You People And Your Problems: ‘Am I Depressed Or Do I Just Hate My Job?’

You People And Your Problems: 'Am I Depressed Or Do I Just Hate My Job?'

Here at HappyNiceTimePeople, we’re not afraid to be servicey. Email with your advice questions on any topic. Now on to a question from a gal who can’t figure out if she ought to finally quit her job.

Dear Sara:
I’m not a lazy person. Really, I’m not just saying that. But lately I find it really difficult to go into work. I feel like leaving and instead sleeping all day. I don’t know what to do or if I should quit. I’m seeing a psychologist, and I think I’m getting worse, but I don’t think he agrees I need medication and I feel like I do. What is wrong with me?



Dear Dionne:
Have you considered that maybe your job is awful and you ought to consider devising an exit strategy in conjunction with your psychological treatment? I see so many people put up with crazy crap at work, either because they feel they have to due to money concerns OR because they feel it’s “just the way things are,” as if they naturally deserve to be abused. This is untrue! And if you are a hard worker, your services would surely be valued elsewhere. I’m not saying jump without a net. I imagine if you were that privileged, you wouldn’t have to work at all! You could sip organic juices all day that had been squeezed for you by your personal manservant, Hans.

What I’m really saying is that it may be time to consider your other options and to take responsible steps to change your situation. Go slowly and think it through. No need to make rash decisions. Haste is your enemy at this time. But perhaps even pondering a change will brighten up your mood.

Your depression may stem from any number of sources, but there’s probably one major source. I have clinical depression and have dealt with it for most of my life. In addition to considering that your job may suck ass, think about different areas of your existence — romantic, familial, financial, spiritual, etc. Are you feeling loss or unhappiness in any of them? Perhaps your troubles in one area are influencing your overall feeling of well-being. It may well be that my initial instinct — to criticize your job — is in fact incorrect, and that you’re transferring feelings of unhappiness from one realm to another.

I wish you the best of luck, Dionne! And don’t be afraid to read one of those touchy-feely yet practical books like “What Color is Your Parachute?” or “Succulent Wild Woman.” They’re popular for a reason. I love ’em!

Best wishes,

Sara Benincasa

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