Wild Wild West (1999) (part 1 of 11)

The Cast of Characters:
Will Smith as JamesJames “Jim” West (Will Smith). A trigger-happy, revenge-driven cowboy-wannabe who somehow managed to convince the Army to make him a captain. Basically, Will Smith dressed up for a Western-themed costume party.
Kevin Kline as Artemus GordonArtemus Gordon (Kevin Kline). A U.S. Marshal who invents gadgets of the esoteric and deus ex machina variety. Likes to think he’s cultured and knowledgeable and likeable; reality says otherwise.
Salma Hayek as Rita EscobarRita Escobar (Salma Hayek). The obligatory love interest in the film, despite there being nothing loveable or interesting about her, beyond what her skimpy outfits reveal.
Kevin Kline, aussi as President Ulysses S. GrantPresident Ulysses S. Grant (Kevin Kline, aussi). The 18th President of the United States. Noted by historians for his high tolerance of corruption, which explains why he thinks so highly of Jim West and Artemus Gordon.
Kenneth Branagh as Dr. Arliss LovelessDr. Arliss Loveless (Kenneth Branagh). An evil inventor who lost the lower half of his body, and is the purported mastermind behind a plot to destroy the United States. Likes to surround himself with lovely ladies, despite a limited ability to do anything with them.
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Multi-Part Article: Wild Wild West (1999)

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