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In the second video of Sofie’s “Who is…?” series, she takes a look at Gotham City’s one and only Dark Knight.

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  • CaptainCalvinCat

    I have to admit, I Like the more silly-versions of the Batman. The show from the 60s, the movies from Joel Shoemaker – the ones from Chris Nolan, while being the more popular and the ones, that are viewed as better… yeah, I own them on DVD, but…. to me, they are not that good, because the first one was so dark and brooding and serious and wanted to be realistic, more or less an “Anti-Batman-And-Robin”-Kinda-Thing, which is logical, when you think, that B&R “killed the franchise” (so to speak). But for me, it was one thing. Boring.
    It was just soooo dull, so dark that I found myself asking “When is it going to END?!”
    You need to bring in diversity – need to bring in humour.
    And in “Begins” I only found myself being really amused once – with the test drive of the tumbler.

    Next problem:The fact that TPTB decided to SHOW us, where Bruce got all his gadgets.
    I know, normally one says “Show, don’t tell” but in this case “Tell” would have been better. I mean – Bruce is more or less looking for stuff to be Batman in his own company. He even takes a frakking tumbler.
    Okay, he is repainting stuff he needs in black – but never the less, it was not that strategic masterpiece, Mr. Wayne.
    Shopping the stuff you need to be batman in your own company? Really? And then you are surprised, when in “The Dark Knight” this is coming and biting you in the ass?

    To me – at least there must be a bit fun in there. That’s why I like the 60’s show (LOT of Comedy in it) and I like “Batman forever” and “Batman and Robin”.

    • Sofie Liv

      I openly admit.
      I adore Batman the way he is in Batman Tas, justice League Tas and Batman beyond, any-thing in that shared univers.
      Not as realistic as people think he is no, but just a lot of fun to be around, and he is damn cool man in those.

      And I also love it every-time he pops up in parody connections, he is just so instantly recognisable and we all know all of his quirbs that are so catching and trade-mark valuable that making fun of him is easy and you can do it in a million ways and it still a lot of fun.

      Holy Batman the Musical
      Batman the Brave and the Bold
      Just that randomn guys “Zero hour.” series
      His appearance in Lego Movie.
      Hell, the lego Batman video games!

      God dammit is all of that extremely entertaining and fun!

      Christopher nolans movies.. pfff.. I will acknolwedge how important they are, because they are, and I fully admit, the very first time watching them on the big screen was a massive exsperence in itself, just due to the scale of the movies themselves, they felt extremely big and out of the ordinary.
      But man… they are also extremely dry. I am glad I got to see them all in Cinema, that was an exsperience each time.. but I know I am never ever going to watch them by myself at home, they are just far to dry, I don’t feel like re-watching them at all.. I get tired by the mere thought of doing it.
      Then I honestly just kick back and re-watch Justice League the animated series.. because that series is both very clever and very fun, even Batman gets to joke around some-times.

      • Alexa

        Yeah I didn’t care for Dark Knight all that much. Besides Ledger’s Joker it was just a chore to sit through. The action was impressive but I hated the editing and pacing, plus that just horrible voice by Bale really makes me wonder how this movie can take itself so seriously yet have that aspect in it. Basically I miss fun and somewhat light hearted Batman. Plus B:TAS and JL:TAS really tackled some complex issues in regards to superheroes and politics, and were wonderfully complex on a character stand point, more so than most live action adaptations IMO.

        • Sofie Liv

          Admittedly a series will have more time to dwell into these different more complex aspects. Two hours isn’t that long a time to tell a complex story, and what many screen writers does wrong these days, are indeed to make things way to complicated when it should actually have been very simple.. Yes Goyer I am looking at you.
          And because it’s animation, their oppertunities are limitless without them having to worrie about budget… it’s animation! A scene home at Ma and Pa kent costs exactly the same as a flight through space!

          Also, with not as much pressure on Saturday morning cartoons you can sort of, let loose, and have some fun in between. Like, turning all the JLA members into children and make pouty face Batman! 😀

          The Story arching in JLA was extremely clever though and very complex, I even think the personal stories of the smaller superheroes were kind of.. more intriquing than the big ones.
          HAYO For huntress and Question having the weirdest superhero romance ever, and yet it worked, I totally shipped those two. They could be compleately nuts and borderline sociopaths together, how adorable X)

          Question was just all around hillarious.

