Wonkette serves Neil Cavuto a nutritious knuckle sandwich

neil cavuto

Hey, you guys ever heard of this Wonkette site before? Yeah, the one with all the Ponies. Apparently they sometimes talk politics over there, which means I can rely on them to deal with all the squalid, bilious FOX News stupidity, which is convenient because I don’t wanna.

Today, Dok Zoom claims Neil Cavuto is subtly trying to slip in a jab at socialist ugzilla Michelle Obama while conversing with a nice sportsball player. See if you can spot it:


Cavuto set up the interview by reminding viewers that nobody anywhere likes the terrible nutritious meals that Michelle Obama is personally cooking for schoolchildren, noting that a Kentucky school district has opted out of new federal guidelines since “kids just wouldn’t eat the healthy meals no matter what Michelle Obama said.” Over video of Wilson, Cavuto mused, “Maybe they need this guy to beat a little bit of eating sense into them, because Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson doesn’t seem to have any trouble getting kids to eat right.” We suppose the United Way program that Wilson was there to talk about has an advantage, in that it’s aimed specifically at kids who don’t have food.

Yeah, I don’t see it either.

FOX News > Fox Entertainment Group > 21st Century Fox (Rupert Murdoch, CEO)

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