VIDEO: WTF? Episode 1.0: After School Special

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Join Johnny Oldschool as he watches the internet videos that make you say “WTF?” including an edible baby, an egg you can masturbate with, bizarre anti-drug PSAs, and a Claymation scene created by guys who clearly didn’t watch the aforementioned PSAs. Featuring guest appearances by Shirtless Darth Vader and the Wonder Wallabee!

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  • Well, that’s tonight’s nightmare all sorted.

    • John Sco

      If you want nightmare fuel…..

      The pacing it horrible, the lighting is atrocious, and the sound is like listening to a farting orangutan. But the jokes are decent, and the video I play at the very end is….not to be watched alone in the dark……ever…..
      (Yeah, feel free to skip ahead until the end when things start to go dark.)

  • Sofie Liv

    Gotta say, really cool idea!

    With a little more polishing this could become like the NC’s commercial special episodes, and those really were some of his most enjoyable work.

    Eating babies…. aren’t there a horror movie all-ready existing based around that concept? oO; 

    • John Sco

      Thanks Sofie!

      But I will say that as much as I loved NC’s retrospectives of commercials, this particular idea for a show was never meant to imitate that. “WTF?” was actually my first attempt at making internet videos many, many years ago, and I was originally inspired by seeing Sean Fauz’s first episode of “Epic Fail”. At the time, most of my entertainment was from watching random internet nonsense, and I quite liked his show, but I didn’t want to copy it directly out of respect. What I came up with was trying to highlight various strange clips together in a theme, mixed in with various short skits or jokes. 
      (And no, I’m not linking to the early episodes. They are embarrassing as absolute fuck. Except for maybe episodes 8 and 9, even though their pacing is horrible.)

      Anyways, the point I’m getting at is this is an attempt to make something slightly original. The episode is labeled “1.0” because although it is technically the tenth episode, this was my first attempt at rebooting the series using what I have learned about making a decent video over the years. “WTF?” Will be a sort of raunchy, sick humor show for me. Aaaaand, that’s probably pretty evident int his one.

      Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a baby to eat.

  • That Catchphrase clip went straight over my head when I was younger (it was an early to mid 90s game show after all) but now I know, the more I’m laughing with the audience. Just the fact that the right individual square was removed each turn to make it an even funnier reveal. That and the resultant Catchphrase was Snake Charmer which was the cherry on top. Oh and I think that baby cake is the sasquatch from Undead Nightmare’s favourite dessert, or so we thought…

    • John Sco

      I swear, there must have been some guy in the studio who was controlling that whole Catchphrase thing that was pissing his pants laughing. There’s no way that could have been random! But if it was, well then it’s even more hilarious. :p

  • edharris1178

    Inspired.  Great stuff, man.

  • I like to imagine that they had served that Baby Cake while at a family restaurant like McDonalds; I’m loving it!