VIDEO: Who is Wonder Woman?

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Sofie finishes her first trilogy of “Who is…?” videos with a more troublesome character, but one who’s also pretty important: the one and only Wonder Woman.

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  • Michael Maris

    You know, given that curiosity and empathy are WW’s best traits, it sounds like her origin would make a great subject for a Disney move.

    No, really; those sort of personality traits are things that Disney is really good at getting across, and given the success of Tangled and Frozen, they seem to be on a roll when it comes to stories with great female characters.

    It’s just a shame that it’ll never happen, given that Disney owns Marvel. But hey; Big Hero 6 looks like fun, at least.

    • Sofie Liv

      Yeah it does, of course there hasn’t been shown any female characters in that movie at all but.. here’s for hoping.
      If for nothing else, you gotta give Disney crets for being that one single movie studio consistently putting out pretty good movies with female leads.. Aside from Studio Ghibli, it might be the one studio with the highest percent ratio of female leads over-all… which is pretty damn impressive and admirable in its own right.

      Oh well, here’s for hoping that some-one will do some-thing good with her eventually.

  • Michael Maris

    Also, while Superman X Lois Lane is my OTP, I don’t think Superman X Wonder Woman is a bad couple… at least on paper. They’re both from completely different worlds, both literally and figuratively. Superman comes from a humble farm in the american midwest, and when he got his powers he decided he would use them to unselfishly help his fellow man. And while I’m no expert on Wonder Woman’s revised backstory, in her original version she comes from the opposite perspective, having born into the opulent life as princess of Themyscira, and training like a professional soldier alongside the other amazons. Hell, even from what I know of her revised backstory (where she’s actually the daughter of Zeus and the amazons arn’t nearly as perfect as in the original version of her story) she still makes a great contrast, basically being a hero in the style of greek legends in a modern setting.

    That being said, I don’t deny that DC changed the status quo pretty much for the shock value, and I hate them for it. And since theres a strong rumor that Wondie is going to be in Batman Vs. Superman, but with all the elements of greek mythology stripped away by making the amazons be secret ancient kryptonian refugees… lets just say that I have a big ol’ “X” painted on the wall for where my head is going to collide.

    (That said, here’s a good saving throw in case they decide to make a stand-alone Wonder Woman movie; the Greek Gods and myths are real, and the kryptonian amazons pledged their allegiance to Athena in return for their protection. PROBLEM SOLVED.)

    • Jay_Bay

      “And since theres a strong rumor that Wondie is going to be in Batman Vs. Superman, but with all the elements of greek mythology stripped away by making the amazons be secret ancient kryptonian refugees…”

      Wait, what?

      • Sofie Liv

        Ditto…. what the hell?

        • Michael Maris

          I forgot where I read this, sadly. But there was a rumor floating about that that’s going to be her backstory in the new movie. I’m pretty sure it’s confirmed that she’s casted at this point, so we know she’s going to appear. And let’s be honest, it does sound like the sort of thing a hack hollywood writer who cares nothing about the mythos would come up with to shove wonder woman into a batman/superman story.

          Now honestly, I think that we could just go out and say that magic and greek gods and stuff are real in this universe. But we know Snyder’s not going to go for that angle without demythifying it (though I would love to be proven wrong).

          • Sofie Liv

            Well.. Snyder is there to.

            He actually cares about his comic book adaptations being true to the comic books, and he means so well, so very very well, when it comes to presenting women in these kinds of movies and adressing certain problem.. dammit he means well. I am sure he wants to do this right.

            Whether he is gonna or even know what should be done.. remains to be seemed.. don’t make it smart.

            What use is a “Twist.” when we don’t even have a clear example of what this supposed to be a twist off?

          • Michael Maris

            …well okay, I gotta be fair; if the wonder woman is kryptonian twist makes it into the movie, it probably is more the writers fault than the director’s. But something makes me feel like either Snyder wouldn’t care if she was Kryptonian since he doesn’t understand the character, that he isn’t up to the challenge of gradually unveiling magic in a setting that was (extremely soft) science fiction up till now without spending a whole movie on it, or that the producer would rather go with a “safe” option like this rather than having to deal with crazy people screaming that Batman Vs. Superman (with wonder woman) promotes witchcraft and paganism (or worse, the producer /actually thinks/ that using magic and greek mythology would promote witchcraft and paganism).

