RAW FEED: Women and Geek culture. The question round.

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This video is no longer available due to the shutdown of Blip.tv.

An accompanying video to the Women and Geek culture panel, you probably want to watch that video first though, as this is the place where people got to ask us some questions about that panel.

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  • Zack_Dolan

    Thanks again for all the support. I LOVE you made it the faceplate of the video 😀

    • Sofie Liv

      It wasn’t even on purpose, Blip just made it that way… I like it though, just gonna keep it.

  • Jonathan Campbell

    With Marvel (and comics in general) is a cyclical issue.

    One reason Dr Strange, Black Panther and the rest get priority over Black Widow, Ms Marvel etc. is because the supporting characters and the worlds of the former are much more developed than those of the latter. For instance, Dr Strange has his own fully developed rogues gallery, but I can’t think of a single Marvel female hero off the top of my head who has one themselves.

    So, its partly that- the heroines had been given the short shaft for decades, and now its time to give them movies, there isn’t a lot of stuff to draw on, at least when compared to the male heroes. Not saying their isn’t enough for a movie, but its easy to see why the male heroes are more likely to get picked up from storytelling POV- they’ve been given more stories in the comics in the first place, so there is more to tell.

    Same with Wonder Woman- she’s the third most famous DC hero after Superman and Batman, but her comics- while they’ve gone on just as long- have a much, much shakier history and more erratic storytelling. She’s in the same boat as the Incredible Hulk- A-list character starring in a C-list comic series (at least, historically), but while I can see why its hard to make a Hulk movie (you’ve basically got two main characters- one is a puny human who can’t do anything, the other is a raging beast who is two-dimensional), Wonder Woman should be easier to do.

    Though, maybe its because, Wonder Woman was supposed to be perfect, so its easy to make her seem boring.

    • Sofie Liv

      Well, then take a character whom was honestly boring originally and make her interesting.
      That’s what Warner Brothers managed to do with their JL and JLA animated series, taking a whole BUNCH of characters no one had ever heard of, and made them deeply interesting 😉

      • Jonathan Campbell

        I agree, but I think JL made her interesting because she was surrounded by other strong characters, some stronger and more complex and interesting than her. That in itself made her interesting, since she was balanced out by other characters who could do everything she could and some stuff she couldn’t, even if she was still formidable herself.

        Actually, part of the problem with Wonder Women is a weak supporting cast (relative to the other heroes, at least). Wonder Woman works best in a Justice League setting for precisely that reason- in her own stories, there is nobody to counterbalance her (at least, not the way the Batman or Superman supporting cast do).

        A Wonder Woman movie can be done, but I can see why she’s more challenging to do than other heroes, and it isn’t really because she’s a woman. Most of those other characters the animated series did right had more interesting flaws and backstories than she did (relatively speaking), and in many cases were minor characters who didn’t have to carry the show and, like her, were balanced out by everybody else.