VIDEO: The New Adventures of Wonder Woman “Wonder Woman Meets Baroness Von Gunther”

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In this very special episode, Sofie gets the crossover of her dreams when she teams up with Linkara, an Agony Booth contributor from way back who’s apparently doing video reviews now? Together, they watch the 1976 series The New Adventures of Wonder Woman starring Lynda Carter and review “Wonder Woman Meets Baroness Von Gunther”, the first one-hour episode following the 90-minute pilot.

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TV Show: The New Adventures of Wonder Woman

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  • Muthsarah

    Sofie’s got a cruuuu-uuush, Sofie’s got a cruuuu-uuush.  You Euros really are casual about these kinds of things, aren’tcha?  No wonder you scared off poor Linkara.  I like him too (in a much healthier way), but you, YOU, are twitterpated. ;)

    I’ve never seen the Linda Carter Wonder Woman, but I have to say, if it “gets” women, or at least female characters, better than modern shows do, that’s depressing.  I know that the 1970s were a big decade for female empowerment, but it hasn’t actually gotten WORSE since then, has it?  In the arts, I mean.  As far as the “tough, stoic” (read: personality-free) female action heroes, yeah, they’ve been riding the same wave as the men; I don’t think Batman/Bruce Wayne has any personality whatsoever in the Nolan movies, so I don’t think it’s all bad that Alice from Resident Evil doesn’t either.  Maybe Hollywood just needs to roll the dice a few more times until they can finally get one right, but, ever-conservative, they’re clearly too scared.

    Happy one year and two (perhaps three in your time zone) days anniversary!  You’ve gotten some recognition, you’re flirting with Channel Awesome ;), so what do you have planned for the next year?

    P.S. Did Linkara not write any of this at all, not even the comic book “backstory”?  Or do you know the old comic books too?

    • MichaelANovelli

      No, he didn’t, but I co-wrote it, and I know a fair bit.  Sofie knew most of that stuff herself, though!

      • The_Stig

        Maybe it’s just me, but you kind of made Linkara come off like a jerk that thinks he’s above entertaining us “little people” now that he’s some high and mighty ‘celebrity’. Am I the only one who got that vibe?

        • MichaelANovelli

          I dunno, as far as I could see when she gave me the rough draft to fix up, it was structured no differently than a crossover she and I might do…

          • The_Stig

            It just came off that way. Like I said, I’m probably reading too much into it. I met Lewis at MAGfest once. I dare you to find a nicer guy.

        • Sofie Liv

           Well.. i tried to write his reviewers persona as I knew it, I know that Lewis Lovhaugh himself is just about the nicest guy ever! I have nothing but good things to say about him!
          His character of “linkara.” how-ever.. I believe were intended to be a bit of a jerk, so that is how I wrote him.

          Admittedly as I was cutting this together and exsperienced for the first time how happy and joyful I look in comparison to his jerky behaviour.. it does make me come across as a victim and him as an antagoniser.. again, I am just acting so happy and he is not to nice to me, which I believe is in character for both of our characters… he even resisted the eyes!
          I also wanted to change the reviewers formular up a bit some-how, that instead of having two compeating jerks as you normally would, I would come in as a fan being absolutely delighted to have him there, and that was just an attempt from me to do it a bit differently than usual… but hell, if I can score sympathy points from the Linkara viewers whom has no idea who I am, I wont complain.
          I also knew the job I had to do in the intro was making me look sympathetical in the eyes of Linkara fans so I am not just that freaking annoyed yerk antagonising their beloved celeb for an entire god damn video X) 

        • Bob_in_Baltimore

          To me, it seemed pretty clear that Linkara was playing up a character, just as Sofie was over-emphasizing how star-struck she was for comedic purposes.  It’s kind of like with Stephen Colbert- the right-wing, argumentative, ill-informed, egotistical blowhard on his show is nothing like the actual man in real life, and the viewers (hopefully) understand that.  And this was scripted and prepared in advance, so presumably Linkara was okay with portraying himself as a bit stuck-up.

    • Sofie Liv

      No.. no I don’t.. really, no I don’t! …. x_x

      Well what I will say is what while this show feels very encouraging towards all women, many other modern “Female empowerment” things ends up feeling sort of discouraging towards the every-day woman.. and that’s turning things sort of for the worse isn’t it?
      Right now it also bears the make of many writers having abused “THIS IS FEMALE EMPOWERMENT!” and then handeling it very badly, sending out discouraging messages in media, and wen people say it’s bad they can answer. “It’s female empowerment, it’s art.” which is yeah.. a clear miss-use of this.
      And of cause “Female empowerment.” has moved with the over-all sentiment of more gritty realistic movies, things are not as fun as they were back in the seventies, and havn’t gotten the least bit empowered from that.

      Well interesting enough, the wave of female orianted big movies coming after twilight, such stuff as hunger games and snow-white of the huntsman, they do concern themselves about having female characters whom are the typical every-day girl without special powers whom must over-come things, where-ass female superheroes has been the exstreme other end of the spectrum of only ever having bad-ass women from day one of any movie, so if these two could just meet on the middle ground one day, we would be getting a lot closer to what we need in female superheroes.

      And here’s the shocker.. having movies, big movies, aimed at girls, with a female every-day protagonist, giving the women a breathing room to have their thing.. that is far better female empowerment than a resident evil movie which are clearly targeted at man with a hot woman plowing throught stuff.. it takes the time to identify with us, our wants in two hours escapism and so on.. it’s just to bad they can’t figure out how to make GOOD movies in that regard -_-;

      I wrote the script, Mr. Mendo fixed it up so I wouldn’t send a script full of spelling mistakes to Linkara.
      And yes, I knew that! you got me, I have an interest in comic books and comic book history ;)

      • MichaelANovelli

        Well, I did a little more than that.  ;-)  I’m the reason Linkara used the phrase “higher-ups”, for example…

        • Sofie Liv

           You’re the reason it said. “This is why I left the Agony Booth.” in the script and sir Linkara looked at it, then turned to the camera and said. “Urh.. I never left the booth, I was never on staff.. I am just going to give you some different versions of this.”

          You were credited though, so you cannot blame me for not giving you credit this time!

          • CaptainCalvinCat

            Would there be a possibility to actually have a look at the script?
            I am always curious, interested in the “behind the scenes”-stuff and how stuff was written originally and turned out to be filmed later on.

      • mssinykin

        One thing I rather liked about both The Hunger Games and Snow White and the Huntsman, was that the female protagonists were allowed to show there more nurturing sides as well as being fighters. Too often with the woman of action roles, they seem writen in such a way that you could have just as easily givin the role to a man and it wouldn’t have made much difference to the overall story. It’s like they think we don’t wanted to be reminded that we’re seeing a woman as our protagonists. On the other if were seeing a guy invloved in a more nurturing role, it’s usually play for laughs about how incompatent they our.
        On a less serious note (since I’m not sure what else I can say that hasn’t already been said here some other way), would you be interested in reviewing the original two Wonder Woman pilots? That was what I expecting to see here initially since I already knew there had been two other attempts to launch a Wonder Woman tv series with two different actresses. It might be interesting to see how they compare and maybe try to draw some conclusion about why some set-up ideas don’t work and while others do.

