VIDEO: X-Men: The Last Stand (2006)

By popular demand, Sybil looks back at one of the most maligned comic book movies ever produced. But will she say what you want her to say about it?

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  • David F White

    X-men 3 is the Best of the trilogy!!! But Dark phenoix Should have moved the Golden Gate bridge, not Magneto!!!

    • It is not the best. The script is a cluttered mess. The sets look cheap, Storm is awful, and Magneto acts out of character.

      • Jonathan Campbell

        Magneto doesn’t act out of character.

        If you mean sending the weaker mutants to their deaths as a distraction, or betraying Mystique, remember that this is the same guy who, in X2, was quite happy to trick his best friend into wiping out every human on the planet- aside from the amount of suffering this would cause surviving mutants (seeing their humans family and friends die in agony, or mutants unfortunate enough to be travelling by bus / train / aeroplane etc. when the human driver / pilot kicks the bucket along with everyone else, or young mutant children losing their human parents….), the fact that he is willing to so casually attempt something so utterly monstrous makes anything he does in the third movie peanuts by comparison.

        In short, Magneto is a dick.

        • Toby Clark

          Honestly, that moment infuriates me more than anything in The Last Stand or even Origins: Wolverine. Admittedly, I don’t know whether or not he’s done anything comparable in the comics, but the idea that a holocaust survivor would be that willing to orchestrate the deaths of billions of civillians and still portray himself as a Well-Intentioned Extremist afterward just makes me facepalm.

          • Jonathan Campbell

            Its probably the worst thing he’s ever attempted, but in the comics he’s still done some pretty bad stuff; Granto Morrison actually had him take over New York and send people to death chambers in blatant Holocaust fashion, though this was retconned as not being the real Magneto. How villainous he is depends on the writer, but he’s certainly guilty of mass murder and attempts to start a race war, even despite the times he is portrayed sympathetically.

            There is also Ultimate Magneto, who is another story altogether- an arrogant fantasist with blatantly genocidal plans for humanity, who runs his Brotherhood like a murderous terrorist cult and at least once is implied to actually EAT humans Hannibal Lecter style. He ruthlessly and intentionally cripples both Xavier and his own son, and when he is finally killed off for good its after carries out a plan to wreck Earth’s eco-systems, including flooding New York (I think he planned to ultimately flood most of the Earth, basically as if he was God), and both he and his brotherhood kill murder several established characters.

            Magneto being a hypocrite is nothing new though; in fact its a fundamental part of his character. Being a Holocaust survivor doesn’t make him a good person, and its meant to be ironic that such a man would develop his own Master Race philosophy in the first place, never mind think of himself as fighting a race war. There is a bit of an undercurrent that while he might believe his own rhetoric, what REALLY drives Magneto is both a gigantic ego and a need for revenge against his Nazi tormentors- and since their all gone, he’s transferred that need for revenge to anti-mutant humans, and he’s cynical enough that at times he includes in that category humans in general.

            Basically, while he’s noble and sympathetic more often than not these days, its pretty established that he’s not a good man turned bad by tragedy (and the Holocaust wasn’t even the only bad thing to happen to him- for a start, when he first accidently revealed his mutant powers, it inspired an angry mob that burned his house down, killing his young daughter- he responded by throwing the house on them, which terrified his wife enough to leave him; he then killed all the soldiers sent in to find out what was happening); he was an always had been a pretentious arrogant narcissist who happened to go through some very traumatic events.

            Also, he’s Bi-Polar, which was suggested as to explain his shifts in character, for how he can go to ruthless anti-hero to grandiose villain, though for that to make sense you still have to accept that base Magneto is full of himself and willing to use extremist methods either way.

            So Magneto becoming a genocidal maniac, who still portrays himself as a Well Intentioned Extremist (and believes it)- yeah, that has precedent, even if nothing he’s ever done quite matches the thing he tried to do in X2.

