VIDEO: Wonder Woman: Y U No Have Movie?

All the boys are getting their own movies. Why not the most recognizable female hero in the world?

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  • drumstick00m

    Thank you for taking all the words out of my mouth…

    • danbreunig

      Out of yours, mine, and countless others.

  • Your case FOR a Wonder Woman movie is exactly why nobody is touching Wonder Woman as a property in cinema. Wonder Woman is a Superhero with a feminist agenda not like when she was created, but now with the modern feminist agenda. The only exception being Bruce Timm’s Wonder Woman from the DCAU Justice League. Her whole existence is still present because she has an Agenda. If there was a possibility to detach her from it and re-establish, then it would be possible to make a good modern Wonder Woman movie.

    Also you are mixing too many subjects into one and make them dependable from each other which isn’t the case. Reason’s for female characters looking the way they do in comics are different from why movies with female protagonists bomb, it has more to do with the content as it’s not easy to write a compelling movie let alone one with a female protagonist as, as soon as you start your movie with the idea of a female protagonist you start to tailor the movie specifically for this one premise (subconsciously or not) which is why a lot of movies with female protagonists like Supergirl bomb, as their content is just this one note premise with nothing going beyond it. So those movies bombing has to do with the fact they have female protagonists but not in the way you initially think, more indirectly, hence why a lot of writers just avoid the topic altogether.

    All in all I don’t think your video was helpful or differentiated enough at the same time I honestly don’t think one should place so much meaning on fictional women or men who don’t exist in RL. As they say everything goes in fiction especially in Fantasy, don’t like it, don’t buy it. And when there is a successful concept for a Wonder Woman movie that will work we will get one. Let’s just wait and see.

    • Solkir

      I guess, if by “feminist agenda” you mean “being treated the same as male characters.”

      I believe your second point is exactly what I said in the video; about writers who make these women who don’t talk or act like real people. As though the mind of a woman is as foreign to them as that of a squid. But I must disagree about Supergirl. People dislike that movie because the main character is a moron, not because she’s a woman. She’s ruins everything for everyone by playing with the magic orb, is constantly distracted from her mission, and the action scenes just involve her standing in one place.

      And I completely disagree about not attributing importance to fictional characters. Superman and Wonder Woman have been around since before we were born, and people will be reading them long after we’re dead. They’ve had a greater impact on people’s lives worldwide than any of us ever will.

      The mistreatment of Wonder Woman is indicative of a greater problem in modern society that needs to be addressed.

      • No by feminist agenda I mean just having a character with the purpose of a political agenda, no matter what intentions are, politics always spoil entertainment for both men and women. Best examples of successful movies and series with female characters don’t have agendas as their core principle (Terminator 1 + 2, The Alien Franchise, Buffy The Vampire Slayer) They are made with the content in mind first and the characters support this type of content. If you want women and men to be treated equally that’s fine and you can do this in real life, but in fiction different rules apply, there you treat your characters with a purpose of creating content, worlds and stories with a certain type of content for certain types of people so the fictional characters always have to bend to those needs. If it is a Sword and Sorcery movie like Conan, there will be lots of violence muscular guys, magical elements and scantily clad women, because that’s what Sword and Sorcery is. If it’s a soap opera there will be a female protagonist from a poor or unfortunate family, fantasy men that are perfect matches for them and made to appeal to the audience of those dramas, lot’s of intrigue and lot’s of plot twists and emotion, because that’s how it is. You might as well start complaining about Telenovela’s featuring exploitative male characters.

        Bottom line: You cannot mistreat fictional characters, because they don’t exist, it’s just fiction and entertainment and no real people are harmed in the process.

        Also you might reread my post about Supergirl: I clearly said that the premise of having female characters is what makes them write them a certain way aka tailoring the whole movie to this premise hence why Supergirl fails as it doesn’t explore anything beyond the fact that Supergirl is a girl with superpowers if you set out to make a movie with a female protagonist you just fall into the trap of just making the movie about this and not anything else with Wonder Woman’s case being clearly created for a certain agenda and not for it’s content. Also Wonder Woman rarely makes a successful leap from comics mainly because I think the way the character is now it can’t support a whole film or Franchise, the concept itself has to be reworked (see Bruce Timm) not just superficial details.

        • John Wilson

          Your right on the point. Lots of girls in stories are being treated ether really girly or really manly. Buffy was perfect because she wasn’t “I don’t need a man for anything” She was a main part of an all important team of men and women. She didn’t have to prove that she was really girly or manly because she prove she was Buffy,the protector of all:).

