Days of Future Past might be the best X-Men movie yet

The newest movie in the X-Men franchise is already out in my country. X-Men: Days of Future Past is the second movie in the prequel series about a young Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr, and also the fourth movie in the original trilogy about the older Professor X and Magneto, and the seventh movie overall in the X-Men franchise.

It sure has been a long, bumpy ride, with plenty of ups and downs. But when thinking back upon the X-Men franchise, it’s indeed worth taking into consideration what the original two X-Men movies actually did.

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Here in 2014, we’ve just had a Captain America movie with a political corruption theme, and before that, an Iron Man movie that made a smart jab at how the world views terrorism, and how that fear can be used against us to hide the real truth. But back in 2000, before the big Marvel movies and Christopher Nolan’s Batman, no one believed in comic book movies. No one thought they could ever earn real money, and certainly no one ever thought they’d be more than just silly figures in shiny capes doing things with no meaning behind them.

The X-Men franchise changed all that. Suddenly, the world saw that comic book movies could in fact be so much more. For the first time, a superhero movie dared to send a direct message to society about racism and tolerance and how much hate a person can get for being different.

Of course, the first two movies haven’t aged all that well, and in comparison to the superhero movies that came after, they don’t really hold up. They’re flawed movies, but they did show it was possible to tell stories about comic book characters that were much more than just meaningless fights against stock villains.

And here we are fourteen years later, and the X-Men franchise now has a couple of good movies under its belt as well as a few shitty ones. And now it’s decided to just go nuts with its own concept.

The movie opens in the middle of the apocalypse, where the last few surviving mutants are making their last stand against the Sentinels, giant robot things that can adapt to their powers, which means that even mutants are helpless against them. Quite clearly, this is not within the continuity of the original trilogy; there are way too many things wrong with this picture already.

Days of Future Past might be the best X-Men movie yet

Eventually, Professor X, Magneto, Storm, and Wolverine arrive to aid these mutants, and we find out that one of them has the power to send a person into the past. Or rather, send a person’s mind back into their past body. They come up with a plan to not only survive the attack, but stop the apocalypse from ever happening in the first place, by sending one of them all the way back in time to before the humans built the robots that would destroy all life on earth, mutants and humans alike.

Unfortunately, being sent back that far is much too dangerous for most people, because it’ll make your head go boom or something like that. But since Wolverine has instant healing abilities, he’s the perfect candidate. I know it doesn’t make any sense, but just go with it.

Days of Future Past might be the best X-Men movie yet

He’s sent back to 1973, ten years after X-Men: First Class, and we see the outcome of the events of that movie, and it’s… not good.

Charles has lost everything and fallen into a deep depression, Magneto is in a maximum security prison for the murder of John F. Kennedy, and Mystique is soon to become the rampaging murderer we all know and love from the other X-Men movies.

Unfortunately, if you were attached to any of the side characters from First Class, like Emma Frost or Tempest or Banshee, you’re out of luck; they are all dead except for Hank McCoy, which basically explains Xavier’s drinking problem and Magneto being pissed off at all of humanity.

Days of Future Past might be the best X-Men movie yet

Logan, however, is here to give these three characters new information, which is that all of this doesn’t really matter, because the choices they make now will have a huge impact on the future. And if they don’t make the right choices, things will indeed go to shit, not just for mutants, but for everybody. Armed with this foreknowledge, it’s up to Xavier, Magneto, and Mystique to decide for themselves what to do to change the future.

And that’s the greatest strength of this movie: after Wolverine delivers his message, he becomes little more than a side character, because what this movie is really about is these three characters and the choices they make for themselves. Choices that decide what kind of people they’ll become, and how that will affect the world.

They’re not flawless people; they each have their own reasons to be hurt, and sometimes they do incredibly stupid things. But you absolutely get why they’re doing them, and where they’re coming from. And you can sense how their choices will indeed affect the entire world, which makes for a much more tense and personal finale than most of these films.

By the movie’s ending, it’s not even the great action scene in the apocalypse that gets you, but the situation of the characters in the past, which carries such high stakes that this alone had me on edge, and I had no idea what was going to happen next. But I was fully immersed in the story regardless.