          • Sofie Liv

            Oh Snyder cares! Snyder cares a lot, he cares about comic books and he cares about staying as true to them as possible!

            In fact, doing the production man of Steel it has been a very known fact that he and Goyer budded heads… A lot!
            It seems like this two people in fact can’t stand each other and disagree on just about every-thing when it comes to comic books and how to make movies about them. Their relationship as people is not very positive and well… problem is that that might actually shine through in the man of steel movie, which is a pretty chaotic movie in many ways never even finding its own core :/

            And problem is that Warner Brothers will defend Goyer and be on his side, because.. Batman the dark knight, so Snyder had to give in most of the times… hell the only reason he sticks around is probably because he genuinly wants to be the one to make that Justice League movie badly enough to withstand all the pressure around him.

          • Wizkamridr

            I like synder. I can’t stand goyer.

          • Jay_Bay

            It’s Teeange Alien Ninja Turtles (or, more aptly, TANT) all over again lol.

          • Michael Maris

            That’s another thing. It’s obvious that the turtles being aliens in Michael Bay’s new movie is a decision based on the fact that people can’t take “oh they mutated because of this science goop” seriously. The fallacy is in trying to take something with a name like “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” seriously in the first place.

            And I don’t mean you can’t have serious moments or character development, I’m just saying that if I were going to make a TMNT movie, I’d try to set in a world zany enough that “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” wouldn’t be too out of place, instead of trying to be like “This is what the Ninja Turtles would be like IN TEH REAL WORLD!!!!1!11!1!!ONE!!1!1”

          • Wizkamridr

            I’m more upset at Shredder not being a ninja from Japan. Can’t we have Asian leads in a film about ninjas? I’m glad Hollywood never made an Akira movie btw.

      • Wizkamridr

        Or WW will be a cosplayer infatuated with greek mythology…

    • Sofie Liv

      Well yeah, Superman/Wonder woman actually does kind of make sense.

      They are both super powered beings just trying to find their own identity in our human world and both are kind of immigrants in our world, so they should be able to relate to each other.
      But.. it still poses the problem about Wonder Woman just becoming that sex fantasy, and well.. we can’t forget about Lois Lane whom is just such an important part to the Superman Mythos, and in reality we are all just waiting around for her to show up and for Superman to break up with Wonder Woman to get with Lois Lane.
      We all know this, we know this is how it’s going to go, Lois Lane is just it.

      Urgh.. see this is the problem with Goyer, he is writing about a guy.. whom is from a different planet, whom can fly, shoot lazer through his eyes and lift buildings with his bare hands. And Goyer STILL insist that this should be a realistic feel.

      No… just… No..

      Why can’t these mystical creatures be real? Maybe it’s just undiscovered sciense what-ever!
      That’s what Doctor Who do, some-thing unexplanaible happens and it was ALWAYS aliens or alien technology… you could call it magic but we don’t, we call it aliens, and sonic beams and what-ever.. you can call your magic/technobabble what-ever you want to keep it true to the univers.

      Hell, explaining how things works is a bad idea as it is.. don’t explain how your magic works, just say what it do, and let it be at that!

  • $36060516

    Enjoyed your opening monologue a lot. Very charming and funny.

    • Sofie Liv

      Thanks :)

  • Jay_Bay

    Let it be know, that for me, it was the Batman episode that I was waiting for, but this was definitely number tw..and my brain has to reboot. Damn you Sofie. Stupid sexy Sofie *mumblemumblemumble*

    But seriously, that’s a very interesting point on Wondy’s blandness at the current time. As much as we love (and I know many of us do) JL and JLU, we must admit that Wondy as herself doesn’t have much going for herself. It seems (except for a few moments that escape me atm), Wondy on the shows was well “bitchy”, or to use an anime term that I hope Im using correctly, tsundere(?). She’s no nonsense and is ready to bop evil right in the face, and its all cool and all, but just about every other female hero on the shows has more development than her. Even Supergirl.