          • Alexa

            Oh I loved Question and Huntress, and everyone and really it was that show that introduced me to a lot of DC heroes. Also the guy who played Question, Jeffrey Combs, is amazing seriously check him out in the Re-Animator movie as well as Frighteners, he is the best part about that movie.

          • Sofie Liv

            Oh gosh, he also voiced the Scarecrow in Batman Tas didn’t he?
            Haha, yeah I know of the guy, I have seen Re-animator which is a fun flick! And really gross in the good way X)

            I really do think the great thing about Question and Huntress is that it actually was very much worth questioning who is the great nut-ball here.
            I mean yes, sure, Question is obviously a nutter, through and through, but if you begin to really look at Huntress and her actions, you do realise she is to, maybe even more than he is.
            For crying out like, she’s the one whom decides to date this guy and keep on dating him!
            They are both crazy! And that’s fantastic! That’s a lot of lols… haha, well, now they did make a re-boot of the entire freaking comic verse any-ways.. please make this couple be a thing in the comics, then let them have their own title, and let it have that nutty dark sense of humour, as well as having its more light sided side to it.

          • Alexa

            The only thing I can think of that bugged me about JL:TAS was how a lot of the female superheroes kind of were antagonistic to each other. Like I didn’t understand why Huntress and Black Canary well kind of hated each other, for no real reason, plus weren’t they friends in the comics.

            The same can extend to Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl, who didn’t hate each other but for some reason kind of had a hard time getting along. It was just weird…

            But besides this I like the show because of how it took risks, was fairly faithful and was just a well written fun show.

          • Sofie Liv

            Wauw… that’s a really good point I didn’t even think about.
            The females of that series WERE being very catty towards each other!

            When we reached JLU, it was kind of sat up that the reason WW and hawkgirl had a hard time was because of what Hawkgirl did by the end of JL, and that WW actually possible voted against Hawkgirl even coming back, so of course there would be some tension there when it’s like that.

            But hm, I don’t know if it were just the women, what made JL and JLU so smart were how good they were to write characters and character conflicts.
            Heck, Superman even got to act pretty stupid when he open recented Captain Marvel in the episode he showed up.
            Batman did to call every-body else out at least ones, calling their bull-shit.
            Green arrow were pissed on Supergirl twice, because she acted kind of imature at both occasions.

            So yeah, not just the women, there were plenty of character conflicts in that show, but they were all well-written so that was good.

          • Alexa

            Yeah its only a slight complaint, because from what I heard Huntress and Black Canary made for a fun combo. Also I wished at least once they had Batgirl on there, seriously where was she and Robin?

          • Sofie Liv

            And Nightwing… yes.. yes I have asked that question myself plenty of times I mean.. dude.. Supergirl was there. We had plenty of background heroes that never even got any voices.
            How easy would it have been to just plug Batgirl and nightwing in there, what the dip?

            Well, at least it’s not a fatal error as “The Batman.” where the Justice league shows up in season 5.. Only lacking Wonder Woman!

            What the hell, dudes! One thing I could praise that show for was their early very serious attempt of including a good number of female co-stars, the female police officer following Batman, being a brilliant addition to the story if you ask me, I liked her a lot and would love for her to re-appear other places.
            And then you forget all about Wonder woman? … Dude.. you had Green Arrow, Hawk man and the flash there, but no Wonder woman.. what the fudge.

          • Alexa

            Well I never really watched that show, didn’t like the voice acting or animation. But yeah why make the Justice League a total sausage fest WTF dudes!

          • CaptainCalvinCat

            For “female superheroes who don’t hate each others guts” I point you to the series and the comic books of “Birds of Prey” – because they don’t hate each other there, they banter, but they are there for each other (no matter how much shit the show is given, at least THAT part is GOOD) and… I point to you towards Stargate SG 1 and Atlantis.

