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Cruel White House Forces Cabinet Members To Role Play ‘West Wing’ All Day Long

Taking a cue from the Best Fictional President Ever (be quiet, Editrix, he was so!), the Obama administration held a “Virtual Big Block of Cheese Day” Wednesday in a blatant ploy to make West Wing fans go “Squeeeee!”


The idea is a nod to an actual historical event, when supporters presented Andrew Jackson with a 1400-pound cheese and Jackson invited people to come eat the damn thing. In two episodes of “The West Wing,” White House staffers meet with representatives of marginalized interest groups like UFO enthusiasts, environmentalists asking for a wildlife corridor to help wolves migrate, and of course the earnest map geeks of Cartographers For Social Justice.


The virtual version doesn’t sound like it was nearly as much fun, but nobody had to travel to Washington, and no staffers were trapped in a meeting room being harangued. Instead, the idea was that

“dozens of White House officials will take to social media for a day long ‘open house’ to answers questions from everyday Americans in real-time on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram and via Google+ Hangout.”

We bet that was pretty fun, huh? Maybe? On the White House Facebook page, Jason Furman, the chair of the Council of Economic Advisers, gamely answered a dozen or so questions over the course of an hour.

For instance, he answered this polite question — “Julia Lawson-Conway How will obamacare effect the national debt?” — succinctly and even included a source:

The White House Obamacare will cut the deficit by more than $1 trillion over the next two decades according to the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office. In fact, Obamacare is a much more important source of medium- and long-run deficit reduction than the sequester. http://www.washingtonpost.com/…/what-will-have-a…/

And while Ms. Lawson-Conway was thrilled — “thank you! and thanks for all your hard work!” — Furman’s answer didn’t exactly satisfy everyone (comments edited for space):

Corey Rider Tidwell You are nuts Obamacare is a disaster and senile Pelosi says calling it Obamacare is racist do you agree with her?

Kevin Lacy LOL – With 92 million people unemployed, over $17 trillion in national debt, and stealing “the health care they had” from millions of United States citizens – how are you calling flat out fascist communism “economic policy” and keeping a straight face?

Natalie Williams IDK, I’m pretty happy to finally have some healthcare after 5 years of being unemployed and not having any unemployment benes for the last four . . .

Shirley Lovely Fry If Americans can afford Obamacare with its very high premiums and out of pocket expense, how is it they could not afford private market insurance? Use your God given intelligence.

And yes, that last one makes my head hurt, too. Unfortunately, Furman didn’t get to some of the other pressing questions from citizens, like these:

Loney McKee When is Obama going to quit pushing policies of Socialism and instead let the Capatalism be the economic policy!!

Shirley Lovely Fry What will Dear Leader do next to worsen the economy and trample people rights?

Trudy Shapiro Has Mitt Romney been indicted for racketeering?

Doug Clark When will the white house stop acting like immigrants and abusing the system?

Barbara Whitt How come ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS have more rights then the American tax payers? Why do they get food stamps medicaid etc without paying a dime in taxes, but tax payers are told to pound salt when they need these services???

Scott B Vancel Why are my tax dollars going to support the same people who flew planes in to the WTC and why hasn’t anyone arrested Obama for treason yet?

Samantha Clark Please respond with “Ten Points to Griffindor!” We’re doing a project in our Government class, we have a class to class competition. Our Class’ name is Gryffindor.


We must note with disappointment that Furman did not respond with “Ten Points to Griffindor.”


Barry himself answered one carefully-selected question on the YouTubes, too. It wasn’t exactly a laugh riot, but at least he was aware of the big block of cheese:

And then there was Domestic Policy Advisor Cecilia Muñoz, who answered questions at the bilingual Facebook page for La Casa Blanca in English and Spanish.

Again, she stuck to polite questions, although she did at least take on some fairly pointed ones:

Gabe A. Villanueva The president suffered a 20+ point drop in Hispanic support over the last year. What do you think Hispanics dislike about what the President is doing?

La Casa Blanca Like other Americans, HIspanic Americans are frustrated with obstruction here in Washington. President Obama is too. That’s why he called for a year of action last night in his State of the Union Address; he outlined a range of things he intends to do on his own … [policy talk snipped for space — ed.]

Sadly, over on the main White House page, it was chock full of garden-variety trolls instead of thoughtful questions.

Kristi Segovia if you love socialism so much, Cecilia Munoz, perhaps you should return to your family’s land of origin…and you can take the Iranian socialist, Valerie Jarrett, with you!

Carmen N Daddona Cass Blanca my ass!! move yourself and all of the other illegals back to mexico

Jake Salvaje Guajolote Sere the White House is on Telemundo now? What the fuck is happening to my country?

David Phillips We currently have between 11-14 MILLION criminal ILLEGAL alien invaders residing inside the United States with 87% (9 out of 10) coming from Mexico and south of the border. WHY is the White House pandering to the invaders with “la casa blanca?” What a huge disgrace, insult and misuse of taxpayer resources. EXPLAIN Ms. MUNOZ.

Matt Smith ¿Donde esta al bano?

Kimberly Busby LaFleur Benghazi

Tim Campbell What is the President’s exact timeline for the total destruction of freedom in the United States? I’d like to know so I can stock up on a few thousand more rounds of ammo before the big day!

Randall A. Hunsaker This is just a bunch of el crapo

Mark Kilburn Where is the birth certificate? Why does Obama have a Connecticut social security number?

Karen Keller Its america speak english or leave! We don’t need a casa blanca for goodness sake….

Astrid Scott how about you advise his illegal lieing ass to get out of our country!

Paul Deutsch Cecilia- can you deport barrack back to afrikka?

S. Linda Jensen We want our country back and O care repealed, illegals arrested and Obama impeached. All of his staff and thugs removed without a dime.

Glenda Carter After reading some of the comments above, my question is, what can we do to promote better mental health in America?

We don’t have the space to go over all the Twitter questions and responses, but as a political geek, it was kind of cool to see people like Labor Secretary Tom Perez taking questions:

Cruel White House Forces Cabinet Members To Role Play 'West Wing' All Day Long

I checked a few other Twitter streams — the participants are all listed and linked on theBig Block O’ Cheese webpage, and each of the participants took a dozen questions or so — but sadly, it looks like there was a pretty firm “don’t feed the trolls” policy — staffers only answered polite questions, and ignored screaming about Benghazi, because they can’t handle the truth.


And finally, here’s what may be my favorite clip from The West Wing’s two Big Block of Cheese Days:


Let’s also note that the Facebook questions did include this, sadly unanswered:

Bryce Bender Is the White House open to re-standardizing world maps in order to satisfy the Organization of Cartographers for Social Equality? The current maps give undue focus on the nations and people of the Northern Hemisphere and discount those in the Southern Hemisphere.

Yay, Peters Projection! Oh my, yes.


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