    And then the other thing, the fact that due to her not being out there as hard as Supes and Bats for years, combine with the fact that she had so many reimangings and tweaks, means that right now she is undefined and ready to mold for the public to identify. Much like the CLAY SHE WAS MADE FROM -ahem-. Then you think about that Goyer statement, and oh by the Gods it is not looking good for her. Let’s hope Dawn of Justice proves me wrong…proves us all wrong, and gives us a Wondy that is at least her own person.

    PS-I like the WondyBats pairing, even though that has the same problems as a WondySupes pairings in general.

    • Sofie Liv

      Oh yeah Supergirl was more interesting than her in Justice League.
      Supergirl had some genuine conflicts and character growth going on there, we saw her struggling with being. “The kid.” on the team and living in Supermans shadow, so she felt like she had a need to proof herself to the big guys.
      We saw her being violately abused as some-one had decided to make a clone out of her DNA and send that clone after her, and she had to deal with that and those feelings.
      We saw her struggling with the feeling of actually being a recent immigrant to our world and thusly not feeling like she belongs and has to proof herself, struggling for herself to find herself as a person in her own right.
      She had tons of stuff going for her that was genuinely interesting, and yet she never actually turned into a wining bitch. She struggled but she was pro-active in her struggle and did things, she didn’t sit around crying, she tried to figure all of these things out.
      And at last, she made her own decision about leaving JL and staying some-where else, not because she ditched her responsibility, but because she realised that as long as she was in the JL, she could never become her own person, only some-one whom stands in the place of Superman, and this new place she gets to have a real role, that is her role, not just another JL team member and found herself.
      Her story was interesting! And very in depth.

      I got few hopes for Dawn of Justice but… man.. but of me just wishes for this so badly, I know I am just setting myself up for dissapointment but gaaarh!
      Snyder please sort this out! I know you mean well when it comes to women in movies, I know you want her to be presented in a good way, please do some-thing great.

      Haha.. Wonder Woman and Bats were adorable. It helps a lot that it’s kind of just a little tiny thing in the background floating around never really reaching the foreground, it makes it a pretty adorable like thing.
      And you know why the creators of that show even did it? … They specifically did it so people WOULDN’T start to pair Wonder Woman and Superman… those were the people going. “NO!”


  • MichaelANovelli

    A delightful video!

    I dunno, I think a Superman/Wonder Woman pairing COULD work, if they remembered to keep Diana vibrant as her own character. I don’t know that anyone is interested in doing so, though…

    • Sofie Liv

      Yeah, there are reasons why they would find together, which I listed below.
      But we still run into the Lois Lane problem where the entire world are collectively agreed that Lois Lane is it, and at most the biggest thing Wonder Woman could ever be in this equation would be. “the other woman.”

      Which can be interesting some-times, Lana Lang developed herself to be a pretty interesting character in some places but… Wonder Woman is not “The other woman.” she’s wonder woman, she’s a superhero, and equal to Superman not.. you know.

      • MichaelANovelli

        Wait…what if Lois Lane…WAS Wonder Woman?

        • Sofie Liv

          That would be stupid

          • MichaelANovelli

            Well, Diana Prince was a secretary in her civilian life in most versions of the story, but I think she worked at a newspaper, anyway…

      • CaptainCalvinCat

        I think, if they’d do it right, Wonder Woman would not be “that other woman” to supes. After all, they are equal and if they treat each other AS equals, it could work. That would be the trick – just treat them as equal to each other, not “the male superhero and his accessoire”, but as equals.

        And if you ask me, the RIGHT author could do it.
        Take Peter David for example.
        He could pull this one of, and I give you a reason for my statement.
        The Storyline of Captain McKenzie Calhoun.He has a history with Elizabeth Shelby and I think, the two of them are quite awesome.