            What? Those more or less are superhero-shows. ^^ They know everything, they can do everything, and if they don’t they invent their solutions for the problem in 2 or 4 interconnected episodes – tops.
            Plus it is fun, lighthearted and is intelligent – what to want more. ^^

          • CaptainCalvinCat

            I know him as Shran, Brunt and Weyoun from Star Trek. That guy IS good. ^^

  • $36060516

    You came up with a good psychological explanation for Batman dating different women over the years, though it seems to me that your clever explanation is more complex than the real reason this has happened (at least in my opinion), which is that Batman was created 75 years ago and over that time there have been many, many writers and many, many editors who all had their own stories they wanted to tell with the character, and so over those 75 years, Batman has fallen in love with a lot of different women because there were so many different stories told with the character over that time and different authors had different women characters they preferred writing, as well as different editors thought that different love interests had more potential to sell comic books.

    Your point about Batman having the most different versions seemed right on to me. Don’t know if you know this, but there was even a series called “Legends of the Dark Knight” with over 200 issues which was dedicated to telling stories about different versions of Batman. Each story had its own version of Batman, and no story ran for more than two or three issues. So there were a lot of versions of Batman within that one comic book alone. Then there is the “Elseworlds” series which was also devoted to alternate versions of DC heroes, and a lot of different Batmans were created in that as well.

    I enjoyed your “bullshit, guys” moment!

    • Sofie Liv

      Well… Superman had just as many writers through time, as well as a lot of tely and movie interpretations, we all know his one true love just is Lois Lane, there is no discussing that fact.

      They have tried to sell Sups and Wonder Woman as a couple several times, but still we go straight back to Lois Lane, because every-body just agress.. DAMMIT his love is Lois Lane, stop screwing around comic book!

      With Wonder Woman, it is Steve Trevor, we all know this.. even if her and Bats were kind of adorable in Justice League Tas, but even then Trevor made an appearance.

      Spidy had several different girl-friends through time, but we have all collectively decided that Mary Jane is it now, even with Gwen Stacy appearing in the big movies and the comic books trying to ret-con MJ out of it.

      Batman is the only one where I heard people down-right argue who is his one true love, and that film makers seems to continuisly make up new ones because.. the spot is vacant. Even though he actually had a child with one of these women.. all though admittedly his relationship to Talia is severaly fucked up in a number of ways.. yet their feelings for each other are very genuine.
      And well, if you look at just the movies, that would be an explanation.
      In the Tim Burton movies, he fell for Vicki, but ended up pushing her away, he fell for Selina, but it didn’t work out, he litterately had a new chick for each movie, and none of them worked out for him for various reason.
      In the Nolan triology, it is clear as day, that he wants to be with Rachel, he wants to form a family and be happy with her, but he ultimately pushes her away and she chooses another man, his final happy ending is when he gets to actually recieve love from Selina and run away from all of it.. The only time ever Batman actually got to have a happy ending in his life.

      Of course Catwoman is the most reaccuring one, having so far appeared in every single Batman tely show except “Beware the Batman.” but hell, there’s time yet in that show, the first season just finished.

      It is my interpretation though, I acknowledge fully that very little of this was ever pre-planned by the writers, it’s just how it turned out over time.

      “Legends of the Dark knight.” okay… erh.. I think I had my fill with Batman to now.. I don’t know if I can handle multiple different version of him.. again.. just.. @_@

      I follow up in all of his TV and movie appearances, checked all of those out.. I’ve read an.. okay amount of comic books I think.. but it’s just so vaste, I can’t get through all of it.

      Hehe.. I also get to call bull-shit ones in a while X)

  • I love him, and he is probably in my top 10 characters in fiction. I love ice cream too, but I don’t want to eat it every freaking day. I would really like for him to go on hiatus for a decade, air out the cowl, let some other heroes step up to be interesting in the vacuum (like in 52, the best comic series ever).

    • Sofie Liv

      He is over exsposed.. absolutely yeah..

      But you can see why, people love him, they eat him up.. so well, until people stop eating him up, he’ll be continously over exsposed… it was great seeing him in the Lego Movie though, absolutely fantastic X)

  • Jerry Nava

    I’ve made it no secret how much I don’t like Batman, so I was so glad when you started the video by making fun of him xD

    Sure I guess some people still love his boring ass and I respect that, mostly because Zorro is still around :3

    As of right now the only Batmen I’ve ever liked are Adam West and LEGO Batman, West because of nostalgia and LEGO Bats because he’s hilarious.

