VIDEO: Womb Raider (2003)

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The Lara Croft porn parody Womb Raider gets the Porn Critic treatment, and he wonders: Why spoof an action film if you can’t shoot a gunfight? This could have been a decent flick, if something actually happened in it! Unfortunately, it doesn’t and it isn’t.

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  • msgundam2

    They are trying to do a spinning no-scope.

  • Cameron Vale

    Sure, adding some gunfights would have made this a decent Tomb Raider porn spoof; but on the other hand, adding some zombie gunfights would have made this a decent RE5 porn spoof, so that doesn’t say much.

  • mofs

    Better name than Dr Scrotus: Tess Tickle. Coming soon in the Womb Raider: Dildo of Life

  • This is why I prefer hentai… Great job you did reviewing this subpar porno. :)

    • Bouncy X

      the amount of time and work that goes into animation, especially good animation like japan usually spits out and they spend all that drawing porn? that just scares me. lol

      • The “Perverse Sexual Lust” trope is far more pervasive in both supply and demand than you can possibly imagine.

      • $36060516

        Human beings as a species tend to put time and work into what they can get money for in return.

  • CaptainCalvinCat

    Maybe I am wrong, but…. Porn Critic, are you repeating yourself? I mean – didn’t you bring up this video at least twice now?

    • This was actually my second ever review! Nearly two years ago! It’s only just now been on Agonybooth!

  • Jeff Stone Stone

    And it’s STILL better than Cradle of Life! I will never forget that moment in COL when Lara shoots someone below her during a climb-and-fight, and the guy stands there waiting for about five seconds before deciding that yes, that bullet DID hit me, I’d better fall over now. Edited by a chimp, written by the chimp’s funny cousin.

    • CaptainCalvinCat

      So…. written by a human? No shit, Sherlock. ^^

      I liked Cradle of Life… it is a fun movie.