We Will Donate All The Monies To Wendy Davis If We Can Touch Connie Britton’s Hair

We Will Donate All The Monies To Wendy Davis If We Can Touch Connie Britton's Hair

Last year when Wendy Davis was ass-kicking and filibustering, frequent comparisons arose between Davis and the best Mom on modern teevee, Connie Britton’s Tami Taylor from “Friday Night Lights.” Rightly so, because Taylor/Britton is awesome and pro-choicey and all that. Now the fictional and real worlds are colliding as Britton and Davis are hosting a fundraising dinner together.


Let us just say that there is no price too high to pay for the privilege of getting to touch Connie Britton’s perfect hair. That doesn’t seem to be a bonus option on Wendy Davis’s donation page, but it seems like if you threw high four figures at Wendy’s campaign, you could do at least a minor bit of locks-stroking. And how about if you went five figures? Then you should probably get Connie Britton singing a song from “Nashville” to you, but something from last season when T-Bone Burnett still ran the show and made her sound good.


Six figures means Connie Britton has to wear that dress while you touch those golden tresses.

Koch-level seven-figure monies means that Connie Britton has to act out your favorite scene from “Friday Night Lights,” complete with maximum “y’all.”

Kickstarter to send Happy to see Wendy Davis and touch Connie Britton’s hair starts now.

[Wendy Davis]

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