The script is brilliant, and it all rides on these fantastic characters, all played wonderfully by our three lead actors.

James McAvoy is amazing as a young, broken down Charles Xavier. He has just enough wit and humorous timing that he manages to steal the entire show whenever he’s on screen. This is not a Xavier who’s that sure of his ideals yet, which makes this a perfect continuation to First Class, where it was easy for Xavier to have the higher moral ground, since he hadn’t really been persecuted by humans yet. Now, however, he’s in a state where it starts to really sink in how bad things can get, and he’s experienced loss as well. He has yet to really believe in people, but you can see how he’ll one day become the wise professor we all know.

Days of Future Past might be the best X-Men movie yet

Michael Fassbender is of course really good as Magneto, who’s much more determined in his own goals, and truly believes that what he’s doing is for the greater good. And Jennifer Lawrence gets to really bring it as Mystique, the one person caught between Xavier and Magneto’s ideals, who’s trying to figure out her own part in this whole mess. By the end, everything will hinge on her.

Days of Future Past might be the best X-Men movie yet

We all know that Hugh Jackman just is Wolverine—there isn’t even anything to discuss here. But once he delivers his message to Xavier, he might as well not be in the movie at all. He has a few well-delivered small speeches here and there, as he tries to talk some sense into the young Magneto and Xavier, but at the end of the day, this movie is not about him. It’s about what Xavier, Magneto, and Mystique choose to do with the things they’ve learned.

If you’re trying to reconcile this movie with the continuity of the other films, let me just save you the trouble. There are valiant attempts to make this film fit together with the original X-Men trilogy, but the continuity is so severely messed up that we’ll all be much happier people if we don’t think about it. We’re now at Doctor Who levels of continuity when it comes to the way this movie uses time travel. Don’t question it, and just enjoy the ride.

However, the continuity with X-Men: First Class is pretty strong, and it uses the events of that movie as the perfect setup for the characters’ motivations. This puts all the more weight and depth into the characters so they really feel like people.

At the same time, the movie manages to be fun. Quicksilver shows up only to vanish completely from the movie again, and there was actually no real need for him to be here, but I can forgive that, because he was fun to have around.

Days of Future Past might be the best X-Men movie yet

This might in fact be the best movie of the X-Men franchise so far, and I honestly have no clue what they’re going to do after this. But I will admit I’m deeply curious to see where this series goes next. This movie left me wanting more, rather than leaving me frustrated, which is high praise for a film that deliberately screws over its own continuity this much.

I loved everything about Days of Future Past. It’s a film I actually want to watch again, and it’s rare that I feel that way about a movie these days.

[—Editing/cleanup/revisions to this article provided by Dr. Winston O’Boogie and Elliot Hodgett.]

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  • Immortan Scott

    I loved this too. It’s my favorite movie of the year after The Lego Movie.

    • Sofie Liv

      Me to, I did like it better than Winther soldier to, and a lot better than Godzilla.

      After watching this I do feel pretty bad about giving Godzilla that glowing a review, Godzilla was quite honestly, more of a mixed back than all around glowing.

      • Zorha

        After reading your review of Godzilla, it made me put into perspective my own context. Rather than enjoy it for the $5 popcorn muncher that it could have been, I sat with fingers laced in front of my mouth, internally trying to rationalize and critique every moment against previous installments.

        Hearing your words, I realized that I was eight again, watching Godzilla Returns in a dark (blessed) 2-D theatre. At what point did I lose that awe and exhilaration in lieu of inevitable disappointment and unattainable expectation?

        Sophie, thank you for bringing me back to a more care free time when I could lose myself watching a giant monster smash a fake city.

        • Sofie Liv

          Aw thanks ^^

          Godzilla is a mixed bag movie though, the human aspects are indeed paper thin, and the beginning does drag on.
          How-ever, the destructions and the monster actions are FANTASTIC! and even though people says that focusing the camera on the humans so we just see the monsters in the background was a bad decisions.. I really really liked it, not only was it new, but it also really helped selling the sheer scale of the monsters so they really felt GIGANTIC and the destruction of the cities felt imense and impressive, all of that was great.
          The script was still flawed, and just exsisted out of conviences to get the main character to the locations he needed to be at, but when he was finally there and the scene just played out.. man was it effective and felt like a ride of some sort.. plot.. meh.. effects.. wauw.. mixed bag movie!
          The bad was really, kind of bad. The good, was really really good.. mixed bag!

