Xanadu (1980) (part 3 of 7)

Sonny and Gene Kelly retire to a restaurant, and Sonny is whining, which he hasn’t done in at least four minutes. He lays out his woes, but Kelly urges him to keep looking for this mysterious girl. Because we all love watching Kira torment Sonny, and I’m sure Kelly feels the same way.

Then Kelly offers one more tip: “Don’t look underwater anymore.” Hey, I can offer some advice, too, free of charge: Don’t be such a jerk, Sonny. Don’t diss old men trying to make music on the beach. And for the love of everything holy, please change your facial expressions once in a while. That blank, slightly bewildered stare of yours is already getting old.

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LaShawn Wanak

When not burying her face in a book or wiping snot off her preschooler, LaShawn can often be found hunched over her laptop, churning out short stories and cackling madly. She likens bad movies to fried twinkies--greasy, fattening, full of empty calories, and very, very addictive.

Multi-Part Article: Xanadu (1980)

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