        So – it could work out. Just treat them as equal and don’t reduce her to do secretary stuff or so.
        Let them both be heroes in their own right and then at home they are Diana and Clark Prince. ^^

    • Wizkamridr

      They are together in the new comics. Superman is a frat boy and WW is as bright as Goku. Just my opinion.

  • On the She-Hulk comment, they’er cousins, so, ew. Fun fact on WW’s history, she was created by the same man who invented the polygraph, and his two lovers. Moviebob explains it better than I can.

    • Sofie Liv

      I know they are, I know my Hulk.

      And I actually know MovieBob, he promoted me on his blog a few years ago, we talked a few times over Twitter. He actually even knows who I am to.

      I follow “Escape to the movies.” and “Big picture.” every week.. not always I agree with him a hundred percent, but I respect him a lot, he’s a cool dude.

    • The reason she referenced the She-Hulk is a sex object for Hulk, is because that was said by David S Goyer (the guy who wrote all the “Blade” movies, the Nolan Batman movies, and “Man of Steel”). Goyer said it on a podcast and was rightfully denounced for being an idiot on the subject of Hulk and for being super sexist. A recent Moviebob episode was actually about that.

      That. Shit. Happened.

      • Yeah, I saw that one. Some men are just pigs who can’t see a fictional women as anything more than a device for titillation and not an actual character. *Spits in Goyer’s general direction*

  • Alexa

    I understand what you mean in regards to Wonder Woman being well not as developed on JL:TAS, but generally I liked her characterization there, then in her animated movie, which was decent but yeah she was kind of annoying in that film. But on JL:TAS she was assertive and sympathetic, but yeah was tough. But generally she was a bit too serious at times and needed to have a more outgoing and personable personality, like what Gail Simone did in her run of Wonder Woman.

    But yeah her characterization on Brave and the Bold was awesome. Really like most of DC she is missing a good amount of levity and they’re just making her into a generic and boring bad ass. She kind of borders on the “Fighting F*&% Toy” trope somewhat in that regard. And really her and Superman…No, I was kind of open to it, but yeah it is just not interesting at all. Really I think she shouldn’t have a relationship with either Supes of Bats, but I will admit what they did in the JL animated series was interesting and pretty cute at times, but that’s because they had extremely good writers. Essentially for a Wonder Woman movie I want something akin to the Captain America movie. A film that is fun and not needlessly complicated and trying to communicate that as complex.

    • A lot of what made her work on JL:TAS was Susan Eisenberg. She is perfect as the voice of WW, every bit as iconic to me as Kevin Conroy is to Batman. She has just the right mix of gentility and authority, and knew just when and where to emphasize one or the other. Yeah, I hated the fact that she could fly, and she could be a little abrasive or too much of a man-hating stereotype in some episodes, but overall, I loved her. Episodes like “Maid of Honor” “Hawk & Dove” “This Little Piggy” “The Balance” and “To Another Shore” contain some really great WW moments.

      • Jay_Bay

        Honestly, Susan, Kevin, and Tim are what I hear when I see the Trinity in printed form.

      • Alexa

        I didn’t mind she could fly, but I understand your feelings. Makes her too much like a gender swapped version of Supes. But still I didn’t mind it all that much. Really what got me was that they only used that lasso of truth trick once and generally ignored in favor of insinuating that Wondy got information from just intimidation <:/
        But yeah Susan Eisenberg did a great job, even if Wondy was as Sophie states,a bit underwritten. But still that characterization was WAY better than that crappy tv pilot that should be forgotten to the sands of time.

        • That and it’s unimaginative and a missed opportunity. WW’s abilities and arsenal are so rarely used to their full potential. Like, say WW needs to move across several blocks of a large city very quickly, as superheroes often do. Think about all the different ways she can do this WITHOUT flying. She can simply run, she is fast enough to catch a bullet after all. She’s strong enough she can jump around Hulk-style. She has a unbreakable lasso that can alter it’s length and move on it’s own, and a magic jet just can summon and control mentally. Imagine her getting across the city with a clever combination of running up the sides of buildings, leaping into the air, swinging and pulling her way along with her lasso, summoning the jet and catching it’s nosecone with the lasso so it can pull her through air…who the fuck needs flying?