          • Magdalen

            Buffy was a person who had a vagina. *sigh* Those were the days.

        • Solkir

          Oh, ok, I see what you’re saying. And yeah, that Supergirl thing was my fault. Thanks for clarifying for me.

  • CaptainCalvinCat

    Actually? no.
    it is not better to have NO Wonder Woman movie, instead of having a shitty one.

    Preferrably, I’d take a shitty Wonder Woman movie over the chances of never seeing one.

    • E.Buzz Miller

      You must love the TV version from a couple of years back.

      • CaptainCalvinCat

        you mean the one with Lynda Carter? Yes – I like it. It was quite cute and quite cool.
        Or do you refer to the one with Adrienna Pa…whatever? From what I SAW, I disagree with the reviews and opinions of Nash/linkara/Film Brain and SFDebris. I thought it was not a bad version.

        • Alexa

          She was kind of psycho in that. Not a very good depiction from what I saw. David E. Kelly, like Geoff Johns, does not get the character.

        • maarvarq

          The Lynda Carter version could be the inspiration for a decent modern Wonder Woman movie. What was wrong with the recent pilot was summed up in the scene where she kills a villain who’s shooting at her. What’s one of her iconic powers? Missile deflection, that’s what. It would have been both more in character and cooler for her to walk up to the guy, deflecting his shots all the way, smile when she got within arm’s reach, and just knock him out. There’s a hilarious bit in one of the LC episodes, with Henry Gibson playing the main villain, where he and some henchmen are shooting at her, and as she deflects every shot he’s just rolling his eyes, not even aiming, and obviously thinking “Why do I bother?”

          • CaptainCalvinCat

            Yeah, Maarvarq, she has these powers in comic-books and in the Lynda Carter show.

            Now, I take it, you are, what I am – a geek. We know our comic-book or Sci-Fi- or whatever stuff we excel in (more or less) inside and out (more or less). The sad thing is, that television is not made for us. it is made for Cetus and Clandsye, the farmer couple in the midwest. Do you think, you could reach them, with a scene, in which a woman holds out her arms and deflects the bullets or missles with her bracelett?

            In a time and age, in which people are still concerned that “those television-things could suck out our kids brains” and that this could lead to “abasement of morality” – imagine, what a scantily-clad, statuesque amazon, that deflects bullets with braceletts, smiles and has obvious fun at her job, would cause those watchdogs to get – a heart attack because “my god! What is THIS? TELEVISION, WHAT MADNESS DID YOU BRING UPON US NOW!!!!” I mean – come on, we are talking about a country, in which the watchdogs nearly got a heart attack when Kirk kissed Uhura (and not for the right reason, namely: “they were under mind control and that is never right” but for “Ewwww – a white man and a black woman are doing it…. EWWWWWW!”) and still in some regions of the great nation of USA this scene is not shown.

            Just a slight step on the sideline: In Germany, the episode Classic “Patterns of force” was – afaik – never shown and given the Nazi-Background of the story that is at least semi-understandable… Okay, the Pon-Farr-thing (changing it in the german dub from the need of the vulcans to mate every seven years to “a space sickness”) back in the episode “Amok time” was complete and utter nonsense.

            Back to topic.

            I own all three seasons of the old Wonder Woman show, look at it and say: “Yes, they should do it the exact same way…” but then I think: “Well – it is realtively tame for todays standards. Heck, they shunned Batman And Robin, and most of it was because it was “too campy”… Although it was more or less in the style and tradition of the 60s Adam West show. if they would carbon copy the style of the 70’s Wonder Woman show, people would shun that, too, because ‘haha, look at that bullcrap’.”

            So, they need to modernize it.
            What is modern, today, thanks to Nolan? Right -grim and gritty, except when you are Joss Whedon and do a “The Avengers” film. Then you can get away with being “Fun”, “light-hearted” etc.
            Other movies need to be grim and gritty, without scenes in it, that show, that those characters have at least a bit of humour. Like the new Superman…

            Yeah, your idea, Maarvarq, would have been cooler, for you, for me, for the geeks who like their wonder woman. But Cetus and Clandsye? Chances are, they would say: “What is this nonsense?”

            And sorry, if I say this in that direct way, but: We need to make compromises.

            We live in a time and age, in which each and every one of us can do a better Wonder Woman Fan Film – we need a good friend, who looks the part, who can act etc. and convey, that she’s a demi-goddess made from clay. Or at least, we need money, to buy us the service of such an actress.