          But hell, when it is mixed bag.. why not just call it what it is? A good popcorn flick, just sit back and enjoy the ride man.
          I got to gasp a couple of times and feel the eerie atmopshere of certain scenes, it was great that way ^^

  • Muthsarah

    News flash: Sofie thinks something is the BEST!

    “I loved everything about Days of Future Past. It’s a film I actually want to watch again, and it’s rare that I feel that way about a movie these days.”

    Riiiiiiiiiight. Frozen, Hobbit, Lego Movie, Godzilla (Winter Soldier?), anything…. :p

    “The newest movie in the X-Men franchise is already out in my country.”

    Damn your country to hell! Stop doing that! Buncha cheating Sooners you are.

    As for the other 90% of your article, I’m avoiding it until I see the movie, prolly in a few hours.

    • Sofie Liv

      Actually…. I never ever said Frozen being “The best.” Disney movie, I said it was good, I never called it the best, and even called it a little bit over-rated.
      Hell, i’ve been one of the biggest stabbers against Frozen since day one, contnuesly calling it. “Good, but not that good.” over and over and over.

      I never called the Hobbit being better than the lord of the rings movies, I called them being a grant nostalgia trip for me I loved so much, BECAUSE I have that deep affection for lord of the rings all-ready. And even admitted that my own nostalgia and joy of being back in middle earth has potentially blinded me from some of the bad things in the movies.
      They are no “Lord of the rings.” movies, I never ever said that.

      I clearly stated in my winther soldier review that I didn’t think it was the best marvel movie, but that I prefered the other Captain America movie.

      I never called the new godzilla movie. “The best.” of any-thing, or that I would want to re-watch it.. I never even felt like it was as good as Pacific Rim. I called it good, but also called out on the flaws of paper thin characters and lots of plot conviences and I actually regret giving it that much praise.. the more I think about it, Godzilla is a mixed bag.

      Lego movie.. Well that because it just is that good! It still is one of the best animated comedies i’ve seen in a long while, yeah better than Frozen.

      My articles is spoiler free, you can read it without worrie and hear more about my reasonings for liking it that much.

      • Muthsarah

        But did you want to watch all of those films again or not? You were so ravin’.

        It’s great that you love so many things out there. But you still sound so gosh-darned SURPRISED when stuff like this keeps happening. From my vantage point, the movie season seems like a year-round Sofie sugar rush. :)

        • Sofie Liv

          I’ve watched Frozen and Lego movie several times.. My weakness is often animation and family movies, those I often end up watching several times.

          I only watched Winther soldier that ones, and i don’t think I am going to watch Godzilla ever again to be honest… I will probably watch the Hobbit movies again at some point.. just not.. right now… because they are looong.
          I can say for certain I am never ever going to watch any of Nolans Bat movies again unless it’s with some-one else whom insists, they are so dry to me.

          I am so going to watch This movie again, and it made me want to watch the rest of the X-men movies again to! Hell! I went back watching X-men 2 again yesterday after writing the articles, because that is the one I had on DVD and I hadn’t seen it for yeaaaars!
          I also got X-men 1 on DVD… skipped that one though and went straight for X 2, I am just more fond of that one <_<

          And yes… Yes I am extremely enthusiastic in my movies and television, and also other story telling medias. I get so happy when it's good!
          I don't know if you follow my face-book, but there you can also exsperience my endless rantings on most recent TMNT episodes, newest one piece chapters, thoughts about episodes of other stuff I happened to catch… When I get excited I really do get excited, and then I don't know how to shut up.

          If you wanna strike up a conversation with me.. ever.. just bring up a movie, or book, or comic book, or tely series, I like, then I can go on and on for-ever.

