VIDEO: You’re Beautiful “Episode 2”

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Go Min Nam struggles to fit in and not piss off Tae-Kyung… she fails at both.

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TV Show: You're Beautiful

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  • CaptainCalvinCat

    Nice episode.
    Well, until the boob-grabbing-lady started to belly-punch Mr. Manager, I wasn’t that shocked.
    Hey, I watch NCIS, where Gibbs is headslapping his subordinates all the time – and mostly, when they have done something stupid. So, that was not that shocking for me.

    By the way: Nice euphemism. Milk shake.

    • Jay_Bay

      I don’t mind that lady beating the crap out of me…..but I’m a freak like that.

  • Jay_Bay

    Another day, another great THOUGHT TIME for You’re Beautiful. Let’s a go.

    I would say her dreams are downright….angelic. Get it, get it? Yeah, I be over there…
    Grumpy Cat would be a great addition in a boy band. Totally got the Tsundere look down.
    Whoa. A germaphobe got puked into his mouth…Bwahahahahahahahaha. Yes, yes, this is great comedy, yes.
    Sleepy Milkshakes. Who does Tae Kyung think he is, BA Baracus?
    Those rooms still exists here….but they are distant memories now.
    There you go Mr. Manager. Someone may have got a serious concussion, but nope, got keep the facade going. Dolla dolla bills, yo!
    The dog’s name is Angelina Jolie….there is no way somethign so cute can be connected to that vicious she-harpy witch. Jolie did play Maleficent, right?
    Man, Tae Kyung is fucking broken, isn’t he? Good Lords, man. Get some joy in your life. Damn.
    It’s ok Nycea. I’m not gangsta either. What what, Yo, Cmon dog, GET CRUNK….nope, still stupid.
    Boy Bands, they on that new level shit. Random non sequitor, I use to want to be in a boy band when I was under. Then I discovered I dance like…let’s just say people’s eyes melted after my last “performance”. Yep, dream died real quick.
    Nah, I think I can handle it. I don’t really care all that much for internet asshats. I lived in the South, I have grown men threaten me with a hanging when I was younger. And I came out alright *twitch*
    Look at Nycea with the ninja moves for….tossing out….a tampon. Right.
    Nice editing with the cloud covering the guys’ bums. Censor Kaizer would be pleased.
    So sasaengs are….stalkers. Got it.

    That was another gem-ma (get it, get i…oh nvm) of a show. That reminds me, I need to go shower. I smell like sweat and death. Until again, peeps.

  • $36060516

    You are so dang funny. Much respect.

    Enjoyed how you made an intentional, subconscious, or coincidental comedic callback to your essay on trigger warnings via the vomit warning.

    • danbreunig

      I never noticed that–nice call!

  • Endorenna

    Okay, I find it funny that the lead’s secret identity lasted only one episode. That’s pretty hilarious. :p

    And they didn’t add the clouds? D’awwww. Thanks, Mother Superior!

    The vomit thing was pretty gross, though. *shudder*

  • Xalazi

    If someone puked in mouth, it’s pistols at dawn. That shit is grounds for a duel.

    Also, nice Ninja moves.

  • JD

    Love the news/stock reports crawl

  • Moppet

    She puked in his mouth. The sad thing? I’d take bets on there being a fetish, somewhere, out there, for that. Ew. Follow that up with the spitting. An entire episode devoted to nasty things that come out of a roommate’s mouth. Yay. This is one part icky, one part awkward and all parts highly entertaining in the best ways possible despite the revulsion.

    The aunt was cringe educing throughout the series, but also the source of great entertainment. Just wait until she “spoilers” you know who’s “spoiler” :3

    Oh the locker scene. You did not add those clouds. I love it. Dearly.

  • cavalier 24601

    Video Game Rooms do exist in the US but they are fairly rare. There’s one in Raleigh, NC that even rents out for birthdays parties. A wall full of games, special cooling for the consoles to handle the heavy use, and screens in groups of four so you can combine when possible.

  • danbreunig

    Alright, back to it. Gotta get some more Nycea Summaries back into my diet.

    I was too busy or preoccupied to respond to part 1 but this looks like a promising ride. Pretty fun, even as the drama it’s supposed to be–it’s a drama, right? It’s taking a moment to adjust from superheroes to pop stars.

    And if you don’t mind me saying in late passing, welcome back and good job surviving the Blip stuff, as best as I can tell. I don’t produce videos and yet I’m really feeling for you guys who bring your perspectives and humor to us mortals out here.

    The…milkshake…thingie. Grimace would grimace about that. /:/

    “Hey, big poop water tsunami…” My smile for the day, right there.

    10:01–that’s your next written editorial, Mags. How violence in pop culture is funny only when a woman hits a man. Welcome, proverbial finger.

    The locker room scene was…[just fill in the blank]

    • Magdalen

      Thanks, I’m happy to have survived the purge. But I’m not convinced Nycea Summaries isn’t next on the chopping block. Crossing my fingers. :)

  • It’s times like these whn I am glad that they haven’t invented smellovision cos it’s the smell of vomit that I hate the most and I can;t magne the taste of someone elses’ vomit would be any more appealing either.

  • DPPalbert

    What is this series obsession with puking… Is it a common theme among K-Dramas or just this one? Never thought their dramas were this over the top…