          • Alexa

            Very true, and again I didn’t mind that she could fly, but I think they should of did what you described, and like in Gail Simone’s run of the character, creatively introduce the power in some fashion in the form of gaining the power of Hermes or something. That would be interesting.

          • Sofie Liv

            That you described there sounds so fucking cool…
            I freaking love roof jumping superheroes, that always sits well with me! It just looks so cool.
            I want roof jumping, lazo swinging, swinging in the lazo, making a summersault in the air, land on the next roof and then run off Wonder Woman…

            The Justice League series did have the best more serious Wonder Woman I think, they tried, man they tried so hard… but she was kind of boring.
            There just never was that episode where I thought.
            “Oh boy! A wonder woman espiode! I can’t wait for this!”

            Neither do I think back at the show and think.

            “Oh boy THAT wonder woman episode, that was it man! so great!” hell, in “Brides mate.” Batman got all the best bits… <_<

            My favourite Wonder Woman bit in this show might even be in "Childs play." where they all turned into kids, and she captured Batman in his arms smiling at him, and he walked away with pouty face, then later where she stood up and demanded all the children to go home or she would tell their parents what they had done.
            I liked that, why? .. because it was hillarious, that's why! I like it when there is a sense of humour to these things X)

  • This makes me legitimately sad. I genuinely want to cry every time someone says that Wonder Woman doesn’t really have a character, or that she’s too weird, or that she’s inconsistent. Because the fact that so many people believe that is WHY she’s inconsistent and often poorly defined. Batman and Superman are so fleshed out and relatively cohesive throughout their history because every time they’ve started to go off the rails, they’ve been lucky to have some writer come along who says “let’s take a back-to-basics approach to this guy”. Who their character is, that is who that started as or were molded into in their early years, has been respected. WW has not. There’s a stigma against Golden Age WW, they find Marston and his ideas too weird and radical. Thus, when a new writer is assigned to WW, instead of a back-to-basics approach, they do anything EXCEPT that. They see WW as either something broken that they need to fix, or a blank slate upon which they can put whatever they want. WW ever since the death of Marston has been a trend-chaser, at the mercy of whatever was popular. In the 60’s she and Steve resembled a romcon about so-called “career women”, and the insecure men urging them to fit in more traditional roles. In the 70’s they turned her into a detective/kung fu action heroine, mimicking popular TV shows starring women at the time. In the 90’s she’s basically turned into Xena, because one warrior princess if the same as another, right? And as long as we think of WW’s character and core values as “up for grabs”, she’s never going to coalesce into a consistent character again. WW is a icon, and icon’s need to remain timeless in order to last. So far the only thing that’s remained timeless about her is her costume, because her actual character has long ago been jettisoned in favor shallow reboot after shallow reboot. It pains me to see my favorite superhero reduced to nothing more than a marketing prop, essentially making her little different than Minnie Mouse. And until we stop being so damn afraid of Marston’s vision, that’s never going to change. Look at Golden Age WW/Lynda Carter WW: THAT is who she is. Why are we so damn afraid of that?

    • Sofie Liv

      Well sups and Bats stature and even origin wasn’t even that clear by the beginning at all, the versions we have now, an are agreed on are the “Real.” versions now, are miles and miles away from their oirignal form.

      That has to do with though, all of these writers, and the entire public in the world, over time, has just come to a common consesses about who they are, what they came from, what drives them and what they would do as well as they wouldn’t do.
      Our common perception of them has just been set, like we are a massive hive mind that has come to an agreement.

      If you are not a comic book fan, if you have not made exstensive research into who Wonder Woman is… you will have no fucking clue what so ever.
      I mean, even my mom, whom would never ever watch a superhero movie, knows who Batman is! She has no clue, no idea, what so ever who Wonder Woman is, and she even works with kids.

      Problems also arrives when Wonder Woman arrives and writers has no idea how to handle a woman, and wants to make her. “The Woman.”
      Which often ends up giving her a stuck up stuffy attitude, just standing around there being all more important and gives jab at the man..
      That’s not even the sign of strenght in a person/Character, that’s a sign of weakness, being able to stand firm in yourself, is strong enough in yourself to open up to questions and debate as well as consideration on different things, as well as yes, being kind. THAT is what sense out the vibe or a strong person.

