Xanadu (1980) (part 4 of 7)

Fade in to Sonny back at the studio. What, no shutter wipe? I guess after that dance routine, even Greenwald thought it would look tacky. Sonny’s putting the finishing touches on his painting of the album cover, and the camera pans over to show Kira’s silhouette behind him. The camera pans back to him, and when it pans again, she’s gone. Magic! Come on, you have to believe she is magic. She then walks right up to him, and he jumps. She apologizes, and then he asks her to stay. Don’t try and act like a man; we all know she scared the crap out of you.

Kira compliments him on his painting. Sonny stoically says it’s the first time he’s cared about what he painted. Kira sighs, “It’s must be frustrating to waste your talents on things that don’t really matter to you.” Speaking from experience there, Olivia? Sonny just says, “Yeah,” with all the passion of a brick. He then goes on about how “a guy” he met on the beach has this “crazy idea” about finding a club. Kira points to the painting.

Kira: Well, if it’s a place you want, what about this one? My place, where we met?
Sonny: That? Forget it.
Kira: I think it has a very special aura about it.
Sonny: It’s a dump!

Real smooth, Sonny. First you diss Danny’s clarinet playing, and now you’re ragging on a girl’s very special skating place? No wonder chicks find you irresistible.

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LaShawn Wanak

When not burying her face in a book or wiping snot off her preschooler, LaShawn can often be found hunched over her laptop, churning out short stories and cackling madly. She likens bad movies to fried twinkies--greasy, fattening, full of empty calories, and very, very addictive.

Multi-Part Article: Xanadu (1980)

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