VIDEO: Wonder Woman (1974)

Special Bonus Video! The Agony Booth crew presents a deleted scene from the movie:

Dr. O’Boogie intrudes on Sofie’s territory with his own review of the Wonder Woman pilot! No, not the one with Lynda Carter, or the one with Adrianne Palicki—it’s the very first attempt to bring the Amazon Princess to life, starring future That’s Incredible host Cathy Lee Crosby as a blonde Wonder Woman with a lame costume and no powers, unless you count her amazing ability to always be on the phone.

Stick around until the end of this review! You don’t want to miss Sofie, the Film Renegado, Count Jackula, Sursum Ursa and Porn Critic reenacting a deleted scene from this movie that never actually existed—but should have. (Or, you know, you can just watch the YouTube video. It’s the same thing.)


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