Who’s Killing All the Scream Queens?

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Ryan Murphy promises that by the season finale, the identity of the mastermind behind the Red Devil will finally be revealed. He adds that the finale will use flashback to “[take] the audience through how the killer got away with what they got away with.” We’re almost halfway through the first season so let’s see the clues presented so far:

  • Boone is working with the Red Devil
  • So is Gigi. She’s all but confirmed to be a former ’90s Kappa sorority girl who raised the baby born in Kappa house.
  • There are at least two Red Devils
  • One of them might be in love with Zayday, considering that she was treated pretty damn well when she was kidnapped to the creepy lair
  • Oh, and they’ve killed a bunch of people connected to the Kappa House: Chanel #2, some Dickie Dollar Scholars, Sam, ’90s Kappa sorority girl Mandy, Deaf Taylor Swift, Denise’s friend Shondell, and Coney the Cone, whose death I am still grieving.

RIP Coney, we hardly knew ye. Although you were a bit of a perv.

We don’t have very many clues other than the killer has a long standing hatred of Kappa house, has a variety of weapons, and had a creepy lair complete with a pit that somehow no one knew about. Seriously, police in that town are useless. I’m not a detective, but here are my top theories as to who the mastermind behind the red mask is.



Why he’s the killer: Pete is established to have a vendetta against the Kappa house since the pilot — Chanel broke his heart freshman year and he is currently writing an investigative report on the evil sorority girls in the house. Since no one reads newspapers anymore, wouldn’t he kill off some people to get a good headline? Plus, Grace realized that he would be the same age as the baby born in the Kappa house and has a Red Devil costume on hand. Conveniently, he wasn’t present in the last episode, and it can’t just be a coincidence that after he and Grace interviewed the ’90s Kappa sorority girl that she turned up dead too. Yes, he’s helping Grace solve the mystery of the Red Devil, but isn’t that the perfect cover? He can find out what she knows and stay one step ahead. With a chainsaw.

Why he’s not: Pete got knocked out by the Red Devil when he was snooping in the Dean’s office. If he was working with the Red Devil, why would he be shown getting knocked out on screen? Pete could have just had his accomplice tape him up outside of the building as planned. Plus, he does Matthew McConaughey impressions. He can’t be the scary psychopath if he does Matthew McConaughey  impressions, the least scary impressions in the world.

Thank you for being understanding, Matthew McConaughey.

Dean Munsch

Why she’s the killer: Doesn’t it make sense for this overworked dean to vent her frustrations on the sorority house she has always hated and whose messes she’s always had to clean up after? Dean Munsch covered up the Kappa Birth/Death in the 1990s and she’s been reluctant to involve the police even though the Red Devil brutally murdered several people on campus. Just trying to avoid another college scandal or trying to cover her tracks? Plus, the Red Devil once tried to take out Gigi, her romantic rival. She’s also the show’s biggest star, so she deserves the central role.

Why she’s not: Gigi is confirmed to be a Red Devil accomplice, and as unfeminist as this sounds, it doesn’t make sense that two women are working together to kill off sorority girls whilst being romantic rivals. Well, to be fair, is it really a rivalry when only one person is in the running for the guy’s affections? Or maybe Gigi is just leaning in.

We hate each other, but we can kill together. Feminism has arrived!

Chad Radwell

Why he’s the killer: Chanel #5 once mentioned that he had a creepy knife collection, and both Chanel and Hester can attest to Chad’s weird necrophilia fetish. He is also the same age that the Kappa baby would be although he doesn’t have any hatred towards Kappa, other than annoyance that the pledges aren’t hot enough. But maybe for a horny frat guy, that’s enough motive to kill.


Why he’s not: He really doesn’t have much of a motive, honestly. I think Chad is a just a douche who’s into creepy stuff. Creepy, but mostly harmless.

Sorry, not sorry Chad.

Maybe when more clues are revealed, we’ll have a stronger inclination as to who the killer is. Or we can just wait to see whatever ass-pull Ryan Murphy comes up with.

What about you? Do YOU know who the Red Devil is yet?

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