          • Muthsarah

            OK, seen it now. THIS is the X-Men movie I’ve been waiting for. It does it about as well as I think could be reasonably expected. It’s not my favorite superhero movie, it’s not even as good as The Winter Soldier, but it’s pretty damn good. X-Men is just too goofy and busy to be able to hit the heights of a more focused, relateable, less-random character or set of characters, but I’m plenty happy with how this turned out.

            …Coulda gone without yet another “central hero gets discouraged and loses heart at the worst possible time, requiring one of the other characters to cheer him on and help him to stand up to do the completely obvious thing he already knew he HAD to do right up until the plot required him to suddenly waffle.” Yes, as was said above, it’s good that this movie avoided the “my god, the villain WANTED to be captured all along!” bit, but we just couldn’t go without another overused recent trope, could we? Least favorite part of the movie (though everything in the future was…so grim, even I had a hard time with it).

            P.S. How many times now have they started an X-Men movie with a Holocaust?

          • Sofie Liv

            Well, that kind of us a classics hero journey so well..

            But, I actually thought that Xaviers position here made a lot of sense, it wasn’t out of no-where.

            Again, in “First-class.” it was so damn easy for him to have the moral high-ground and say. “oh no, we shouldn’t hurt ordinary humans, we should be friend.”
            That was so easy for him because… Nothing had ever happened to him!

            He had never been followed or prosecuted like Magneto or Mystique, he had never been pointed or ever had to scrape by while hiding his true identiy, he was born rich and wealthy into a good home, he got every-thing handed to him at that point.

            While Magneto had it far more rough, being served up the cruelty of humanities fear and hate for him because of what he just happened to be born as.

            Now how-ever.. Xavier finally figured out.. the world is not as good as he thought it was.
            Now he had tried being persecuted by ordinary people, they took all his work away from him, because of who he is.
            He got to witness the people he took under his wing, suffer.. finally he gets to be aware of the ugly side of humanity to.

            And it’s first now, when he can’t be as ignorant any longer as he was before, it’s time to actually take a real stand about his own ideals.
            Now being aware of how ugly things can get from both sides, will he still believe that things can be better, that he can make a difference.
            Or will he now believe, with all the crap he has seen, that it’s hopeless any-how, every-body are monsters any-ways so why even bother when it’s hopeless?

            Heh, even though this movie is more “out there.” than any of ther other X-men movies, with all the time travel and apocalypse and all of that, that alone is way more substance than any of the other movies, especially within a character arch and motivation… I have huge trouble mentioning any character whom was conflicted with himself like that in any of the X movies.. there’s wasn’t much character development to be had, they always just kind of, moved from point to point.

            Of course except for First Class where again, Xavier had tons of character development, especially in the last scene at Cuba where his naive beliefs got sucker punched for the first time, and he quite clearly, couldn’t even understand that some-one would send bombs after them.
            Ones again, at that point he couldn’t even have known of the ugly around him, he had never been exsposed to it before, so it was compleately new to him, and thus he just didn’t understand it yet.. Yet there it was, and it happened, right in front of his.

            People tried to kill him, Magneto DID kill a person, it happened, shit just got real for Xavier, and apparently it continued for that ten years further where things just got to difficult for him to handle up until “Futures Past.” where he finally accepted the world for what it is, and then decided to try and do better regardless as he finds out that he actually can do a difference, he just has to get back on track after he stumbled :)

          • Muthsarah

            Which was well-handled by the movie during Wolverine’s initial visit to Xavier’s mansion, his chess-match speech with Erik, and in Xavier rejecting the serum-thing. But when he collapsed after the initial Cerebro experience and suddenly declared “nope, too hard, I’ma give up, go on without me, even though that’s obviously impossible and I’ll just doom the future, whatevs”, it got way too forced; I couldn’t accept that Xavier could still have been THAT fragile, when he had no trouble whatsoever with all the other things he had done and seen to the point. It was too jarring, and felt too obviously like a shoehorned-in woobie moment. He actually needed TWO people to hold his hand, stroke his hair, and tell him that he’s a special flower, and that everything will be OK, that everyone believes in him, and, audience, while you’re listening, please clap. Live, Charles, LIVE!!!