            So of course, when we see them screwing up a Wonder Woman pilot the question is: “Why should I give them the chance to screw that up again, when I can do so much better with my methods at hand?”

            Simple answer: “Do you want Wondy to come to the big screen or don’t you?”

            If so – support those networks.

            Like Solkir said: ” A bad show can get better, a cancelled show only reinforces people’s preconceived notions.”
            So, don’t cancel it – let it play out. Give it a chance to improve.

            I mean – again: We all are geeks, more or less, and do geeky-stuff, more or less.
            I for my part am a fanfic-author.
            Most of my spare time I write. Why do I do that? To get better in writing, to have fun… you name it.
            But do I give up, when I hear a negative review? No – why? Because nothing depends on it. I don’t toy around with millions and millions of money.
            But when this Ausiello-guy says “So bad it’s awful” and “NBC was right to euthanize it” I have to say: “Shut up”. NBC was not right to euthanize it, because it could have gotten better over the years.

            Yes – part of why we don’t get a Wonder Woman show is our fault.
            We live in a world, in which some of us can do better jobs with their video editing software, have more interesting story lines and even better actors than million-budget-companies.

            Why should we give them our time, if they do a shitty job?
            Well – do we want something good to come out of it, in a time, in which we all are under stress of “cost and benefit”, to speak in business-economic-terms?
            Do we want a Wonder Woman movie? Yes? Then we have to bite the bullet and say “Okay, show us what you got, we tweet to you, what we would do better.”
            One part of the equation is us – the other part is of course the studios.

            They should listen to us, that’s for sure.

            @disqus_bHXLwpt2Kp:disqus Okay, quick question: How do you write Wonder Woman? In the pilot of the first Wonder Woman Show with Lynda Carter she shows the exact same naivite, her “being-from-another-plane-of-existance” that Geoff Johns describes in his works. She didn’t even know how to pay – and why would she, in a society, in which money is of no value?

            If we would have given the David E. Kelly-Version time to play out, we would have learned, WHY she is “kind of psycho”…

            But no – it is far more effective to yell, moan and mumble about how that is not Wonder Woman and this is such a shitty show… instead of saying “What? You cancelled a Wonder Woman series before it began? What are you, NBC? Are you NUTS? Show us, what you kept back and then listen to what we have to say about it!”

        • E.Buzz Miller

          Really the only version I ever liked outside the comics is the Justice League version, which gave her depth and heart while also keeping the idea she’s meant to be pretty badass.
          The best answer would be to go for a fish out of water thing. Here’s a character raised in a matriarchal society with issues regarding men and sending her out to our world.
          That shouldn’t be played for laughs though, just an aspect of her. Beyond that a movie should be a smart version of Clash Of The Titans. Ground everything in Greek mythology.

          • Thomas Stockel

            Then you would have loved George Perez’s comic series from the late eighties. In it they dumped the sci-fi aspects and made Paradise Island pretty much frozen in time. Steve Trevor became more of a surrogate father/big brother (he was a Viet Nam vet) and Wonder Woman had a woman Greek professor as her guide in “Man’s World”. Her primary enemy was Ares, then Cheetah was introduced, then Zeus wanted to bed her and Diana said “Fuck no”, which incurred his wrath and forced her to undertake some trials steeped in Greek mythology. It was all some pretty awesome stuff.
            The only thing I thought was a stretch was the origin of her costume…Hell, I can’t even remember it. But honestly she shouldn’t have gotten the costume until issues six or seven when the public relations person came up with the Wonder Woman name.

      • Solkir

        A bad show can get better, a cancelled show only reinforces people’s preconceived notions

        • E.Buzz Miller

          it can, but man that show was pretty damn terrible. It seemed to miss the point entirely.

          • Solkir

            People said the same thing about Star Trek: The Next Generation, and it was pretty bad for the first season, but eventually surpassed even the original series. I’m not saying that’s always the case, but I would have liked to see where it went.

        • E.Buzz Miller

          If anything TNG season 1 wanted to be too like TOS, and it seemed really silly updated to the late 80s.

          • Thomas Stockel

            Really? For me TNG’s first couple seasons were nothing like TOS; those first two seasons are clearly inferior because Roddenberry made a passionless product. It wasn’t until season three when it seemed he had less control that you had a better show overall.

    • Solkir

      I completely understand that viewpoint. I want a WW movie just as much as anyone, but I’m terrified that Warner bros. will make it shit. I feel like i’d rather wait and demand a good movie, than have one now that ruins the franchise.