      And I don’t know Joshua, I don’t know… i’m as sad about this as you are.
      Like you, I love the idea of her, I want her to be there and make this strong statement, and I am sad, really really sad that all she is right now, is just this empty vessel.

      Now she’s a demi god in the 52 reboot… I don’t get it. How does that make her more interesting at all?
      It.. kind of doesn’t, and tells nothing about who she is as a person.. nothing.. it’s empty information.

      • That that really just comes down to the question of who or what decides who a character is, doesn’t it? I do believe in death of the author, the idea that truly timeless characters exist on their own, independent of the will of their creators. So what determines who WW is? To me, it’s not a simple numbers game. It’s not “this is what they’ve been for the majority of their existence, so this is what they are”. Did Superman cease to be a character because he was so not himself for a good 15 years post crisis? If DC suddenly decided to write Batman as a gun wielding Punisher knockoff for the next 50 years, would that somehow invalidate the previous 50 years? No. Icons are determined by what about them becomes, well, iconic. The fact that WW hasn’t really been written as herself for the last 40 years is irrelevant. The Marston era and the TV that it inspired, that is the vision of WW that has lasted in people’s minds. That’s the WW that inspires people, the one that keeps her popular, and a company full of ignorant male writers and publishers can’t take that away. I highly recommend that your check out the documentary “Wonder Women! The Untold Story of American Superheroines”. It really drives home the point of how WW has inspired people over the years. You don’t do that be being a vapid marketing icon.

    • maarvarq

      Agreed. If in doubt, go with the Lynda Carter version, who pretty much fits Sofie’s desire to make her fun.

    • Wizkamridr

      I hope Snyder can convince me to actually give 2 bleeps about WW. Never cared about the character. I’ve always found her annoying. I have nothing against female characters. I think it is just how they are written.

      • CaptainCalvinCat

        Okay, why did you find Wondy annoying, Wizkamridr?

        • Sofie Liv

          Some-times she kind of is, if the writer is bad.

          Then she just stands around and is all snooty and. “Men are so baaad, I am so good and perfect cause I am a woman biatch, men are eeeevil.”

          Having that attitude of the Amazon island she should honestly distance herself from rather than embrace… that’s pretty vital that she doesn’t become an arrogant, all knowing, sexiest man hater herself.

          Which happens more than you would think, and she’s deeply annoying when that happens.

          It totally get why some people find wonder woman annoying because some-times that is the vibes she radicates.
          Especially considering her background story, coming from an island whom wont allow men because they are “Evil.”
          Come on that’s not being better than men, that’s just being stuck up and snooty -_-

          • CaptainCalvinCat

            Sorry, erm… where exactly?
            Okay, might be, that it would be Bonkers Betty in ASBAR, that is doing so, but in the comics I read and in the movies I saw (and in the show from the 70s) I could not find her being an arrogant, sexist man hater.

          • Sofie Liv

            Pick up some Frank Miller titles one of these days, you’ll see what I mean.

            it’s not 70’s comic books I am talking about, it’s 90’s and forward till today, the recent ones and thusly the one closes to peoples mind most could actually get their hands on in these modern days.

  • I have never really cared for the character. Her powers, mythos, and most of her stories are just crazy. Maybe because they try to put her into ancient Greek myth which was never progressive, so the feminist angle and S&M stuff makes for a strange coleslaw of character traits. Oddly, if you gave Superman her origins, and hers to Superman (she would be the last daughter of Krypton, and he would be some Greek Demigod) I would be completely fine because her inconsistency could be seen as an alien on Earth, and his seeming personality perfection would make sense as a manifestation of modern divinity.

    Hasn’t Wonder Woman hooked up with Superman in nearly every alternate continuity? Seems like I have seen plenty of instances of them getting together because they are sort of matched to one another, she has also hooked up with Batman, but in neither instance is it seen as her being a trophy.