          • Sofie Liv

            Well, obviously that happened as an excuse for old and young Charles Xavier to interact.
            Which I admit, was one of the more hoaky scenes out of all of them… but oh well, it’s there. They have their little conversation, it lasted what.. three minutes at most and then we have moved on over that point.. i’m oki doke with that.

            And yeah, Xaviers and Magnetos argument on the air plane was a highlight indeed, just because of two brilliant actors and two very well written characters. There was more tension there than some fight scenes in lesser good superhero movies.

  • Dex_Meridian

    The most refreshing things about DoFP:
    1.) There’s not much recap or extensive introduction. It just gives the basic set-up and launches into it fully.
    2.) Wolverine is not the central character, despite being advertised as such.
    3.) Magneto is never “captured” as part of an elaborate plan on his part.
    4.) Nowhere is there a moustache-twirling, sadistic, slobbering crazy villain. Everyone has proper motive.
    5.) A minimum of name-checking smaller characters from previous films. There’s no five minute scene of “Where’s so-and-so? Oh, he disappeared? I’m sure he might be back! And what about what’s-her-face?”

    • Immortan Scott

      Yeah, I was surprised that Wolverine wasn’t overexposed. He has a lot of screentime, but he doesn’t feel shoehorned in. That’s one of the many things I loved about this movie.

      • Sofie Liv

        Ones again… ones he is in the future he is kind of pushed back to the back-ground, he is nothing more than a side-note then.
        The movie is not about him, it’s about Xavier, Magneto and Mystique.

        But they do in fact carrie the movie so much better than he could ever do! They do have conflicts with themselves and each other, they do have development throughout the movie, all three of them are forced to stop up and question themselves, all of them have doubt, because that is how big the meaning behinds their actions are going to be, and you feel that doubt, you feel that inner struggle in these three characters.

        That is some-thing Wolverine could never have in this situation, and that is sooo much better, these people feel, really really human.

        And yeah, just letting their action speak for themselves. By the end with all the cameras turned on them.. You KNOW that what is happening here is important, you KNOW that this is going to decide how people are going to react for all future, the circumstances are so much bigger than the people themselves, and that’s what makes it scary for all of them.

        We see a changing world, not explained through long tiresome dialouge (Look at any Goyer script.) but through simple actions and consequences showed to us!
        Show don’t tell!

        When Mystiquie is exsposed… first time in human history within this univers that a mutant is being exsposed to common man and the cat is out of the bag, you KNOW that is a huge event and any-thing happening immediatly afterwards in regards to mutants will be huge and have consquences for all future.. so much love!

        • Sisegexe

          I think my favorite thing, in this movie filled with things I loved, is that it’s the first in the series to properly utilize Wolverine: he’s a supremely useful, badass _supporting character_.

  • Richard Eriksson Hjelm

    Ah so it might actually be tolerable to someone who dosen’t care for X-men

    • Jerry Nava

      Take it from a guy who has never cared about X-men and doesn’t know more than a couple characters, this movie was highly entretaining. There are a few bits they could have done without like the Quicksilver scenes but then again those were also pretty funny.

      The movie is easy to follow despite following so many characters, it helps that the main focus is Mystique and they make that clear through the entire film (no more Logan being the star, yay!), I do think the scenes set in the future needed a bit of set up, for a couple minutes my reaction consisted of a lot of: “Who the hell is this person?” but then they started using their powers as a team and I forgot about it.

      X Men DoFP is fun, just don’t expect it to make a lot of sense, it is a time travel story after all.

      • Sofie Liv

        Time travel AND prequel.. again, if you wanna tie it together with the original trioligy.. forget it!
        Prequel all-ready is a sure recipe on how to fuck up continuety, they will always do that if the prequel is to be decent AND then it’s a time-travel movie where you go to the past to change the future, just… nope.

        And I also guess that’s the good thing about having the X-men as the thing you make movies about, where one tenth of the earths population are indeed mutants within the comic books, so.. mutants are exspendable, you can kill them off and then just have them there.
        There’s a girl whom can send you into the past?? All-right why not, these are mutants, it’s allready established that they all have powers at complete randomn, that’s they core set-up for the entire thing.

