Will.i.am Was On Meet The Press Yesterday And We Have No Idea Why

Continuing his trend of inexplicably receiving attention, rapper Will.i.am (lord, do you know how long it takes to type his name that stupid way?) appeared on Meet the Press yesterday, apparently as “an Obama supporter and philanthropist.” Was George Soros unavailable? Meet the Press also let him debate Representative Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) about private versus public sector job creation, among other things, because when we think job creator, we think “Black-Eyed Peas frontman who has a habit of wearing really stupid hats.”


Oh, and also we think “dude who performs with those other dudes who just wear their underwear on stage and sweet Jesus please put some clothes on.”

And don’t forget “worst Super Bowl entertainment ever.”

Anyway, Will.i.am had some perfectly anodyne thoughts about how ‘Merica can do better and also too his awesome job creating skillz.

“‘Yes, we can’ means what are you going to do as well as — when you support Obama, are you going to dedicate yourself to finding solutions?” will.i.am said. “So I went out there and created this program in the ghetto that I came from, that I come from. I can change that, right? I go off and raise money. I use my own money.” […]

“There’s an opportunity for America,” will.i.am corrected, “to make sure companies like Apple are in Detroit and we’re educating young kids at an early age to learn and be technically, digitally literate.”

Because Republican talking points are both finely honed and deeply ingrained, Chaffetz responded with “yeah yeah yeah burdensome regulations get government out of my business,” basically.

“Regulation,” Chaffetz listed, “the EPA, the over-burdensome federal government that makes it so difficult at every step. One thing that I do think is an opportunity for Republicans…is on privacy and safety and security.”

We are not sure that the EPA has ever fucked with Apple, but we are also too lazy to go look it up.

We get mad at Meet the Press a lot for its ceaseless featuring of John McCain, but if fourth-rate rapper Will.i.am is the other choice, we might be on Team McCain.


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