VIDEO: Welcome to Night Vale

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Ursa reviews a podcast posing as news, ads, and announcements for a fictional desert community where the sun is hot, the gay love interest is beautiful, and strange fangirlish notions pass through our heads as we try to sleep. Also, there’s a floating cat. Welcome to Night Vale…

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  • Dang it Ursa! Get out my head! I was gonna do this around Oct!

    Still gonna do it…you watch! YOU JUST WATCH ME!

    …stay out of the DOG PARK.

    • Jill Bearup

      Dogs ARE NOT ALLOWED in the Dog Park. People ARE NOT ALLOWED in the Dog Park. DO NOT APPROACH the Dog Park.

      The Dog Park will not harm you.

  • FEnM

    No mention of the Weather?

    /Waitin’ for the bus in the rain in the rain/I’m waitin’ for the bus in the rain…

  • Sean Tadsen

    I didn’t think that this was that big until I went to Dragon*Con this past weekend. And then it was everywhere. It was… weird.

    I tend to think of it more as “NPR meets The Twilight Zone.”

  • danbreunig

    Never heard of this show until now (thanks for the intro, by the way), but everything you described about it reminded me more than anything of The Firesign Theatre. They were to the USA what Monty Python were to Europe–a well-developed, college-level intelligent, silly, irreverent over-the-top comedy troupe, and their specialty was radio and occasional albums (their peak was late 60s-mid70s–also much like Python). The sci-fi themes and subdued daily craziness you described in Night Vale are fairly reminiscent of one of their more classic records “Everything You Know Is Wrong”. If you can find it and give it a listen you can hear some similar themes and imagery.

  • $36060516

    The Outer Limits control voice never had that effect on me before!

  • macloud


  • Marshall Oliver Estes

    Thank you for my new obsession Ursa!
    I never thought of Night Vale being in Texas, for some reason I always thought New Mexico or Arizona. Not that I have any reason to think it’s in those states either…
    The future is here, and it is one hundred feet above the Arby’s sign.