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Sofie examines the most famous comic book super-heroine of all time, Wonder Woman, by looking at the awful, awful way Hollywood and the TV industry treated the character in the 2011 David E. Kelley-produced NBC pilot starring Adrienne Palicki as Wonder Woman, which was so bad that (very fortunately) it never aired.

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  • Muthsarah

    So they avoided the standard origin story cliches…and they still screwed it up?  I figured this show was DOA based on the premise – WW has no disguise, so why bother giving her a “normal” alter-ego?  Unless you change her costume (or give her some other means of disguising her face), she has to be more secretive.  Make her a recluse, give her a circle of trusted friends, and that’s it.  We’re supposed to believe she’s the public head of a corporation?  Is she supposed to be in disguise when she’s Wonder Woman, like nobody can recognize her?  At least Superman had to take his glasses off (which, of course, is still stupid).  Is Joss Whedon really the only person in Hollywood who can write women well?

    The only thing about that show that looked borderline interesting was the “one of you and twenty of us” scene.  Any other show, she’d respond with some “dry, cool witty” response, but she just lets him talk and then starts kicking ass.  That could just be laziness on the part of the writers, but it’s nice that they technically did something a lil’ different.

    P.S. You should use any excuse possible to put those nerd glasses back on in future reviews.  They look wonderful on you.

    • The_Stig

      Glasses make hot chicks even hotter. Ain’t that right, Ursa?

      • Sofie Liv

        When it comes to Ursa, yes.. yes they do.

      • Jill Bearup

        Word. As long as they’re nice glasses. Plus, it also works with hot guys. :)

    • Sofie Liv

      Well.. in the episode she did go home to her apartment as her “alter ego.” to watch.. bad soap operas for some reason. Claiming her life is oh so hard, and her company is putting pressure on her so she needs to unwind.

      Well of cause the company is pressuring you, you are its CEO! And you are that on the same time as running around in costume pinning down randomn criminals it seems.. and now we are broody because life is soooo hard on the Amazon.. yeah..

      Thanks.. Actually, does glasses are my real glasses. I do wear glasses in my every-day life, but chose not to in videos and most performances because glasses shields the eyes and makes my expressions less pronounced.
      I usually wear contacts when on stage, I am short sighted.

  • Dennis Fischer

    You know, through five great seasons David E. Kelley produced and wrote BOSTON LEGAL, a highly entertaining show featuring two male chauvinist lawyers as lead characters, strong, competent female lawyers as supporting characters, great issues that receive scant attention in our media addressed, off-the-wall bits and plotlines, fun dialogue and situations.  Kelley clearly has talent.

    But Sofie, you are right–he clearly doesn’t get Wonder Woman and doesn’t have a clue how to present the character.  I suspect that some of the elements you complain about are likely from NBC executives who felt that if 24 was popular with a lead who tortures people for information, then perhaps WW should do so too, despite her having the lasso of truth and this being contrary to her character.  Batman did kill in BATMAN RETURNS, and in the Chris Nolan version, but in the comics, that was very contrary to his character, where as the Dark Knight Detective, he brought criminals to justice rather than killing them. Like Doc “Clark” Savage, he believed that bad guys could be redeemed.

    Exposition is a difficult thing to pull off–too much talk, and you simply bore an audience.  But of course the craft of writing involves inserting exposition into the plot while developing mystery and interest, and a great writer knows how to do this.  There is definitely a major difference between having a superheroic character who is an intriguing mystery and one who is a boring cypher about whom nothing is explained.

    I thought your GREEN LANTERN review was similarly right on–dull effects and bad storyteling do not a good comic book movie make, which is particularly notable when many of the concurrent features tackled these problems so much better.

    • Sofie Liv

      Well.. it’s kind of the writers job to get that exposition out in a understandable and entertaining way.

      And that is why the ordinary vessel is some-thing this episode just plainly needs. Again! Just look at Sherlock!
      John Watson steps in and Sherlock looks like a maniac beating on a corpse. John goes.
      “Who the hell are you?” “I’m Sherlock Holmes!” “what are you doing?” “I am the worlds only consultive, and right now I am conducting a experiment to figure out how long this man has been dead.” “what’s a consultive detective.” “Wel….”

      See, John asks the questions for us, and Sherlock has some-thing to explain it to, as we meet Sherlock he has done what he does for quite a while, but john is first now getting introduced to it.. and then we are introduced with John.

      “Who are you?” “I’m the Doctor.” “Doctor who?” .. hehe, pun. “I am a time-lord from the planet gallifray, and this is my space-ship time-machine which is bigger on the inside and is called a Tardis.” “… kay..”

      Easy peasy, doesn’t need to be harder than that.

      And well, again, stuff like this just needs to be fun.. and this is not, no joy, no cockiness, no excitement.. no hook, no nothing.. man I started getting genuinly annoyed with this one. I didn’t with Green Lantern, I actually felt surprisingly none-caring about that one, but this.. this straight up started to annoy me.

      And it just sucked that they could get Wonderwoman this wrong..

      totured.. broody.. the world is after me.. i’m all alone.. with my big company and all these people constantly trying to help me out.. annoying people..
      Oh! and feel sorry for me! I am an amazon and people look at me thinking I am sexy..  

      • Dennis Fischer

        One thing though–I do miss the opening “Red Suitcase” lead-in with the jaunty version of “Brasil.”

        No question, there is a good storytelling reason for having a sidekick or newcomer to explain necessary information to.

        Of course, there is also the great Miyazaki method where the people the heroine encounters are continually filling her in on what’s happening around her and how she is expected to behave (and the choices that result from that).  Sometime you should examine the Miyazaki legacy.

        • Sofie Liv

           In the Miyazaki films the main character IS the ordinary main, which is how things are supposed to be.
          They come out as a normal person, perhaps with a problem, like us, into an amazing world and needs to be told about this world.
          Exactly like Harry potter, exactly like little Frodo in Lord of the rings.

          Sherlock as a series has tricked a lot of people.. cause it may be called Sherlock, but Sherlock is not the main character, John is, he is the one we follow and what we see is his observations of Sherlock. Which is good! cause Sherlock Holmes is a great character to follow, to laugh at and be deeply intrigued by, but not a very good main, cause it’s that dificiult to get inside of his skull.

          Doctor who even called a bigger heist.. because ones again, the Doctor is not the main character, whom-ever is the companion is. So, haha.

          Even the Muppets movie, when they needed to re-introduced the muppets to a new audience managed to get this and have this character, Walther.

          Wonderwoman could be that character herself, we started by the beginning and had her been a stranger arriving in our world for the first time.
          But as the series decided the start while she has been doing what she does for a while we NEED that character.

          And.. the other characters in this series are all lecturing. “You should blah-blah Wonderwoman, what you do is wrong.”
          We don’t need that, we need some-body whom is all enthralled and say. “Oh my god, what is this? it’s absolutely amazing.” to manipulate the audience the fell the same thing.. but as intriqued as you want the audience to be.. and of cause give the character a reason to be that intriqued.. there was no such reason in this pilot -_-;

    • James M. Fabiano

      Batman kills people in the first two Burton movies, but in Nolan he ACCIDENTALLY did so.  They do put a little effort into his “one rule” there (one’s a cop out I admit…”I won’t kill you, but I don’t have to save you”)

      • Sofie Liv

         I don’t like that Batman kills in the Burton movies either, lets just get that out of the way.