        Nope, the sciens and the time-travel doesn’t make any sense, but I don’t care!
        Because the characters and events actually DO make sense, and that’s what’s important to me, that’s the core.

        I also guess I am so used to Doctor who it takes a lot to shake me now when it comes to fucking around with time and continuity, as long as the ride is fun and the personal stories of the characters are spot on.. I am good! And that is this movie.

    • Muthsarah

      Uhhhh…..maybe. It really, really, REALLY helps to have seen First Class. Not for the purposes of “who the hell is that person?!” or “that’s gotta be a plot hole, they didn’t explain why he/she did that!”, but just to make it easier to hit the story running. The movie starts out with a sizable bit of Captain’s L – I mean exposition – so that should help anyone coming in cold, but you’ll still be running into several characters that were (re-)defined in First Class; if you’ve already seen the movie, then you start off knowing all you need to know about them.

      The first 10-15 minutes could be a chore, though, if you don’t know much of anything about X-Men (or if you do, and just don’t care much about them). Just understand that you really don’t NEED to understand everything that’s going on at the start, as they will explain everything eventually; better to keep your mind relaxed until the movie really gets going (and you’ll know immediately when that is).

  • Jerry Nava

    There is one thing that left me confused during the movie…


    During the scene where young Charles gets into Logans mind, he sees bits and pieces from every movie in the franchise…which also includes the scene where he kills Jean/Phoenix. So, sure, this means everything is in continuity right? But then I remembered…didn’t literally everybody die during The Last Stand?? If those events actually happened then how are X-men like Xavier and such alive in the dark future? Are they just referencing that moment as a nod? Or did Wolverine actually time travel before this time and doesn’t know it? That was really confusing.

    • Sofie Liv

      I have no clue, the continuity is so fucked up in this movie, my best guess honestly is, and was what I had to assume as I left the cinema hall.. X-men Last Stand didn’t happen!

      They deleted X-men last stand from any continuity.. which.. lols!
      That’s the first time I can remember some-body actually went ahead and down-right deleted an entire movie from the contiunity like that! Not even highleander went that far.. but there it is.. X-men last Stand is hereby deleted from all continuity XD

      I know I should be angry because… continuity and all of that, but I can only find it freaking hillarious!

      • Jerry Nava

        Oh they retconned Last Stand all right, I’m pretty sure that was one of Singer’s objectives from the start. And they make sure to show it with the final scenes.

        However the bit I’m talking about happened before the retcon happened so…huh, what the hell happened there?

        • Sofie Liv

          He changed the past so the present is that much different, apparently..

          Mystique never came back to Magneto, so a whole string of events didn’t happen as Magneto was lacking his right hand woman now… There’s a new continuity where the old movies kind of happened but also kind of.. didn’t happen…. TIME TRAVEL!

          But oh well, now we can make lots and lots of new movies with the younger cast, and as long as Xavier survives, we will be just oki doke with the new continuity, they got free hands now.
          Which I am all for! Because these three new leads are way more interesting than Wolverine, and I rather want a new Xavier movie with McAvoy in the lead, than another empty Wolfie movie <_<

          • Muthsarah

            Well…gotta knock the movie again:


            When we see the early “clip” of Mystique killing Trask and getting captured, it’s not immediately clear that there’s not a gap of time between them. But when we actually see it, sorta, happen, we understand they were maybe two seconds apart. So exactly when did Mystique “go back to Magneto”? He was in prison, she was in ‘Nam (and prolly other places), and they don’t meet until she confronts Trask. And, historically, she kills him and gets captured. She couldn’t have been captured AFTER the events of the previous X-Men movies, so none of them could have happened.

            Therefore, I must conclude (as I concluded while watching), that these two timelines simply do not connect at all, anywhere, and that all the events leading up to this movie’s intro are in a timeline completely separate from the original trilogy. So the ENTIRE original trilogy was ret-conned by this movie.

            Which I’m perfectly fine with, and not just because this is already a MUCH better trilogy than the last one. Amazing Spiderman retconned Raimi’s Spiderman. Abrams’ Star Trek retconned Roddenberry’s Star Trek (before it even started). It’s OK to have separate universes, as long as the creators acknowledge that they are separate.

