The Second Trailer For Wes Anderson’s ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’ Will Not Help You Understand The Film Any Better But It Sure Looks Pretty

The Second Trailer For Wes Anderson's 'The Grand Budapest Hotel' Will Not Help You Understand The Film Any Better But It Sure Looks Pretty

Back in October, everyone’s favorite or very least favorite auteur Wes Anderson dropped the first trailer for The Grand Budapest Hotel. We watched that trailer repeatedly and still couldn’t really figure out what the film might be about, because Wes Anderson. But it looks super-sugar-saturated colorful, and we’re sure the people in it will be adorable and incomprehensible in equal measure.

Anderson’s now released the second trailer, and while it gives you a much better look at who is starring in it (SPOILER ALERT AND TRIGGER WARNING: everyone in the world is starring in it) it doesn’t really do much to advance your understanding of the plot, as there’s just one line from each cast member and none of the little lines/vignettes relate to each other in any way.

See? Everyone. Everyone including a distressingly hairless Harvey Keitel. We may go see this thing just to figure out why everyone but Harvey gets to be stylishly hirsute, face wise.

“The Grand Budapest Hotel” is set for release March 7, 2014.

[The Wire]

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  • Farb

    Buncha guys talk to a buncha guys and there’s these women and they talk to the guys and the other women, and they’re all dressed like a long time ago, and it’s real, like, eccentric and stuff. Just like with the Abbey stuff, it’s all real Greek myth sorta soap opera shit.

  • fiveshotsofjack

    Well this certainly doesn’t look like it’s going to pass the Bechdel Test.