  • There there Sofie, you’ve still got us. There’s plenty of crazed fanboys here for you. This particular one was the first to be a part of your show in the flesh and did a horrible job at it. That’s creepy fanboy commitment for you! Also, I thought your lifelong ambition was to do a duet of It Ain’t Easy Being Green with Kermit but there we go. I bet you’re so jealous of Terry Fator though!

    On a more serious note, congladurations on getting to make this video and hopefully the potential exposure to bigger things. I know Linkara has actually sent Personal messages on Youtube to lowly reviewers on there so from as much as I’ve seen, he always seems to be a good sport. This was still pretty damn cool. As was your interpretation of this pilot too. I agree that movies of a lot of genres, particularly superhero movies have gotten more serious and brooding, which there’s a market for, but a light-hearted and fun approach is refreshing above the seriousness like the Avengers and cartoon adaptations like Batman: Brave and the Bold. I got wind of that show through John DiMaggio doing the voice of Aquaman (Aquaman and Bender are the same guy, mental!) and I have to say, if there’s ever a more light-hearted and fun yet still less stupid and obnoxious way (Ultimate Spiderman I’m looking at you) of looking at superhero shows, it’s that show. Granted, I don’t have much experience with this genre and that show is kind of polarising, but it’s there and it has it’s fans and I appreciate it’s change of pace.

    I do think that Spoony may need to call you on Skype though. He wants his Dr Insano goggles back!

    • Sofie Liv

       Am I supposed to be comforted by that?… help..

      He is the greatest, loveliest person! I have nothing but good things to day about him! And this felt so huge to do! as you know it’s been under progress for quit a while.

      And yeah, I enjoy the light-hearted superhero, Avengers just made you feel so good about yourself while watching, Batman the brave and the bold, amazing show I loved it!

      And as i’ve started before, Zorro is my favourite hero of all time, why? Because, wauw! I want to be him, man does he seem like he has a lot of fun! the way he makes fun of his opponents constantly in and out of costume, how he swings around, sword-fights with a smirk on his lips, always a bit of an smart-ass.. that’s why!

      No! not the insano goggles! They are mine! MINE I TELL YOU!

  • The_Stig

    Loved this show. Nobody rocked granny panties like Lynda Carter. What a goddess.

    But yes, Sofie is a crazed fangirl, but she’s our crazed fangirl.

    • Sofie Liv

       she sure looked sweet, even if her delivery could be a little wooden some-times… but oh well, she was chosen because they felt she embodied the kindness wonder woman should represent, which she does… wauw that’s so different from the 2011 show.. oO;

      daww.. yes, yes I am.

      • The_Stig

        She WAS Wonder Woman. I just don’t know though, at some point in the 90’s, “being a bitch” got all mixed up with “being empowered”

        • Sofie Liv

          yes it did, I compleately agree, and it’s an awful turn of events. 

  • Yurifan

    Two great reviewers + discussion of feminism + WONDER WOMAN= BEST VIDEO OF ALL TIME! Sofie, you win the internet times 1,0000! :)

    • Sofie Liv

       *takes a bow* thank you! thank you!

    • Zekk_Jedi_Knight

       I concur and fully support this 10,000 times awarding of the internets all to Sofie :)

      also Elizabeth, love the avatar pic, and I am thoroughly enjoying the Captain Marvel comic. Let’s hope that whenever we get live action Col. Carol Danvers it’s handled well (and preferably in her own film)

  • groupthinker1984

    Oh Linkara! You left too soon. Danish Wonder Woman. What a waste.

    Glad to see Sofie gets it. Its time to move past highlighting female empowerment in media and just let them be empowered (as appropriate for entertainment and artistic purposes). 

    • The_Stig

      Feminism was TOTALLY different back in the 70’s.

      • Sofie Liv

         yes, yes it was.

        • The_Stig

          In the 70’s it was about gender equality. Nowadays it’s about pop stars dressing up like sluts.

          • Sofie Liv

            And women being better than the men in every-possible way from kick-ass skills to intelligents in media… only they have no character. and they’ll also always end up wearing nothing but a bra at some point for some reason.

          • The_Stig

            It’s not empowerment, it’s the illusion of empowerment.

          • Sofie Liv


    • Sofie Liv

       try the filipino batman review Renegado did <_<

      yeah… you don't make a bad-ass male character saying. "This is male empowerment!" do you? .. we even acknowledge quite often with such things as james bond or the exspandables that it's the male fantasy.
      Could it be the female fantasy to swing around buildings and kick bad-guys to? Hell yes it could! That's why so many women are cosplaying superheroes you dumbass.
      Thank god for Sergeant Tamora in Wreck it Ralph! one single character pointing out and making fun of all the things that is the trouble with "Female empowerment." .. we need to make fun of that stuff.

  • Bob_in_Baltimore

    Sofie, congrats on the name change for your series, and on getting to do a crossover with Linkara!  Hope we see many more great reviews from you in the new year.  And if you decided to wear your Wonder Woman costume in every review, well, I would be okay with that :)  

    • Sofie Liv

       Thanks, thanks and thanks.. a fresh start starting out with some-thing absolutley HUGE! It felt so big being allowed to do a cross-over with the man, an enternet persona I have followed for years.. of cause things have been exagerated in the video for comedy, but you get the idea, I truly were excited.. but lastly no! I am NOT going to wear the wonder woman costume for all future videos -_-;

      What then would you have me do with my new powergirl costume?

      • Jay_Bay

        ………what? -giggity-

        • Sofie Liv

           you guys are so easy to play around, I hope you realise that.

          • Jay_Bay

            yes….Im just that kinda guy.  I got issues……of All Star Batman and Robin for sale.  What was I thinking.

            Also, apparently I posted like 5 messages and I forgot to make a comment on the actually vid…..well I sorta did, but not quite.  I hope the next year produce much more wonderful content for thee Sofie Liv.

          • Sofie Liv

             You are a guy, lets leave it at that.

            And well, pff, hell, more comments makes me look good. don’t worry.

  • Calum Syers

    Unfortunately, you’re correct about the current slate of comic book movies/shows aimed at women or attempting “empowerment” etc. I consider myself a feminist, so watching TV or cinema where women beat-up/kill all the guys, I feel like they’re missing the point. It would have been interesting had Joss Whedon got his hands on “Wonder Woman” in 2007, but that fell through, unfortunately. (Nathan Fillion was supposed to be Steve, how cool would that have been?) I also agree with your points of like-ability and having characters who are everyday, as you mention in a comment below.

    Great job on the review and getting Linkara on board, he’s one of my favourites on that site. Good luck with harassing the rest of Channel Awesome crew. 

    • Sofie Liv

       yeah.. I don’t consider myself a feminist. because I don’t believe I should have to call myself any-thing to believe in equal rights and that men and women should be presented equally in media, I call that common sense…
      And as long as we keep calling it stuff we’ll keep running into these same problems.

      yeah, Josh Whedon making wondy, I would have loved that, do not doubt that for a moment.

