Wonkette says nice things about Megyn Kelly and is anyone else all weirded out right now?

Dok Zoom over at Wonkette says:

9:00 PM, Channel 433 (HD): THE MOD SQUAD (1971): A brash younger member of the force (Megyn Kelly) explains the frustrations of the black underclass to a skeptical police Captain (Bill O’Reilly) whose traditionalist views blind him to the situation on the ground. Guest appearances by Huey Newton, Charles Nelson Reilly.

Here’s a thing that happened on Fox [News] Monday night: Megyn “Santa Claus is White” Kelly actually explained to Bill O’Reilly that the situation in Ferguson, Missouri, isn’t just about a lot of lazy takers waiting for a chance to break shop windows and make off with all the Jheri-Curl they can carry. In fact, she almost seemed to think that there might be some reality in what O’Reilly dismissively called the “white privilege theory,” which is surely just some leftist illusion intended to make white people feel guilty.

Could it be true? Has Megyn turned commie? Dok’s got quotes and videos and everything.


Nah, sounds like more lie-beral media propaganda to me.

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