        • David F White

          Magneto is a God!! Micheal Fassbender is a Dick!!

      • mamba

        Him slaughtering everyone, that’s well within character. What killed it for me was when he so quickly and callously abandoned Mystique as soon as she was “cured”. I get that he preferred the mutant form and loved her dearly and it showed that he was deeply racist against humans…

        …but the problem is she never WAS a human, nor did she turn into one, She’s still a mutant, just a depowered one. He should have seen her as what she was a “handicapped mutant”, and one he loved at that. He would have then focused on destroying the cure so that it wouldn’t “cripple another of his race”, or obtaining the source so he could try and reverse it, to turn it against humans, something like that.

        As soon as he turned his back on her so glibly and so such a fundamentally wrong reason, that’s when the movie lost me. funny how most people I talk to can name the scene that lost them in this movie…there are so many to chose from! :)

        It could have been a beautiful followup to X2, but alas…alas…

        • Jonathan Campbell

          I’ve heard theories- I think even from the producers- that Mystique ALLOWED herself to be depowered and she and Magneto staged the whole thing so that later on she could send the government into the forest when Magneto’s army has already left; in other words, they were in cahoots the whole time, which explains why he was willing to abandon her yet forgot that she knew where his army was based.

          Though whether that’s true or not, Magneto does NOT “love her deeply”. The point was, for all his lofty ideals, he’s more obsessed with his own self-importance and leading a mutant army than anything else, and he’s a manipulative bastard through and through. Having a human, even if said human is a depowered mutant, amongst his ranks matters less to him than making a point- “mutants only, no exceptions, and I’m driven and ruthless enough to abandon my own friends for my cause, so your all with me, because a ruthless SOB is exactly what you want and

          The mutants he was leading were all angry and feeling persecuted; people like that are often attracted to the most ruthless charismatic leaders, because they want to be with the guy who makes them feel strong, who taps into their selfishness and rage (as in, they’re past their breaking point and don’t WANT to care about anyone else who isn’t with them 100%- Mystique losing her powers means by default, she couldn’t be), and Magneto was consciously playing that part for them.

          Days of Future Past continued that- he was STILL willing to betray Mystique even back in the 70’s, and he was STILL bent on taking the most extreme course of action to the detriment of his allies in order to make a point and be the most important person on the field.

  • If anything Rogues use in the comics pales in comparison to her use in the movies. Her metaphorical value in the films is immeasurable, though they still did not go far enough with her, it would have been to the movie’s benefit to have her contributing to the film’s climactic fight in a non-mutant way to show her value beyond her powers. It is what they did with Secret Agent Moira in “First Class”.

    And yes they should have done either the cure or the Phoenix, mixing them was shitty, and the script was crowded with too many potential action figures rather than characters.

  • Toby Clark

    The Last Stand may have its problems, but I don’t think it deserves as much abuse as it gets, and I especially don’t think it deserved the indignity of a Cosmic Retcon.

  • Egil Hellá

    Why did you nor review Spider-Man 2 Batman Begins Fantastic Four and Elektra before this movie ? because they cam out before it did

  • The_Stig

    Alcatraz, Sybil. Not Riker’s Island. The climax took place in San Francisco, Riker’s is in New York. …and I CANNOT agree with you on Rogue. In X-Men, she was a plot device. Something to move from one action scene to the next. Her last name might as well have been McGuffin. In X2 she was just Iceman’s arm candy and not much else. In X-3 she was a non-entity whose entire screen time was spent whining about getting the cure. They could have cut her out of the movie entirely and no one would have noticed….which is funny because in Days of Future Past she WAS cut out of the movie. No one noticed.

    These films bungled Rogue so badly that defending the direction they went with her is impossible.

    • Solkir

      Oh shit! I did say Riker’s didn’t I? Fuuuuuuuck!

  • Danielle Osgan

    hella late but it needs to be said, that outfit was foxy.