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In this episode, we take nearly one hour to look at the beloved live-action/animation hybrid Who Framed Roger Rabbit! We’ll cover everything from the inception of the original novel, to the years it took to get to the big screen, the century-old techniques used to bring the story to life, and the film’s expansive 2-disc DVD set.

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  • And to think I always thought “Space Jam” was the definitive live action animation hybrid out there! Though to be fair, it’s amazing how I don’t own this movie! It’s inspired my sense of humor and comic book sight gags when I first saw it on a snow day (coincidentally) right after “Back to the Future!” Well, at least I can look forward to the Blu-ray!

    Also, I agree with your thoughts on a sequel. The only way I could see them progress Roger Rabbit would be to do something that removes itself from the first film becoming something on it’s own. If anything I would love to see a modern day film where Toon Town not only hosts traditional animation, but there are subsets of stop motion and computer animated characters. The challenge would most likely come down to believability and designing a world that could incorporate all those elements since they are different sub-mediums within animation. Oh well, a guy can dream…

    • To be honest though Joey, there’s still a place in my heart for Space Jam. It’s nothing compared to Roger Rabbit but I can’t completely dismiss it knowing it was the first one of those live action-animation hybrids I saw and still gets a laugh out of me even to this day.

      But in regards to this video, I couldn’t think of a better tribute. Great original bookends and a comprehensive summary of all the amazing things that went into this movie. I can’t believe it took me till my teens to see it. I knew about it but could either not find it on TV or was just caught up in my own little world. But when I did eventually see it, at an older age so I could appreciate how they could do the things presented rather than just enjoy what was presented, it was amazing.

      Also I did catch this story the other day about the possibility of a re-make of The Stooge with Mickey Mouse and Roger Rabbit as the main characters boasting new cinematic technologies like ‘virtual reality’ (does that sound incredibly vague to you?) that I am very interested in and I hope it can happen. So not so much a sequel as it would be a spin-off which I think is probably the best way to go about it knowing how the lack of Bob Hoskins really hurts sequel bait.

    • I don’t hate Space Jam or anything, but the whole thing felt clearly like it was an excuse to get Michael Jordan at the apex of his popularity into a film. The great thing about Roger rabbit on the other hand is it’s a great plot that happens to feature cartoon characters interacting with humans.

      And yeah, I love Roger Rabbit as much as any film. It’s just so fun to step into that fully realized world for an hour and a bit. It’s my definitive ‘sick at home away from work’ film.

      I could only be disappointed by a sequel I think. Though I’d love a game set in this world.

  • Sofie Liv

    I actually went back on your blip account and saw this a while ago, and I thought this video was bloody amazing in so many ways!

    Just, the amount of detail you put in there, the style, the information, the analysis, the entertainment value.

    This! is what I call one hell of a high quality enternet video, it could easily go for a DVD feature. I have very little to say other than just.. wauw good video, I hope I can do some-thing like this one day…

  • The_Stig

    Your production values. Wow. I love the crap out of this movie.

  • Thomas Stockel

    This was an epically awesome review, Dave, thanks for the excellent work. I learned a helluva lot, including sadly the news that Bob Hoskins has retired and has Parkinsons. That is damn shame.

    I didn’t know about all those other actors being considered for the role and to be honest I can’t see anyone else but Hoskins in it. I think part of what makes it work is the fact that he was not a name actor, that he was not overshadowed by preconceptions. Could you imagine Bill Murray in this role? Everyone would have been thinking Ghost Busters.

  • Joelkazoo

    Amazing video! Incredibly informative!

  • maarvarq

    Never mind the mouse and the other rabbit, I would have gone to see this if it had been just the scene with the ducks and 102 minutes of black screen. WFRR is nearly 25 years old, and never rivalled in all that time.

    Like Sofie said, this review would easily pass muster as a DVD feature.

  • Wizkamridr

    I could be wrong, but when this movie came out, didn’t people think it was supposed be for kids? I love the production values of the movie and characters (minus Roger and Baby). Yup couldn’t stand the main character one bit. Loved Jessica. IMO, this movie should have been PG-13. Too much adult humor and sexual inuendo for a PG rating.

    • Canais Young

      The line between what’s acceptable at PG and what’s acceptable at PG-13 (which was introduced four years before this movie was released) weren’t really established back when this movie was made. Plus, people back then still thought cartoons were for children/family viewing. You can thank “The Simpsons” and a lot of late-1980s, early 1990s Saturday morning shows for trying to break that stereotype.

  • Bob_in_Baltimore

    Wow. Just wanted to add my thanks for making such a great review.

  • JD

    Such a great movie.

  • This has to be the most extensive, well-researched and just plain enjoyable review of an animated film (albeit a live-action/animation film) that I’ve seen so far. Very few Internet critics have managed to do what’s being shown here. Bravo, Mr. Rose. Bravo.