        • James M. Fabiano

           It didn’t bother me until I really got into the Batman mythos and understood it.  And I KNOW Batman used to kill early on, but that was then and this is, er, was then in 1989.  That’s one thing the Schumacher movies got right…reinstating the “one rule,” even years before it became part of the Nolan version. 

          • Sofie Liv

             I have to admit, the Batman that I know and love… is the Batman from Batman Tas and Justice league.

            The Batman whom clearly feels for his villains and take their burdens on him even though it isn’t his fault. Whom goes for redemption not revenge.. the Batman where his tragic lies in his need for redemption by making every-thing good again, but can’t ever as the tragics just stacks up against him all around him.

            And no movie has ever managed to deliver that Batman.. Batman Tas clearly defined a new batman to be that way, and really put a lot in afford to show how he felt for others and wished for their redemption. He is not always like that in the comic books, and he is not like that in any movie.. so erh.. yeah.. To me Batman will always be that tragic Batman tas figure.. whom absolutely does not kill, there are many times in Justice league episodes where it would make sense for him to use a gun, but he still refuses. It just doesn’t happen.

  • Kids today!

    Good points made.

  • The_Stig

    You can’t really blame David E. Kelley for this. He’s not used to writing about characters that aren’t young, single attractive lawyers. He was a bit out of his element. It’s too bad, too. Adrienne Palicki would have made a great Wonder Woman in a series that wasn’t wall to wall garbage juice. She’s drop dead gorgeous, she pulls off brunette and she’s built well enough to pass as an Amazon.

    Say, Sofie. I’m just asking here. Was Linkara busy? I’m no fan of gratuitous cameos, but this seems like one of the few times one would have been appropriate.

    Ah, Queen. I love you, Sofie.

    • Muthsarah

       I’m pretty new to this site (maybe a month), but I’ve been a regular on TGWTG for about 2.5 years.  Are crossovers between the sites common?

      • The_Stig

        I wouldn’t say they happen all the time, but they happen. Besides, Linkara used to write for this site before they switched to video reviews. You can find his Batman comic recaps in the archives.

        • Jill Bearup

          That they do!

          Phil Buni has had cameos from Linkara and the Nostalgia Chick, and I’ve had one from Welshy, so it’s not unheard of. (I think there might be some more, but I can’t remember them right now.)

          And like Stig said, Linkara used to be One Of Us.

          Back before I was One Of Us, but still. :)

          • Muthsarah

            Hey, one of my favorite reviewers responded to my half-drunken comment (I always get a lil’ tickled when that happens).

            But to Jill, or Stig, or both:  I just looked over the whole Archive section, and I didn’t see anything with Linkara’s name on it.  Was he writing under a pseudonymn?  Are some of the reviews hidden?  Do I need to drink a large glass of water and go to bed?  And a cameo from the Chick?  I thought I had seen all of SYL.  I need to finish my perusal of your backlog (minus Serenity, which I will not touch as I haven’t been able to watch it due to excessive love of the show), I guess..

          • Russell Brin (Facebook sux)

            I can’t believe Mendo isn’t your favorite reviewer.  The mustache is a thing of legend!  I wonder if Mendo will be Moriarty for the next Holmes review, or if it’ll be Porn Critic or Liam…so tough to call…

          • Sofie Liv

            Phill Bunnie!

          • The_Stig

            Here you go. Enjoy this little “Before They Were Internet Stars” moment. Feel free to consider it a lost pilot if you will to Atop the Fourth Wall.


          • Jill Bearup

            The Chick cameo is in one of Phil’s reviews, ditto the Linkara cameo. 

            Welshy’s cameo for me is in the Serenity review, so I think you’re out of luck. Actually, pretty much all of the cameos I’ve ever had are in there…

            Except one by TBelle in my Lestrade and Mycroft review, and two by Liam in my episode on Kaylee and my episode on The Italian Job.

            And you can peruse my backlog with the sure and certain knowledge that I did improve :D

          • Sofie Liv

            Well, the people whom have cross-overs with the TGWTG people usually also has some sort of connection to them out-side of being a part of the booth.

            Phil Bunnie had been in contact with the Nostalgia chick from some-where else, way before he even joined the site.
            Mendo was a part of this site while Linkara was it years ago.. Mendo really has been here a long time writing re-caps and so on, so they know each other from back then.
            You were out filming a movie with Welshy, MikeJ-tv and Filmbrain and so was the Porn critic, which is how you know them.

            I can’t say I have any such contacts at all.. I’ve.. met spoony, the NC and Welshy at a vienna con a year ago, but there I was just a fan among a lot of fans.
            And I met Film-brain when I was in London this summer, at a con.. but again, just one of the fans.. so.. I don’t feel quite big enough nor ready to contact them and ask for cross-overs, I am not that big a web-name at all.

            I would adore to be in a cross-over with Linkara.. he is like the number one guy I would want to make a cross-over with if I were to hand out names. I think he and I have a lot in comment and.. I just plainly like him!

            Maybe some day.. if he gets to Europe I will do my best to be there as well, who knows, here’s to hoping!  

    • Sofie Liv

      Oh yeah, she could have made a wonderful Wonder woman if her material had been more right, she just played out what she had.
      And she filled out that costume quite nicely plus had an absolutely beautiful smile as she finally got to smile.

      Sigh.. getting told the dude whom wrote this is used to write court shows explain so much.. so sorry, but Russel T davies would be a better fit for this than him :/

      With that costume, campiness and the excitement of a twelve year old school boy is what you would need, and Russel T davies may not be a perfect writer, but at least he has that.

      I love Queen :3

      • The_Stig

        Anyone with taste loves Queen. A Russell T. Davies WW would be fun. Camp as hell, but fun.

        Anyway, I’m serious about my Linkara question. Was he busy or did it just not occur to you at the time to ask? It just seems like a Wonder Woman fanboy like him would have been a natural fit for a cameo to put his two cents in. I’m curious is all.

        And you know what would be dream casting? Lucy Lawless as Hippolyta. She would have been the perfect Diana in the 90’s (Hell, Xena practically WAS Wonder Woman) and in fact voiced Wonder Woman in Justice League: New Frontier, and the woman looks great in a toga.

        • Sofie Liv

           Erh, I did answer, in respond to Jills comment if you scroll a bit down.

          Oh well, to repeat myself.

          people whom have cross-overs with the TGWTG people here at the site, usually also has
          some sort of connection to them out-side of being a part of the booth.

          Phil Bunnie had been in contact with the Nostalgia chick from some-where else, way before he even joined the site. 
          was a part of this site while Linkara was it years ago.. Mendo really
          has been here a long time writing re-caps and so on, so they know each
          other from back then. 

          Jill were out filming a movie with Welshy, MikeJ-tv and Filmbrain and so was the Porn critic, which is how they know them.

          I can’t say I have any such contacts at all.. I’ve.. met spoony, the
          NC and Welshy at a vienna con a year ago, but there I was just a fan
          among a lot of fans. And I met Film-brain when I was in London this
          summer, at a con.. but again, just one of the fans.. so.. I don’t feel
          quite big enough nor ready to contact them and ask for cross-overs, I am
          not that big a web-name at all.