      Thanks! Yeah, I said it for a long time. “If i could make a cross-over with just one TGWTG member, that would be Linkara.” and then have it actual happened, that’s just… omg wow oO;

      hehe, yeah.. harassment <_<

      • Calum Syers

        That’s fair enough. I’ve heard people argue that way before, but I just feel that it’s right for me to call myself one.

        Keep making great videos, I’ll keep watching ’em.

        • Sofie Liv

           Seriously, what do you call a person whom supports equal rights among white and black people other than “Not racist.” ????

          Thanks! I’ll sincerely hope you’ll find my future videos just as great then :D

          • Calum Syers

            No, I can understand that. Really, I have no problem with people calling/not calling themselves whatever they wish. In the end I think it’s up to the individual, as it’s a personal decision. But a decision which doesn’t have one definite right or wrong definition.

          • Sofie Liv

            Oh I didn’t mean to be offensive! but.. feminism as a term just have so many problems and flaws in itself to me that I can’t help myself but poke fun of it.
            As I did in this review, as I stated I had the rules of feminism written down in my book, and there was nothing in it, where-after I used feminism, or rather, turned feminism into some-thing that best suited my immediate need on the cost of having other people feeling like they have to folow becaused I used “Feminism.” and that in itself.. sums up pretty well how I feel about the matter.

            But you are right, there is no right nor wrong in this, only opinions, which makes the whole matter very complicated.

          • Calum Syers

            Don’t worry, I didn’t find you offensive. :)

            Again, great review.

          • So do a lot of positions that are quite outspoken and different. I know that atheism is an unpopular position not just for that fact that many people out there believe in some sort of deity or ‘outer presence’, but that a lot of atheists are seen as a bunch of pretentious, self-righteous, smug killjoys who jump on anyone who believes in something else out there or even mentions God in anything. That doesn’t mean I don’t still consider myself an atheist because that’s just what I am. I’m not like Richard Dawkins who’ll call himself a ‘bright’ or a ‘rationalist’ because those words are there to replace the negative connotations associated with atheism. I think this video made me realise that. Take the word atheism out and you could apply this argument to any position that people feel uncomfortable with being or espousing the beliefs of

            I don’t know whether feminists are using words like this to make their position or stance any more appealing but I do know that there are those ‘feminazis’ out there who’ll give feminism an even worse name than it already has. I can respect individual opinions and being yourself and not lumping yourself into a group, but you just are part of that position at times.

          • Sofie Liv

             Honestly.. all it requires when it comes to such thing as “Religion.” “Atheism.” and yeah, “Feminism.” is for you to be a bit of a spin doctor, turn the words a little around, and you’ll can make it mean any-thing at all! and a good spin-doctor can make it suit his and her immediate needs do they wish, all it takes, is a little twist here and another twist there and there ya go, you can use it to argue just about any-thing.

            It doesn’t help matters that no one really knows exactly what feminism is, only the fewest feminist knows exactly what they want with this, and i mean in precise words, which makes the whole thing that more confusing for people who wants to respect women in their work, but keeps getting several different contradictory messages from the supposed “feminists.”

            “WHO ARE YOU!”
            “WE ARE THE FEMINISTS!”
            “WHAT DO YOU WANT???”
            “WHEN DO YOU WANT IT?”
            “NOW!” …… yeah..

            Also, what I have, is my own private opinions, based on my own observations and my own personal belives, I don’t want to be bound by a word or a description to talk about this, or have to bow to some-thing if a some-thing say some-thing not feministic.. I myself have been contradictory.

            I have specifically said. “Men and women are different! and we should respect that!” also have I been saying. “Men and women should be equals! and it shouldn’t matter that a character is male or female.”

            That’s two very contradictory things I have said.. and I still believe in both of them! so well you could argue I am a smug faced turn coat making stuff up to suit my own immediate need.. but I could also says I think these two things depends on situation, and that’s where common sense gets into the picture and I hope, people would be able to just use common sense and realise every situation is different. Look at it.. and use that common sense.

            As some-one said, if this was a planet only consisten of women, Jack-ass would never have been created, a woman would not do that, that one is yours guys. we are different.. there will always be an imbalance, but just use common sense to each situation and things would turn out smoother… at least I hope so.

          • Calum Syers

            Honestly, I didn’t mean to start this whole thing, haha.

            Like Sofie says, some people don’t like to be bound by a word. Others, like Linkara don’t have that problem. As Sofie says, the key is not to push, spin or twist. If you do happen to define yourself by a word, just follow it the way that you believe you should and be respectful of others’, whether they’re religious, use terms or not.

            I don’t pretend to speak for feminists everywhere and my beliefs are simply my own. I’m sure Linkara is the same, though outside of his internet persona, I can’t speak for him.

            That’ll be my last words on the subject.

          • Sofie Liv

             It’s okay, it’s me who keeps bringing it up, it’s a subject that will just never run dry.

            And oki, got cha

          • And I just make it worse. Sometimes it’s just fun to debate you know. As long as you’re not throwing insults at each other. I’ve learnt that the hard way. Besides, more comments is more attention for Sofie so she still comes out a winner. Not that this video didn’t cement that already. :)

          • Zekk_Jedi_Knight

             on the “Men and women are different! and we should respect that!” but also: “Men and women should be equals! and it shouldn’t matter
            that a character is male or female.”

            If we take it to a completely different context it works fine and without contradictions: “Red and Blue are different! we should all acknowledge this difference as a good thing! Both are colors that are equally important! and it doesn’t matter what color it is, both are fine with their own qualities!”

            see sounds inane pointless and obvious; to me at least, that’s the whole point. All those statements work fine together and the biggest problem with gender politics (or anything based on difference of demographic) is anyone seeing these statements as contradictory. When really, all of them make perfect logical sense together.

            Just my 2 cents ;)

    • CaptainCalvinCat

       Well Nathan Fillion WAS playing Steve – although only in the cartoon-movie. But he does a great job.

      concerning the “They should have fun”-theme… I recommend watching
      “the bionic woman” – and no, I don’t mean the new version, but the
      actual spin-off-series of “The 6 Million Dollar man”… in that,
      whenever Jamie Summers does something awesome as kicking in a door, we
      could see her face lit up in joy. She clearly had fun, either as actress
      being enabled to do this or as character…. so – yeah, Sofie, you are

  • Jay_Bay

    wow, a Linkara crossover.  You are on….your…..way!

    • Sofie Liv


  • Well, to be fair, protagonists (regardless of gender) don’t HAVE to be “likable”. Honestly I think there’s far too much focus these days on making sure the characters are “likable” and it often ends up producing bland Mary Sues. There are many great protagonists and characters people love who are far from likable, from Gordon Gecko to Tony Montana. Hell, Sherlock Holmes himself, in almost all interpretations is a self-centered asshole. But he’s also a brilliant, fascinating, complex asshole, who saves the day regardless. We like him because we understand him not because he’s a nice guy. Yes, the interchangeable one-dimensional humorless badasses that make up most female superhero movies are annoying, but making them interchangeable one-dimensional happy badasses isn’t exactly an improvement. What we need is actual characters, not shallow carbon copies with a gender inversion.