    • CaptainCalvinCat

      Yeah, Rocketboy… crazy. As if a man, who is an alien from another planet would be more realistic. ^^
      Or a guy, dressed up as a bat. Or a guy, hit by lightning and now having super-powers.

      Notice something? All those comic books have crazy ideas imbedded in them – to me, that is the appeal.

      • Like Sofie said in the video, those characters have been taken back to basics on numerous occasions, but Wonder Woman hasn’t. A lot of Diana’s traits and quirks don’t fit as smoothly together as the others seems to (degrees of impossibility would be a way of describing it).

        I guess it is the same thing as when Morlun showed up in Spiderman, a magic totem eating monster made sense to me, but a lot of people preferred Spiderman to be about mad science. So to me, Wonder Woman would make sense as an alien from a very progressive culture with strange magic-like gizmos (Kind of like the Thor movies), rather than a person from Greek myth (though I do like he clay origin for some reason, it is kind of elegant in its own way).

      • Wizkamridr

        We have Phoenix Jones in Seattle. The poor mans Batman.

        • CaptainCalvinCat


  • Wonder Woman is kind of a tragic tail. She has a very solid character, someone who is kind compassionate, strong and is the embodiment of truth. The tragedy is that every writer who does not get that tries to be the one to “rewrite” Wonder Woman in a new way that will forever change the way the world see this great “concept”, just like the Silver Age Flash and Green Lantern. The thing is, this is not the Silver Age and Wonder Woman has had over 70 years of story to develop her identity. Stop trying to rewrite Wonder Woman and get to telling fun stories of her kicking bad guys butts.

    Sadly Hollywood is way too afraid of not getting such a character right for the big screen. Maybe because she is not defined by angst, (looking at you bats). If so, no! not every hero needs to be sad and mopey. We need light hero to define the dark and vise versa. It could be because she is…a woman…yeah stupid reason, but to Hollywood a women as a main character has not worked to great in the past. And for a while I could see their point, but that silly notion is long and dead, but the heads of DC and Warner Bros. still won’t let her have a movie. She has so much to offer with her rich Amazonian background, Greek myths and unique characters to make a great movie that can easily rival the Marvel movies and nothing has happened. It drives me crazy!

    Finally, the recent comics and animations of her representation has been very mixed for me. So many stories try to make her angry and repressed by “man’s world” and it has gotten on my nerves on many levels. I won’t even begin my complaints about the New 52 or we would be here all day. I do however feel that her gaining a warrior spirit really fits with the Amazon theme. I enjoy seeing her kicking butt with a quick growl and then a smile, it’s kind of fun and endearing for me. What is not fun is everyone pairing her up with Superman. Why pair her up with Superman? What do they have in common to build a relationship a pond? What in their personalities do they admire and draw a pound each other for companionship? NOTHING! The only reason they are paired up is because they are both have super strength and their costumes match. it’s like a badly made fan-fic.

    Overall Wonder Woman is a great character with a rich past and great stores but only a few writers get her. I think you chose the perfect word to descried the path she has taken and hopefully the path she will take. There is no reason to try to rewrite her and writers need to get that their their thick skulls. If they can, who know? Maybe with the help of Wonder Woman we all can progress to a new and more fun era of super heroes.

  • CaptainCalvinCat

    I thought, that – besides the show of the 60s – the Wonder Woman movie from 2009 was a great addition.
    What was Wondys purpose there? The same thing as in the 60s. She was curious about the outside world, she wanted to see it and wanted to live there.

    • Sofie Liv

      It was an okay movie, just not great.. only okay.

      • CaptainCalvinCat

        Does it NEED to be a great movie, one that is overshining all others?
        If it is an okay movie, that suffices. You can take it from there and make the character better and better. Sprinkle in the idealism, you can see in the first season of the Lynda Carter Wonder Woman version and you have a perfect flick.

        I think, I honestly think, Wonder Woman is a show, where we – if we’d get a reboot – would not need to reinvent it, but go back to the 60s show. Because THAT was awesome.

        • Sofie Liv

          It’s my job to nit-pick, what do you want? -_-;

          It was okay.