          I would adore to be in a cross-over with Linkara.. he is like the
          number one guy I would want to make a cross-over with if I were to hand
          out names. I think he and I have a lot in comment and.. I just plainly
          like him!

          Maybe some day.. if he gets to Europe I will do my best to be there as well, who knows.

  • Russell Brin (Facebook sux)

    Excellent points all around Sofie.  I was glad to see this review, as I know this is a character that you love and admire (and she was awesome in JLU).  I did get a laugh out of the “What’s wrong with how I dress?” line and Flash’s reply “You take that one.”  I also liked Diana’s comment to Toyman when he asked in another episode “What are you going to do to me?” and she replied “I’m going to punch a hole in your face.” and she looked and sounded like she meant it.  Her interactions with Hawkgirl were also well done, as they weren’t presented as a sisterhood at all, and had clearly very different personalities and priorities. 

    Back to the review though, it would’ve been easy to introduce her at the United Nations, where our first glimpse of her could’ve been as the Secretary General said “And now, representing Themyscira, our newest Ambassador, Diana Prince.”  The camera could then pan to her standing on another podium introducing herself, wearing a nice dress as she addressed the assembly.  After the introduction, we could be introduced to Agent Faraday, who would provide some exposition as to her arrival and the responsibilities of her position, and giving Diana a chance to connect with the audience with the response.  She would also remind Faraday that if there is a threat to Themyscira, she’d have to combat it, even if that threat comes to her in New York.  Then we’d learn that Faraday is aware that she’d have enemies and would state his position in the story as the UN Chief of Security.

    Steve Trevor would be tougher to introduce as a new character, so it’s possible that him and Diana are already acquainted with each other, with Etta Candy being her friend and also receptionist (it’s not out of the question that Themyscira would require a receptionist for Diana for some of her duties that she’s not there to resolve in person, like phone calls and meeting arrangements).  Diana could’ve been in New York in unofficial capacity for some time, waiting to be assigned as an ambassador, so she’d still have to deal with business in her life anyways.  If Steve Trevor is in the series he’d probably best still be a US pilot that occasionally gets sent out abroad, so he wouldn’t have to be there all the time as a plot device reverse damsel in distress.

    I think that overall setup and plot would allow for Diana to deal with issues like politics, interpersonal conflicts, and emotional maturing as well as action scenes when Diana would have to take matters into her own hands and fight (and display how good she really is at it), and provide a good balance between the two.  Diana is so strong, tough and savvy that not only would she not kill, she wouldn’t have to.  And having Vandal Savage in the pilot as her chief rival, who would be trying to take over the world through manipulating the UN and the Security Council, while sending minions to attack Diana and distract her from his bigger global ambition…like the sound of that?  I’d have her first big-fight be with Major Disaster, who was being manipulated by Vandal Savage and the first “super villain” she’d be portrayed as fighting.

    • Sofie Liv

      I will still say the “Brave and the Bold.” wonderwoman… genuinly is my favourite one, it was that clip alone that made me give the show a chance, and after cheking it out probably started to love it.
      After re-watching the clip and thinking it over.. I actually even feel tempted to make a video and point for point, point out what that clip does so very right that few other representations don’t.

      The JLA Wonder woman is still very good though, and a fine representation, I do like her. It’s just a very very good show.

      Steve Trevor actually is in the episode.. apparently Wonder woman left him.. for some reason.. because he.. was in danger and held her back in her buisness or some bull shit like that.
      I don’t know why he couldn’t just be a nice guy she was in love with.

      I honestly would have been satiesfied if this show had been merely decent but exciting all your points.. I erh.. I don’t know.
      I would rather want it camp and silly, a fun homage to the superhero genre then trying to be overly clever or deep.
      That is the trouble with so many super hero movies.. they try to hard to be clever and then fails.. and all I would want was for Wonderwoman to arrive with triumphant music in the background and then punch a big green blobby alien, I would love that, I don’t need more.

      • Russell Brin (Facebook sux)

        Wonder Woman can have some humour, but since she is portrayed as representing Themyscira, she would have to have some serious moments (Let’s face it, with villains like Ares, Circe, Felix Faust, Rampage, Cheetah, Vandal Savage and Giganta in your path, you don’t get a lot of free time to relax), to go along with lighter, more dramatic moments.  Wonder Woman is a complex character that is enjoyable to watch, but she needs a foil as a counterpart, which could be Steve Trevor.  Wonder Woman is the star, but Steve Trevor is the character we would see grow and mature seeing the example that she would be setting…would be quite the stark contrast to most other shows but I think it would be a positive move if DC ever decided to have a live action TV series (and Birds of Prey didn’t get the love it really deserved).

        • Sofie Liv

          Wonder woman herself should have a story arch.
          The one from the animated movie had a good idea, in there they acknowledged that the Amazons were the ones being compleately biased, and Wonder woman herself had some biased traits in the beginning of the movie, but she got called out on it and eventually evolved past them.. sort of. Well, she acknowledged them.

          Well yeah, of cause she should have some serious moments, I am going for superhero flick here not superhero parody.

          But well, Avengers managed to be funny as heck AND had serious moments, Iron man was both funny and series, the Batman tas, Superman tas and Justice league television series all had a brilliant sense of humour which is why they worked, they were self aware but also went for the fun campiness.

          Avatar the last airbender, hillarious show which some really deep strong, even scary as heck moments.
          Doctor who, compleately the same, Sherlock. All my favourite shows in the whole wide world, all my favourite movies have managed to find the right balance here, between fun and still taking itself seriously.
          I want to have fun at my movies and I want to be drawn into it, and if it becomes stupid.. well, it will distract and I wont be able to be drawn into the experience.

          Some-thing just hit me though as I thought more about this.. as I do.

          Yeah, I just saw her video, and it will surprise no one that I agree compleately with every point she made, and it’s just sad.

          I think what a writer or director should have in mind here, which would bypass a lot of my problems with female leads.
          I don’t think any-one ever had this mentality when trying to make a superhero movie.
          See, with a great hero movie, the hero is a self insertion, you totally want to be Tony Stark goofing off, you’d totally want to be Thor slamming down his hammer, or zorro swinging in the chandelier. These are characters we would totally want to be.
          So we should do that with wonder woman! make her into a fun adventure woman any woman would want to be and men would like to have. I am so serious.

          I can’t help but point out at this point, whom ever gets wonder woman now, whom ever gets to make a movie with her.. will define her.
          The only places she is defined is in television and in comics, and neither of them are pop culture.
          That single project will make or break her character and female characters in genneral, it will define what kind of feel she will represent in the publics eye.. it’s a big deal, which is why it’s so important to me that it’ll be done right or at least decently.

          And nope, Birds of pray didn’t get the recognision it deserved at all!

          • Russell Brin (Facebook sux)

            I keep mulling over in my mind of, established female comic book heroines, the top five to write stories for are: Wonder Woman, Photon, Ms Marvel, She-Hulk and Tigra…and yet none of them outside of Wonder Woman has any chance of being in a movie.  Heck, we won’t even get Anna Pacquin in a fucking Rogue movie!  It blows me away. 