    • Sofie Liv

      Yeah Sherlock Holmes is a self centret ass-hole, but we still like spending time with him, he is fun company, when done right he is a likeable ass-hole, that’s why he still exist after all of these years.

      And why did I show pictures of chicago? well, every-body in that movie are ass-holes! but we still like spending them with them, it’s kind of fascinating, they are so smirky and revels so much in their own assn’s in this world that it becomes enjoyable.
      Death-note is an interesting series because the main character is the villain.. and he is a bloody psykopath, his opponents are the heroes, we are following the villain, it works because A; the series acknowledges that he is a villain, B; he is fascinating company.

      There are likable ass-holes and just ass-holes.. what makes Tony Stark such a likeable ass-hole? a great number of components of things, which would require a whole essay, Jill covered it pretty well in her video, but we still NEED to want to spend time with him, Tony Stark, is a likeable ass-hole not just an ass, which makes the entire difference. Wondewoman from the 2011 how-ever, is just an ass, which makes her very unlikeable, and I just want to strangle her. By the very least give you ass a sense of humour so she/he is likeable company.. ever noticed that? female kick ass protagonists have no sense of humour! while what makes such characters as Blade a good character, is the has a sense of humour aside from being a bad-ass, Thor is a big ass when he first appears, but gosh darn it is he likeable in spite of it, which is why the audience was won over at all, and we want to spend time with him. I stand by my statement. And my point are, you can make women characters idiots, sluts, what-ever, just make it an likeable idiot slut, and huh.. complex characterasation could come out of that, pretty easily in fact.

      In Hang-over, they run into a slut, she is just a slut.. until we find out what a nice person she is, whom just happens to work as a slut BAM, that was surprisingly complex, playing with your previous exspectations and view-point on hookers, that they are people to.

      And btw… Mary Sues aren’t likeable they are just fucking annoying which is why we call them mary sues.

      I also think a mary sue is created when the whole fictional univers she lives in just adore her beyond bounds for.. reasons.. that’s why Bella Swan is the ultimate mary sue.
      How-ever, if it’s a character with problems where people don’t just like her and admire her instantly but she gets challenged because of her flaws, we have some-thing, or should have.

      I myself wrote a story where I introduced a character whom was from the country, was interlectually dumber than the rest of the main characters, wasn’t nearly as good in a fight, clumsy and sort of a big mess that talked to much. But also were she a humble person whom was aware that she wasn’t as interlectually smart nor as strong as the rest, became surprised when people turned to her for help, and eventually it turned out she was practically smarter than most of the others, and she became a favourite among my readers, people kept saying how much they liked her. Not because she was a stronger or smarter than the rest, but just because she was likeable and fun.. I think.. I also think a lot ended up feeling with her as she really tried but couldn’t keep up a lot of the time, until she finally got to shine. I was honestly surprised how popular she became among my readers, but pleased :)

      • Exactly, & they don’t even have to be the Tony Stark brand of asshole, the “oh I know he’s a jerk but he tells funny jokes so I like him” variety. There’s countless films with great protagonists we are made to hate, people who do irredeemably awful things, but we’re kept engaged by things like complex characterization or interesting subtext. Alex DeLarge, Daniel Plainview, Travis Bickle, Don Draper, Mickey & Mallory Knox, Salieri in “Amadeus”, the entire cast of Starship Troopers. All horrible, reprehensible people, all the main character in their stories, all fascinating & engaging characters. It’s only when the asshole is framed as NOT being an asshole, or makes pretense to complexity while displaying none that it becomes a problem.

        And right, of course Mary Sue’s aren’t likable, my point was that most Mary Sue’s are the result of the writer trying too hard to make them likable, to the point that it produces the opposite of the desired effect. Bella Swan comes to mind

        • Sofie Liv

          These people are still likeable enjoyable psykopaths.. but yeah, part of what goes into that is that framing acknowldges them to be terrible people, and even pokes fun of it, the framing itself has a sense of humour, which makes it enjoyable.. usually when it comes to stuff with ‘dark’ female protagonists, the framing has no humour at all, which leaves the entire thing so flat.

          I’m just saying, when writing a female character and are so busy with saying. “uh, I need to make her bad-ass.” ask yourself if you want to spend time with this person for two and a half hours.. would that be any fun? or would it just be like standing in a room with a person whom constantly starres down on you.. making it all feel so nice and awkward.

          This WonderWoman, granted, is sort of a mary-sue, the entire world likes her.. but gosh darn it, this show is so happy and cheesy that you indeed do buy into it, it just have so much fun with itself that you can’t hate her… she SMILES! .. wauw.. how often does that happen? how often, does female main characters, smile these days? just.. wauw.
          Also I weren’t talking about complex characterations I was just talking about how to make a better female super hero, and as I don’t believe superheroes should have to be bound to that “Dark, gritty complex.” in the first place.. that should be the exception not the rule.. Mostly super-heroes should just be about fun! that’s the genre! Which is why Avengers win, because it’s fun.. it was in the connection I meant this.

          • fearfanforever

             Actually, this reminds me of what I was just talking about I was talking about in my recent review of The Collector.
            Arkin O’Brien may be a criminal, but he’s not a scumbag. He steals for a living, but he does it to try and save his wife and daughter, and he’s even willing to face down a psychotic killer that has him clearly outmatched to save a young girl.
            In my mind, he’s a perfect example of how a protagonist can be a likeable, good, non-asshole human being, but still avoid the Gary-Stu/Mary-Sue pitfalls.

          • Sofie Liv

             Oh yeah, a character can be in a bad situation, and if you then bother to explain why that character ended up in that ugly situation while still having morals, that’s a complex interesting situation/character right there, just explain it, or how the compromised person be deep down good, in a way that shows.

            That’s how I can still believe that Catwoman actually could make for a pretty interesting stand-alone heroine. Lets forget all about that awful movie for a second and look at what Catwoman is as a character in the comics or in some tv-adaptations.

            She’s a cat burglar, okay.
            She is NOT a killer, organised crime-boss, black-mailer and she doesn’t compromise human lifes. She has a strict honour code that she works with.

            Why is she a cat burglar? several excuses has been offered.
            One is that she does it because she was bored by her life and enjoyed the thrill of the chase.

            The other was that she came from a poor back-ground that gave her no breaks in her life, she decided she wanted to become some-one no matter what it took, and at last elected to become a cat burglar to archieve her goal, eventually she just became the best, and did managed to become quite wealthy, but by that time, she had become so addicted to the thrill that she weren’t able to stop, and continued to do her stuff, mainly for the thrill, some-times to genuinly safe some-one as she does care for people left in a as poor situation as herself

            Batman The Dark Knight rises even gave us yet another twist, that She did indeed become Catwoman because she wanted to escape her life of poverty, but only in this world, as she archieved her wanted riches, she was no caught in a big web she could not escape from because she has come so deep into criminalily in the process of archieving her goal, and now only wants a way out so she can live her life in peace.

