you cross the line.

    So, in the spirit of PGSM, let’s give Tae Kyung a nickname. My vote is for: Asshat

    And I think we can all agree that Nycea is our Oppa….wait, damnit I done goofed.

    • CaptainCalvinCat

      My vote for Tae Kyung is “Wichser” (which means Wanker). That guy is SUCH an irredeamable bas…. bit….. son of a….. he’s an asshole!

  • To be fair, nuns are supposed to be forgiving…

  • Moppet

    I disagree, the phone thing was her fault for stealing it int he first place, leading to the series of events that follow. She should have been the one to go up and get it. He should have run after the truck faster though. The fact that he got mad after he got hurt tends to fit with the rest of his personality really.

    So, no, he didn’t deserve the hero music. Still, I like the series of events because it really adds up with everything else I’d seen of the character up to this point. I’m all for character’s being consistent like that, even if it means he came off as a butt in the end.

    Poor Jeremy, but the scene with the apple is worth it in every way. The actress looked like she was having too much fun with the overacty (more overacty than usual?) seduction.

    Tae Kyung being an irredeemable butt is one of my favorite things about this drama, the story being as much about him finding something resembling a heart in himself is sort of the point though. The Darcy Comparison is wrong. No, it’s entirely wrong. It never even should have come up. He’s not that misunderstood character that came off one way and turned out to be another with coaxing. Tae Kyung really is hopeless at the beginning. He doesn’t have these things deep down, he’s abandoned them and forcefully shoves them away. You’re right that he had just enough Humanity left to keep people from drowning but that’s sort of the point of the character. We aren’t revealing some great thing under the surface all this time, as the story plays out, we are, instead, picking up many small pieces that have chipped away to the point of non-existence over a long, long journey that brought him to this point.

    Boyfriend material or not, this always made sense for what they present the character as, to this point, and beyond. At least as far as Tae Kyung himself goes.

    Now, Go Mi Nam herself, her actions here, that, well, that’s debatable. I understood Tae Kyung fully, his role here, his actions. It’s Go Mi Nam’s actions, especially those in response to his, that are less consistent, in my mind. This is a writing issue, I suppose, but, as some may not have made sense, others made perfect sense. Her forgiving nature makes sense for what we’ve seen of her. This is her personality, whether one likes it or not. I often wondered if these were two very different drama scripts combined at some point.

    The inconsistencies aside, nothing here ever made me not want to watch the show, nor did it ever make me enjoy the show less. I really enjoyed this episode actually, hands down, it had a lot of moments that made me giggle gleefully.

  • DPPal

    Damn, Jeremy thinks he is in a Mexican Telenovella! :-D

  • CaptainCalvinCat

    Jeremy is this shows version of Nolan Ross from Revenge…. well, a more incompetent Nolan Ross. ^^
    And Oppa? Sounds like the spoken version of “opa” (german for Grandpa) in my home region. ^^ Although we speak the double-P not making it Oh Pa but Oppa. ^^

  • JD

    now if he was a real Dbag he would have told her right then he didnt throw the ring.
    never been called Oppa

  • Danielle Osgan

    Emo hair is a dick. I watched heartstrings just to see the actors for shin woo and go mi nam get together (with the added bonus of it being awesome). And i love the obligatory “no homo” character that all gender bender asian manga/dramas have because they generally have “Jeremy vision”.