Wild Wild West (1999) (part 2 of 11)

The scene shifts to a stagecoach across town, which we know because a caption appears that helpfully says, “Meanwhile …. across town”. The camera pans into the stagecoach, where a black-cloaked man is surrounded by buxom ladies. He’s sporting a moustache and scowl that oh-so-subtly suggest he’s evil. Before we get a chance to find out for sure, the scene shifts almost as instantly to a place called Fat-Can Candy’s Gentleman’s Club, which sounds like a fun place to take the kids after school.

Caption contributed by Albert

Oh, it’s across town. For a minute I thought we were suddenly at the North Pole.

Here comes our first look at Wild Wild West‘s other hero, played by Kevin Kline. And to my horror, he’s dressed in drag. It’s one of the worst attempts at impersonating a woman I’ve ever laid eyes on. This makes Wesley Snipes look like Playboy material. And yet, even though Kline’s female disguise is not even remotely passable to anyone with eyesight, he somehow manages to catch the eye of several male bar patrons. Among the men is the scientist-killing Mr. Ear Trumpet from the film’s opening scene, who blows drunk smooches Kline’s way.

Caption contributed by Gareth

“I do declare, Martin Lawrence has got nothing on me.”

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Multi-Part Article: Wild Wild West (1999)

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