            Personally, I like all these three options and think all these three characters could make for a pretty interesting main character in a good action movie.
            Actually.. I would prefer a mix of option 2 and 3! that she continues to do her stuff partially because she is in to deep, but also she can’t deny she enjoys it a lot… I like that. and most importantly, in none of these versions is she a complete bad person.. she has a bad tendency yes, that she steals and enjoys doing it, some-times she resembles a crack addict not able to let go in that regard.. but she isn’t evil, not really… and it’s a movie I would actually want to watch.

          • Jay_Bay

            I just want to say that this whole part of the thread is very engaging and deeply thoughtful.  It’s good that the internet can produce stuff like these sometimes.

  • Writrzblok

    This was a really cool video, kudos to you both for making an enjoyable crossover!

    • Sofie Liv

      Thanks, kudos to Linkara for saying yes! HE IS THE MAN! 

  • James Fox

    Sadly in this generation, Wonder Woman will be labeled at as a anti-feminist teabagger

    • Sofie Liv


      • James Fox

        What it’s true, think about it

        • CaptainCalvinCat

          Don’t just say “it’s true”… elaborate. Why would she be labeled as that?
          I think, she is – and rightfully so – the idol of feminist movement. Don’t sell yourself short, because you are a woman, you can handle whatever people throw at you, but you don’t have to be glum and gritty. Be nice, be a person, one would care about.

  • Thomas Stockel

    Great review, Sophie!  I hope to see a sequel at Channel Awesome some day.  Maybe after the new Amazon television series tanks you and Linkara can sit down and dissect why it failed. :)

    • Sofie Liv

       Thanks.. and well, I don’t think that is going to happen. If he ever gets to a con in Europe i’ll probably hunt him down for good measure, but other-wise, this was an awesome one timer.. an really really awesome one.

  • mssinykin

    One thing I rather liked about both The Hunger Games and Snow White and the Huntsman, was that the female protagonists were allowed to show there more nurturing sides as well as being fighters. Too often with the woman of action roles, they seem writen in such a way that you could have just as easily givin the role to a man and it wouldn’t have made much difference to the overall story. It’s like they think we don’t wanted to be reminded that we’re seeing a woman as our protagonists. On the other if were seeing a guy invloved in a more nurturing role, it’s usually play for laughs about how incompatent they our.On a less serious note (since I’m not sure what else I can say that hasn’t already been said here some other way), would you be interested in reviewing the original two Wonder Woman pilots? That was what I expecting to see here initially since I already knew there had been two other attempts to launch a Wonder Woman tv series with two different actresses. It might be interesting to see how they compare and maybe try to draw some conclusion about why some set-up ideas don’t work and while others do.Like

    • Sofie Liv

       yeah, that is a nice thing, that they get to actually show-case one of those things we women have in a positive way.

      As for more Wondy stuff.. wait up for it.. wait up for it.

  • I don’t think anyone’s said this yet, but you do a decent (and amusing) Alex Kingston in the beginning.

    • Sofie Liv

       Well, I hope it was a nice twist that some-body tried the “Hallo sweety” thing and then ended up failing miserable at it X)

  • Zekk_Jedi_Knight

    Alright! 2 of my favorite Reviewers reviewing one of my favorite live action superhero tv shows! (btw Sophie I also have MovieBob to thank for pointing his blog readers to Linkara, and both of you served as my gateway drug for the other reviewers on your sites=D)

    First I just want to say Awesome job to all involved. Second I agreed w/all of it (except of course your
    “rules from the book of feminism”, when I saw that all I could think was Mandy Patinkin’s: “You keep using that word; I do not think it means what you think it means” and from reading your comments here and at AT4W I know that was your goal, so mission accomplished). Third the discussion here in the comments is great and really highlights well all the ways all (not just female centered) action shows/movies should be handled.

    It really is sad we haven’t (at least as far as I know) gotten any female lead action piece that got all the things right that this show did.
    I only watched the 1st season of Wonder Woman this year (haven’t see the second yet) and thought it was surprisingly good, especially for such a pre-80s cheesy show. I don’t even like Adam West Batman, not because of the cheese, but just the boring dialogue and stupid plots (all just my opinion; sorry to any fans [btw to fans of the show: taken out of that context I actually enjoyed seeing most of the fight scenes in all their campy glory]), but to me at least this show had much less of that and was fun to watch. Everything about this show that was dumb plot or stupid dialogue was either actually explained in some way later or something I could laugh at.

    The only exception to that was the stupid stuff they did to render her “powerless”. Apparently everyone, or at least the spies, used chloroform powerful enough to knock out an Amazon in WWII. And the stuff w/her belt granting her strength while away from Paradise Island, so that bad guys could just take it off and she’d lose her strength was especially unnecessary. Just about any time they did the belt gag, they could just as easily be holding a gun on someone she’d want to protect, or some other less: “now she is JUST a woman” (uggh) way of doing it; I get that they wanted her to have some kind of Kryptonite but other than being TOO caring (see previous on protecting others) I don’t see why she needed one.

    Also, though I liked the Pilot tv movie that preceded this (and had the show’s WW origin story) better, I like that you reviewed the one that had the same “Baron Von Gunther” in it (the evil nazi woman w/power armor) from that Wonder Woman intro segment of BTBAB you showed to demonstrate what a Wondy show should be :)

    Sorry for the long post, I actually have much more to say on this topic, but this is me trying to be brief; if you can believe it. :(

    P.S. Sofie, if you want to see a good superhero show for kids (but with good genre savvy jokes for those of us “too old”) that shows a female having fun in the lead role you should check out PBS’s WordGirl, seriously, not kidding it’s great! [And added bonus it handles breaking the 4th wall far better than Marvel’s Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon ever could. In terms of the writing and humor this is the kind of show USM wishes it could be/should have been if they wanted all those elements done right. I was very pleasantly surprised when I watched it with my little brother :) I wish it had been around when I was a kid]

    • Sofie Liv

       Thank you, I am so glad you enjoyed, I myself thought it was great making this! i liked it a lot.

      yeah… bull-shit rules.. honestly, feminism has no real rules, which was part of the joke, you can’t just write down a couple of rules, it doesn’t work like that -_-;

      And yeah, I also watched the entire first season through for this, and surprisingly good, I ended up surprising myself enjoying it a lot, it’s not unspoken off that I could end up reviewing more episodes solo.

      I was also kind of pleasently surprised to witness this show and realise that the Batman Brave and the bold wonderwoman is actually just one big homage to this show, and it works, it made me pretty happy.

      I’ll try and check that show out okay? all though, funny enough animated stuff have been pretty good at representing women in good ways for a long time, so no, television animated shows, NOT the culprit, in fact, they are a good example.. unfortunately people don’t even want to listen to them :/

      • Zekk_Jedi_Knight

         agreed across the board, although if we’re looking for “rules” I would suggest looking towards humanism; the school of philosophy that basically at it’s core says: all people are unique interesting and great, all people are equal and we are at our best when we work together and unite over that shared humanity. [hope that suggestion is okay with everyone:)]

        • Sofie Liv

          it’s just never going to happen, the sentiment is fine and noble, but it’s not going to happen.

      •  Rules of feminism: don’t hate women, but if you do, do it for creative reasons and not archaic ones.

        • Sofie Liv

           isn’t that just common sense?