          • Sofie Liv

            Well, the thing I assumed was that originally, Mystiqe got captured and exsperimented on like that, Magneto would eventually escape and go to find the only one remaining survivor of his old gang, he failed to protect every-one else, but he would protect Mystique, so he would go rescue her.
            The fact that he actually came for her in that hell hole Mystique had landed herself in, would be enough for her to swear eternal loyalship to Magneto, and the people whom was in depth to her, one of them being Toad whom appeared in this movie and then later in X-2, would go with her over to Magneto… That would be my biggest guess.
            But since nothing specific in stated in the movie and its all left to interpretation, it’s all up for debate.

            I gotta admit, I don’t mind the retcon either, mostly because I just liked the overall tone and style of this movie much better than the original triology.

            The characters are more vibrant and engaging, the storie is more comic book like, for better and worse, the world actually also seems more colourful and fun, more vibrant and stands more clear. I like this new version a lot better, and I actually love the fact they didn’t take themselves too seriously in this movie either.
            Yeah we had our messages about tolerance and how to respond to hate put in your own direction, how your actions will affect how people looks and you and will respond to you.
            But it didn’t feel as heavy handed as in the other movies, and there was a good sense of fun in it to :)

          • Muthsarah

            Yeah….except how would you explain the total lack of Sentinels in the first movie? There were even government figures urging a stronger line against mutants….and nobody brought up “hey, remember that thing with Nixon and the giant robots, and when that one mutant dropped a whole stadium on the White House? I know it was the 70s, but we weren’t ALL on drugs.”

            The original trilogy was just a relic of its time – superhero films have gotten a lot more confident, special effects have gotten a lot more sophisticated, and previous films have set the bar for quality a lot higher. Probably best to just let them go and be a pre-Phase I thing, fun for the fans, but not a chain-o-backstory for all future films to drag around. To bring up Star Trek yet again, some of the clumsiest bits of the TNG/DS9 era were attempts made to tie events and aesthetics to TOS in a very literal and completionist way, even though that just couldn’t be done while making a lick of sense, because TOS was such a product of a very, very different time.

            Hopefully, after this movie, the cord to the first trilogy can be cut for good; they paid more than enough lip-service to it, and they can bring Stewart and McKellan back without the fans wondering which universe they’re in.

          • The_Stig

            Basically Wibbly Wobbly, Timey Wimey.

        • Muthsarah

          X3 was removed from continuity by First Class itself (EDIT: based on what I’ve heard). I viewed this movie with the assumption that the professor, Magneto, Storm, etc. were indeed all from another timeline….but not the one in the previous trilogy. Some better universe. Left it open-ended, made it easier.

          • Jerry Nava

            But if X3 was removed from continuity why did Logan remember killing Jean and Cyclops being dead?

            But yeah, I do think you’re right, open minded makes it easier @-@

          • Muthsarah

            Because science,silly.

            Different timeline. Forget the first three. They sucked anyway.

            Yeah…kinda like how Sofie said (in her never-sufficiently-judgmental way), the movie TRIED to fit in with the first three. To me, every such effort failed. If it provided some comfort, or sense of continuity to those who still loved the first three, wunderbar. But seriously, it should be clear by now that ever since First Class, the entire current X-Men franchise has been a 100% reboot, if a reboot that didn’t wanna discard Jackman, Stewart, and McKellan (can’t blame ’em). Can’t say if The Wolverine was (didn’t see it), but given the reception to Wolverine: Origins, I wouldn’t be surprised if that was similarly, conveniently, forgotten.

            Good thing I don’t really give two $#!+s about X-Men. I guess I can kinda understand where all those LotR or Star Trek laymen were back when those movies came out. Ignorance and apathy do beget acceptance of blasphemy, so blasphemer be I, and all the happier for it.

          • Sisegexe

            Part of the time-travel mumbo-jumbo is that Wolverine, as the time traveler, will still remember the original timeline. So all of the preceding films (with the exception of Origins, which is directly contradicted even before the Bad Future gets wiped out) still happened to Wolverine, so they are still canon after a fashion. Wolverine basically just jumped from one timeline to another.

