VIDEO: X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009)

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After a three month absence, the Cinema Slob returns with an all-new installment of Superhero Month! And what better way to kick off a month of superhero movies than by taking a look at an origin story? Find out how everyone’s favorite adamantium-clawed mutant got his start in X-Men Origins: Wolverine!

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  • danbreunig

    Okay, so here we go, in order of appearance:

    Mendo–I’m not even a particular wrestling fan but…Sergeant Slaughter. Sgt. F’n Slaughter, am I right? Now that I think of it, all we need in this vid now is our Anarchist Josh and we got ourselves the AB Team: Mendo, Joey, Josh, and Slob respectively as Hannibal, Face, Murdock, and B.A.

    Sofie–*thank you*. I was in some major hat withdrawal; say what you will, but dammit, Sofie Liv is just not Sofie Liv without the Bowler! So thanks for donning it once more for a cameo–plus the new Freddy Krueger sweater look was a nice touch for a not so nice, um…suggestion…[stepping back 20 feet]

    Questions–cookies offered, lures to the other side, diabolical cloak with sneer to match…the Vampire Woman returns! Renegado, if you can hear me, fetch me a transistor radio with a go-go dance station…! (Or maybe you’re a Nazgul?)

    Doctor Joey (that’s a pretty nice ring to it)–suffice to say: as long as it’s not me… Otherwise, see above.

    And of course, Cinema Slob–welcome back from the grand hiatus! You don’t sound rusty to me after three months’ time. Hope there wasn’t anything too serious happening in the meantime.

    This was a pretty decent summary–you even mentioned some details I never picked up on the first couple times I saw this film–maybe I just had some difficulty remembering everyone’s names. For what it’s worth, this was all the X-Men prequel I think I would ever need. What’s got me concerned now is just how many prequels we really need; since the X-Men universe has quite an extensive history and characters beyond counting (like many mass-beloved fandoms), we just can’t cover every aspect and please everybody (“why does prequel 2 have these characters and prequel 4 still don’t have these others” etc). So I’m just keeping my expectations for Wolv. 2 slightlly lower, just because Wolv. 1 was pretty solid for me and I was content enough that I honestly don’t need another (even when so many others might).

    So, an upcoming crossover with someone green. We’ve already had reviews for Hulk and Green Lantern, and Green Goblin via Spiderman reviews, so–I’m seriously drawing a blank. And also I’m too tired to think straight now.

    • MichaelANovelli

      Hell yeah, Sgt. Slaughter!

      • MephLord

        Atten-Hut! You pukes, you maggots, you slimes, give me twenty now! And that’s an order! Although I’ve always been more of a Christian Cage fan…Ah wrestling cosplay, why isn’t that more popular…

        • MichaelANovelli

          Well, not that the Sarge had a six pack or anything, but most wrestling fans don’t have the physiques for it, I guess…

          • MephLord

            I think the Sarge had a few six packs in his day, just not to his abs…

          • Zachary LaVoy

            There’s been talk of me either cosplaying as Brodus Clay or Paul Heyman.

          • MephLord

            to be Heyman you’d have to sweat nonstop and sport a stupid looking skullet..

    • Sofie Liv

      Actually… I thought that over-all look could maybe be my new look I just wanted to test out.

      I didn’t even think about that the blouse looks like a Freddy Kreuger thing.. I just thought it would go nicely together with the hat and vest.. So not the blouse then for normal reviews?

      Btw. my actual sister, and she is awesome! winner of Danish Cosplay competetion March 2013, and is going on to perform in London with her next cosplay this october ;)

    • Zachary LaVoy

      Well technically I’ve never reviewed Hulk yet… (he said totally setting fire to the shroud of mystery surrounding the next video)

  • TheRedWorm

    Sofie was pretty………terrifying. Good work to all. :-)

  • Thomas Stockel

    Welcome back, Slob!

    • FullofQuestions1

      What he said. Awesome video! :)

  • doc

    This movie sucks.