When Time Ran Out... (1980) (part 3 of 8)

Back in Bob’s office, Shelby commends Bob on his efforts to bring the island into the 20th century, considering that Bob’s father tried his whole life to keep it a private sugar cane plantation. Shelby says that as a fellow son of a famous and successful father, he knows what it’s like trying to come out from under that shadow and be successful in his own right. “The problem is, he wasn’t around to see it. And it makes the whole triumph… empty.” Seriously, where’s the Love Boat horn section at? Shouldn’t they be blaring away so we can sense the pathos of the moment?

Bob disagrees with Shelby. He says the triumph isn’t empty, it’s “sweet”. Get it? Sweet? Sugar? Huh? Oh, forget it. Shelby shrugs off Bob’s answer, making the whole conversation pretty much pointless, unless anybody needed a reminder of Bob’s desire for success. Cause that was a little muddy before.

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Amanda Wells

If I was a bad movie, I'd find it much easier to write about myself than I do at present. My main interests outside of really bad movies is playing music. I've played guitar for 15 years, performed before far more people than I'm really comfortable with and am currently having fun listening to my 5 year old son bang away on his new starter drum set. Yes, drummers are so hard to find, I had to resort to making my own. When not playing music, I also like to work in my yard and many gardens, try new recipes (never would have thought that would happen), research my genealogy (I get to be related to the beheaded king and queen of France!) and read history books primarily about natural disasters and personal tales. And when I'm not doing any of that, then I'm spending time with my great family. The first movie I remember going to the theater to see was The Black Stallion which we were late to the beginning of and as we were waiting for it to begin again and rewatch it (is that even legal?) we got dragged away by my dad and sister who insisted we come watch Airplane! with them in the other theater. Oh, and I cried so hard at the end of Oh, Heavenly Dog! that my sister had to call my mom to come pick me up. As a kid, I never had a Big Wheel. I still want one.

Multi-Part Article: When Time Ran Out... (1980)

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