  • MephLord

    I notice that the Adam West Batman has two likeable female characters in Batgirl and Catwoman (especially Julie Newmar).  Julie Newmar is my favorite Catwoman actress, she had charisma, athletic ability and could play that sexy evil vixen that you just couldn’t hate.

    • Sofie Liv

       Uh I love Eartha Kitt as Catwoman!

      I mean just look at her, she revels in being a naughty villain, she genuinly purres in excitement, and wauw yeah, if there was one constant factor for Eartha Kitt in what-ever she did, she looked like she enjoyed herself immensely and was fun company!

      Seventies.. it was a different time, people liked being happy and cheesy back then. now we prefer being dark, gritty and miserable…

  • LindaMinda

    How long until someone starts a petition asking for Christopher Nolan’s wife to do a WW movie? (Of which I forget her name. Why am I bad with people’s names?)

    • Sofie Liv

       god I hope that wont happen, I am sure she is a great movie director and all of that. But she isn’t a fun movie director, which is what I would want in a wonder woman movie.

  • MephLord

    Sofie deserves a prize if a recap she’s involved with reaches over 100 comments…maybe a Barbie Wonder Woman or an autographed Mendo script of Sailor and the Seven Balls 3: The fall of Indianapolis.  Maybe an interview with Martin Kampmann, or her own plushie Dalek!  That last one is definitely the proper gift for such an achievement. 

    • Sofie Liv

       isn’t the gift just that I am actually popular enough to get that many comments? It means I am on the rise dude!

      though, I would like that plushie Dalek thanks… or better yet, a plushi Matt Smith, i would never let go of him!

      And… why exactly should I inteview a martial arts man? wtf do I have to do with that? I have zero interests in sport!
      Why not the Danish people I am deeply interested in? Nicolas Winding Refn, Susanne Bier, Lars Von trier, Peter Fly, Mads Mikkelsen.. just to mention a few danish movie people whom has gone international!

      And for people whom never became famouse outside of Denmark.. Søren Pillmark, Lisbeth Dahl (one of the greatest female comedians ever.) Ulf Pilegård, Peter Madsen (great comic book artist.) Dennis Jurgenseon (read so many of his books while growing up.) ext.. your logic is flawed..

      • MephLord

        More International viewers will know who Martin Kampmann is (in theory at least) than the other ones you mention.  I am probably wrong since my interests are very limited, but that is why he was mentioned.  It sounds like Denmark has no shortage of great movie people that should be well known internationally.  The last five years I have seen two new release movies in the theatre (Avengers and Resident Evil: Afterlife) so I’m not that up to date on what is new and cool. 

        My logic is always flawed, I look at popular names, not talents…does that make sense?  Probably not, but I was trying to appease to your love of Dr Who, where alternative universes and strange crap happen all the time.  And everyone needs a Dalek to love!  Even if that Dalek can’t navigate stairs, being a plushie it would be cute as anything!!!

        • Sofie Liv

           Nicolas Winding Refn cemented a european popularitet with his Pusher triology which is to this day considered a classic even in England, it even had a british re-make this very year.
          Then he made the english distributed “Valhalla rising” two years ago to moderate success, all though nothing compared to his most recent american distributed movie. “Drive.” which acclaimed world-wide critical acclamation and admiration.

          Susanne Bier has won the Oscar for best foreign movie twice, and recently came out with a new American distributed movie starring Pierce Brosnan and is called. “Love is all you need.” also very critically acclaimed.

          Mads Mikkelsen is a Danish actor whom is absolutely huge here, but also landed himself in some hollywood roles, most noticable he played a bond villain in “Casino Royal.” and “Quantum Solace.” … so erh..

          Viggo Mortenson is also a Dane you know.. you know.. Aragorn from the lord of the rings.. so.. yeah.

          If you’ll give a plushie dalek to me, I would keep it, don’t even doubt that.

      • MephLord

        To answer your comment about Martin Kampmann (and probably pad your comment count), I am not the avid movie viewer you are.  So to put it in perspective, I follow combat sports and super hero cartoons as #1 and #2 interests.  Keeping that in mind, Mixed Martial Arts is important to me on a personal level, since I find it the only sport I really enjoy actively following.  I will watch ice hockey, American Football and rugby, but I don’t follow them nearly as much.

        So with my primary interests pointed out, a lot of actors I am completely unaware of.  The only movie I went to see in the theatre was Avengers (yes, I didn’t even bother seeing Dark Knight Rises even though I have a free theatre coupon that I only used for Avengers). 

        I hope that helps clarify why I would mention Martin Kampmann over those others that you named.  I just am not aware of who they are, while I am pretty well versed on fighters and their credentials. 

  • drdvdplayerhandbook

    Hi, Sofie, I’m curious: have you seen the animated Wonder Woman movie?  If so, what did you think of it?  Because I, in my humble opinion, think it’s one of the best comic book movies in existence.  Whatever you think of it, I’d love to hear your opinion.

    • Sofie Liv

       I’ve seen it, and all around, I liked it. I think it did a pretty good job all things considered.

      I couldn’t call it one of the best “comic books movies in existence.” in good concious though, I don’t think that’s true. But all around, it’s good and I am glad that I saw it, the DC studio have been pretty good at putting those animated movies out, also the movie itself did pretty well pointing out a lot of flaws in the supposed “Wonder woman female empowerment.” and points to how Wonder woman and her island are the ones being facists, not the men, which I like, I think that’s very true.

      • drdvdplayerhandbook

        Oops, sorry, I meant one of the best ANIMATED comic book movies.

        • Sofie Liv

          yeah, it’s definetely one of the better, even though they have all been all-around pretty solid if you ask me. I’m still baffled why the Warner Brothers studio doesn’t just shoot some extra money into the animated studio, give them a longer time to pre-production and release those movies in cinema. But yeah.. what-ever. 

          • drdvdplayerhandbook

            It probably has something to do with the bad luck Batman: Mask of the Phantasm had on theaters.  Adults took their kids thinking it was going to be a fun movie for small children, they didn’t expect something that dark, and protested.

            In the end, they had to choose between making quality movies or movies fit for children in theaters (since there are always going to be parents who assume “animation” = “exclusively for children”), and the direct-to-DVD market lets them do the movies they want to make without having to worry about making cuts or fixes to appeal to broader audiences.

          • Sofie Liv

             that is a very plausible explanation I didn’t think about…

            no offence but, American parents sucks.. if you knew what kids stuff they let me see when I was ten years old in this country.. and what they let kids watch to this day. man you guys over there are sissies, I watched animal slaughter every saturday morning, no trouble..

            And no, not even making that up, two television series that ran quite often. “Animals of fahring woods.” where a bunch of animal must cross the country because their old woods got destroyed.. half of them die on that journey, and as they find a new home, animals keep dying. And then there was the serial version of “Rabbit mountain.” you know that animated movie where rabbits died a lot.. yeah. .there’s a series based on that where surprise.. rabbits dies a lot. so yeah.. sissy US.