            They are all well developed characters with backstories and rogues galleries.  Photon could be played by Gabrielle Union who gained her powers via an unstable element in her transport cargo, and can fight any number of villains trying to take her power (MODOK and AIM come immediately to mind).  Ms Marvel is tougher to cast, because of her connection with Kree energy and Captain Mar-Vell, but if Marvel Studios has the budget, it can be about Carol Danvers being an agent searching for extra-terrestrial life and encountering the Kree, with the Supreme Intelligence not taking a liking to her or her differing views and sending Kree agents to get rid of her…really cosmic soap opera stuff.  She-Hulk is fairly straightforward, she’s the cousin of Banner and also a lawyer, that would act as legal counsel for wrongly accused, both hero and villain, while those with a personal axe to grind would be gunning for her (Titania she’d put behind bars, would escape and the two would have a crazy fight).

            My favorite character and the one I’m most dear to is Tigra…she’s always been my favorite, either male or female, and the most poorly written and cast in comics.  I don’t understand why she can’t be written consistently as a conflicted character, torn between two worlds (The Cat People and Human World).  It blows me away that she can’t be perceived as being in a constant struggle between letting her humanity go and totally embracing her Tigra Soul, yet showing enough self restraint to stay a hero and not kill her enemies.  I dislike any portrayals of her as a slut as she is not that, but the Tigra part of her is very passionate (just like how poorly Starfire is cast at times), and the more aggressive and animalistic she gets, the more she’s likely to pounce on a mate, not out of anything more than hormonal urges, but she’d need a mate to challenge her, she wouldn’t be attracted to anyone that didn’t challenge her in some way…and she’s not written that way.

            Sorry for the long rant, but I have strong views on female superheroes and as we’ve seen from cartoons, can be portrayed in a very positive way.

  • Nuclearademan

    Giving the Wonder Woman show a realistic setting and making the character act all serious was a dumb idea for many reasons, you pointed out some of the problems she would have especially with her costume.

    What they should have done is made it more like the marvel films. In those there are a lot of serious moments but also a lot of parts that are played for laughs. The characters have a lot more personality, they make jokes while fighting crime and there is always at least one gag about the heroes costumes which are cool but also look very silly.

    Hopefully with this pilot being a complete failure Warner Bros will get started on a big budget Wonder Women film starring Rosario Dawson.

    • Russell Brin (Facebook sux)

      Rosario Dawson?  That’s odd casting…

      • Sofie Liv

        I would actually prefer to cast an unknown… some-one whom can really take on the part as such an icon and become it.

        Which means nope, I can’t hand out names.

    • Sofie Liv

      correction, hopefully now that Joss Whedon has proven himself to be a MEGA hit as a superhero movie director HE will get to do a wonderwoman movie.

      There are still flaws with Buffy tied into a lot of genneral problems with female heroes, but no one denies she is a good hero and that was a good series.
      And all though Joss Whedon still makes more interesting males than females, he still makes GOOD females. So yes, the day they announce that he is going to make the movie is the day that i’ll wet myself in excitement.

      And yeah, it should have worked as the marvel movies, which totally embraces its own sillieness and roots on the same time as taking itself seriously and.. have fun.
      Thank god for the Marvel movies! as much as I do like Nolans Bat movies, Joshua the Anarchist made a splendid point in his video and I agree, Nolan do not get the superhero genre.

      And I still say, his bat movies should be the exception not the example.
      Avengers how-ever, should be the example! sigh.. I can just go on and on about this :/

      • Nuclearademan

        Thankfully apart from that rubbish Man of Steel trailer the Nolan style seems exclusive to Batman where it works.

        I like Whedon but I wouldn’t have him for that because he’s at his best when he uses an ensemble cast (Avengers, Cabin in the Woods, Firely etc.) Also he still needs to make the sequel to Serenity.

        • Sofie Liv

           I’ll judge that movie when I see it, I wont dismiss it just yet.
          Cause.. this is another thing I actually want to love and want to succeed, I hope that superman movie will be awesome.

          Whedon is still my favourite pick as potential director for a wonder woman movie, because. I cannot come up with any other name whom I would entrust this major female superheroine with… not one name..

          Guilmorer Del-toro??? but then again, that would be because I think he is god and should do every damn movie in hollywood X)
          Peter Jackson could be an interesting choice.. he handled Eowyn well in the Lord of the rings and Ann Darrow pretty well in King Kong.. and he has the excitement of a twelve year old boy coupled with the know-how of a seasoned film-maker which is exactly what I am looking for.

          I don’t know, it’s a tough one to throw names out for..

          • Nuclearademan

             Honestly I’d say James Cameron.

          • Sofie Liv

             No.. don’t get me wrong, I absolutely lover Terminator, terminator 2 and Aliens.

            But.. no, I don’t see him as a fit in my head. I would not want him to direct it.

          • Knshinn2

             Guillermo del Toro would be superb. I have reservations about Cameron AND Whedon – I like strong female characters, but those two (especially Whedon) seem to have an obsession with women who ONLY kick arse as a way of showing how “strong” they are, until they’re effectively just any old action hero with an extra X chromosome.

          • Sofie Liv

             Looking at the Guillermo films.. you know he has a gift with the females.

            In Hell boy Liz Sherman does get to be interesting, and in Hell boy II, she really gets to stand up and shine.

            Pans Labyrinth is of cause a work of genius, and Ophelia and Mercedes are prime examples on exceptional female characters in a fantasy film.

            Even Nyssa in Blade II is an interesting character in her own right.

            And one thing you could be sure with, handing such a project to Del-toro is that it would become beautiful and very unique looking.

            Some-how, just hand him the money and the keys right now!
            Do any-thing! tell him he can make his Cthulu movie after he is done with Wonder woman I don’t care.. also.. I am kind of sad he didn’t get to make that cthulu movie.. I would totally have loved to see that. 

  • Oooh, Sofie with glasses.  Yet another reason to watch your videos.

    In all seriousness, I was originally iffy about this episode, seeing the Wonder Woman pilot as a dead horse past beating, but you brought a different look to it than anyone else I’ve seen. Even though I’m now well versed in all of your actual complaints, the way you went about it makes me not feel as though the video was a waste of time. It’s probably how I would have handled a Green Lantern review.

    • Sofie Liv

       Does are my real glasses.. which I use in my every-day life.. cause I am a short sighted.. can’t see what is far away without glasses or contacts.

      But glad people think my glasses suits me. Gotta use them a bit more often :3

      I guess part of the difference is that I was rather indiferrent that a Green Lantern movie was being made. I just hated the fact that it bombed so badly putting another halt into any justice league and consequently wonder woman movie being made.

      And well, I feel about this, I want Wonder woman to succeed! to me it sucks she is left that much behind and it genuinly annoys me.

      Glad you enjoyed :)

      •  Oh yes, I don’t mean your GL review should have been this way.  I mean the different attitude is essentially the one I have.  Most people approach this as “this pilot flopped, which is dumb, what did they do so wrong to ruin such a great… oh my god fuck this pilot”.  You approached it with knowledge, hope and anticipation, and therefore had different reactions bringing you to the same place.  I have knowledge, and had hope and anticipation for GL, and you hit all the notes here that my review for that would have hit had I gotten around to one yet, that’s what I mean.

  • why is it so easy for animation to get Wonder Woman right, and so hard for live action to do the same?

    • Sofie Liv

       Why does superhero animation in genneral get women right while life action never does?

  • maarvarq

    It was an interesting coincidence having your review and Joshua the Anarchist’s defence of Joel Schumacher appear at pretty much the same time, both with the theme of “not comic-booky enough, dammit!”.