    Great video Sofie!

    • MichaelANovelli

      I think the more important question is do you like Harley Quinn? 😉

      • Jerry Nava

        Harley Quinn rocks yeah.

    • Alexa

      I think it kind of harsh to call him boring, with the right writer he can be awesome, as seen in the animated series. But yeah he is soooo overexposed and yes even I, a pretty big fan of his, is well pretty sick of him. And it doesn’t help that the new supposed Superman sequel is now all about him… I love the guy, but a little bit of variety wouldn’t hurt, also some damn color. But yeah I think the Lego movie Batman, as well as some key DC animated features and of course the wonderful Adam West, were the best interpretations of Batman.

      • Jerry Nava

        Well I just meant boring as in they’ve overexposed him so much they’ve drained almost every possible iteration they could make, and now they’re trapped in the “gritty” Nolan style because it made them money, which makes it even worse.

        • Alexa

          Yeah that I can get behind 100%, its even worse because now they want to make everyone else like him. Its like a disease, the Brooding Disease. That’s what I’m gonna call it now when they try to make DC characters like Batman: The Brooding Disease.

          • Sofie Liv


            That’s all I got, just.. “Yes.”

          • Jerry Nava

            Can I steal that? Every time I mention Batman in a conversation I’m now going to call him that xD

          • Alexa

            Go for it! I can just imagine it “Oh no! this person is acting anti social and taking things way too seriously, and is scowling way too much. It must be Batman: The Brooding Disease.” Dun dun duuuuuunnnnn O_O

        • $36060516

          DC is publishing one non-gritty Batman comic: “Batman ’66.” It’s a continuation of the ’60s Batman TV series with Batman and Robin looking like Adam West and Burt Ward and with brighter colors.

      • Jerry Nava

        I have been told the Batman from the Batman TAS was better and less dark and brooding, I don’t remember much about it because I ignored that show in favor of Superman TAS, so maybe I should give it a watch again.

        • Alexa

          Oh its great, I was the opposite and watched Batman more than Superman, but yeah both shows are awesome. And when they teamed up, my head nearly exploded when I was a kid, I loved it sooo much. And yeah he broods a little bit, but there are great moments where he is fun and sympathetic, and doesn’t have that stupid voice. Even Kevin Conroy, the guy who voiced Batman, said Bale’s voice was the worst…

        • Sofie Liv

          Well there’s your problem isn’t it?
          We all remember Batman so fondly due to Batman Tas, that did invent Harley Quinn btw, now you admitted you think it rocks.

          And well agree.. that kind of is the best version of him, also that series had humour, if you can, try and go watch “Christmas with the joker.” just for the shits and giggles of seeing the Joker breaking out of Arkham on a flying rocket Christmas tree while singing his version of “Jingle bells.”

          Nope, that show was not afraid of being ridicoules if it fitted with todays episode <_<

          They had a bloody werewolf episode! absolutely not the best episode in the show, it was bland at the best of times.. but it exsists.

  • Gallen Dugall

    One thing that is always consistent about Batman – Bruce Wayne is his false identity (alter-ego) to cover for the obsessed broken person he really is… except for the Nolan version, which is my problem with that version. While I grew up with the Adam West and then Keaton versions I would agree that the best version is the Animated Series version.

    • Sofie Liv

      Really… that did seem the ankle there were going for in the Nolan version to, even out-right flat out said it.
      Rachel being all to Bruce. “No, this is the mask… Maybe some day Bruce will come back, but not right now.” blah blah blaaah. right in our faces, nothing subtle about that scene <_<

      I think there is much other stuff to point to in those movies like.. lack of fun, which might be the main reason why so many people get tired when just thinking about Batman these days.. thoughts goes to those movies, and then all the fun is just sucked straight out of it.

      • Gallen Dugall

        True, that’s an acknowledgment, but that isn’t how the character is written. I think in a lot of these super hero movies they make the character an audience fantasy proxy getting rid of the torment that is supposed to drive the characters. As a result most of the comic book films have become “wouldn’t it be great to be a super hero?” which is not what the vast majority of the characters are about. I think that (ironically) one character that this would work for is, Wonder Woman, since her principle conflict is with the screwed up way the world works rather than something internal – setting aside the subtle nuances of her warrior archetype.