      • Writrzblok

        It’s almost like they don’t even really care about putting out other comic book properties because they think all anyone wants to see is Superman or Batman.

        • Solkir

          They do have a habit of turning all their properties into Batman *coughArrowcough*. The gods only know how they’ll do it with the Flash

          • Writrzblok

            It shows an absolutely stunning lack of creativity, ingenuity, and overall sense that they don’t find their work fun anymore.

          • Solkir

            Stands to reason. The market clearly only likes dark, brooding heroes. That’s why none of Marvel’s recent films have enjoyed even a modicum of success.

  • MephLord

    I think a lot of the points you make are pretty valid, although to me the most current incarnation of Wonder Woman that was the best was the animated WW movie and JLU. In the animated movie she feels Etta Candy should take care of her own problems and not rely on a man to do everything for her. Also in that movie there was that one line that Persephone said that really drove home to me the heart of Themyscira “Yes we are warriors but we’re women too.”

    I kind of like the idea of Wonder Woman being a feminist first and foremost. She enjoys the company of men but is fully capable of taking care of herself. She’s had to since birth (Zeus being her dad I call bullshit on) and has been raised in a female-only society of Amazons, so it’s not surprising that her upbringing would affect her outlook on the world.

    I wonder what your take on Black Canary is. She’s been around a long time too and I think really was handled well in both JLU and Young Justice. The JLU episode Grudge Match to me is almost perfect in the storytelling and the epic conflict. It’s my second favorite episode of JLU (Patriot Act being the tops) but the way DC Animation handles its female characters is so much better than the comics department it makes you wonder why that is the case.

    • Solkir

      Working with feminism in mind is a tricky prospect. One becomes tempted to try to make some sort of statement, when it would come naturally just by writing her well.

      Also, I adore Black Canary.

  • Jason Withrow

    I’ve been going through your archives and was wondering if this subseries would ever come back, I was glad to see it!

  • Would it be really so hard to hire some good female writers to create their version of Wonder Woman for manga, TV or movie?

    • Thomas Stockel

      I don’t think you need to be a female to write a good Wonder Woman comic. Greg Rucka, for example, writes her pretty well. She’s smart, strong, compassionate and she doesn’t take crap from Orion. The sad thing is, Rucka and Johns are writing two very, very different Wonder Women and it’s sad you aren’t seeing better editorial oversight in that regard.

      • Solkir

        YES! Holy crap! It’s so weird. It’s like it’s not even the same character! But I think we should be glad there’s less editorial oversight in that regard, because we know that they’ll just go with Johns’ version if they were to choose.

  • Alexa

    Here’s a link to a video, where a really good case is made to make a Wonder Woman movie.

  • Necroglobule

    Actually I can’t help but agree. Setting aside the obvious feminism issue, you’d think with all the comic book properties getting adapted left and right we’d have an adaptation of ONE OF THE MOST FAMOUS NAMES IN THE DCU already. She’s part of the DCU Holy Trinity for a reason. She’s one of the DC’s flagship titles and one of comicdom’s most recognizeable faces.

    Maybe it’s because she doesn’t wear a mask that she can take off every ten minutes for no goddamn reason *cough*Spider-Man*cough*

    But seriously, god forbid there be a comic adaptation with a literally strong female lead.

  • nejiblue

    Geek’s always bitch about costume changes. It’s not just female superheroes. I didn’t have a issue with her costume in the dc animated universe(which was my introduction to the character. Have never read a DC comic book.) Speaking of which, I liked the relationship between her and batman. And really, superman already has louis lane. Which is why superman/wonder woman is stupid to me.

    I really don’t give a fuck anymore, but seeing you copy a lot of your sexism points verbatim from jimquistion on escapist is pretty sad. But yes, anyone who thinks kratos “turns on” women is a moron. To see what would really turn on women, look at yaoi manga. And I like the tits in dead or alive. Think I’m allowed. And no, I’m not hurting anyone by staring at unrealistic 3D tits.

    • Solkir

      I think the nature of the male power fantasy is obvious enough that two different people can say similar things without one having copied the other.

  • Sex with Ballerinas… They are a little on the slight side… Perhaps something to do with them spinning? I could work something out that was punchy and grotesque.

    (This will be a long diatribe, know that I do this because I like your stuff and see you as a conversational web entity that invites discourse in a good way. Or perhaps I am just crazy, I did give a long rambling reply to your “Superman vs the Elite” video mostly agreeing with you before throwing my own stuff out there.)