    It occurred to me that that scene could have been redeemed by WW hitting the gunman, not in the throat with that rod end-on, but on the forehead with it side-on. The gunman could have then fallen unconscious, not dead, and for extra bad-ass points, she could have picked up his gun on the way through, casually tied it in a knot and tossed it aside. The character would have still been a torturing psychopath, but not a murderer… yes, murderer. What is WW’s most famous superpower apart from the lasso of truth? She can deflect bullets with her bracers. Forget about that one too, Kelley? She could have walked up to the guy and punched him any time she wanted at no risk to herself. Incidentally, there’s a great bit using this in the pilot episode of the 70s series, where a bunch of villains are trying to shoot her, and they all look earnest apart from Henry Gibson’s character, who is rolling his eyes as if to say, “Why am I bothering to try?”

    • Sofie Liv

       That kills was just compleately unnecesseray and only put there to make her supposed to. “Dark, edgy and cool.”
      Which are stupid reasons! if you can’t make her cool without making her killing you are not doing a very good job, all my favourite heroes whom are all very cool, does not kill.. sigh

      A lot can be said about the 70’s show, but at least it was enjoyable and fun to watch.
      I might need to go over that one one day.. I mean.. just to showcase the one example of a life action super-hero working as the lead.. actually.. I totally need to get over that one, one day..

  • StevePotter

    I don’t remember having any complaints about your Green Lantern video, other than the fact that I liked that movie. It was entertaining, I thought, and I definitely got the reasons you didn’t like the movie, even if I disagreed. 

    I’m only about seven minutes in, but I think like this review even more than the on TGWTG (and I do love that review), but I like how analytic you are. You’re a very good critic and one of my favorites on the site.

    Also, your hair looks really good in this video. That’s not important or anything, just thought I’d let you know.

    • StevePotter

      *one on. Darn. 

    • Sofie Liv

      I am entirely oki with people enjoying things though I don’t.
      I mean shezz, if I should count all the people I really like and respect whom enjoys twilight, I just chose to say. “I don’t care, we can listen to each others arguments without judgement or not talk about it at all, I wont ever want to loose a friend because of such a silly thing as movie, which is supposed to be our escapism any-way, not source of hate.”

      I actually havn’t seen the TGWTG review.. exactly because I wanted to give the review a go on my own and didn’t want to be coloured by what they said. Of cause only after i’ve finished the review did I come up with ten other things also wrong with the episode I now regret not touching on.

      I will have to say, Green Lantern is not nearly as bad as this!

      Green lantern at least stayed some-what true to the character and mythos AND it had a some-what structure.
      It had plot holes you can drive a bus through, but it was clearly a movie.

      This one just failed on every conceivable level and managed to genuinly annoy me, Green Lantern did not, I was indifferent to Green Lantern, this one I felt for.. sigh.. and I guess people can feel that by just watching the reviews.

      • StevePotter

        I’ve been trying to get into Green Lantern comics, and really should start reading Blackest Night, seeing as how I got it from the library.

        This definitely looks like one of the worst superhero “movies” ever. It doesn’t really surprise me that Wonder Woman hasn’t had a real good big screen adaptation, mainly because most comic book movies are written by men, and writing for women is very hard. It’s why so many film films fail the Bechdel Test; writing women is very hard! Even in stories where the woman is the main character (the musical of Phantom of the Opera comes to mind), the women are often defined by the men in their lives and are left with little else. 

        I wonder if Diablo Cody could do a Wonder Woman film. Even the best male writers seem to have troubles with women, except for… I don’t know. James Cameron, maybe?

        • Sofie Liv

           Well, my big advice is to just go a head and watch the Justic League animated television series..

          Which is the best super-hero team television series ever created, with strong characters, funny moments, strong morales that gets to be questioned and exploited fully, that series is not scared and goes for it all the time without ever apologising.
          It has the excitement of a twelve year old, the maturity of adults and the know-how of season writers.

          Which is how super-hero movies should work! that excitement is seriously some-thing lacking from most movies today D:

          Why not just get a female writer to write the screen-play? There are female writers whom a comic book fans aren’t there?
          Aren’t there female comic book artists? why not give one of them a go and then work with them doing the production?

          • StevePotter

            That’s what I’m thinking is the best bet. I don’t read nearly enough comics, but I’ve heard good things about Gail Simone. Finding a director would be harder (Katheryn Bigelow is the only female director I can name off the top of my head), but I think it’d be possible, as long as the studio found a girl with a lot of talent to trust with that big of a budget. Even if we couldn’t, as long as there was a good script behind it, it would hopefully turn out for the best.

          • Sofie Liv

             Apparently for some reason Hollywood isn’t to favourable of female movie creators.

            I don’t know why! It honestly doesn’t make sense to me, cause at all the writing courses I have ever been at, when sitting down and looking around, there would gennerally be a majority of women.. and yet when I look at the industry the majority is men, I have no idea why!

            When it comes to directors though, it is more men than women whom apply and wants to work that way.. so that’s fine with me.
            And lets be fair, more men than women are comic book readers so that imbalance does make sense.. not this big an imbalance, that I have genuine difficutly finding the occasionel women at all, but there will always be more men than women in this area, which is fine with me it’s just strange.. where are the women??

          • Thomas Stockel

            For a town with liberal pretensions Hollywood seems to be a pretty backwards place. For example, look at The Last Airbender.  All the characters are not white, and yet three white kids were cast in the lead roles.  The moronic Dragonball movie?  Goku is played by a white teenager.  The first movie to ever star Jackie Chan and Jet Li, two of Hong Kong’s biggest action stars?  The movie centers around a white kid and his journey.  Oh, and The third Mummy movie?  Starred Jet Li and Michelle Yeoh for the first time (I believe) ever on the big screen together, and they fought for all of two minutes when it should have been an episode ten minute throw down!

            The Nostalgia chick just did a review of the five least horrible female super hero movies and it is a pretty pathetic thing to see that there is not one female oriented super hero flick that is any good.  I think the only hope one has of one getting made is if Joss Whedon was in charge of a Black Widow movie.

          • Russell Brin (Facebook sux)

            Jet Li and Michelle Yeoh starred in a GREAT Hong Kong film that was released as Twin Dragons, that centered around Michelle Yeoh’s character for most of the movie trying to get revenge for her husband getting blackmailed into marrying another woman for the benefit of his business.  It’s really good, and also shows Jet Li’s characters story of not being seduced by greed and choosing a humble life. 

          • Thomas Stockel

            Thanks for the tip!  I had no idea that movie existed outside of there being another Twin Dragons movie with Jackie Chan playing twin brothers separated when they were babies.  Was it Twin Warriors?  Or was it one of those Hong Kong action movies with eight different titles?

          • Russell Brin (Facebook sux)

            I’m glad you called me on this, it’s called Twin Warriors, but also known as Tai Chi Master (like you say the multiple title thing does get a bit problematic).  Fennie Yuen is great in the role she has, it’s directed by Yuen Wo Ping who is a legend of cinematography, and I highly recommend the movie!

          • Thomas Stockel

            I wasn’t trying to call you out or anything, it’s just that the tendency for those Hong Kong action flicks to adopt so many names confusals me sometimes. :)  Thanks for the tip.