          • drdvdplayerhandbook

            Yeah, I’m not going to take offence, but I’m not American.  Well, not from the USA at least, since I’m latin american.  But I do agree with your point of view.  There’s an excess of bad parenting, where you see constant prejudice disguised as care, which ends up being worse for them.

            Luckily, things are different where I live, and parents don’t think kids are stupid or extremely impresionable.  Well, most, at least.

            And about the explanation, it’s not just plausible, it’s official.  It’s what the guys who made the DCAU movies have said.  I read it in an interview with them a long time ago, but I can’t remember where.

          • Sofie Liv

            What do I know, I just assume, sorry.. most of you guys are from the US… you are cool guys from the US, it just seems like a very strange country to me over-all.

            wauw.. yeah… the US parents can’t even take Derpy Hooves in my little pony friendship is magic. Just.. there.. that was the point I just handpalmed myself and gave up.

            If you can’t trust kids to develop and grow in their own right, so that they might one day become responsible adults.. what can you do?

          • Muthsarah

            It’s a big country, a country of patchwork communities and massive variance in politics, religion, and social mores, so there’s really no way you can generalize about it.  Sure, there are a lot of parents here who are determined to raise their children in unconventional ways, and as long as they don’t flagrantly (or publicly) break the law, they’re free to set pretty much any rules they want and raise their kids however they want.  If you want your child to grow up surrounded with only certain values, you can easily find a large community of like-minded parents and raise your children in a bubble.  Home-schooling is quite common, and getting moreso every year.  I’m sure you already know how much more religious people are here than in your neck o’ the woods; that’s one of the biggest motivations parents have for keeping their children sheltered, to not have any contrary beliefs interfering with their upbringing.  It’s a life-or-death matter, most of these parents feel that if they don’t raise their children correctly, they’ll be irreparably corrupted by people with wicked beliefs, namely everyone else on the planet.  Even the non-religious tend to be extremely defensive regarding anybody or anything that might leave an unwanted impression on their children.  Oftentimes, the oversensitivity borders on paranoia.

            Needless to say, I have some personal experience with this.  I wasn’t allowed to watch R-rated movies, even well into my teens (even PG-13s took some work).  Whenever anything sexual, even heavy kissing, popped up on television or in a movie, I was ordered to avert my eyes and leave the room.  I was reprimanded once for watching part of a boxing match, and was told not to watch sitcoms, as they were “inappropriate”.  Additionally, I wasn’t even allowed to drink soda.  Dating, needless to say, was out of the question.  I went to public school, however, and I was quite the weirdo compared with all the other kids.  Imagine being the only boy in school who hadn’t seen Die Hard or Terminator 2, or who didn’t know who Kurt Cobain was.

            But this kind of stuff happens all the time here, it goes back to the beginning of the country, people determined to cross the ocean just so they can live their lives however they want, regardless of what anyone else thinks of them.  And there’s enough people in this big country, loud and angry people, to raise a huge stink whenever they get organized around a perceived threat to their values or to their children’s welfare (and there are always agitators itching to find a new one).  They’re scared for their children’s souls and personally offended that anyone would dare question their right to raise their children however they want.  And anyone who crosses them gets threatened with a lawsuit and or a boycott.  It’s not just the religious, these types of people are amply represented in every walk of life here.  Though I already said you can’t generalize, I would say that if you were (and, for the record, I can :p), we are a loud and opinionated country who takes our claims to eternal (perhaps God-given) rights to absolute individuality very, very seriously.

            Many parents don’t trust children to raise themselves, as they believe there is only one good way for a child to grow up, and with all the distractions and dissenting viewpoints a child might encounter in their lives, what are the odds they’re going to find that one true way all on their own?  And why risk it, when you don’t have to?

          • Sofie Liv

             Yeah, sorry, I was genneralising, but when speaking about stuff like this how can you speak in other terms than genneralisation?

            Also that being said, I realise that many single states in the US are way larger than my own entire country, there life three times as many people in NYC alone as in Denmark.. so yes.
            And not only that, I believe all people in the world are individuals and there are nothing but several different perspectives, each person own his or her own perspective and nothing else, we are all different that way.

            But in a exsten to that, neither do I believe one single perspective is right, and there-for you should never stick to just that one ideal and being afraid of exploring other options is just close-minded behaved based on paranoia and will only gennerate more fear and more conflicts because of not even wanting to explore.

            Beside, I think you are cheating yourself out of so much if you don’t explore, the world is so big and fascinating, there’s so much to explore and discover, every-body have some-thing to teach, you can always learn or gain a new perspective, and some people refuse to do so, that is just sad.

          • drdvdplayerhandbook

            Fun fact #1: according to Wikipedia, your country has almost double the population as mine.  Yeah, we’re small.  Fun fact #2: almost half of my country’s population lives in the capital city.  Fun fact #3: Justice League villain Vandal Savage once destroyed our capital city with a nuclear bomb in a comic.  It was great.

            Anyway, I agree that generalizing is bad, but sometimes it’s the only way to express something.  When we say “parents are bad today” we don’t really mean “all parents”. I think that should be obvious.

            I like to think that most people are not bad at parenting, but unfortunately, those who are, are a very vocal group.  They’re the kind who raise protests, threaten to sue and, essentially, work really hard to take people’s liberties in order to keep the world submerged in their own medieval beliefs.

            But I think these people are not as much of a problem as those who actually listen to them.  If people keep giving away their liberties in order to please these terrible individuals, then humanity is going to stop improving and start devolving.

  • Halosoulfire

    As someone who remembers the Wonder Woman show (after the time jump), I have to say that your last few minutes talking about the likability of the character is on target.  The reason that I’ve gotten out of comics is the exact reason that you pointed out about a lot of characters these days, their dark and brooding (in my opinion boring).  This was a pretty well done crossover with Linkara, which is actually what brought me over to your site.

    • Sofie Liv

       well, if the video managed to even bring you here, wooh! the more the merrier, welcome good sir!

      yeah, yeah, a likeable main character will go a long way in any story and make the story enjoyable, rule one aint it?
      And yeah, particular females, it does kind of bother me people instantly things. “How to make a good female main character? urhm.. make her tough as nails!” …. it’s the same character over and over.

      Wouldn’t it be fun to pull a female Bilbo one day? a woman whom is not a warrior, is not tough as nails, enjoys good things in life, whom gets in over her head in a fantasy adventure but wins because of her good heart? See, that’s the female character I want to write one day ;)

      • Halosoulfire

        Thank you m’lady, I’ve been going through some of your archives so you might see a comment or three on some of your older ones.

        While not the biggest fan of Bilbo (sorry The Hobbit was painful to watch and even harder for me to read), a female lead that wins because of her kindness and noble of heart would be a grand story to be heard.