    On topic though: Wonder woman is an awful character whose premise fails instantly because building a character to embody tropes is not creating a character but instead creating a message. By making WW full of hubris or dutiful to concepts, quests, or warrior’s code of ethics modern writers have tried to infuse a bit more into Diana that wasn’t in the preachy (and creepy as the creator believed that having vaguely erotic scenes and subtext related to bondage would draw in young male readers as well) blueprints.

    I think it would be better for DC to focus on making movies out of characters that do not have huge expectations and preconceptions working against them (the same preconceptions that made people balk at a Superman movie in which Superman could save everyone, and wasn’t afraid to kill genocidal maniacs).

    Zatanna is a character crying out for a movie, fills a good half way point between the dark of Batman and the not-quite-reality of Superman. She has sex appeal but also has a niche on the team that no one else would fill Arcane magic, a thing that harms Superman, and confounds Batman’s deductive reasoning. You could even introduce the plot of the JLA movie in her movie, finding and securing the Helm of Fate before Klarion or Sabboc can use it to take over the universe. Have her mission include meeting the wizard Shazam who is flickering in and out of normal time trying to grant a boon to someone in particular, offering it to Zatana but having it be incompatible because it requires the innocence of a child to function properly. Now you have two big bads competing for a MacGuffin, one of them gets his ass handed to him in the film, the other looses track of the helm in the end (like the Red Skull loosing the Cube), the Wizard is seen in the credits talking to a young boy and telling him that there isn’t much time, and that the forces of order need to martial together, that a Dark Side of the moon shall soon rise and that champions must be made of those who would have otherwise been commoners. The movie ends with a lightning bolt.
    I think Zatana should be played by Anna Kendrick, the wizard portrayed by Keith David (which I guess would turn Shazam into a magical negro), and Klarion should be played by Ty Simpkins (the kid from “Insidious”). Have James Wan direct he has been doing a lot of creepy stuff adding a superhero element might give him some fresh perspective to work with.

    • Solkir

      I see what you mean, and I agree for the most part. Like I said below, people often get caught up in trying to make a statement and neglect to just write a good story.

      I would also love to see a Zatanna movie, but I doubt DC will get on it until Marvel does a Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers) movie.

      • MephLord

        I can almost guarantee that we’ll get a Ms Marvel movie before we get a Wonder Woman movie. That alone says a lot about how Time Warner operates…

  • Cristiona

    Wonder Woman was created as a jab at the patriarchy?

    Huh. I thought that was just an after-the-fact excuse that was created because it sounded a lot less creepy than, “I wanted to make a bondage fetish comic book”.

    “Magic Lasso” indeed.

    • Guest

      It can be two things

    • Solkir

      It can be two things.

      • Cristiona

        Yes… but one seems to rather undercut the other.
        “I’m a strong, feminist icon! Buy my comic and see me tied up with my own rope!”

        • Solkir

          Yeah, I’m not going to claim I understand it. I kinda glossed over Marston’s views on good women being submissive.

        • Except it wasn’t just about HER getting tied up, it was also frequently about her tying OTHERS up. Also it was rarely men doing the tying, Amazons were very into “loving domination”. Bondage was a major theme of the comic, yes. But women behaving submissively was not. Among Marston’s many radical theories was the notion that Women are not only NOT the inferior gender, but are in fact SUPERIOR to men, and he brought that across in his comic. Women in the comic where strong, confident, and commanding, whereas men where either uncivilized, violent brutes or sniveling, submissive weaklings.

          EDIT: When men DID tie up Wonder Woman, BTW, it was always portrayed as this catastrophically awful thing. It was basically her Kryptonite. The Amazons had this thing called “Aphrodite’s Law”. You know how the Amazons all to this day still wear those “Bracelets of Submission” as a reminder of their slavery at Heracles’s hands, and a promise to their patron Goddess that they will never allow themselves to be bound by a man again? Well, according to Aphrodite’s Law, any Amazon that allows herself to be tied up by a man loses her powers as punishment by Aphrodite. An iffy and easily misread attempt and feminism, I know, but well-meant, and it was still the 1940’s, don’t forget. And it contrasted well with the Amazons love of tying each other up for fun in various bizarre coded-lesbian rituals that I can believe he got away with publishing back them. It’s like comics have somehow gotten MORE prudish about Wonder Woman over the years instead of LESS.

        • MichaelANovelli

          I don’t think bondage is at all anti-feminist. Dom/sub relationships are based on trust, and people with aggressive, take charge personalities often enjoy being relinquished of control, sexually. Power transference can be a very positive thing!