          It’s not the movie that’ll make randomn joe go. “OMG! How could I never have known of this amazing thing that is Wonder woman?”

          It’s just.. there.. and it’s fine it’s there, it’s a positive thing, but only slightly so because… you kind of just watch it and then forget all about it.

          • CaptainCalvinCat

            I’m sorry – yeah, it is your job to nitpick. ^^
            On the other hand, I watched the movie and I found it quite interesting and it was this movie, that really made me want to watch the classic shows from the sixties. But that’s just me. ;-)

          • Sofie Liv

            Well in my opinon. the movie as a movie is fine.. I am not so sure I am a fan of the portrayal of her in the movie where she is kind of. “all important.” some-times stuck up and.. bland.. she is not the intriquing bit in that movie at all..
            she’s nothing in comparison to Steve in that movie though, he’s really annoying -_-;

            The movie is fine, there’s a solid three act structure, the animation is nice, we have the origin.. it’s fine.. just fine.. and that’s all there is to it.

          • CaptainCalvinCat

            No love for Castle in this movie? ^^

            But – don’t let me annoy you. Your review-series concerning the trinity of superheroes (Supes/Bats/Wondy) was great and you are doing a great job. ;-)

          • Sofie Liv

            Thanks mate, it’s all up to opinion really, if this could spawn some thoughts and conversations, great.

        • Wizkamridr

          70s hero shows were terrible. I can look past the tv budget, but the writing I cannot.
          If WW movie is just okay, than no one will care about the character.

          • CaptainCalvinCat

            Sorry, what was bad about the writing?
            I find it quite enjoyable – but then, I just dislike those superhero-movies, that are just the same old, same old dark, grim, gritty movie with different characters – e.g. even Superman is now Batman, the same way I fear Wonder Woman will now be Batman.

            See – Green Hornet and Green Lantern were both movies, that were something different from that formula.
            Both were definitely not grim, not gritty, had humourous bits in them and I found them – again – quite enjoyable.

  • drumstick00m

    A serious not young at heart Wonder Woman, read: Dianna permitted to be herself, is an un-profitable (because it is) dangerous subversive to executive producers (inherited–ill-gotten–manly power).

    The New 52 will always be awful, especially because Superman and Wonder Woman shippers finally got to publish their fan fictions.

  • Gallen Dugall

    Honestly I think you are more beautiful in the sweater, maybe because of the makeup, also I think sweaters are hot. You brought up the topic.
    One of the problems with Wonder Woman is that she’s a classic warrior archetype. Her motivation is an interesting variation on the warrior’s pursuit for personal glory. Batman doesn’t kill because of trauma while Wonder Woman usually declines to kill because she is effectively counting coup – kinda. Problem with that is that while we’re very familiar with the ninja archetype like Batman and the soldier archetype like Superman, the warrior is archaic and has fallen out of popular favor leaving few who remember how to write it properly anymore.
    Making matters worse for the future of wonder woman they’ve made the Amazon’s a lost colony of Kryptonians for the films, presumably to simplify the introduction of new characters, but really… so she can be Supes’ baby maker. There is literally no other reason for them to do this. It’s sad.
    I love Larry Niven, he’s my favorite author, and when he wrote Man-of-Steel Woman of Kleenex back in the ’70s he was not proposing that Superman and Wonder Woman hook up, which is generally how it is quoted, 99% of the time uncredited and out of context.

    • Wizkamridr

      I thought wonder woman did kill because she is a warrior. And don’t call superman a soldier. You might piss off some people (not me). When people compared superman to a soldier or cop in mos, all he@@ broke loose.

      • Gallen Dugall

        didn’t say she didn’t – just pointing out why she most often doesn’t
        as for Superman it’s his archetype – doesn’t have anything to do with a profession just how the writers approach him

  • Egil Hellá

    Nice video Sofie but I am weary curious to know if you are interested in doing a top 10 female super heroes list ? because there are allot of great female heroes in botm movies TV and comics one really great example is the new Ms Marvel Kamala Khan

  • Gallen Dugall

    July 2017!