          • Russell Brin (Facebook sux)

            I know you weren’t calling me out at all, I just like to keep my facts straight so when I do say something it’s actually correct.  I’m a nerd after all, I have to know my facts. :)

          • StevePotter

            It certainly is a mystery. Maybe it’s a Guild thing.

    • Tim Terrell

      “I’m only about seven minutes in, but I think like this review even more
      than the on TGWTG”


  • Thomas Stockel

    Okay, adding the Brave & Bold segment was the cherry on this delicious sundae. :)

    David E. Kelly definitely was the wrong guy to make this pilot.  I liked his LA Law and The Practice…up to a point.  But I hated Boston Legal mostly because too much Alan Shore is a Bad Thing.  It’s like too much Fonzie on Happy Days.  When Alan Shore was part of an ensemble cast he worked.  When he was the show, it sucked.

    Okay, Boston Legal rant over.

    You brought up a host of excellent points and I fail to see why Kelly was given the project, considering the sorts of shows he does.  The music used during that fight scene was borrowed from the Watchmen soundtrack, which doesn’t surprise me as I think a lot of this was pre production.  Still, using Queen would have made things better. :)

    • Sofie Liv

      I freaking love Brave & bold. Every-one should watch that sho :3

      Yeah.. having first now read about whom he is and so on.. I am starting to get baffled why in the whole wide world he was handed a project.

      Law firm series and super-hero series kind of have two widely different structures.. I just.. huh?
      And it’s so obvious now that yep, that is part of the big problem.. part of it.. this just fails on a basic structurel level and incompatibility :/

      They would probably have gone for some kind of “hip.” radical techno music regarldless.. to fit with the “Broody, dark.” tone.. that does not work when you lead is an amazon woman running around in tiara, blue tights and deflect bullets with her bracelet..

      I mean just listen to the concept here.. and then you put the law firm guy on the job? I just.. baffled!

  • DrWheelz

    I strongly suspect (which is easier than actually looking it up) that this started out as an original idea, and then some suit or other decided to just shoehorn WW into it. I haven’t seen the episode, but apart from the costume and the company name, I saw absolutely nothing connecting the show and the heroine. I mean, come on, she didn’t get tied up even once!

    OK, cheap shot, but seriously, it seems to be the curse of the modern day reboot that nothing can be fun anymore. James Bond is now Jason Bourne with a Brit accent, Spider-Man now has angst-based powers, Superman is a deadbeat dad with an illegitimate child, and Douglas Quaid isn’t even Schwarzenegger anymore. Say what you will about the revived Doctor Who series, but at least it’s fun, and the people making it actually care about the characters. I doubt whoever was behind this even had heard of WW before they started working on it.

    I’m not a superhero, nor do I play one on TV, but I’d imagine that when you’re starting out, it’s just plain fun. There’s plenty of time for angst, scowling, and metaphysical conundrums later. For now, just enjoy the ability to win consequence free fights while dressed only in your underwear.

    • Sofie Liv

       Urgh, probably, sounds plausibe.. it does seem like its trying to be a serious law-show and then stupid Wonderwoman shows up out of no-where ones in a while trying to be on the show being a pest to the others.. In a show called Wonder woman!

      Exactly! it is fun!
      Yeah, Torchwood was kind of stupid, but it was FUN, they brought it to America and what happened? not only was it really freaking stupid, but it was dull to and nothing left to salvage it.. sigh, not one single alien monster coming to invade you get to punch, I was shocked and dissapointed.

      That’s also why I love Zorro, he has fun while swinging roof tops, he enjoys fooling around with the Alcalde, it makes me want to be him.
      I do not want to be this lady.. and with all the arguments I laid out in this comment section.. I seriously consider making a follow up video.. I really want to now. I need to.. sigh.

      The reason why Avengers wins? it has the excitment of a twelve year old and the know-how of a seasoned film-maker, so why can’t we have that some more?
      Doctor who does to! which is why it’s so much fun!

  • filmguy450

    Bringing Batman up as someone who doesn’t kill, doesn’t work. The early incarnations of him in the comic, he’d use a gun and blow holes in henchmen etc. It always bugs me how many people seem to ignore that.

    Aside from that, this was a great, very funny episode.

    • Sofie Liv

       That may was how the Batman character started out.
      But as time went by and he got defined more and more, the big. “Guns a no no.” became more and more vital to the character and is now synomenous with him.

      Today the definition of Batman is.. no guns, and no killing and he should not ever step over that line.
      There has been both great animated episodes and comic book stories dealing with the issue of why he shouldn’t and what the consequences would be if he did.
      As I stated in the review, the recent animated movie. “Superman vs. the elite.” deals with that question exactly.
      And the answer is rather simple.. no one in the entire world should have that much freedom and power, no one should become hunter, judge and executioner.. then they would become a dictator, and we don’t really like dictators do we?
      These heroes are all mighty, and would be able to force peace unto the world, but what would be the consequences? It’s been dealt with in very smart ways a couple of times.
      Batman Mask of Pantasm also deals with this where another vigilantly runs around killing mops in the name of justice, and Batman has to stop it.. so what if the vigilantly is only killing bad guys, the vigilant still kills and needs stopping.
      Part of what gives Batman the ability to continue being batman is that he lets justice department do its bit.

      The joker said it multiple times. “Why don’t you just kill me bats? you know i’ll never stop before you kill me! what is the point here?”

      Answer is simple.. if Batman ever killed the joker, he would be crossing a line.. and he wouldn’t be batman any-more.
      For batman there is no question.. no killing.. And for wonder woman that should be given! she did not need to kill that guy! she could have hit him with the blunt side of the pibe knocking him over, she could have walked up to him while deflecting bullets and pushed him aside.
      This was not the climax of a long battle against an arch nemesis.. it was a nameless goon, that kill was just compleately point less!

    • Tim Terrell

      Because those stories were 70 years old and most comic readers haven’t read the first Batman, Superman or Justice Society comics. Why would they when the Golden Age Batman is Earth Two Batman, and he died in the comics long ago. The Batman we refer to since the 1960s is Earth One Batman, and Earth One Batman does not kill.

  • Tim Terrell

    Batman never went out to kill anyone in the comics. But no one complained when Batman killed a slew of Joker’s henchmen and the Joker himself in the first Burton movie, even though the Batman we knew  in the comics wouldn’t do such a thing. But when WW does it, to protect her own life, it’s a problem? That’s what I called a sexist double standard. (and Sofie isn’t the only internet critic to complain about that scene)

    And oh yeah… Wonder Woman killed Max Lord in the comics and she didn’t sweat it.  So it’s not out of left field for the character.

    • Sofie Liv

      I don’t like that Batman so easily killed crooks in the Burton movies either!

      I don’t think that Burton ever got Batmans character.. the movies didn’t even seem to want to spend time on Batman at all.
      How-ever what he did get was the world, the feel and look of Gotham city, and he created the perfect surroundings for Batman and his roug gallary. And does movies still had beautiful highly artistic scenes which were entertaining, this had not even that.

      And she didn’t do it to protect her own life! she wasn’t hurt or any-thing, she could have hit him with the blunt side of the pibe and knocked him out, she could have deflected the bullets and pushed him aside.
      IF it had been self defense, I would have been okay with it having ended in a kill, if I had the impression that Wonder woman was fighting for her very life, but I did not have that impression, she had just single-handedly beaten up sixteen crooks and he was merely the last one standing, another ordinary human. nothing special about him, it was compleately unnecesary which makes it that unforgiveable.

