The X-Files' Worst. Episode. Ever.


From the kind souls at, this recap of a notoriously awful Season 7 episode of The X-Files just might give you nightmares for all the wrong reasons.

(Fun fact: Rob Bricken’s “Worst Episode Ever” series of recaps at were a key inspiration for the HNTP revamp last year.)


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TV Show: The X-Files

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  • Betsy Murgatroyd

    So, am I losing my mind, or are there no externals links to this and the next post?

    • Hmm… there’s a pretty big flaw in the system! If you’re on the HNTP homepage and you click on this article, it’ll automatically take you to the other website. But if you come to this page from somewhere other than the homepage, it’s pretty much a dead end. SORRY! Fortunately, it’s easily fixed. There. Thanks for bringing it to our attention!

      • Betsy Murgatroyd

        Thank you!