      • Nuclearademan

        The film knocked Last Stand out of continuity and completely ignored Xmen Origins which is a smart move.

      • greg

        technically they are all knocked out of continuity

    • charlie

      Xavier came back to life at the end of one of the films; I can’t remember which one but I believe it was The Last Stand. He transferred his mind into another hospital patient we see earlier in the film in order to keep himself alive. All of the other X-Men shown in DOFP weren’t killed, and the ones that were killed we not shown in the film.

    • drdvdplayerhandbook

      charlie is right. There was a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it plot element in The Last Stand that showed Xavier discussing a brain-dead patient in the hospital. His brain was actually working, but he was basically mindless, and he was discussing with his alumni the ethics of transfering a convalescent person’s mind into this patient’s body.

      At the end of the film, after the credits, we get a scene that reveals he actually did such a thing. He transfered his own mind to the patient’s body before Phoenix killed him. Now, here’s the thing that the movie doesn’t explain because it’s a deleted scene: that patient was Xavier’s twin brother. There are a couple of things wrong with that, such as the fact that the patient’s legs don’t work either (which could be attributed to a genetic defect that affects both), or the fact that not only Xavier’s mind was transfered, but also his powers. But to be fair, it works well with the context of the X-Men universe.

      And even if you ignore the “twin” angle, you have to remember Xavier can make people see illusions, so he could project his own image on top of the other guy’s body.

  • Muthsarah

    Oh, and a big shout-out to the Quicksilver solo, set to Jim Croce’s “Time in a Bottle”. Truly one of the very best scenes-set-to-a-song I can recall in forever. It’s a real stand-out of a scene, and is EASILY my favorite scene in the movie*. The whole character suggests a movie in his own right; kinda like Boba Fett syndrome.

    Look forward to it, newbies. No spoilers. Nuthin’ to spoil. It’s just….perfect. So fun, and even kinda beautiful. Tell me you’ve never had thoughts like that.

    * – even though it did have LOTS of good, fun lil’ references to all sortsa stuff. Really, the lil’ things are some of the stuff this movie got the most right.

  • fearfanforever

    Not reading the comments to avoid spoilers, but from what I understand the next one is going to involve the ‘Age of Apocalypse’ storyline. So yeah, they’ve traded one crap future for another, equally crappy future.

  • Gallen Dugall

    I’ve “enjoyed” all the X-Men movies but I don’t bother to see them in the theaters anymore. After however many they’ve done I’ve decided that the stories are clearly too complex to survive compression into a film format without sacrificing lots of big story elements.

  • conservative man

    You mean this movie is actually good ?!!! DO I dare get my hopes up that this new X-Men movie will give the franchise the much needed shot in the arm to get it started over again with a clean slate ? I haven’t yet seen the movie and yet I can’t help but get excited for it, but I must not get my hopes up too much just yet. If all goes well with this film then we will see if the next one with Apocalypse ( the first mutant ) will be the X-men’s Avengers ! Keep your fingers crossed people, this may be the turning point.

  • edharris1178

    Just saw it this afternoon. I dig that it’s more of a sequel to First Class than anything else and on that level, rather pointless deaths of most of the cast of that film aside, it works quite well. It’s really a Professor X movie in a way and James McAvoy delivers the goods big time. Overall a fun movie, could have used more Dinklage though.

  • Arakasi_99

    One of the things that I really liked about it was that it showed the (future) X-men working together as a team in combat- especially with Blink and her portals. They really put a lot of thought into “how would these mutants use their powers together in order to maximise their effectiveness”. Its what you would expect from a team that had access to the Danger Room for training, followed by fighting for their lives on a regular basis.

  • The movie entertained me and I loved every minute of it. But if a movie can do that AND wipe away the stink of the 3rd Xmen (and Origins, and I guess really all of the Xmen movies) then that’s the icing on the cake. They made it so they can go where ever they want now.

    Some time-travel can be used badly to hit a reset button as an easy way out but this shows how to do it right and how to repair things that were bad. In a way, the ending reminded me of “Back to the Future.”