      • Muthsarah

        The “female hero who succeeds through the power of her purity and good heart” is the way every old-fashioned heroine story went, and the “ultra-badass-and-cool robot chick who’s conventionally hot but still more manly than any man, and beats up the planet without even trying because she was programmed that way” is the new thing.  And there’s really nothing in-between.  What about female characters who prevail against long odds due to their intelligence, leadership, or better yet, experience gained though years of hardship and gradually becoming someone incredibly awesome?  Not just a wide-eyed (conventionally hot) innocent who either sacrifices her humanity to become a killing machine on autopilot – thus not actually “working” at being a hero but just following through on her programming, as given to her by someone who actually worked long and hard to get themselves in a position to bestow these superpowers upon her (and who’s usually a default father figure anyway) – but an exceptional yet relateable person who has to work hard to make themselves into a hero, but who grows and becomes someone who can succeed without having to rely on her looks, her pure heart, or other “girly” things that no male hero is ever expected to live up to.  We don’t need more wide-eyed innocents, we need more Ripleys and Sarah Conners, someone whose strength comes from struggle, and above all, a woman who is not defined by her vulnerability (even if both Ripley and Sarah were at times).

        Oddly enough (or not), male characters are increasingly taking over the traditional female hero roles (wide-eyed innocent, thrown into situations beyond his/her understanding, but who prevails through the magic of their own innocence and dumb luck, without really undergoing a change), while still keeping the traditional “tough, but sympathetic” types, and all women are getting in return is a few robotic female heroes who would be effectively genderless if they weren’t all portrayed by former models running around in spandex.

        • Sofie Liv

           Okay, valid points!

          But well.. I just really like the “Hobbit.” character, the happy little person whom actually like small things in life, and isn’t some-thing overly special to look at at first, is simple in her/his ways, and prevails because that person is a good person. I do also like characters thrown out of their element and has to learn and prevail in a new place.. which again, is a hobbit story all over again.

          And well arguable, neither does men nor women get a lot of that kind of characters these days.. most main characters in action/superhero/fantasy movies are supposed to be strong and tough.. and yeah, it is nicer when they have a bit of more of a personality, and yes, on a heroes journey, it’s great actually exsperiencing the character learning and grow no matter what gender, and then at last prevail and shine through because of his/hers courage, bravery and well.. heart.

          The Hobbit had the best moment ever where all of that came into place just.. wauw.. Bilbo you rule.

  • Fan_the_Flames

    I’ll be honest…I saw this on Linkara’s page >.>  But it’s one of the reasons I adore crossovers like this. I’ve found some of my favorite reviewers from crossovers when I ever thought I’d be interested in them in the first place.  And now I find an entirely new website that I can check out thanks to it too.  It’s always nice to see a positive outlook on a show, since that isn’t the norm.  You two really work well together, and I agree that Lewis is one of the nicest people I can find.  He’s actually one of my influences that got me interested in the idea of internet reviewing in the future if I still have the desire come that time.  You also are very talented, and even with your accent, I can understand most of what you’re saying (then again, if I can understand SadPanda, I think I can get you :P)

    I really hope to see more of you in the future since I found this sight, and I hope that you keep up the good work!

    • Sofie Liv

       Dude, why wouldn’t that be cool? Linkara is a WAY bigger name than I am! waaaaaay bigger.
      As I first made this cross-over, I just kept getting “Congratulations.” all over the board. so yeah, for me, it was freaking huge!

      Yeah, that is sort of my thing, I both make positive and negative reviews of things, as I actually pretty much enjoy making positive reviews and yeah, setting up examples of how to do things well, or when it’s done well, to mirror against the stuff done badly.

      Lewis is tha king, hands down! he is awsome. Hmm.. most of what I am saying huh? that just means I need to work more on my announciation, but I think I am getting there.. slowly, but eventually i’ll hopefully get there, it is my goal that every-one should understand what I am saying without any problem, that would be neat.

      Thank you! and don’t worry, I will keep making these, I enjoy this far to much to give it up! If I am not mistaken, i’ll even be releasing another video today!

      • Fan_the_Flames

        Haha you’re fine!  Just some of the faster elements, and even then after a bit of thought I could get it.  You’re doing really fine, I would never have guessed you were native Dane until you mentioned it.  And it also means I need to listen to more of your stuff :P

        • Sofie Liv

           Thank you. I still aim to improve though ;)
          It’s been a wish by the people that i’ll do a review entirely in Danish one of these days and add subtitles, so i’ll probably do that.

          Njah you don’t need to… only if you want to.. I wont stop you from watching my stuff if you want to..

  • Randolph Quazalpene

    10-1 there is outtakes of Sofie giggling like a school girl, that makes me giggle too.  Good review, Glad you had so much fun!!  Its nice seeing a postive review w/ just plain glee involved. 

    • Sofie Liv

       …. hehe. why would you even think that?
      That I walked around in my every-day life with a big fat smile plastered on my face and poeple went “Why on earth are you so happy?” .. noo, no that didn’t happen, that’s just silly.

      Thanks, glad you enjoyed the review!

  • Your reaction to Linkara is petty much would I would reart, I just wouldn’t call him sweety, but that’s just me X)

    But when he pulled out his magic gun, I would picked up my wand.. hehe
    Anyway nice crossover it looked like you two had a lot of fun, I didn’t/haven’t seen the Wonder woman show, but it looks okay. 
    Does Spoony have skype? I dunno know, but poking him could be fun. ;)

    • Sofie Liv

       Well. “Hallo Sweety.” was a doctor who reference, and since both I and Linkara are Whovians it seemed legit.
      Other people have called it the funniest joke in the entire thing X)

      I certainly had a lot of fun, dunno about him… and I don’t know if Spoony has a skype, if he has, I unfortunately don’t have it, he does have a twitter though.

      Glad you enjoyed, I sure am proud of this one. 

      • Oh… Okay, D’oh me X3

        I haven’t watch the dr. Who series, but I do know somethings about it, but not as much as a Whovians hehe
        Yes he has, I’m following him and Linkara as the good stalker i’m… But I think he does have a skype, ind one or more of his videos his talking to someone over it.. I think that’s skype anyway.    

    • MichaelANovelli

      Spoony basically lives in a cave, these days…

  • CaptainCalvinCat

    Since I am the proud owner of Wonder Woman Season 1,2 and 3 now, I could have a look at the “baroness von Gunther” Episode and … OH boy was it funny.

    They don’t do shows like this anymore – and I have to say: I regret that.

    Shows like this were more innocent, although dealing with heavy topics like Nazi spies on the US-american ground, but… they were never the less harmless and fun.
    And today, when we want to have a Wonder Woman… what do we get? the abomination, that was reviewed by you, Sofie, and by Lewis, Matt and Nash….

  • Robert Keil

    I just have to say…Sofie is cute. ;)

  • CasuallyInquiring

    This…was…brilliant. A lot more so than I originally thought, really.

    I deeply appreciate what the show meant as a whole: Even though it’s not on my top favorites. And, it was summed up very nicely here.

    I’d love for the world to have more shows like it: Even though I’m not as easily bored by bad-asses in general.

    Sure. Most female leads are bad-asses or traditional, and not much in between. And, not much traditional strong women are outside of Disney movies. I get it.

    But, even then…a lot of more modern shows have gotten a diverse range of supporting characters that fit that “in between”. So, while I would love for more female leads that aren’t necessarily bad ass or traditional in general…we are making progress.

    Movies in recent years and at least some video games in recent years kind of proves that.

    Also…the review was funny beyond belief. Thank you for one of the most entertaining crossovers I ever saw. :)