Wild Wild West (1999) (part 7 of 11)

Well, it appears Rita can stay. A short scene later, everyone’s getting ready for sleep. Jim and Gordon, lying on couches, have a boring conversation about what contraption Loveless could be forcing the kidnapped scientists to build. But fear not, the tedium is broken up by the real reason for this scene. Rita walks into the room, wearing a pair of Jim’s long johns. They say their goodnights and Rita turns to leave, revealing that the flap in the back is open, showing off her ass cheeks. Gordon and Jim go nuts over this, of course.

Jim: I told you she’d be a distraction.
Gordon: She’s not a distraction. It’s nice having her onboard. She’s a… breath of fresh ass.
Jim: Pardon me?
Gordon: What?
Jim: You said ass.
Gordon: No, I didn’t. I said it’s nice having her onboard. She’s a breast of fresh air.
Jim: Let’s just get some shut-ass.

All I have to say is, Jim and Gordon are in good company here.

Caption contributed by Albert

Barry Sonnenfeld, the world thanks you.

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Multi-Part Article: Wild Wild West (1999)

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