Who REALLY Created Batman? Find out tonight on "Gotham"

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When Gotham  returns tonight for its second season, there’ll be a new name in the credits. Bill Finger will finally get due recognition as co-creator of Batman… as well as sole creator of Commissioner Gordon, who the damn show is about.

Bob Kane, who’s been called Batman’s creator since his first appearance in 1938, came up with little more than the name and the whole dangling from ropes thing (which bats don’t actually do). Here’s what Bob thought Batman should be:

batman original

Is… is that a blond afro? Yes. Also, the costume was intended to be bright red, much like bats aren’t.


Bill Finger took that craptacular sketch and then wrote everything you love about the character and his world. If Family Feud ever had the category “Things you associate with Batman,” Bill Finger would be responsible for every one of them:

  1. Robin
  2. Gotham City
  3. The Joker
  4. Batmobile
  5. Mask with bat ears
  6. Catwoman
  7. Bruce Wayne
  8. Commissioner Gordon
"Underoos" would have been #9

“Underoos” would have been #9

Finger is 40 years dead, so he won’t get to celebrate his long overdue acknowledgement in the Gotham opening credits or next year’s Batman v. Superman (which could have desperately used his help pruning out the crappy ideas and delivering the awesome).


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