  • Richard Eriksson Hjelm

    Why is it that wonder woman who is supposed to be an amazon from greek legend dosen’t dress even slightly hellenisticly in her superhero persona?

    • clockworkcanary

      Actually, in the comics, she does quite often.

  • ThatScottishGuy

    Geoff John sucks at doing wonder woman. So, I think you can still make wonder woman, the spirit of truth, the most compassionate strong female figure. in fact shes pretty much like Buffy of the DC-verse, okay DC sucks at that, however shes suppose to be the Buffy of DCVerse. damn you DC, and don;t make a Batman vs. Superman movie its crappy.

  • Actually, I’d argue Marston’s polyamorism and S&M fetishism IS important to mention, because Marston’s unorthodox approach to sexuality is built into the very DNA of the character. Mock the weird bondage fixation of the golden age comics all you want, but the overt sexuality of Wonder Woman was what made it one the the best-selling comics of it’s time, and the character has never sold as well as she did when Marston was writing her. As much as I like Gail Simone’s, Greg Rucka’s, and Brian Azzarello’s Wonder Woman comics, they are hampered by being either unable or unwilling to deal with the weirder side of Wonder Woman. Modern Diana is a neutered version of herself. Deprived of Steve Trevor and the Amazons weird fetishistic rituals, she doesn’t have the bite of her Golden Age counterpart. Simone, for example has repeatedly tried to be more explicit about the Amazons as lesbians or have Wonder Woman come out as bisexual. Rucka even introduced a character meant to become her lesbian lover. But they were blocked by publishers at every attempt. This is why I’m so excited for Grant Morrison’s upcoming Wonder Woman: Earth One. I’ve been reading his book “Supergods” and in the chapter where he talks about Wonder Woman, he writes about how she lost touch with her kinkier roots when Marston died, and has been poorer for it. And given how influential Morrison is and how DC so frequently lets him run wild with his crazy ideas, I can wait to see him finally bring back golden age Wonder Woman in all her glory.

    • Solkir

      Oh man! So excited for Earth One! If there is one person who can give WW the thing she needs to be amazing again, it’s Grant Morrison.

  • James Elfers

    I have to echo Joshua the Anarchist. Marston was a sexual outsider for his time and Wonder Woman was his way of promoting his ideas. Comic book publishers are generally not innovators. They tolerated Marston’s Wonder Woman because it sold lots of issues. Since his day there has been a constant attempt to neuter the elements that made her unique. To make her truly revolutionary she should be a lesbian, bisexual or at least have a male lover who submits to her in a D/S relationship. Either one would completely subvert the male gaze that now dominates the character and empower her ways that would transform how men and women read comic books. However, even today with the explosion of graphic novels with adult themes, most comic book purchases are made by children, primarily adolescent boys. It is easier to cater to teenage nerds and provide jerk off material for them than to make them think about and consider alternate sexualities. Heaven forbid that they show a woman in charge of the relationship to “impressionable” kids. They must protect those under age sensibilities don’t they?

  • Sangode Lowe

    Hello there – nice video, nicer even still to see so many interested in seeing Diana get her due. I think we should all be hounding DC and the studios to give her – her due, and to do it right! She’s as iconic for men as well as for women – and after you raise 3 girls, you REALLY want them to love themselves, their bodies – and not buy into this BULLSHIT that they have to be either pretty OR smart – in short – you want them in touch with themselves, and their own strength.

    No one has brought it up here, but the studio is also making an amazing financial mistake by not doing this. (see – article “Wonder Woman Movie Will Deliver Big At Box Office For Warner Bros.” by Mark Hughes). Hit ’em where it hurts – their pocket books. Morons. I used to have a huge comic collection, which I contributed to a boys and girls club after Katrina in New Orleans – every now and then now I pick up a graphic novel and lo and behold – I can NEVER get a new Wonder Woman graphic novel. It’s a pain in the ass. They say she doesn’t sell, but they don’t market her at all. I love the new run, had George Perez’s run (am I dating myself?) – and that’s when I became a HUGE fan (the tv series never did it for me as a kid, but it does now……go figure) . But back to marketing ……. they’d get everybody – especially if they did it right. If they do it right, it’ll crack the ceiling, – it’d just be awesome. Action, girl power, eye candy, GLBTetc , fetishists………the list goes on. Mothers, daughters, sons, fathers ……. all they have to do is get it right.
    And yes, her kinkster roots are missing, much alternative sexuality is – guess people would rather watch her decapitate someone than love them. sad.