      And with Max Lord… that honestly is entirely different, again whom she killed here was a crook, an ordinary human crook, not important in any way. Max Lord had driven them all into a corner, Wonder woman was standing in a situation where she had no choices left but to kill him.
      I would have liked it better had they found another solution, and I am not entirely happy.. but I will admit, it was the solution to a long lasting problem, the kill was not unnecesary but was what ended the conflic and served to end the plot, it was the solution and a main point.
      This was the kill of a randonm hench-men commited without reason from wonder woman!

      When I was out playing larping, our genneral rule is. “Do not kill unless it serves the plot.” same should go for any fictional media.

      My genneral view of these DC superhero character stems from Batman Tas, Superman Tas and Justice league.
      Does are the shows I grew up with, does are the standards I put new interpretations up against, so yeah! I had the wonder woman from the Justice League series in my mind while reviewing this, for me she is how wonder woman should be in a more serioues setting, and this did not life up to that.

      • Russell Brin (Facebook sux)

        Do you have an opinion on Marvel female characters?  Who you think they overlook or underdevelop as protagonists?  I think Marvel has three individual females they could target:

        1. Photon: She is a cop from New Orleons that has seen more stupidity than most have, and yet still has a common sense about her.  Plus her powers of illusions and invisibility, when added to her detective skills would enable to her to be a much better police officer than most would ever suspect, and any dumbass that would think she’s a fool (I hate using AIM all the time as a foil, so I figure if any group is going to set up in the south of the USA it’s going to be Chameleon heading up his own group with Viper and possibly Controller).

        2. Tigra: She’d need a makeover for her origin, but a sports journalist in LA reporting on the Unlimited Class Wrestling Federation, and it’s ties to Power Brokers Inc just to me writes itself…heck I am thinking of writing the script and seeing if Marvel will laugh at me or buy it, it just makes sense.  She investigates the allegations, gets beaten nearly to death for her troubles, injected with the Tigra Soul to bring her back to life then searches out Power Brokers Inc for revenge.  She’d have some brutal fights, some moments where you’d think she’s in over her head but would defy the odds and with the help of her friends would win in the end, but her humanity would always be in peril whenever she’d take the Tigra Soul into her own.

        3. Rogue: Everyone loves Anna Pacquin, so why not have her go to Miur Island and join Moira MacTaggert?  We could finally see Banshee, Captain Britain, Longshot, Meggan, and Lockheed.  And the villain is an easy choice: Mojo and Spiral.  That’s another movie where the elements don’t require a lot of explanation they are just there to be plot devices and everything works pretty darn well in that context.

        • Sofie Liv

           When it comes to Marvel the answer for me is pretty straight forward.. miss Marvel.

          I keep laughing when people keeps on saying. “The Wasp should have been in the Avengers movie!”

          I can only go, heck no! first of, the movie was perfect, nothing should be changed about it, secondly, it’s miss Marvel whom clearly should be in the second one, that one is a no brainer for me.

          The Marvel women are fine and ranges from decent to very good, can’t deny I am kind of a sucker of spidergirl.. hehe, now they were so busy making a new spiderman movie, they should totally have made it into a spidergirl, that would absolutely have taken every-body by suprise and risen interest X)
          Why didn’t they do that? oh well, that’s sure to never happen.

          Don’t know whom that Photon is, but she seems interesting to me, I would like to find out more about her.

          Tigra sounds like the Catwoman movie.. fortunately it sounds better, but her origin is still the same as Catwoman in Batman returns and the catwoman movie.. :/
          So that’s a no from me, to soon.

          Rougue.. wouldn’t that count as an X-men movie? And beside, if you look at the structure she all-ready were the main character of the first x-men movie, she was our vessel, which.. sort of worked, well in any case she got to be an interesting character. which is good.

          Heh, would be funny if DC is so afraid of making a Justice league movie they just went ahead making a teen titans movie instead, with Wondergirl, Raven, Bumblebee and star fire in it X)

          • Russell Brin (Facebook sux)

            Photon is quite a forgotten character, she was actually named Captain Marvel for a time and led the Avengers at one point (quite an accomplishment since she’s both black and female, not as a point of discrimination, but to be that good in two minority roles says a lot about her leadership abilities). 

            I can see why the relation between Tigra and Catwoman’s origins would seem to be paralleled, but the two characters could not be more different.  The Cat People, in Marvel, have existed for thousands of years of parallel development with humans but with more advanced magical abilities (they are equal to Dr Strange in most cases) and live in a pocket dimension to avoid conflict with humans.  Tigra would be brought back from certain death in a ceremony that would make a lot more sense than some random cats licking her face…we would see the Tigra Soul enter her body, see her body change and react to the force of the Tigra Soul as the two would be forced together but ultimately be in permanent conflict…

            DC could make a Girl Power movie with Wonder Girl, Raven, Bumblebee, Starfire, along with Huntress, Black Canary and Batgirl pretty easily…and the enemies?  Queen Bee, Star Sapphire, Cheetah, Devastation, Killer Frost, Talia Al Ghul, and Giganta. :)

  • camillevwatson

    Sherlock may not kill people, but John sure does, though that is actually treated as what it is, and it’s just glossed over, and it’s only ever done to save Sherlock’s life (or occasionally the lives of others), but no, Sherlock never kills anyone. I personally think that’s one of the more interesting points of the series, their different ways of looking at lives versus people. But I digress.
    Also, Batman used to kill people (I know, a lot of people have already said it, but I felt compelled to point it out as well), he doesn’t any more (at least not usually), but he used to not just kill people, but also use a gun, and then the Silver Age of Comics happened…

    • Sofie Liv

       John is a soldier, who’s been to war and has been in situations where it was either him or the enemy, which alters the situation quite a bit.
      Like Captain America, the big role model of the marvel univers, whom clearly also has killed people. So what makes it okay for him? Well, the situation, when in the middle of a war on a battlefield, the rules has changed. Sadly.

      and again, neither ever kills without reason, neither would shovel a pibe through a randomn henchments throat like that.
      Only if they themselves were in life danger and acted in the spur of the moment, Wonder woman here how-ever, was not.

      And well yeah, Batman may started out that way, but the way he has been defined today is compleately different, and it’s the modern definition I go for. Batman is batman now, not the punisher, question or wolverine.

  • James M. Fabiano

    Can I just say that I love Sofie?

    • Sofie Liv

       you most certainly can :)

      • James M. Fabiano

         OK, then I’ll say it, a thousand times over!  I’ve seen two of your videos so far and think you’re great!

        • Sofie Liv

          Daww, thank you!

          Well, I hope I wont dissapoint in the future… I am kind of going for a weekly update now, which is new, beforehand I was lucky if it was every second week, lets see how it goes, and I hope i’ll be able to maintain peoples interest regardless.

          I got lots of stuff I want to do and only to little time to actually do it, I am only so very glad that people like what I have to offer, in spite of languet difficulties, computer difficulties and all of that crap -_-;

          Thanks agian, it’s great to get such sweet comments, and thanks for the e-mail, I did get it ;)

  • TheCrazyFish

    Personally, I always found Wonder Woman to be kind of boring, as a character, although I will admit that might just be because I never paid much attention to her.

