Xanadu (1980) (part 5 of 7)

Shutter wipe back to the art studio, where Sonny marches in. He goes to the phone and rings up Simpson, saying that he wants to see him right away. His co-workers ask what’s going on, but Sonny assures them everything’s okay. Simpson appears on the landing, and Sonny announces he’s quitting. This speech would be glorious and vengeful, except Michael Beck delivers it with all the feeling of somebody reading off a take-out menu.

Sonny: Simpson, I’ve worked like a dog trying to make Tuesday Wednesday. I couldn’t do it. I must be a failure.
Simpson: [looking around] Is he straight?
Sonny: You told me if I didn’t do things the right way, I’d be fired. Well, you were right.
Simpson: Huh?
Sonny: I’m fired! [pointing a finger in Simpson’s face] Malone, I want you out of here in five minutes. That’s five minutes, Malone, and if it’s six, just keep walking! Got it?

Having convinced everyone he’s completely out of his mind, Sonny runs out of the studio, chortling. He pauses to invite them all to the club. “Opening night, whatever you want, it’s on the house!” He ducks out, then ducks back in. “You know, I always wanted to say that line!” But did he always want to say it with such a blank delivery? That’s the million dollar question.

So, nice burning of the bridges there, Sonny. Just think: in a year or so, disco roller rinks will go the way of the dodo, and there you’ll be, drawing chalk pictures on the sidewalk. And Simpson will be there in his security guard uniform, laughing his ass off.

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LaShawn Wanak

When not burying her face in a book or wiping snot off her preschooler, LaShawn can often be found hunched over her laptop, churning out short stories and cackling madly. She likens bad movies to fried twinkies--greasy, fattening, full of empty calories, and very, very addictive.

Multi-Part Article: Xanadu (1980)

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