        Batman as a fun character (to me) was always when he was working with other superheroes which allowed him to feel the love, comradery and friendship he can’t really feel in any other aspect of his life.

  • maarvarq

    I’m Batman!. Also, when you started saying “Batman!” over and over, I swear I automatically heard “na na na na na na na na…”

    • Sofie Liv

      Na na na na na na na na BATMAN!

      Because that’s just a heck of a lot fun to do 😀

  • danbreunig

    What does it mean when your earliest exposure to the universe of Batman and company was Superfriends?

    • Sofie Liv

      That you’ve been around for a bit longer than I have XD

      • danbreunig

        Correct. You win a Bat-cookie with some Bat-milk. As they really said in the show.
        It’s also why I didn’t take to TAS; I just wasn’t a kid anymore by then :/

        • Sofie Liv

          Pff, i’m now 24 and I still follow most recent saturday morning cartoosn very eagerly.
          I love the newest TMNT show, Legend of Korra, Adventure time. And I follow it eagerly.

          I followed up on Beware the Batman checking it out rather casually, and deemed it a decent show.

          And that’s not even to begin on the Anime front where there is a number of things I have followed and loved in my adult life, and I do believe I will continue being the same way for all time.

          Age is no excuse, I didn’t even have as much as a break from watching all my cartoon shows, I just never stopped at all 😀

          • danbreunig

            Oh I wasn’t complaining; I was saying that it’s one Batman incarnation that I’m not into because it wasn’t ingrained into my wee youth like previous versions, or even later versions. Movie-wise it’s Burton’s Batman `89 (hey, it’s as old as you! coincidence?) for me above all others. I’ve enjoyed the Nolan trilogy, as long as that’s the only brooder trilogy we ever get, so we can return to some basics, like just plain *fun* with the Bats. .

            And dude, just because I’m from one decade doesn’t mean I can’t relate to others before and after. This is someone who conceived of the MLP Mane Six forming their own G1 Devastator. So yay for nerd-freaking.

          • Sofie Liv

            Yeah that is a funny thought I have indeed noticed myself.. Burtons Batman is just as old as I am, yup.
            I guess the reason why I got to grow up with Batman Tas was because Denmark has always been a little late with the morning cartoons because they got to be dubbed and all of that.
            And ones they have them, they do ten to re-run them a lot of times because.. dubbing takes afford and is haaaard.
            But oh well, the kids still get to see Darkwing Duck at Disney hour over here, I wont complain about that X)

            And yeah I know, i’m just saying. You can still watch saturday morning cartoons even though you are an adult.
            Hell, I’ll even go as far as to say that’s where all the new more daring exsperimental stuff is at!
            And well, even though I actually technically grew up with 2003 TMNT, and followed it weekly for a while.
            I will say without hesitation that I enjoy 2012 TMNT FAR more right now, than I ever did the 2003 show.
            Why? .. Because it’s better, that’s why. And though i’ve only known the show for a year and a half, my nostalgic feels is far greater towards that than the old 80’s show I merely caught glimpses of as a child.. because I love the new show. A lot :3

            Would some vastly superior version of Bats stride a long, I would probably love that to.
            Though that is unllikely as the vastly superior Bats all-ready exsists.. he is called. “Batman Tas” <_<

  • conservative man

    People say Batman has no powers, that’s not entirely true. His greatest superpower is his mind, he can outsmart just about anyone and that is why he is the greatest hero in the DC universe, next to superman of course.

  • Danielle Osgan

    Personally, I am over Batman. Almost half of the DC titles currently published have a member of the Bat-Family in it and I’m kinda just done. But I do absolutely agree that “regret” is the one word that encompasses Batman the most.

  • Jay_Bay

    Ok, I did promise that I will have a lot to say about this segment of “Who is”….but I think you did a wonderful job present a case and gave a great word. Me personally, I would use “balance” but my reasoning is pretty much the same as your reasoning for “regret”.

    So, in lieu of an essay on my interpretation of Batsy, I just leave this here. This could be someone’s version of the Batman.