    To be fair, though, most of the question of whether or not a character is interesting depends of who is writing them. If Richard Donner could make Superman – a character whose powerset is literally “anything that lets him win” – interesting, then someone should be able to make Wonder Woman interesting

    • Sofie Liv

      if Paul Dini also managed to make Superman as interesting as he did.. and he did. Yeah why not Wonder woman?
      It very much depends on the writer, a good writer can make any character interesting really and well.. no, In justice league the animated series, Wonder woman is not as interesting as Batman.. or Superman.. or the Flash.. or even Hawk girl.. urhm.. I don’t know :/
      But she’s still better there than here! And she is still the single most prominent female super-hero out there, just very under-presented and never really interpretated, Batman has been interpretated a dusin different ways and so has superman, hundreds of ways even, and there in lays a strenght Wonder woman doesn’t have.

      And I am not done with this, I am not done talking about this at all!

      • TheCrazyFish

        At the very least, like you said, this show was a very poor representation of Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman is not supposed to be dark and edgy. Wonder Woman doesn’t frown and act pissy all the time, she doesn’t torture people, and she absolutely doesn’t kill for no reason!

        Here’s the thing, I’m actually of the belief that superheroes should be allowed to kill. I’m firmly in the camp of “Batman should have killed the Joker already” even though, yes, I am well aware that he technically did in Joker’s first appearance and that the reason Joker isn’t dead is entirely about money.

        That said, the kill here is pointless. I feel like if a superhero kills it should only be if it’s either absolutely necessary or if, as with the Joker, the victim really deserves it. This guy is neither. He’s not a threat or a seriously evil guy. He’s just a random security guard. For all we know he might not even know the person he’s working for is evil! And yet…Wonder Woman just chucks a pipe through his neck, just for the sheer hell of it.

        Yeah, even with as little as I know about the character this still isn’t Wonder Woman. I’m going to start calling her The Wino. (Wonder woman In Name Only) Alternately, we could call her the Tiara-Wearing Punisher With Tits, but that’s kind of long…

  • Cheshirecat

    This episode is about a lethal drug.  So, the young man at the beginning… the young, well spoken man… the obviously well behaved and intelligent young man who just got into college after who knows how much hard work… is on drugs???  Bad move, show. Very bad move.

    • Sofie Liv

       oh yeah didn’t think about that.. huh.. well, first proof of how much that script sucks.

      • TheCrazyFish

        That’s a really good point and I never thought about that either. And it’s not just any drugs either, but apparently serious, hardcore drugs too. It’s obvious the point was to build pathos by having a bright young man with his whole life ahead of him die from the evil drugs but…it’s not remotely realistic and just shows how stupid the whole thing is.

    • Tim Terrell

       You are being naive. These weren’t drugs that go you high. They were, in effect, steroids. Lots of athletes use steroids to make them faster and stronger. It doesn’t make them evil. Sometimes athletes and students feel pressure to be the best anyway they can.

      • Cheshirecat

        I hadn’t thought of steroids, true. But still, I choose to believe that such a promising and educated young man had too much going for him to risk it. Is it naive, then, to wonder if this scene would have carried the same pathos if it had been a young white man (or asian, or hispanic).

    • Egil Hellá


  • Wondered what happened to you, great to see you again and great review! That pilot was beyond terrible

    • Sofie Liv

       thank you, and yeah it was :/

  • Ares Lancaster

    Wonder Woman is not Batman. This Wonder Woman is WORSE than Batman. At least Batman still believes in rule of law. This Wonder Woman openly ADMITS that she flaunts the law and she NEVER GETS CALLED OUT ON IT!!

  • The Little Author DK Zealand

    I know if they had put Batman in the role and not selling toys, (not being a killer that is,)
    I would have loved the show.
    but I didn’t expect Batman but Wonder woman,
    it wasn’t what a had expect of a Wonder woman show.
    just like you said.
    but I would still need a wonder woman show,
    so there are a lot of things I could have lived without just to get a Wonder Woman show:
    a lack of a Lasso of truth, a lack of much of a background story,
    a lack of power (,
    a lack of secret identity, and so on. (not all at ones that is.)
    not that this Pilot had a lack of power or a lack of secret identity but Wonder Woman 1974 show & the
    1942s comic had, infact the taribol Wonder Woman 1974 show might have been better as a revival “maybe with a Themyscira background story? which it lacked in the original take of the Wonder Woman 1974 show”.
    I can’t stup watching bad hero shows,
    with lack of Canonicity and that ruins the characters histry,
    like: smallville, young justice and arrow, (lot of times they did,) yet I can’t live without them.
    So if it was my choice, of course I would change some things,
    but i would do almost enything to the show,
    just to get it picked up again, because I “want” an adventures of wonder woman (1975) revival (and a batman live-action show),
    (but a wonder woman movie would be fine.)
    so again i really can live with a lot of things.
    Now I don’t have anything. =(

  • TheLittleAuthorDKZealand

    I know if they had put Batman in the role and not selling toys (Themyscira Industries!), (not being a killer that is,)
    I would have loved the show.
    but I didn’t expect Batman but Wonder woman,
    it wasn’t what a had expect of a Wonder woman show.
    just like you said.
    but I would still need a wonder woman show,
    so there are a lot of things I could have lived without just to get a Wonder Woman show:
    a lack of a Lasso of truth, a lack of much of a background story,
    a lack of power (,
    a lack of secret identity, and so on. (not all at ones that is.)
    not that this Pilot had a lack of power or a lack of secret identity but Wonder Woman 1974 show & the
    1942s comic had, infact the taribol Wonder Woman 1974 show might have been better as a revival “maybe with a Themyscira background story? which it lacked in the original take of the Wonder Woman 1974 show”.
    I can’t stup watching bad hero shows,
    with lack of Canonicity and that ruins the characters histry,
    like: smallville, young justice and arrow, (lot of times they did,) yet I can’t live without them.
    So if it was my choice, of course I would change some things,
    but i would do almost enything to the show,
    just to get it picked up again, because I “want” an adventures of wonder woman (1975) revival (and a batman live-action show),
    (but a wonder woman movie would be fine.)
    so again i really can live with a lot of things.
    Now I don’t have anything… =(

  • JamSanJose

    That’s right, we all know Europeans are evil! I love you Sofie, but you know it’s true. Just like I’m an asshole, because I’m an American.

  • Kanonite

    Preacher is edgy. Transmetropolitan is edgy. This and Batman arent edgy.

  • Egil Hellá

    That was a really good review and I feel really sorry for Adrianne Palicki because she did a really good job with her roll as Wonder Woman even her Wonder Woman was freaking insane but not as insane as Frank Miller’s Goddamn Batman! so we did not get a scene where Diana forces Etta Candy to eat rats and I am really happy that Adrianne got a second chance by getting the roll of Mockingbird in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and I really hope that you can do a review of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. sometime and by the way I do not know if I have already asked you about this but can you tell me what has happened to the review and also am I the only person that thinks that Gina Carrano would be a better choice to play Wonder Woman in Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice then Gal Gadot ?

  • CasualIyInquiring

    I’ve come across this video. And, yet…Blip says it’s no longer available.

    I understand that re-posting it on Blip may not be a good idea.

    But, can you update this page so that I can see the episode? Or, is there a reason why it’s no longer up?